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News Comments > Evening Interviews
2. Re: Evening Interviews May 2, 2014, 23:37 Jerykk
Have you actually played Wasteland 2 yet? From what I've read, people are pretty happy about it.  
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News Comments > Steamships Ahoy - PC BloodRayne: Betrayal
8. Re: Steamships Ahoy - PC BloodRayne: Betrayal May 1, 2014, 23:57 Jerykk
jacobvandy wrote on May 1, 2014, 06:25:
I don't understand how they could fuck up this IP so bad. Sexy vampire inflicting shockingly gory violence on Nazis really hooked me when I was younger... Where did they go wrong? A victim of political correctness maybe?

This. Butchering Nazis while they screamed and begged for help never got old. BloodRayne 2 lost this by focusing on generic enemies with no personality.
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News Comments > NOLF Trademarks Filed
9. Re: NOLF Trademarks Filed May 1, 2014, 23:53 Jerykk
Hope at last! Really hope the NOLF games come to Steam. Contract JACK I can do without. It was basically NOLF, only without the memorable characters, funny writing, stealth elements or interesting level design.  
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News Comments > On Sale
4. Re: On Sale Apr 30, 2014, 02:44 Jerykk
Consortium was great. It's basically an adventure game with a lot of player agency and branching narratives. There's also a ton of lore if you're interested in that. Now that the bugs and other issues have been sorted it, it's definitely worth a look.  
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News Comments > Wolfenstein Gameplay Trailer
18. Re: Wolfenstein Gameplay Trailer Apr 29, 2014, 22:57 Jerykk
The aiming looks suspiciously like auto-aim but I'll assume that's optional on the PC. I don't like how he snipes with a silenced pistol at the 2:00 mark, auto-aim auto-shmaim, a pistol couldn't hit the broad side of a barn at that range and a silenced one wouldn't penetrate wet bread.

If you're looking for realism in a Wolfenstein game, you may be barking up the wrong tree...
Avatar 20715
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News Comments > Steam Top 10
12. Re: Steam Top 10 Apr 28, 2014, 02:06 Jerykk
xXBatmanXx wrote on Apr 27, 2014, 23:55:
Quboid wrote on Apr 27, 2014, 12:22:
J wrote on Apr 27, 2014, 11:27:
I'll buy DayZ when it's finished. ... HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
By which time, many players will have moved on and those that remain have no patience for annoying newbies and spend their time moaning about them.

I think DayZ's business model will kill it as a game. But make lots of money so who cares?!

Any game coming out of that studio in the future, and those programmers, and the directors, etc will care when they are marked for life because of a bad product associated with them.

I can't believe people continue to buy a game that has no game in it. Lets call it Seinfeld Z.

It's a multiplayer sandbox. The developers give players the tools they need to create their own experiences. People enjoy the emergent gameplay that results. I'm not sure why you have trouble understanding this.
Avatar 20715
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News Comments > Devolver Not Drawing Blood
7. Re: Devolver Not Drawing Blood Apr 26, 2014, 22:17 Jerykk
They're probably better off just making a spiritual successor to Blood. The IP itself isn't that important. It's the experience that people want.  
Avatar 20715
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News Comments > Saturday Crowdfunding Roundup
3. Re: Saturday Crowdfunding Roundup Apr 26, 2014, 22:08 Jerykk
I think it's mostly lack of coverage that killed this (along with many other) Kickstarter. Nobody's going to pledge if they don't know your game exists. It also doesn't help that the game seems pretty generic and doesn't really cater to an under-served market. Seems like a solid game but doesn't stand out in a way that would make people back it.  
Avatar 20715
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News Comments > Obsidian: New Kickstarter Hopefully This Year
25. Re: Obsidian: New Kickstarter Hopefully This Year Apr 26, 2014, 16:47 Jerykk
Cutter wrote on Apr 26, 2014, 11:28:
Obsidian is rolling in dough after South Park now, so yes, it's warranted to call them sleazy. They can easily find work to bring money in. It might not be what they want it exactly but it'll make them more than enough to do what they want. Which is what businesses are supposed to do. Otherwise it constitutes Moral Hazard. If you think those who can easily afford to bankroll their own projects but choose not to isn't sleazy then you have a very skewed moral compass.

Why would Obsidian be rolling in dough after South Park? If anything, they probably lost money on South Park because it was delayed so many times. It's not uncommon for devs to have to cover their own costs if their projects have gone far beyond the original contractual deadlines and South Park certainly fits that criteria. As for royalties, I highly doubt they've seen any. Most publishers won't offer royalties until they've completely recouped their expenses on the project. Throw in the licensing fees for the IP, the switch in publishers and the prolonged development period and you likely have a zero royalty situation. They might see some money in a few years if the game continues to sell well but I wouldn't count on it.

