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Nickname Kevlar
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Description Bring back the Skaarj ripping open the top logo, Blue!
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Signed On May 5, 2004, 15:34
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News Comments > etc.
7. Re: addicts Jan 9, 2005, 07:32 Kevlar
You ever try to roll a hardcover Physics text?


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News Comments > Close Combat: First to Fight Co-op Announced
11. Re: co-op life pool Jan 8, 2005, 08:27 Kevlar
I can understand the disappointment at the new direction for Close Combat but what the hell, people?

They announced co-op because they're (gasp) supporting it. This just put the game on my radar. That's the point of the announcement. Job well done - at least in my case as a prospective buyer. Haven't played a truly great coop game since H&D, Urban Ops, and SS.

Yeah yeah, another marine FPS. Well, the graphics look good enough, and if the gameplay is there (random spawns, tight feel) it'll hopefully give us a lot to play with (especially with a level editor!). Hell, at this point I'd play Candyland 2: Sugar Shield (the FPS) if it had good co-op.

edit: clarification
This comment was edited on Jan 8, 08:31.
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News Comments > Evening Q&As
7. Re: Doom is dead... Jan 7, 2005, 06:34 Kevlar
Wait, no one wants to talk about Super Tito?

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News Comments > Quake IV Screenshots
44. Re: You know, I was thinking... Dec 28, 2004, 07:58 Kevlar
Kudos to the guys that pointed out the blatant Photoshopping, as I wouldn't have clicked on the thumbnail had I not read about it. (Already saw a small shot of this in a print mag)

There are two cuts to the image, either fully inserting the marines into the picture from a screenshot taken from virtually the same position or trying to re-take pictures of marines to copy over this one and obscure the true background. My money's on the first.

Where are the cuts? Two overlaid images were inserted and you can see the most blatant evidence of this in the "T" that's formed between the two marines and joining above their heads, meaning this shot is a composite of 3 pieces (and they possibly had to position each character just to make the scene). Look at the dark-to-light edge between them and follow it up to the corner of the door. I work in Photoshop a lot and, TBH, I'm surprised that they would let something like this out as one of their first press images. Some of us here could honestly do a better job hiding it.

All I was originally gonna say, though, is that I hope Raven doesn't screw up Quake. I love their games but usually burn through them real quick and don't find any fun in the MP. If this is anything like the other Quakes (especially Quake 1), they'll have me hooked. But to see them having to piece together scenes like this just to get their first combat screenshot out makes me think they might still be earlier in development than we would hope...

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
7. Re: IotD Dec 24, 2004, 12:15 Kevlar
Merry Christmas, Blue! Hope the Mrs. gets better soon.

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News Comments > Rainbow Six 4 = Lockdown
9. Re: Random thooughts Dec 24, 2004, 11:47 Kevlar
Wow. We can play as one of two possible characters? Thanks, Ubi!

I remember when R6 had, what, over a dozen operatives? As part of that mythical tactical concept known as a squad? And you could play these really cool gametypes (one of which was called Defend) which provided a lot of replayability?

Yeah, bringing these types of things back might be cool. Of course, that's presuming Lockdown doesn't refer to the copy protection and patching woes the series has had.

Seems like one step forward, two steps back since the release of Rogue Spear. Why not just keep pulling features?

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News Comments > Game & Mod Development
3. Re: No subject Dec 22, 2004, 18:59 Kevlar
It's probably easiest to go to the Valve resource site - that seems to be where most modders congregate.

I think it's:

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News Comments > EA Bizz Buzz
10. Re: No subject Dec 17, 2004, 08:41 Kevlar
Good points as always, Creston.

I think what's important to note here is that EA at least used to make the effort of pretending to care what we, as gamers, wanted. In not only killing off their competition with this move they've also essentially told us we can go fuck ourselves because we've now got nowhere else to go for NFL goodness. They now have open season to do whatever the hell they want and they don't even have to waste their precious advertising dollars to ship even shittier titles to us.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
50. Re: Typo Dec 15, 2004, 21:08 Kevlar
Why would I go and do something like that? I like watching ice literally spread across my windshield in seconds like I'm in goddamn The Day After Tomorrow.

*rolls eyes at another cold winter*

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News Comments > EA & NFL Exclusive
28. Re: Silly Dec 14, 2004, 19:54 Kevlar
This is insane. I used to play Madden for the Genesis back in the day, and I loved it, but I didn't think it was real football. I enjoyed playing the Montana series (anyone remember that one?) because the passing game was much tougher and it felt like a real accomplishment to generate a good drive.

Hell, in general competition is good.

Now EA has all this press generating about them and their hiring/work practices, and on top of it they shortly after come out with this?

Fuck them.

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News Comments > On the DOOM Movie
68. Re: No subject Dec 14, 2004, 16:45 Kevlar
I appreciate the scriptwriter coming out and trying to extend a hand to the hardcore, but it won't do much difference to the fact that the plot's (yes, I use that term loosely) getting fucked to make it palatable to the mainstream moviegoing audience.

Personally I enjoy the creepiness of demonic horror flicks (I didn't think Event Horizon was as bad as some made it out to be) and think the Doom story would have made a nice foray into that area. Now it's another band of survivors vs. zombie horde flick, bound to get lost in the shuffle. Oh well.

