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News Comments > Steam Big Picture Beta Begins
24. Re: Steam Big Picture Beta Begins Sep 11, 2012, 15:21 MindStalkerReturned
dumpy wrote on Sep 10, 2012, 21:11:
Gabe bought OnLive?

Nope, this isn't OnLive or streaming of any sort. This is simply a new pretty UI for Steam that is optimized to run on your TV with controller instead of a mouse/keyboard. It comes with a web-browser and a few other features. Its all running off your PC, its just a UI change to steam.
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News Comments > FINAL FANTASY VII Remake Plans
52. Re: FINAL FANTASY VII Remake Plans Jul 5, 2012, 07:55 MindStalkerReturned
Pigeon wrote on Jul 4, 2012, 12:52:
As others have said this is basically a re-release. It just uses modern graphics processors to smooth out the jaggies, and they've slapped in some higher rez cut-scenes. Its seems new features include Saving to THE CLOUD (always on DRM?), achievements and easy-cheat mode.

No, no, your saving to CLOUD, his big sword will hold just about anything.
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News Comments > Scrolls Will Launch Minecraft Style
10. Re: Scrolls Will Launch Minecraft Style Jun 30, 2011, 16:08 MindStalkerReturned
Armengar wrote on Jun 30, 2011, 09:45:
I'll judge on merit. Minecraft was cheap enough to warrant a punt. Turned out ok and I had a good laugh. Oddly enough ive lost interest now - no matter how good it is. That being said, he got my cash and I got a decent amount of fun for it.

Scrolls might be the same, it depends how cheap it is.

In case you haven't been following it, 1.8 (the next version, they just realized 1.7 with Pistons (whoop!) ) Is supposed to have a full "Adventure" mode, with Quest and NPCs, etc. I have high hopes (I too quite playing Minecraft a few months ago, I hope the adventure mode brings me back)
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News Comments > BF3 Preorder Backlash
50. Re: BF3 Preorder Backlash Jun 13, 2011, 16:55 MindStalkerReturned
AnointedSword wrote on Jun 13, 2011, 16:09:
How about this...if you are so worried about the damn preorder....It is not rocket science...

Funny thing is, most people want to play a fair game. Even if they bought the pre-order they would know they had an advantage over the smucks who didn't buy the pre-order. Its really no fun to play a game especially if your talking leader boards and organized matches, if you can't know everyone is starting out equally.
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
14. Re: Morning Consolidation Jun 10, 2011, 14:48 MindStalkerReturned
Its doubtful they would be able to get enough processing power for 4 screens in there, but who knows, if they do it will be sweet.

//Idea, make it so that your WiiU controller is more like a gameboy, but it has to be at Some WiiU console machine to do the heavy processor lifting. Put some flash memory in the WiiU controller, so you can store virtual games and saves, and take them with you to your friends house for multiplayer games. A Lan party in a box..
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
6. Re: Morning Consolidation Apr 22, 2011, 15:56 MindStalkerReturned
"a GPU from the ATI R700 family with a shader unit at version 4.1, and at least 512Mb of RAM."

Its possible they meant the GPU will have 512Mb of RAM.
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News Comments > Portal 2 Announced
3. Re: Portal 2 Announced Mar 5, 2010, 13:17 MindStalkerReturned
Read again, there are more underlines than that.

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News Comments > No Ghostbusters PC Multiplayer
52. Re: No Ghostbusters PC MP Jun 15, 2009, 11:11 MindStalkerReturned
I was thinking about this, and the reason is obvious.
360: Played on xBox Live
PS3: Played on Sonys network (forgot the name)
Wii: Two local players no online support
PC: Requires a server.
The idiots behind the helms here simply didn't want to bother setting up a master server. Maybe if enough code is left in from the 360 it will be patchable for a private network.
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News Comments > Left 4 Dead 2 Interview
8. Re: Left 4 Dead 2 Interview Jun 11, 2009, 11:05 MindStalkerReturned
That, and people are rather annoyed at having paid 50 bucks for L4D(1)
They paid extra to effectively get a beta product of which arguably the full version was never released.
I think Valve would make a ton of money and goodwill with some type of 75% rebate off your purchase of L4D towards the purchase of L4D2. So the people that bought L4D at $50 can buy L4D2 for $12.50. The people who bought L4D at $25 would be paying 31.75, and so on. And then bundle L4D for free in L4D2 or make it one game, and and migrate everyone over.

Arguably those who bought it in store would have a problem, possibly you could use Steam activation date for an estimate of purchase price.

This comment was edited on Jun 11, 2009, 11:06.
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News Comments > Ghostbusters PS Deal EU Only
8. Re: Ghostbusters PS Deal EU Only May 6, 2009, 13:56 MindStalkerReturned
Of course they will pirating it. But telling an entire continent that they can't buy something and can only get it if they pirate it is a VERY stupid decision.
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News Comments > Ghostbusters PS Deal EU Only
6. Re: Ghostbusters PS Deal EU Only May 6, 2009, 13:50 MindStalkerReturned
Kiro: "Aside from buying a PS3 for game that is in no way a console seller, what other options do I have I wonder... I guess Atari aren't bothered about software piracy. "

Its available for the PS2 as well.

