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News Comments > No Man's Sky Patch Update
23. Re: No Man's Sky Patch Update Oct 13, 2016, 07:55 Burrito of Peace
I remember when NMS was announced that I called bullshit on it and was shouted down. I tried to explain that what they were promising literally couldn't happen on the hardware we have available to us today. Man, was I shouted down. It's nice, though, to see what a dumpster fire this has become and having stayed the Hell away from it.

In the nearish future, if you see a game that promises "unique" procedurally generated content across a hojillion planets/landscapes/realms, quietly whisper to yourself "I do not own a 1024 core proc with 64PB of RAM. I do not own a 2048 core GPU with 32YB of RAM. I do not have disk space in the double digit PB range and I don't have system buses capable of transferring data at Pbps. Therefore, there is no way in Hell this game is going to do 1/10 of the shit they're promising."
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News Comments > Beyond Good & Evil for Free
24. Re: Beyond Good & Evil for Free Oct 12, 2016, 21:58 Burrito of Peace
Genesys wrote on Oct 12, 2016, 20:23:
I actually run most of my Steam library off a NAS drive mapping :) Only the access-heavy games get promoted to an SSD. You can make backups of Steam games, too, for archival purposes or installing on other PCs without a redownload.

I did that for a while but after updating to CentOS 7, I started seeing severe performance problem with my Steam library being there. Everything else that used SMB worked great, though, so I can't point my finger to it being a general CIFS/SMB problem. Funny thing is, though, that installing Steam on Linux in a "local" folder that's actually a NFS share just mounted to that directory works great.

I know that I can do backup/restore with Steam, but my point is that with the GOG installers, I never need to be logged in to anything to install them. Right now, with my current bandwidth constraints, that's a big factor in my world. If I wipe my Windows disk, which is fairly frequent, I still have to wait for Steam to download itself after the initial installer. That can take up to four hours. With the GOG installers, it's just install them right off the NAS to a different share on the NAS that's acting as a mounted network drive.
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News Comments > Beyond Good & Evil for Free
14. Re: Beyond Good & Evil for Free Oct 12, 2016, 18:41 Burrito of Peace
I'd like to state up front that I have no problems with Steam, Origin, or Uplay. Recently, however, I made the decision to switch to looking on GOG first for my games. One, this supports the awesomeness behind The Witcher Series and Cyberpunk 2077 and, two, because I can download the whole game and archive it off to the NASes for when I want to install without worrying about bandwidth issues each time I want to reinstall a game.  
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News Comments > Stellaris Leviathans Story Pack This Month
3. Re: Stellaris Leviathans Story Pack This Month Oct 10, 2016, 12:23 Burrito of Peace
Ozmodan wrote on Oct 10, 2016, 10:54:
why is it that these 4x space games still struggle with the magic that MOO II had?

I was disappointed with this game, but maybe they are fixing their mistakes.

Right off the bat, I am going to say that I love Stellaris. I play it near daily. I also play MOO II quite frequently as well.

MOOII was magic because, prior to it, no one had brought all the component pieces of it in to a single title. However, by today's standards, MOOII was a relatively simple game in terms of mechanics. The diplomacy was nascent at best, with nothing super deep coming out of it. Combat involved a simple numbers comparison with nothing really tactical about it. Your choices of movement where up, down, backward, and forward. Tactics or formations held no part in it. Ground combat was you dropping off soldiers and watching an animation while the computer did the number checks in the background.

As with all strategy games, then and now, the difficulty level was just how many more bonuses the AI races got than you did. They didn't play any smarter or use better tactics.

Even your ship design was pretty crude. You have X number of tonnage per class. Assign it as you see fit. Got the Doomstar blueprints and the stellar converter? Congrats, you now have the insta-win combination. Ship classes were only goals to reach as you expanded your empire, tech, and credit generation.

