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Nickname Kevlar
Email Concealed by request - Send Mail
ICQ None given.
Description Bring back the Skaarj ripping open the top logo, Blue!
Homepage None given.
Signed On May 5, 2004, 15:34
Total Comments 308 (Amateur)
User ID 20821
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
6. Friday morning Oct 8, 2004, 07:36 Kevlar
Woohoo! Anyone ever get the feeling to be lucky to make it to Friday alive? It's one of those weeks.

I'm thinking Evil Genius + whiskey will do wonders for my cold today. That or some Tenebrae Q1.

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News Comments > Morning Q&As
2. Re: No subject Oct 8, 2004, 07:33 Kevlar
At the same time Hump, it's too bad they have to keep acting like we're all delusional for thinking they were going to include co-op - when it was a major bullet point throughout the game's early life. My guess is some people are still trying to figure out just why they're abandoning support for it, when to us it seems relatively simple that they're scaling back a lot of the game's features so it will eventually come out. (Not that that makes it right)

I still have hope, though, neverminding that so many delays plus so many cut features tend to be a Bad Thing (TM) for a game's outlook.

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News Comments > More Knight of Honor & Daemon Tools
27. Guys, guys... Oct 6, 2004, 17:10 Kevlar
Come on now, the real bug to them is that they didn't cover their tracks effectively enough for us to not find out about it.

"Due to a bug in programming, our completely unintentional sequence of copy-protection steps that results in attacking your system without your knowledge or consent has now been made obvious. We will release a patch soon to fix the overtness of this attack."

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
10. Re: OT for Winamp 5 users Oct 6, 2004, 08:42 Kevlar
That's weird - I don't get that problem with WA 5.05 if I'm accessing my drives.

Try the WinAmp 2.0 skin inside WinAmp 5, that will strip out a lot of the unnecessaries (and unfortunately the looks).

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Wanted
4. Re: No subject Oct 6, 2004, 08:37 Kevlar
That's a nice assessment coming from a man with a name of Troll.

I'm always on the lookout for good old-fashioned graphic adventures, maybe I should check this one out (ignoring the PR).

This comment was edited on Oct 6, 08:38.
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News Comments > Knights of Honor & DAEMON Tools
2. Re: uhh Oct 4, 2004, 11:22 Kevlar
That's shitty. I had a big issue with Doom 3 after buying it for having D-Tools and CloneCD installed.

So you can purchase a game for $50 and it refuses to run or has all kinds of problems due to copy protection, or you can warez it and not have the headaches?

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News Comments > Men of Valor Demo
51. Re: No subject Oct 2, 2004, 09:35 Kevlar
Hey pal, there are two very important words in my statement you decided to jump over: sounds like. I'm not calling it "WORST GAME EVAR!!!" and I wouldn't, not having played it, but I do pay attention to the fact that half the posts on here are dogging the title. Therefore, it sounds like the game isn't very fun and they've pushed it out the door. That's too bad and implies ill of what's happened to the dev team in the space since Medal of Honor considering its strong initial showing.

I'm an FPS whore and as such will probably download it and check it out later anyway, but do I need to break out the goddamn sock puppets to explain an early-morning post to you?

Sorry for getting OT.

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News Comments > Men of Valor Demo
48. Re: Not fun? Oct 2, 2004, 07:38 Kevlar
That's too bad - sounds like 2015 proved that all the talent really did leave for Infinity Ward after Men of Honor.

I don't think I'm going to download this one after all...

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
9. Re: Garbage Pail Kids Oct 1, 2004, 09:17 Kevlar
Jeff, meet Jenny.


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News Comments > C-S: Source Next Week
131. Re: Damn them Sep 30, 2004, 08:30 Kevlar
The way I see it, especially with all this Quake nostalgia the past few days, is that paying extra for the CE (I'm on dialup so Steam is not an option) is my insurance against a possibly not-all-encompassing experience if HL2 doesn't live up to it all.

As much as I've railed against Valve's BS the past year (my first HL2 preorder is now over a year old) I have to admit - this game gets me excited. The potential of everyone in the old community back and playing a few kickass titles, you know, that kind of synergy (like walking into a LAN party and seeing everyone in the same game) - I really haven't felt that since QuakeWorld. UT2004 came close, but between HL2 and TRIBES, I think we'll feel it again. There's just something about one title being so fun, so fast-paced, so inventive and fresh that it drives you to play it all the time. Something that keeps you engrossed with what feels like endless replayability, with weekends filled with laughs and fun even over the same maps. (Thinking Quake, DII, etc.)

