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Nickname GridPoet
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Signed On May 4, 2004, 21:15
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News Comments > Devil May Cry 4 Cries Piracy
88. Re: BS Aug 1, 2008, 20:45 GridPoet
I would just like to go on record here as saying that
Dagok and Verno are huge Tools and corporate shills...

your sheeple who need to make sad excuses for your sad consumerist lifestyles...

information wants to be free, you can fight it and legislate it in a sad losing battle, or you can adapt and find a new business model.

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News Comments > DirectX 11 Announced, Compatible with DirectX 10 Hardware
69. Re: No subject Jul 23, 2008, 15:10 GridPoet
So, basically: "Vista sucks, so Im going to use something that has even less compatibility with hardware, and even more problems with memory hogging."?

Sorry, but unless you're using a Linux that doesn't use KDE or Gnome, you are using something far more "bloated" than Vista could ever be. KDE and Gnome are absolute terrors.

HAHAHAHAhahahah... okay, you just disqualified yourself right there...

I've personally sat and watched my friend use aero on his monster rig (no i dont remember the specs but is core2duo and Ndvida SLI) and it ran similarly to that video, but ubuntu on my little old 3400+ with a x1900 runs like a champ, not a hicup not a glitch...

It seems to me that most of the people spouting love for vista do so because of its graphical enhancements and aero. I personally dual boot XP and Ubuntu, if i want a flashy interface i use Ubuntu, if i want a solid Game OS i use XP.

To all those saying that Vista is the new XP and that this is how XP was received, you couldn't be more wrong. I know, i'm old enough to have lived through about 5 MS major releases. No OS (besides Windows Millennium) has had lower acceptance numbers in both the home and business market. Vista just did NOT deliver anything it originally promised, its just another iteration of bloat and legacy code.

If they were smart, they would have crafted Win 7 on the MinWin core to make it quicker, more streamlined and more modular. But now MS has announced they are just going to muck around with Vista some more... well here's to hoping that they can clean it up enough to exceed XP, i personally dont want to be running XP for the rest of my life!

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News Comments > No WoW Beta Guarantee for WWI Attendees
5. Re: No subject Jul 6, 2008, 23:32 GridPoet
Oh come on, there's only a handful of WWI veterans left in the world. I'm amazed a company like Blizzard can't find the resources to accommodate them. And I really doubt they like to be called "attendees".

oh sweet sweet humor, how i love thee!


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News Comments > Mark Rein - Consoles "Stealing" Hardcore PC Gamers
62. Re: No subject Jan 31, 2008, 16:32 GridPoet
"I build my own machines and I never get the latest stuff, you could easily spend over $3000 a year to keep on top of the curve."


Yeah and i could easily light my cigars with 100 dollar bills too... but i dont, i built my system COMPLETE (every single part was new, i didnt reuse anything) exactly 14 months ago, it cost me $1464.56. It runs Crysis VERY well and hasnt had any problems with new games releases... i'll probably upgrade in a year or so and spend 300-500... your numbers are just ludicrous.

also, here is a very well written article that rebutts most of the pathetic console arguments...,1697,2188336,00.asp

check it out, well written and intelegent...

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News Comments > Mark Rein - Consoles "Stealing" Hardcore PC Gamers
56. Re: True enough... Jan 31, 2008, 16:06 GridPoet
"Plus, the sales of the console versions are something like ten times the sales of the PC versions"

this is a balatant misrepresentation of the facts... people always spew this fact... sure if you take EVERY console and pit it against the PC then sure... we're being mosterously outsold...

but if i take every other console plus the PC and pit it against JUST the XBOX, then its going to look like its failing as well... this just simply isnt true... the PC made Blizzard 1.2 BILLION (thats right console kidies BILLION) from just one game alone... add all the other PC sales figures and the PC is in the top 3 console sales...

when people stop making this a PC against all other console argument and see that the PC is just another gaming machine (albeit a BETTER one) then the sales argument becomes moot!

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News Comments > Consolidate Your WoW
4. Re: Why? Oct 16, 2007, 11:23 GridPoet
yeahhhh... cause thats always what i wanted to do, make a game suck MORE...

lets see, keyboard mouse... or craptastic controler i would have to put down every 5 seconds so i could type...