Your posts show no understanding of how game development actually works.
Avatar 20715
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News Comments > Obsidian: New Kickstarter Hopefully This Year
16. Re: Obsidian: New Kickstarter Hopefully This Year Apr 26, 2014, 04:53 Jerykk
CJ_Parker wrote on Apr 26, 2014, 04:38:
jdreyer wrote on Apr 26, 2014, 03:04:
And you can be sure that in addition to the KS funds, they added whatever extra they had lying around. This is a passion project. They'll be lucky to cover that, especially in an era where no one wants to pay more than $5 for a game. It might be years before they make a profit, and you can guarantee it won't enough to fund their next game. Whatever they're doing next, if it's not mass market and publisher funded, they'll need to KS it.

This is bullshit, dude. Obsidian fully intends to establish Infinity engine v2.0 with PoE. Passion project my ass (OK, maybe a little but seriously...). They are hoping to capitalize on it big time by either making sequels or spin-offs themselves or licensing the engine to 3rd parties. They want all of the BG, Icewind Dale, PST multi-million $$$ action and then some. PoE is the showcase and if all goes well they'll make some major dough by laying the groundwork with PoE.

Good for them though that their "we're on bread and water, have a shirt to spare?" PR seems to be working on some people. They are going to need that kind of spin, too, when they return for second takings on KS.

You are aware that PoE uses Unity, right? An engine they are licensing themselves? I'm pretty sure they'd have trouble licensing it out to other developers. The reason they chose Unity instead of their own proprietary engine (Onyx) is because Unity is cheap, easy to use and has a great store where you can buy code and assets (cheaply) that save you a significant amount of time. Pretty much the exact opposite of creating their own engine for licensing purposes.

As for sequels and spin-offs... really? PoE is an untested IP. It may flop when it comes out. Obsidian would have to be moronic to assume that the game is going to sell millions and become a huge IP that would actually justify sequels and spin-offs.

Easy as pie to answer that one: Abandon the project and the business model since it didn't work out for them.

Except it did work out for them. They made enough money to fund the project and keep their people employed. That's a success for any studio. That said, a single successful Kickstarter doesn't guarantee a long-term revenue stream substantial enough to keep the studio afloat. Like I said before, if PoE has sold well enough by the time they finish their next project, maybe they won't need Kickstarter anymore. But that's at least two years away.

Obsidian have always been mercenaries. They'll get work for the team whether it's a Star Wars, Southpark, Fallout, Dungeon Siege or whatever RPG. Besides their teams always seem to be fluctuating a lot with a lot of crossover where e.g. dev A works on game A, B and C on and off depending on the phase of development that game A, B or C is in.

All independent studios are mercenaries. That hasn't stopped them from being shut down left and right because there isn't enough work to go around. As was stated in the interview, fewer and fewer publishers are signing projects with external developers. Almost all of the big games are handled internally, whether it's God of War, Halo, GTA, Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, Elder Scrolls, Watch_Dogs, etc.

This comment was edited on Apr 26, 2014, 05:01.
Avatar 20715
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News Comments > Obsidian: New Kickstarter Hopefully This Year
13. Re: Obsidian: New Kickstarter Hopefully This Year Apr 26, 2014, 04:25 Jerykk
Cutter wrote on Apr 26, 2014, 01:10:
No man, not gonna' freak. I simply choose not to back those who can easily fund their own projects and feel others should do the same. Plenty of people doing crowdfunding who actually really need the money. I find this very sleazy.

"Easily funds their own projects"? What makes you think Obsidian can easily fund their own projects? Do you think they're rolling in cash or something? Getting royalties from publishers is a very rare thing indeed, especially with rising budgets and other arbitrary criteria like Metacritic scores. In truth, most independent studios barely hang on from project to project. One canceled project is all it takes to shut down a studio these days. See TimeGate for a recent example of that. Human Head is probably going to shut down within the year after losing Prey 2. The fact that they've picked up TimeGate's scraps (Minimum) is a testament to their desperation.

Game development isn't cheap. $4 million might seem like a lot but it really isn't, even for a 2D, isometric CRPG. Sure, there are smaller indies making RPGs but those typically consist of tiny teams (1-3 people) willing to survive on cup ramen for years. If you want to provide a decent wage and benefits to a team of 10-20 people for over a year, that $4 million is going to disappear very quickly, especially in California (Obsidian's location) where the cost of living is high.