And again, if it doesn't pan out that way, I'll pay the extra $20 for a good old HL remake. That will definitely keep me interested, especially if Sven does a retro-coop patch for that in addition to his HL2 mod.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
6. Re: No subject Sep 30, 2004, 07:53 Kevlar
Hah, that pigeon story is great!

I'd love to see him try and compressed-air it right out of the rack like a UT2004 piston-jump.

Good luck with yours Blue... On the bright side crickets don't live that long, do they?

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News Comments > Morning Q&As
7. Re: Nice Sep 29, 2004, 08:36 Kevlar
Liking the Gold option too Hump, but it's not enough to get us here in Foster to use Steam - it'd take 3 weeks to download the game on this connection.

That said I am very disappointed to hear CS:S is the only multiplayer offering. Ah well, here's to hoping Sven comes out with the coop mod soon since that's what I'm really waiting for anyway.

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News Comments > TRIBES Vengeance Demo Glitch
26. Re: it was... Sep 28, 2004, 18:51 Kevlar
I'm more concerned about these new floating weapons platforms - I mean vehicles - than the smoke trails.

I mean, they're designing the maps and bases to be sort of open and speedy like Tribes 1, and then you can also have vehicles that float stationary bombing the shit out of defenses (so they can camp spawns while cappers ski in and fly out I bet). Must it really swing so far back in the direction of offense simply because T2 was too D-heavy?

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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits
9. Re: E-vote machines Sep 28, 2004, 18:30 Kevlar
Not to change the topic away from politics any, but does anyone find "[group] slams [topic]" to be interesting headline wording?

Upon seeing "Computer scientists slam.." I pictured my college Comp Sci professors inside a large paper mache battering ram, all blindly running and screaming into the side of a building. Is that wrong? :p

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
3. Pseudo Sep 27, 2004, 08:46 Kevlar
Wow, that intro brought back memories. I didn't even recall the amount of time I wasted on Quakecast, but the "Quake Guy: DAMMMNNNNNNNNN!" is a quick reminder.

Archiving Dank and Scud forevar.

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News Comments > Valve versus Sierra
156. Dear Rilus Sep 24, 2004, 17:50 Kevlar
Not to continue the flames, but I read Beaver making some very informative posts.

And someone coming in and screaming troll while pointing fingers all around (and raising his postcount to 13 no less) does not bode well for his/her stance, oddly enough.

Yeah, I bet I'll be using Steam to play HL2 you damn fanboy... Probably because Valve will force me to install it. Doesn't mean I WANT to, or LIKE the idea. Call me crazy but I take issue to a company forcing auto-downloading software addled with crap and bugs onto my system when they can't even protect their own network from hacks - and that's a network containing millions of dollars in IP. Who's to say they'll even care about or know how to protect our security being on Steam?

I remember PowerPlay. One does not simply get a free pass from having a great game released under one's belt to start controlling what I download, when I download it, and how my computer operates.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
24. Re: Half-Life 2 PHP Sep 24, 2004, 13:17 Kevlar
I'll bite.

But I'd still prefer for them to finish the real game.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
13. Half-Life2 PHP Sep 24, 2004, 08:51 Kevlar
Wow, even the PHP game is poorly constructed and half-done.

Had to say it.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Deee-luxe?
28. Re: Multiplayer HL2 Sep 24, 2004, 08:45 Kevlar
Garry, while that's true for the most part (and I liked HLDM too) the problem is most physics-based objects we've seen in HL2 are sort of, um, large. If a barrel has the capability of blowing across a CS:S map (excuse me, THE CS:S map) and landing on me, killing me, that has to be accounted for by server and client. Only if the presence/placement of the object makes no difference could they keep it from having to be tracked, and the only things I can think of like that would be the broken wood, small boxes and stuff.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Star Wars Battlefront
51. Re: After further play Sep 21, 2004, 18:54 Kevlar
Hey, I see a Dantastic on the leader board.

Too busy playing to comment?

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