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News Comments > Chat-O-Rama
16. Re: Surprise Announcement? Dec 13, 2004, 07:42 Kevlar
Az, read my previous post - the demo announcement and the contest were the surprises.

Personally, Randy, I'd love for you guys to give us a ballpark on that demo (as in "we're shooting for not much later than January" or something), but I can never get too impatient with the makers of OpFor.

Edit: Oh, the min specs announcement came out too, which was around 1GHz. I'm making my official guess the Source engine considering GBX's history with Valve, character faces and the related minimum specs. Randy, can we even get a wink or nod in that direction?
This comment was edited on Dec 13, 07:48.
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News Comments > Chat-O-Rama
7. The Surprise Dec 12, 2004, 22:31 Kevlar
I was just in the chat.

So they just announced a demo is coming "soon", and the big thing is a contest with PCG wherein 3 people get to fly out to GBX's headquarters in Texas, jump out of a plane and play the game with the devs. Details on PCGamer's site.

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News Comments > Homebrew Vampire Patch
20. Re: Troika... Dec 9, 2004, 16:46 Kevlar
What I find most interesting is the reports of Troika sitting on their hands with a "finished" game for an undetermined time, waiting for Valve to release HL2 to Bloodlines could be shipped.

What the hell? Were they seriously not doing anything during that wait time? I would have been continuing to test my game, personally.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
51. Re: Santa's Helper Name Dec 8, 2004, 20:06 Kevlar
My name is Lucky Dancing-Tinsel.


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News Comments > Out of the Blue
85. Re: Tactile Pro keyboard Dec 7, 2004, 18:42 Kevlar

I had that same StickyKeys problem as I typically use shift for alt-fire/zoom in whatever game I'm playing. It used to drive me nuts! Disabling StickyKeys by unchecking "Use StickyKeys" didn't help me either.

You know what did? Go into the Settings button to the right of StickyKeys in Accessibility Options. Not only do you have to make sure "Use StickyKeys" is disabled (unchecked) but in the Settings panel that opens up make sure everything is unchecked - especially "Use Shortcut" at the top. That will disable the 5 Shift key hits from activating it no matter what.

At least it did for me, I haven't had a problem since. Good luck, man.

PS. Blue, I feel your pain - whenever I'm rolling out new Dells nowadays on campus I'd say 80% of them have a new keyboard with a 2x3 set of keys for the Insert, Home ... PgUp, PgDn set instead of the usual 3x2 layout. It drives me nuts. What, are they saving 10 cents per keyboard for a quarter inch less plastic? Is it "slimmer" and "more attractive"? Please.

edit: tags

This comment was edited on Dec 7, 18:47.
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News Comments > Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-earth Ships
17. Re: No subject Dec 7, 2004, 08:29 Kevlar
Horse factories?

LOL, thanks Creston. Nice laugh for the morning. I for one like Dawn of War and would like to get into RTW someday, but the Generals team leaves me with a sour taste and this one doesn't sound as promising as it once did. I tried *really* hard to get into Generals, as did my friends. Anyone who's ever tried to play even a LAN game against AI opponents will tell you just how buggy and slow the game is. You basically have to limit your opponents or set them to an easy difficulty to get around it. Really screwed up a game I could have gotten into.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
94. Re: No subject Dec 4, 2004, 10:42 Kevlar
Armengar, I don't fault you at all for that. I can't WAIT for Sven to work his coop magic. In fact, if I ever get my hands on the editor this is probably the first title since the original Unreal I'll try to make maps for...

The Problem (TM): Damn dialup. I can't get anything else out here. Took me 2 hours to install HL2 off of Steam (from the CE box version) and it'll take me 20 to download the SDK.

I was about to break off my old Quake skills in some CS kiddies' asses the other night when I jumped into a 200-ping server and it ballooned up to 800 as soon as I tried to move. Some guy runs by and I pick up a radiator as it follows me drunkenly around the screen. He stops, looks at me, I press fire. He shimmies left and right, shoots at me, misses, stops, shoots at me again while STANDING STILL, and hits me in the head with the magnum. My grav gun never fired, and this is 3 seconds later.

Damnit. I may not be able to play with you guys after all... Unless I was in a bad server. I can play most UT2K4 gamemodes ok (pings of 400 or less) and still occasionally lead.

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News Comments > DOOM Movie Update
10. Re: Doom what? Dec 4, 2004, 01:01 Kevlar
I patiently await Michelle Rodriguez or whatever the hell her name is to be announced as one of the female marines, and expect for there to be some kind of love interest side-plot. If we think she dies by the end of the film, but then comes back to make the parting shot on the super-zombie-but-not-from-hell-boss, bonus points.


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News Comments > Out of the Blue
21. Re: Dec 3, 2004, 10:50 Kevlar
I'd agree with others in saying it sounds like you guys uncovered a hw/driver-specific bug with the gamma. The game is not supposed to be difficult to navigate like that...

In fact, while I knew the first area was scripted I was amazed at how fluid it was and how I was corralled into going the right way. Seems like through almost all of the game I never spent much time waiting around, trying to figure out where to go. Has its good points and bad I guess.

Another thing I am a little surprised at is hearing the squad complaints. I know they can still get stuck in your way in enclosed spaces, but damn, in what other game can you run at a group of friendly NPCs and have them anticipate you needing to get around by stepping away?

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