I feel MOOII was a seminal title of its era because it took a lot of different systems from different game types, polished them, and interlocked them. The array of unique species wasn't really done previously as well as it was in MOOII. MOOII hit me at that point in my youth where new things were appearing quickly and seemed to be endless in regards with what we could do with our computers. Now that I am older, and have taken off the rose tinted nostalgia glasses, I can see that MOOII was a product of its time. Today, I expect the kind of experience I get from MOOII from games on my phone or tablet. I expect quite a bit more from my PC games because time and technology has progressed further.

Stellaris is a decent title but there are ways it could have been done better. The ship battles are, again, a numbers fight. Nexus or Homeworld style combat would have brought a lot of depth to that particular aspect of the game. Formations, mixed unit deployments, and tactics are sorely needed.

I also generally tend to agree with the sentiment that mid to late game becomes a drag because the game becomes about entropy, attrition, and sector management due to the fact that your governors are, currently, mindless idiots. Continued exploration serves as nothing more as a vehicle to expand your borders and gather resources. That's it, there's no feeling that you're still pushing the boundaries of the unknown with more waiting to be discovered.

But Paradox does seem to be listening as evidenced by the changes in Asmiov and the upcoming Heinlein patches. Will it get enormously better? Probably not. Is it getting slowly better? Yes, definitely.
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News Comments > Evening Safety Dance
6. Re: Evening Safety Dance Oct 8, 2016, 01:28 Burrito of Peace
Sepharo wrote on Oct 8, 2016, 01:14:
Sounds like she's not going to need to steal it with all the Republicans changing their minds on Trump tonight.

Trump just needs to grab them by the pussy, obviously.
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News Comments > Mafia III Framerate Concerns
38. Re: Mafia III Framerate Concerns Oct 7, 2016, 23:52 Burrito of Peace
Quinn wrote on Oct 7, 2016, 19:15:

"No performance issues"? Some positive reviewers on Steam say the same thing. I don't get this. I know you're not an idiot, but it's an idiot statement to me. Every game that drops below 50 fps has "performance issues" in my book, with my above average rig. This game is locked at fucking 30 fps. How on earth can you judge its performance? It's like saying the guy hopping around in a potato sack is a great runner!

That's your personal preference, not an objective evaluation.

For me, performance issues involve continued, reproducible CTDs, lockups, graphical anomalies (blinking textures, popping textures, tearing textures, noticeable and reproducible slowdowns/stutters in reproducible events), sound anomalies (Crackling, static, missing audio, bad audio such as a mix being too tinny or bass heavy)...basically, things that I would be able to realistically file a bug report on with steps to reproduce the bug reliably.

If the patch comes out, if it removes the 30FPS lock and if the above listed events start happening, then I can reliably and truthfully state it then has performance issues. A design decision is not a bug or issue, even if I do not particularly care for it.
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News Comments > Mafia III Framerate Concerns
37. Re: Mafia III Framerate Concerns Oct 7, 2016, 23:39 Burrito of Peace
Kosumo wrote on Oct 7, 2016, 18:05:
What is your view on the graphics?

I think it largely depends on the monitor and video card setup. My monitors at work are old Dell S2409Ws. 1920x1080x60Hz and connected via DVI-D. They're dimmer and the colors do look a bit washed out. I've also noticed that the gamma settings that you setup when at the first start the game are...not as granular as I'd like. There are big jumps from one level to the next.

My monitors at home are Dell P2417Hs connected via DisplayPort. They're IPS 1920x1080x60Hz monitors. I set the gamma level much lower because they're much brighter monitors. The colors look much, much better here than at work. I've also color calibrated the monitors here with a Datacolor Spyder which probably helped tremendously as well. I'm not disappointed with the game, I'm actually having a good time.

This comment was edited on Oct 7, 2016, 23:55.
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News Comments > Mafia III Framerate Concerns
33. Re: Mafia III Framerate Concerns Oct 7, 2016, 15:18 Burrito of Peace
OK, so reporting back in after playing it a while.

