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I love it... i really do...
Aug 3, 2004, 06:00
I love it... i really do... Aug 3, 2004, 06:00
Aug 3, 2004, 06:00

Well, i've been playing doom3 a few hours now, what can i say? This is 100% the most scarey experiance i have EVER had in a computer game.

I understand what people are complaining about, there is NOTHING that is inovative in this game, gameplay wise.. nothing at all, but on a personal level i did not want there to be. I didn't like alot of the "inovative" games, i dont like games with 2 much choice, or more to the point, i dont like shooters that are 2 complicated. i like them to be simple run and gun affairs. One reason i loved serious sam...

the best thing so far about doom3 for me is the atmosphere, ive screamed so many times, ive jumped so many times. ive held my breath, at a door, took a deep gulp of air and dissapeared in to a room, fearing what i will find there.

I really do feel a bit like leutenant hicks in aliens, i am scared, i dont like this, but i am gonna have to get through it. the games like a drug, it keeps calling me back.

But i do understand the people that want more than run and gun, and why they are dissapointed, its nothing new, but in terms of what id set out to do, i think it does it really well.

thanks to id, i am really enjoying it, whenever i am bored and i dont know what to do, and just want to kill time, i usually fire up quake1, i like the fact its simple, and that i can just run and gun... i think i might finally shelf my copy of quake1, for me, doom3 is the new quake1.


PS: outdoor areas, there are not a lot of these, but the ones that are thre are awsome, i am looking forward to see what other teams do with the engine as well.

Re: well listen
Aug 2, 2004, 10:49
Re: well listen Aug 2, 2004, 10:49
Aug 2, 2004, 10:49

"Pay attention grunts who didn't pay attention in class and all you FNGs. WebDemon did his homework. Didn't everyone wonder why all the performance charts had 30fps in the middle of the chart and 60fps as the max, and a smooth gameplay is defined as above 30fps while choppy play occurs when fps drop below 30?"

What a load of bollox, on so many levels...

"choppy" is going to be defined based on how many frames a single animation needs to complete as apposed to how many available frames there are as defined by the hardware...

You could make a game totally UN choppy at less than 30fps. Providing the animations in question ran less than the available frames.

Quake 1 is probably a pretty good example of this, most of the movement in q1 is not 2 frame heavy. Hence you are able to run at a low(ish) "cl_maxfps" without compromising the experience a huge amount.

As for your point "wonder why all the performance charts had 30fps in the middle of the chart and 60fps as the max"

Well that’s rather obvious. 60FPS is a enforced FPS limit (at least in the single player game), again much like the Q1 single player game (that also had a limit frame rate in single player assuming unedited config) so, half of 60, 30... That’s why it’s in the middle. Nothing sinister there.

Its all down to animations vs. frame availability. Something that also defines a “choppy” experience in my personal opinion is a wildly fluctuating frame rate. Consider this, it obvious the human eye is capable of taking in hundreds up on hundreds of frames per second, so why does a mere 25, suffice for me when watching television in the uk? Again obvious, its due to the consistency of the experience. My eye views the image, tunes in to the frequency that’s its running at, and because that frequency remains constant it remains as a pleasurable experience…

I guess that is 1 good argument for hard coding the frame limit in a game, choose a number that out numbers your animations, then when the hardware catches up, people will have one of the smoothest experiences on the eye possible. Just like watching a TV.

Obviously how complicated doom 3 animations are, that’s another conversation… and one I just don’t know anything about.

and no, I haven’t spell checked this post, or really thought about it to much, just wanted to point out some things that in my mind are just obvious facts.

Re: Go easy on us
Jul 28, 2004, 05:45
Re: Go easy on us Jul 28, 2004, 05:45
Jul 28, 2004, 05:45
This is mainly in reply to prez, who is at least sensible about this I understand the feeling of being burned upgrading to ME, the reason m8? you were burned, ME was truely a bad move from MS.

2k/xp on the other hand isnt, to try to answer your point about i paid for 98 let me play it on 98 talk, well i paid for windows 3.1 in 1991. i dont expect to play the game on that. I really dont.

To the trolls,

The main issue i guess is going to be memory managment, 98 just doesnt do real protected memory, thats why more oftern than not when a app crashes on 98 if it crashes due to a memory issue, some other application will have over writern a bit of memory that another app is using, totaly system ram usage is a issue in the older MS Os's - but protected memory is the main bug bear.

In a real operating system, like for instance, any linux bread, or indeed 2k or xp (i could mention others but lets keep to the point) the operating system just wont allow this to happen, you CAN NOT write to a bit of memory that some other application/program has registered with the operating system. its called protected memory. The more ram you have and use on a system that has unprotected memory the greater the risk or the bluescreen of death, or app failure.

now of course, this is most likly no the reason at all you cant run doom3, carmac prolly found a all new interesting way to break the game on that OS. but its reason enuff, if you run 32bit apps, on a proper 32bit OS. Your gonna have a stable platform. Please dont give us any jive about real gamers use 98, i am a real gamer, ive been a real gamer since way before you bought your first computer.

learn that sometimes, progress is good. admittidly its gonna burn you in some way, maybe thats you cant run a old game you like, maybe it means you need more ram. maybe it means you need a quicker box, maybe it means you have to learn some new technology.

Buy upgrading to 2k or xp, you gain a better file system, you gain more stable memory structure, you'll a REAL 32 bit OS, as apposed to a 16 bit os with 32bit code meshed in. youll gain a OS with real user security (apart from the holes). If you upgrade your current machine you will need more ram to make your games run at the same frames, this is true, the operating system has a bigger memory foot print, get over it.

1 more bonus? the uptime on my box is about 2 months atm, it would be longer other than various MS security updates i've installed that wanted a reboot. go on, tell me your 98 box can remain up for more than a week without grinding to a halt, i dare you. :p

This comment was edited on Jul 28, 05:46.
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