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News Comments > Gold - Tomb Raider: Legend

6. No subject Mar 29, 2006, 21:17 beigemore
People still play Tomb Raider games?

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Oblivion (Official)

164. No subject Mar 26, 2006, 04:36 beigemore
On my first character, I did the first Oblivion portal at level 1 and it was easy.

I created a new character and decided to just explore, and made it to level 35. Some NPC wouldn't offer training until I closed some Oblivion portals, so I decided to go do the first one. Instead of fighting the easy scamps, I had to fight multiple Daedra Spiders, Storm Atriochs, and Xiavige whatevers (look like blue people with wolf heads that can summon). Needless to say, the guards weren't very helpful and I had to kite things for several minutes while my conjurations slowly took them out. THEN I entered the portal, and was welcomed with even more of these enemies because the guy I went in to help aggrod like ten of them while running up to me. It's really hard now. :/

EDIT: My first character was melee only, my level 35 character is a pure mage (mage class, "The Mage" sign, with 100 skill in mysticisim, alteration, illusion, restoration, and conjuration.. destruction is going up kind of slow for me and it's hurting).
This comment was edited on Mar 26, 04:38.
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News Comments > Evening Consolidation

3. No subject Mar 18, 2006, 01:49 beigemore
Mmmm, Ghost Busters.

This is why I don't buy first generation consoles.

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News Comments > Outrun 2006 PC Delay

2. Re: No subject Feb 15, 2006, 18:29 beigemore
Hey, don't talk about Outrun like that!

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News Comments > Half-Life 2: Episode 1 Facts

3. No subject Feb 13, 2006, 15:04 beigemore
Incredibly advanced Pre-Scripted Artificial Intelligence (PSAI)

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News Comments > Quake 4 Demo Glitch

61. No subject Nov 26, 2005, 12:23 beigemore
I liked Quake 4. The details put into the maps are incredible. I especially liked some of the somewhat darker areas where you couldn't see the wall and floor textures, but the lights on the textures still created an outline so you could see where to go... it was almost like.. Disneyland! The gameplay is pretty standard, however.

Anyhow, I've played a little bit of MP, now, and while it's not bad, it really needs some work. The weapons could use more tweaking, as well as the player movement. The physics kind of throws things off and can make movement in some places a bit out of place (ie, strafing and clipping the top of an incline will send you shooting up an extra foot or so).


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News Comments > Quake 4 Demo Glitch

48. No subject Nov 25, 2005, 13:53 beigemore
I just finished Quake 4 and while some of the room designs were extremely impressive and very true to Quake 2 architecture, the gameplay itself was very average. It was still fun.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Quake 4

284. No subject Oct 23, 2005, 14:13 beigemore
I just played through Quake 4 and it was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. The weapon upgrades were pretty cool to play around with.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Lost Coast Next Week

17. No subject Oct 22, 2005, 00:12 beigemore

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Quake 4

236. Quake 4, and stuff. Oct 21, 2005, 00:12 beigemore
I liked Quake's single player, and thought multiplayer was ok.
I liked Quake 2's single player, and also enjoyed the multiplayer.
I didn't enjoy Quake 3's single player, but I loved the multiplayer.

I loved Half-life's single player, and enjoyed the multiplayer (before it sucked).
I thought Half-life 2's single player was ok, and didn't like the multiplayer.

I really enjoyed Doom 3's single player (though the labs got way too repetitive), but didn't care for the multiplayer at all.

I'm not very far into Quake 4 single player, and I'm not overly impressed with it, YET. However, I have spent most of my time with the multiplayer part and have really enjoyed it since it feels so much like Quake 3, with a dash of Quake 2.

I was hoping the videos on the bonus DVD would be something like mpeg, avi, or even DVD video, but they went with that crappy bink encoding so it takes forever to load off the disc. Even after the videos start playing, they sometimes stutter. Really annoying.