My first system that I played a couple of hours on at the office is:
1060 3GB w/Nvidia's just released drivers

It's pretty good. I'm digging the vibe in it, so far, and I like the characters. I've had no performance issues with everything cranked up to max but there were two instances of micropauses, each about half a second in length. During heavy firefights and a couple of explosions going off on-screen.

The default keymap for K+M is wonky as fuck, though. Usage keys are spread out all over the keyboard. You can, however, rebind them. Mouse felt a bit sluggish but I cranked up the sensitivity and that fixed that issue.

I've experienced one CTD so far, but I am going to chalk that up to Windows doing its funky shit in the background as it happened right after the end of the first play section (note: NOT the entire mission) and has not happened again.

Second system at the house where I am right now is:
Xeon E3 1275v2
64GB of RAM
970 4GB

What the save game from work isn't available? Nope, doesn't do save sync through Steam. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! Guess I'll be starting all over this weekend.

Made it through the scene where I CTDed crash this time. Definitely Windows at work doing it's funky shit in the background.

Car physics feel good. Heavy cars are appropriately weighted and handle as such. Very fun to drift Lincoln's "baby" around corners in the city!

Weapons don't hold over from mission to mission. Picked up a sweet M14 in the second mission, lost it at the start of the third.

SPOILERS AHEAD: Vito Scaletta, a much older one, makes an appearance during the beginning of the third mission

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News Comments > Mafia III Framerate Concerns
11. Re: Mafia III Framerate Concerns Oct 6, 2016, 23:06 Burrito of Peace
I pre-ordered it and I don't regret it. I always expect issues on release on any game. Mafia II was no different and that got ironed out in to a solid game. As I want to continue seeing Mafia games, I support their efforts.

I'll see tomorrow how it runs on my systems and go from there. If it needs a couple of patches, I go back to playing KSP.
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News Comments > New AMD Drivers
1. Re: New AMD Drivers Oct 6, 2016, 08:17 Burrito of Peace
Do these make the Polaris architecture competitive with current gen Nvidia cards?  
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News Comments > Wasteland 3 Crowdfunding Begins
10. Re: Wasteland 3 Crowdfunding Begins Oct 6, 2016, 07:38 Burrito of Peace
I was unimpressed with the last one. I'll definitely take a wait and see approach to this one and wait for enough reviews to aggregate before possibly pulling the trigger.  
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News Comments > Gears of War 4 Specs
6. Re: Gears of War 4 Specs Oct 5, 2016, 12:42 Burrito of Peace
1TB SSDs are becoming a necessity for modern storage and they need to come down in price. Outside of "they can", there's no reason for them to be priced as they are.  
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News Comments > Kerbal Space Program Team Turnover; Patch Next Week
5. Re: Kerbal Space Program Team Turnover; Patch Next Week Oct 5, 2016, 09:37 Burrito of Peace
PHJF wrote on Oct 5, 2016, 07:56:
Are the wheels seriously still not fixed? They completely broke airplanes with the 1.1 wheels update and that was months ago...

Still not fixed and it breaks rovers, too, which makes colonization of any of the planets damn near impossible. Though I did design a RCS powered jump buggy with landing skids that seems to work all right on the planets with lighter gravity. Still, that's a hackjob workaround.

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News Comments > Kerbal Space Program Team Turnover; Patch Next Week
1. Re: Kerbal Space Program Team Turnover; Patch Next Week Oct 4, 2016, 23:30 Burrito of Peace
Fix the fucking wheels! All but three of the landing gear and rover wheels act like the ground, any ground, is made of smooth glass and the tires out of teflon infused KY.  
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News Comments > Space Odyssey Presented by Neil deGrasse Tyson
2. Re: Space Odyssey Presented by Neil deGrasse Tyson Oct 3, 2016, 11:42 Burrito of Peace't....SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!  
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News Comments > Crucible Announced
5. Re: Crucible Announced Oct 1, 2016, 19:40 Burrito of Peace
HorrorScope wrote on Oct 1, 2016, 10:09:
If you own the properties. I was mentioning new company, new ip. What do you really make that you really feel comfortable with ROI?

