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Signed On Apr 23, 2004, 03:12
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News Comments > Army Threatens Punks
68. k Jan 13, 2005, 09:52 primetonal
This comment was deleted on Jan 13, 10:13.
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News Comments > Civilization Sold
27. Re: No subject Nov 25, 2004, 13:26 primetonal
You know, I'm guessing that the guys were all of a sudden FORCED to sell Civilization because their line of credit was secured by the civilization franchise. Companies do this all the time, its like taking out a loan backed by your house, if you dont pay it they take your house but by doing that you get a lower interest rate because its less risky for the lender. For example, Midway has an asset based line of credit backed up by Mortal Kombat and other games, and if they dont pay it back the bank can sell Mortal Kombat off to the highest bidder.

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News Comments > Counter-Strike: Source/Half-Life 2 Preloads
132. Re: This you need to explain to me Aug 16, 2004, 13:54 primetonal
"And btw sepharo, why don't you just boycott the entire film industry since they won't allow you to buy a DVD and then charge people to come see it? There is no line between this situation and the one with Valve and the gaming centers...not even a fine one."

We do boycott the entire film and game industry by pirating the ever living shit out of their shit. When some company invents the star trek replicator they will crack down on a guy who has one in africa creating food for starving people there without paying a licensing fee!

Game centers shouldn't even buy the games, they should pirate them. You know in the middle ages paying for the game then paying for the right to use the game further would be illegal, for the same reasoning as charging interest would be illegal. Thus the only game developers would be jews.

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News Comments > On the DOOM 3 Date
67. Re: Carmack is a fucking joke Jun 23, 2004, 23:49 primetonal
"Here are some FACTS that the game will truly be great.
1. The DOOM 3 engine features completely dynamic real-time lighting, bumpmapping, and physics. "

This does not mean the game will be good. Its all about gameplay.

"3. ID has never released a bad game. (IMO)"

Thats your opinion, not a fact. In fact I believe ID has released some of the worst games ever, mostly from the perspective of failing to live up to the potential. The main one being Quake 1.

"Quake was the first true 3d game using 3d models for characters instead of sprites."
I, Robot was the first true 3d game using 3d models, released in 1984. For PC, descent was also fully 3d and used 3d models.

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News Comments > DoJ Goes Pirate Hunting
165. all this is beyond the point Apr 24, 2004, 02:18 primetonal
Everyone debating 9-11 and issues surrounding terrorism completely miss the major point: Suicide attacks are a complete new genre of warfare which can only be stopped by persuading people not to do it. Suicide attacks have been executed to 1/1000th their potential. In fact, suicide bombings are so pathetically done usually it almost seems like they are faked. Think about it for a second, if you don't care about your life and want to kill as many people as possible, how well do you think you could do? First of all, they could get a 100 guys in New York, and have one person everyday grand theft auto asses, riding cars on the sidewalk trying to run over as many people as possible, shit like that. Strafe people with a machine gun in a mall untill they were shot down.

Second of all, the boxcutter shit on 9-11 was bullshit, up untill that point anyone on the plane could have said they had a bomb and commandeered the plane on that premise, without weapons (now it wouldnt happen probably because the pilot would sacrfice the plane to avoid killing more people).

Third of all read this:

explain how this plan wouldn't work now. this plan doesn't even involve suicide.

Fourth of all look at this:

this is an entire city thats a whoredhouse next to an american air base in the philipines. think of it as the deathstar of sexual exploitation. The best looking girls are paid 10 dollars for an hour by your grandfather. pray to god that their kids dont get hear with sharp objects.

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News Comments > DoJ Goes Pirate Hunting
87. Re: well Apr 23, 2004, 01:36 primetonal
"I'm sorry, but comparing the denial of food to starving people and trying to prevent kiddies from pirating your computer game is simply absurd.

Oh those poor teenagers... unable to play FarCry cuz they won't buy it legitamately. Really tugs on the ol' heartstrings"

its the same concept. If we are going to draw the line within the concept though, saying "its ok to stop game piracy, buts immoral to stop GM crop piracy", then so be it (and explain your logic in where you place that line). But its the same concept.

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News Comments > DoJ Goes Pirate Hunting
83. well Apr 23, 2004, 01:27 primetonal
"Things like DRM hardware seem unbelievable now, because we are still in the "wild west" phase."

Things like destroying fields of crops in Africa because they use "patented" GM plants without paying a royalty seems unbelievable now, but it will happen.

Or how about those damn senior citizens who buy heart medication from Canada (essentially piracy) because they can't afford to buy it here? "Heart medicine is a luxury, if they can't afford to pay for it they deserve to die".

People, video game designers are trying to make money by forcing people not to share with their neighbor, even though its infinitely easy to do. Would you also support a company selling a star trek replicator with a EULA, saying you cannot use it to make food for others, becuase that would end world hunger and end the market for the replicators?

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News Comments > DoJ Goes Pirate Hunting
77. by the way Apr 22, 2004, 23:28 primetonal
"Once the DRM hardware comes out this won’t be a huge issue because people must upgrade their PC to play better games"

Holy shit this is when the shit is really gonna hit the fan. The minute the companies try to pull this shit on us is the minute that gnu/linux will be on all computers in every dorm across america. Bill Gates will travel back in time and record the sample for Quake 3 Team Arena "HOLY SHIT" because he realizes what a mistake hes made. I cant wait for this moment.

I predict here and now that imposing DRestrictionsM OS/hardware wide will be the critical turning point for gnu/linux or any other gpl OS adoption.

I also predict here and now, that when they switch to digital projection in movie theatres, the standard will be too low and you will be able to see visible MPEG compression on the screen.

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News Comments > DoJ Goes Pirate Hunting
74. i pirate the shit out of games Apr 22, 2004, 23:19 primetonal
First of all, I have plenty of money to buy games but I am commited to pirating the ever living shit out of games and software. Only a moron would pay for stuff they can get for free. The argument that more sales will lead to better video games is completely false in my opinion, as I happen to prefer old school games made by one or two people, not these bloated-high-budget interactive movies-vicarious-living-through-main-character-for-fat-nerds games we are presented with every year since UMK3 came out. I pray to god every single day that the video game industry dies. Have you met the guys in the industry today? Fat greedy sleazy 30 something metrosexual bastards who are only in games because they can't be in real movies. They are souless, tasteless, boring morons (mostly). Don't even get me started on the music industry, which has far far less reason to live.

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