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Description Bring back the Skaarj ripping open the top logo, Blue!
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Signed On May 5, 2004, 15:34
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
76. Blue's HL2DM Dec 2, 2004, 18:49 Kevlar
COKevlar on Steam. Would love to play a few rounds after these damn finals are over.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
1. HL2DM? Dec 1, 2004, 08:06 Kevlar


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News Comments > Valve Wins Cyber Café Suit
60. Re: Linux Server Nov 30, 2004, 19:23 Kevlar

I don't know if you were involved with LAN gaming as of 5 years ago, but I have been for the last 10. Allow me to tell you about a few things:

1. Before "cyber cafes", there were these little things called LAN parties. Cyber cafes were a commercialized extension of the growing popularity of LANs, many of whom were (and still are) non-profit enterprises. If you want to go calling chicken-and-egg, let's look back to the advent of cafes: started by many from the old LAN community who decided they wanted to make more money than the rest of us. You know what? They were called greedy back then, and that charge was rightfully made given the otherwise generous culture. LAN parties were and are still cooler, despite the growing pressure (partly from competition and partly from cafes) on admins to deliver tons of free swag and prizes in addition to flawless events.

2. How is an entire business model based upon the expectation that you can freely make one purchase of someone else's product and rent it out to people day-in, day-out? How do you expect to survive as a commercialized entity? Do you see people renting movies out of their homes? Every other entertainment industry has varying levels of protections against this kind of thing, and for cyber cafes to expect to receive free handouts (AND sponsorship of all things) for creating a small industry around this model without even consulting the companies they are taking product from, they are suffering from commercial myopia.

I also have the opinion that when you step over this line that I've outlined above and expect to run a business doing this kind of thing with gaming, you forfeit your rights to cry like an abused victim when you're no longer given a free ride. Businesses have fees. It should be expected. Movie theaters and equipment rental companies don't just buy a few items discreetly from suppliers and rent them off without permission - some cyber cafes do. Big difference. This doesn't mean I'm a full Valve fanboy; in fact I'm kinda pissed at them for the CS:S multiplayer move, Steam's nags and my wariness at the potential for them to start charging for content through their online platform, but it doesn't mean I'm standing behind a cafe anytime soon.

3. I was playing CS before its first public release because I knew of Gooseman from his Navy Seals mod for Quake, which I loved. Trust me when I say that this kind of tactical/action FPSing was very fresh back then, not completely overdone like it is today. R6 and CS were essentially your slew of options, unless you count SWAT 1 (which was FMV). Therefore I can tell you that CS would have been big regardless of its true delivery vehicle - although LAN parties in general (not just cyber cafes, which I'll remind you were much less prevalent back then) certainly had an impact on its popularity. Anyway, CS was on a track to become a big mod whether or not people like me were sick of it after 6 months and a shitty community. It was just made to be big given its timing and given the types of games/mods that existed at the time.

You can probably guess my, er, joy at hearing I'd be able to play the same 10 f*king maps over and over again 5 years later after imagining just how cool it would be to play real HL2 multiplayer with physics. I like some freshness in what I do with few exceptions (like the Quake/Diablo series, in my mind ageless fun due to the frenetic action and the special place in my heart for em).

4. In conclusion, I'd ask that you consider the role of cafes not as some kind of victimized culture that Valve is trying to pick off. A chunk of people cafes truly serve, for the most part, are those lacking enough horsepower or pipe to play games just the way they want to play. Those people, I'll remind you, already have knowledge of these titles beforehand that they want to play on good machines. They're already gamers. Therefore, does that mean cyber cafes are integral to the success of building word-of-mouth among gamers and spreading gaming to the masses like some evangelical outlet? Should games makers be forever in debt to them for some kind of imagined need?

No. They may bring in casual or new gamers who may discover new titles and act as a gateway to the hardcore gaming/tourney/LAN crowd. They are not the end-all-be-all of social gaming, and they weren't even around during the Quake days when I felt the community was at its strongest and most benevolent.

Essentially, I don't think Valve should bleed cafes dry because of the precedent I believe it will set, but I also believe it's naive to think cafes can be run forever without any kind of fee to take another company's product and rent it forever. Does this mean they should have to buy 100 licenses? No. But how about a site license program? There has to be middle ground wherein cafes can run without too much hassle and developers get some amount of compensation for what is a special situation - purchase of games for a business rental purpose.

edit: clarification
This comment was edited on Nov 30, 19:33.
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News Comments > Rainbow Six 4 Announced
36. Re: No subject Nov 30, 2004, 18:51 Kevlar
Haha, nice.

I don't know, but the original R6 and Rogue Spear really did it for me. They were just fun, you know? SWAT 3 was a great title as well with a different angle to play. Since then, while the R6 games have added more features I used to want (like viewable weapons), they just feel worse to me. I don't know. Maybe I'm nostalgic but I sort of liked the streamlined interfaces, easy to use multiplayer, smooth/fast action that was unforgiving and violent and coop that made your eyes bleed.

Does anyone remember the Defend coop gametype from one of RS's addons? (I think it was the Urban Ops addon). Each regular map in this gametype had a central location selected with a big red button added into it. You spawned in around it and the AI basically had a "get to the button and hit it at all costs" mentality. They would assault from all sides, toss grenades... Great stuff, and the only way to win would be to prevent them from breaching the room and killing them all off.

How is it that since then we get more patches, less gametypes, slower and more annoying interfaces and braindead stuff like Black Arrow? Hell, R6 was faster-paced than Black Arrow without sacrificing gameplay options.

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News Comments > Valve Wins Cyber Café Suit
41. Re: Tough one Nov 30, 2004, 08:18 Kevlar
I agree with Beamer on this one. Yes, while there are some implications that could possibly spell some trouble down the road in terms of what this ruling means as legal precedent, I don't classify cyber cafes on the same level as regular gamers and events (as I've said in the past).