Anyways yes, apparently they want this pirated heavily.

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News Comments > GameFly vs. USPS
1. Re: GameFly vs. USPS Apr 24, 2009, 14:30 MindStalkerReturned
Easy, just make your mailers look identical to one of your competitors. Problem solved..  
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News Comments > On Riddick DRM
41. Re: On Riddick DRM Apr 16, 2009, 13:53 MindStalkerReturned
If they are worried about a key getting used 50,000 times why have an activation limit of 3. They could have an activation limit of 50 and it would be just as effective. If you released your key in the wild your other 49 would quickly be used up and you could not safely reinstall.
If you used up the 50 then you need to call, though you might get a runaround..

No this clearly is to limit the value of resale during the initial popularity of the game.

This comment was edited on Apr 16, 2009, 13:54.
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News Comments > OnLive Chatter
13. Re: OnLive Chatter Apr 2, 2009, 13:17 MindStalkerReturned
I doubt it because it is not in AT&T's FCC filing on its cap plans. Plus, the caps are too easy of a money grab not to stick with them. There simply isn't enough competition in the U.S. for most consumers to switch to a competitor without such caps. Bandwidth caps will kill these services without signficant revenue sharing, and there are simply too many players here (gaming service company, ISP's, and game publishers) for them to settle on a agreeable split and still have the service be financially viable and affordable.

No, the real expense for ISPs is the final internet connection. Bandwidth that stays within their network is much much cheaper. If they had an agreement with these guys it would entail a server that was on AT&Ts network meaning faster connections and no need for caps.

This comment was edited on Apr 2, 2009, 13:18.
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News Comments > Legends of Zork Launches
1. Re: Legends of Zork Launches Apr 1, 2009, 10:52 MindStalkerReturned
Ok checked it out, its not an April Fools prank, but it is kind of lame. Maybe there is some puzzles eventually but for now all I see it basic grinding.. Bzzz  
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News Comments > OnLive Changing the Game?
60. Re: OnLive a Game Changer? Mar 25, 2009, 17:04 MindStalkerReturned
Players won't blip around, because there is NO need for client side prediction. If I was riding on someones BF2 M1 commander seat, I'd find using the machine gun easier on this service than on BF2 as it stands, because the movement packets aren't retransmitted, which multiplies x2 lag spikes when they involve the servers connection.

Whats even more interesting about this is if your playing multiplayer on this system you'll most likely be paired up in games with other OnLive users meaning the multiplayer commonent will feel like LAN (a very fast LAN at that). So there will be no additional lag in multiplayer versus single player.
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News Comments > OnLive Beta Signups
17. Re: OnLive Beta Signups Mar 25, 2009, 15:52 MindStalkerReturned
Well in their example demonstration they stated the servers were 50 miles away. I believe that just might be possible. If they can put a server farm in every major city everything will be great. The question is, can they get away with putting a server within 1000 miles. I personally don't think so, roundtrip 2000 miles is 10 milli-lightseconds (or 10ms ping time for fiber optic with absolutely no routing or processing).
For the average person the minimum ping time to almost any server on the internet is 50ms, 100ms is very, very common. So 50ms there, lets say they really can process your request and produce its compressed video in 2ms as they claim, and 50ms back, 10ms decompression time (at least) You're looking at a delay of 112ms. That's a little more
than 1/10th of a second between every action and its response. Theoretically the game could do a slight bit of negative lag and calculate the video based upon what would have happened had to sent the command 1/10th of a second before you actually did, but that will cause some jumps in fluidity... I don't know which is worse.
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News Comments > OnLive Beta Signups
9. Re: OnLive Beta Signups Mar 25, 2009, 10:58 MindStalkerReturned
Yea, localized servers are a must. You could probably tunnel the service from a US host to use it in Canada, but your lag would be tremendous, it would defeat the point.  
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News Comments > Wolfenstein Trailer
31. Re: Wolfenstein Trailer Mar 21, 2009, 23:47 MindStalkerReturned
CJ_Parker: Born to troll:
Watch the interview, not just the trailer. You don't get thrown into the occult immediately, you gain a device that lets you view the multiverse sometime in the middle of the game. Thats where it gets really weird.
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News Comments > Wallace & Gromit Demo
2. Re: Wallace & Gromit Demo Mar 16, 2009, 15:11 MindStalkerReturned
Just finished the demo, its a little short but gave me a good idea of the gameplay. Its quite linear (at least the demo was), but pretty good quality. I'm really not a fan of linear point and click adventures, its just feels like I'm spending all my time trying to figure out what the author wanted me to do and not having my own adventure. Its still a nice looking game and amusing characters. I wonder if the full game has to building any contraptions yourself, that would be cool.  
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