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News Comments > Quake 4 Linux Plans

12. No subject Oct 21, 2005, 00:03 beigemore
Using an operating system just to spite a competing company is great.

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News Comments > Gold - Zoo Tycoon 2: Endangered Species

8. No subject Oct 10, 2005, 13:54 beigemore
You said penal.

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News Comments > Gold - Quake 4

100. No subject Oct 4, 2005, 11:16 beigemore
To #62: I hear Myst and Tetris are pretty good.

Anyhow, I'm really looking forward to this mostly because of the multiplayer... CTF, specifically. Quake 3 physics and speed, new graphics engine (relative to Quake, at least), and multiple capture modes? I'm there.

This comment was edited on Oct 4, 11:16.
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News Comments > Gold - Myst V: End of Ages

6. No subject Sep 8, 2005, 23:03 beigemore
Good riddance.

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News Comments > Gatherings - Quake 4 MP at QuakeCon

9. No subject Aug 10, 2005, 00:08 beigemore
I didn't like the Gaylord. Adam's Mark was definitely the best location of any QuakeCon.

Adam's Mark = big hotel, no insane nightly rates, fast food right across the street via sky walk

Gaylord = big hotel, much higher nightly rate, either pay for parking or ride a shuttle to the "other" lot, have to drive way down the road to get fast food

The location in Irving, TX wasn't bad, either, since there were plenty of places to eat just across the street that sayed open late or even 24 hours. Gaylord is just too highclass for something like QuakeCon.

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News Comments > Worms Return

29. Re: No subject Jan 13, 2005, 22:58 beigemore
Gorilla was a qbasic program... Radio Shack used to always have it running on their computers that were for sale.

Search for "gorilla.bas" on Google. "nibbles.bas" was also a good one.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Demo Today

18. Re: No subject Dec 20, 2004, 18:23 beigemore
I bought HL2 collector's edition just for HL:Source and it sucks. It's the exact same as original HL, but, as someone said earlier, has extra physics/lighting/water effects. Other than that, it's the exact same thing. The new special effects don't look very good with the old textures and geometry. I was really disappointed, and I regret paying extra for it.

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News Comments > DOOM Movie Update

1. Re: Troika's fate in the hands of Activi Dec 3, 2004, 23:54 beigemore

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Movie

56. Re: No subject Aug 16, 2004, 00:32 beigemore
HL2 looks better then Doom3 for the fact the engine is more capable of doing things.

Quite possibly the most general statement every conceived?

Exactly, and most people dont seem to understand this. Its all an illusion in Doom 3, provided by the excessive use of bumpmapping, normalmapping, and lighting. The textures themselves are very poor, and are masked by these new technologys that "cover them up" so to speak.

Half-life 2's graphics might not look as good, but they are genuine, the textures are crisp and detailed, and the dev's put alot more work into them then Doom 3. I have no CLUE how hard it is to turn a bland texture into something great by use of Doom3's bump mapping and normal mapping, but I'm willing to guess its a easy way out of actually creating the detailed textures, and requires less work.

ALL Doom 3 textures were created in Maya and 3DStudio. Yes, that's right, they were all created as three-dimensional models. They were skinned, and then run through a process to extract normal maps. The textures don't need to be detailed because all of the detail comes from the elevation of the textures that is pronounced when hit by a light. I'm not sure how you can make the argument that HL2's textures look better because they're more detailed perpixel in a single image file when Doom 3 applies multiple layers to each texture to get their lighting effect. One-layer textures for four-layer textures, which one sounds like more work to you?

How about I point out the 3D skybox for distant buildings...Doom 3 doesnt even have this.

Nobody outside of really knows what is capable since half of the Doom 3 engine's features weren't even used in Doom 3. I attended the Doom 3 mod making and level editing round tables at QuakeCon the other day and mod makers are going to love what they find in the Doom 3 SDK. The GUI system was very lightly used in Doom 3. The scripting engine for GUIs in the Doom 3 engine can go as far as creating an in-game operating system, according to id. I believe id also mentioned it was even possible to attach GUIs to player models, which would produce some pretty cool effects.

I'm an id fanboy, but I do think HL2 looks fun and I will be buying it. As for Counter-Strike: Source... meh, I could do without it.

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News Comments > Counter-Strike: Source Beta Update

8. No subject Aug 10, 2004, 05:26 beigemore
Doom 3

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