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News Comments > Sword of the Stars Early Release - Patch Plans
4. Re: No subject Aug 18, 2006, 10:52 GridPoet
I played the demo extensivley, there are a few things about the game that are minorly annoying, but all in all its a great game. I would have to say a definite buy. I'm going to be picking it up tonight!

This comment was edited on Aug 18, 10:52.
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News Comments > Wednesday Game Reviews
6. uggghh May 17, 2006, 15:03 GridPoet
SIN: episodes at 90%...
what the hell is that guy smoking? I'm one of the least critcal gamers out there...if its mildly entertaining i like it...SIN episodes is horible... I've never in my life played a shooter that felt more confined and on rails than i did in SIN:E and at 20 for maybe 3-4 hours of play was a total rip-off, at 10$ its probably expensive. Everything felt thrown and jumbled together. i give it a 35%

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News Comments > Disabling the WoW Downloader
2. Re: No subject Mar 30, 2006, 10:24 GridPoet
i couldnt agree more...

so let me get this straight...i'm paying 15$ a month to play a game and recieve updates and then they turn around and TAKE my bandwidth that i also pay 44$ a month for?? somthin' aint right here

Big media crys and whines when you copy a movie or song...but they have no qualms about STEALING somthing that i am paying for...

the double standards are killing me...

This comment was edited on Mar 30, 10:26.
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News Comments > Dear Diaries
1. Sword of the stars races Mar 20, 2006, 14:18 GridPoet
OHHH yeah...the descriptions of the races are a JOKE...

your so original, you've just broken all the molds havnt you...Youve managed to make your alien races COMPLETEY FARKING HUMAN...what a total moron...

yeah...although the game is proably going to be fun to play, i now know i can totaly ignore any pretense of a backstory...i love how he says he destroyed the cliche...well also destroyed any semblance of SCIENCE in your science fiction... there is a reason that insect based races are fairly similar...because they are based on the actions of ACTUAL INSECTS...the complete and total idiocy of this amazes me...

i'm stunned really.

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News Comments > Saturday Q&As
6. Re: No subject Mar 20, 2006, 14:02 GridPoet
Aye, i've heard that Buckley is an argogant attention whore...i'm not really interested in reading a comic from someone who cant be modest...

especially when its such a Penny Arcade rip-off

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News Comments > Sigil Making Marvel MMO
15. Re: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Dec 5, 2005, 11:39 GridPoet
oh give me a break...enough of the blizzard fanboy spew...

blizzard has become nothing but an empty corperate shell.

The only thing that would suck about this is being in a group with some 10 year old console kiddies and try to get a response out of them as they pull a whole room full of bad guys aand get everyone wiped...

how exactly do you type on a controler? if they dont make the keyboard "required" instead of "recomended" this game will BITE!

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News Comments > California Game Bill Signed
43. No subject Oct 7, 2005, 23:58 GridPoet
Man....where have all the Libertarians gone...
i'm hearing alot of total BULLCRAP here...
"please Mr. Gubment...i'm too busy drinking a six pack to care what my kids are doing, so can you pass a law to do my job for me."
I am soo TIRED of the goverment telling me whats good for me and mine...Goverment has one protect me from foriegn and domestic violence...thats it...dictating my morals doesnt fall into its sphere of influence...and when it does, a collapse isnt far behind.

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News Comments > Civilization IV to Dawn Early
2. Re: Civ 4 Sep 7, 2005, 23:34 GridPoet

this is some of the best news i've heard in a long time...I've played every Civ game so far, still remember unwraping the original Civ on 5 1/4 floppy...ahh...those were the days...

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News Comments > Morning Q&As
1. romero kills gauntlet? May 6, 2005, 14:05 GridPoet
sheesh, the cheeseyness is what i liked about gauntlet, it was fun and fast and full of goofiness.

Romero has the software black thumb...

who didnt laught the first time they heard "RED WIZARD NEEDS FOOD BADLY!"

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News Comments > DOOM 3 Vinyl
45. Re: vinyl rules Jul 24, 2004, 11:57 GridPoet
i couldnt agree more..its really a sub-culture thing.

Most indie rock bands, especially emo, post rock and hard-core release at least one album to vinyl gives it a real warm low-fi sound that alot of ppl really like...

looking forward to checking this one out

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