People have done mech recent enough and not much success, it seems it has to be branded with the Mech Warrior name for people to care.

We are seeing more space sims, some have done ok, but they started years ago to, what today would you start making that you feel you'd really get your $'s back with an original Space Sim IP? I do think this genre has some chance, all you have to do is the obvious, which people are either taking an extreme sim stance or trying to do too much. But it isn't cheap if you try quality cinematics to tell the story either.

It is now a very tough competitive market to get into.

Outside of Battletech and Heavy Gear, which were both tabletop games, the above titles had never been tried before when they were released.

If want a modern example, look at Kerbal Space Program. That game has received rave reviews and its made a bundle of money. I cannot recall any recent games that did a space program ala NASA simulation before. Sure there's was Orbiter and Shuttle, but those are flying sims.

The Talos Principle did well and it's nothing more than a really pretty puzzle game that is linked together by some engaging storytelling.

Any market you get in to is going to have established product baseline that you're going to have to challenge. That's part of the risk/reward paradigm. It's extremely rare to break open a new, virgin market that's not being served. The best you can do is compete in a market that is underserved if you're purely interested in quick ROI.

In relation to games, you don't have to solely look for new ground. Compete in an established market and simply provide a better product. Why do people rave about The Witcher series? Because it's a better product than WoW, Legend of Grimrock, and other fantasy RPGs. It's got a better story and better visuals that provide an immersive experience.

There's no turn key solution to any of it, however. A person will need to do significant investigation and analysis and make sure that their initial product release is so much better than what's currently available that it will have to be noticed. That's how you grow a business. Simply offering what's already available with a slightly different design at the same price point just won't do it.
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News Comments > Into the Black
9. Re: Into the Black Oct 1, 2016, 19:26 Burrito of Peace
Interstate '76 was a great game for its time. Done correctly, an update to modern standards would be lovely.

The comments that the game had "realistic driving physics" is chuckle worthy at best. As someone whom enjoys restoring and hot rodding cars of all eras, your player car in I76 had more in common with the 1975 Thunderbird than it ever did with a real world pony car. Even on bias ply tires (standard in that muscle car era), they were a Hell of a lot quicker on their feet than the allegories of them in I76.

I'd like to see an I76 remake done with the physics of Midnight Club LA or Driver: San Francisco. They're both halfway points between arcade and simulation and are a blast to drive.
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News Comments > Crucible Announced
3. Re: Crucible Announced Oct 1, 2016, 02:46 Burrito of Peace
HorrorScope wrote on Sep 30, 2016, 12:31:
I'm really not sure what game type a new AAA or Indy can make today that isn't already competitive and would easily sell well.

Games like the following:
Interstate '76
Heavy Gear/Mechwarrior (MWO isn't it and HBS' Battletech game, which I backed, isn't a single player, story driven FPS)
Freespace/Wing Commander/Privateer (but actually RELEASE a game. Sadly, Everspace and House of a Dying Sun are releasing but don't have anywhere near the same hook or production values.)
Nexus: The Jupiter incident

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News Comments > Battleborn F2P Rumor
8. Re: Battleborn F2P Rumor Sep 29, 2016, 22:32 Burrito of Peace
MattyC wrote on Sep 29, 2016, 20:43:
deqer wrote on Sep 29, 2016, 20:13:
If you want your game to really fail, make it F2P. People love grinding for their stuff.

Some games have gone F2P and made it work (Guild Wars 2 and StarWars TOR and multiple MOBAs for example), but I really don't see it working here.

To be precise, both Guild Wars games have always been free to play once you purchased the game itself.
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News Comments > More Connect
14. Re: More Connect Sep 27, 2016, 08:57 Burrito of Peace
The more I see of GoG, the more I am impressed. I think in the future that when I am looking to purchase a title, I'll look on GoG first. I initially only used them to play some of my favorite games from yesteryear.  
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