Listen, folks, cyber cafes are a business. They are a business, unlike LANs, that make steady money in an established location off of other people's products. And if you expect to base a business off of some imagination that you'll receive free handouts for the rest of your life, I say you've done poor planning.

Were Valve to go after npo's or LAN parties I would have something different to say on this, but all I see is a business earning money renting off someone else's product. Should we be surprised? They need to get over it and find a way to survive.

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News Comments > Steam Update - HL2 Troubleshooting
13. Damn stutter Nov 20, 2004, 09:11 Kevlar
I'm getting this issue too. At first I thought it might have been my CPU (2800+) not being beefy enough to handle all the physics going on... But texture loading is definitely another possibility. I can't imagine this won't get fixed seeing that I get good framerates the rest of the time.

9600XT, 1 gig ram, AMD 2800+, onboard audio (nForce 2).

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News Comments > Sunday Consolidation
3. Re: Chainsaw controller? Nov 15, 2004, 08:33 Kevlar
Aww, damnit.

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News Comments > H-L2 Sven Co-Op Release Party
1. Sven Co-op Nov 15, 2004, 08:33 Kevlar
Noticed some interesting wording on Sven's site. I was hoping Valve would have been feeding them more of the code along the way so they could be working on the mod from before launch - I mean, if the source code was leaked to the internet already can't they look at it in advance?

Reason I'm saying it is because I think these guys do awesome work. It may not be the most popular HL mod, but the few times over the years I've had the pleasure of firing it up amongst friends it's been incredibly fun and you can just see how much they've sweat to bring us co-op for a title that was begging for it.

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News Comments > Sunday Consolidation
1. Chainsaw controller? Nov 14, 2004, 17:55 Kevlar
Whoo! Now I can finally have a legitmate reason for waving a chainsaw at my TV!

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
5. Cool stuff Nov 1, 2004, 08:37 Kevlar
Wow, I guess I really don't know my breeds. I was sort of expecting Hudson to look more like your classic Lassie-type-dog. How was the costume received by the neighborhood kids?

Oh, and Blue, I have a link to submit:

One of those ARGs (alternate reality games), so I don't know if it falls under Playtime or what but pretty good late night Halloween reading if you ask me.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
96. Re: Stern Oct 30, 2004, 09:40 Kevlar
Opie & Anthony had one lesbian insert the business end of a wiffle-ball bat into another today on their show......

Opie and Anthony! Haven't heard their names in a while - actually since they got run out of Boston... Awesome jocks.

This comment was edited on Oct 30, 09:43.
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News Comments > etc.
17. Re: Riders Oct 30, 2004, 09:32 Kevlar
That was what I was trying to say. If you want to sample a sound, or even a second or two, that's one thing...

Precisely, nin... I mean, when you can see that techno does more with its resampling than your genre, you need to look at where you're getting your music from.

My comments are not a condemnation of the entire genre, I'm just sick of people plundering everything made before 1990. If my favorite rock/metal/industrial/whatever bands started doing it at this kind of rate I'd be pissed off just the same.

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News Comments > Evening Q&As
1. Anyone else notice this? (Oblivion) Oct 29, 2004, 10:48 Kevlar
TH: Oblivion has been in development since 2002, so getting the Fallout license recently hasn't changed our plans for Oblivion at all. By their nature, I don't think they compete with each other. They will be very different games--not just in style, but in how they play. Also, for some time our plan had been to use this technology in other games, and Fallout is a great fit for that.

Oh yes.

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News Comments > etc.
1. Riders Oct 29, 2004, 10:26 Kevlar
Riders on tha shizzle...
Riders on tha nizzle...
Into dis house we trounce,
Into dis world we bounce.

Must every classic rock riff/song be remade into a rap song?

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
1. Re: Wowskies.. Oct 25, 2004, 08:24 Kevlar
Blue... Why ya gotta hurt me talking about the Red Sox like that?

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
12. Re: Red Sox Oct 21, 2004, 10:19 Kevlar
Woohoo Bucky!

That was a great series. I don't mean for this to be an insult, but being a local and longtime suffering Sox fan I can tell you guys this: If I've learned anything, there's always next year. I'm sure the Yanks will be just as tough if not dominating down the stretch after correcting their pitching.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
71. Sony Ads Oct 19, 2004, 20:19 Kevlar
Blue, how about that godawful streaming video Macy Gray Sony ad? It's not a popup, but it chokes my dialup as it keeps trying to stream whenever the main page is open.


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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Gold
224. Re: DoD:S=TF2? Oct 19, 2004, 19:01 Kevlar
That's like saying you only want half of a Beer---it's just not something you should do, ever.

LOL, Bucky.

Personally, I'd hate to see DOD "become" TF2. I liked DOD way back when it first started but TF was in a class all its own. Some of my favorite memories from gaming are still from QWTF, helping those damn Mexicans cross the border one minute and in 2Fort and TheRock the next.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
32. Re: 8-10 yr anniversary Oct 10, 2004, 11:50 Kevlar
Congrats Blue on your anniversary. God, has it really been 8 years?

I still remember being a jealous little teenager at the fact that you were in the Rangers QW clan... Those were the days. What fun times, and what a fun game.

I miss 2's ever-changing Blue Q2 logo as well...

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News Comments > "Shocking" Irrational Announcement Tomorrow?
38. Wow Oct 8, 2004, 08:02 Kevlar
I don't know what to say... This news is just.... It's just hot.

Whether each individual title is all we expected or not, look at what Irrational has done recently: resurrected the SWAT, TRIBES and now possibly the SS franchises. How can you not like the direction they're moving in?

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