I'm often surprised by how little some people know about the games industry and development in general. So many flawed assumptions and baseless criticisms.

CJ_Parker wrote on Apr 26, 2014, 01:48:
Agree with Cutter. Obsidian has used Kickstarter to fund PoE. That's fine but it needs to become self-sustaining from there on out. The whole point of KS should not be to raise money and burn it on a project with zero return on investment but to raise money and build a working business model from it.
Having to return to KS for more monies is a clear sign of incompetent leadership, poor budgeting and a profound lack of foresight.

I backed PoE but I'm sure as fuck not backing any other shit made by Obsidian. They need to create the new game from the income generated by PoE. Remember how all of this was supposed to be NOT like the publisher model? Here's a quick memo for starters: I'm not a cow. Don't try to milk me. Make your own milk. We fed you the clover. Now grow and prosper on your own.

That logic is terribly flawed. Let's say that Obsidian did as you suggested. They finish PoE and release it. What if it sells poorly? What if the backers were the only ones interested in it? Now Obsidian is screwed because they have no revenue and nothing for the PoE devs to work on. Even if it sells decently, Obsidian can't really afford to wait and see if it will make enough money to fund their next game. Employees need to get paid even if they aren't working on anything.

No, starting another Kickstarter project towards the end of PoE is exactly the right thing to do. If it succeeds, they'll have enough money to keep people working and they can immediately roll over devs who are finished with PoE. If PoE has sold well enough by the time their next project is finished, maybe they won't need Kickstarter again. But independent developers really can't afford to take a wait-and-see approach. They have to be pro-active and secure projects as quickly as possible.

This comment was edited on Apr 26, 2014, 04:39.
Avatar 20715
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News Comments > Next Dragon Age Begins in October
54. Re: Next Dragon Age Begins in October Apr 23, 2014, 04:34 Jerykk
Desalus wrote on Apr 22, 2014, 16:50:
It seems like people have two reasons why they are not excited for the game:
1) They were disappointed by Dragon Age 2.
2) They do not like Origin and/or EA.

Both of which have absolutely nothing to do with the quality of Dragon Age 3. From what I've seen (30 minute vid of gameplay) and read, the game will exceed the quality and gameplay of the first Dragon Age. BioWare knows they screwed up with DA2 and they have made it a mission to correct those errors with DA3. This game looks like a mixture of the storytelling we expect from Bioware, along with more open world features reminiscent of Elder Scrolls (yes I know it's not completely open world, but it's a lot more open world than DA1 or DA2). I for one am very excited for this game.

The quality (and direction) of DA2 are very much relevant to DA3. DA2 tried to accommodate players who wanted to play the game like a hack 'n slash. DA3 is trying to do the same. They claim that DA3 will be more strategic but nothing I saw from the gameplay walkthroughs really showed that. Yes, they used the tactical view and issued orders but I never saw any situations where they actually needed to do those things. And that's the inherent problem with trying to accommodate two completely different playstyles. If you tune the combat for hack 'n slash, it's going to be way too easy for PnP. If you tune the combat for PnP, it's going to be way too hard for hack 'n slash. DA2 tried to compensate for this by spawning waves of enemies out of thin air during every combat encounter. This wasn't a big issue on anything less than Nightmare difficulty because enemies were essentially just cannon fodder. However, on Nightmare (the difficulty designed to force tactical play), enemies were significantly tougher and the mechanics far less forgiving, making the wave-based spawns incredibly frustrating.

Bottom line is that you can't design combat encounters and balance enemies to create a satisfying experience for both players who just want to button mash and players who want to be challenged on a tactical level. I'd love for DA3 to prove me wrong but I don't think it's going to happen.
Avatar 20715
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News Comments > On Sale
8. Re: On Sale Apr 20, 2014, 18:59 Jerykk
Fletch wrote on Apr 19, 2014, 10:30:
Uh-oh, Thief comment. Where are Eidos shill Jerykk and his sockpuppet netn... oh, there they are.

Essentially free? Does it make the game less of a railified, click-to-win, hand-holding borefest? Then again, netnerd (ahem) says it looks "damn good". And it does. All those cool twinkling items and blue doors lend to a unique visual style. And it's so easy to gawk and just dwell on how good the game looks as you are led through the maps when you don't have to worry about falling off anything or waste precious sightseeing brain energy on problem-solving. Less gameplay, more gorgeous. An astute developer understands those two aspects are incompatible in a multi-platform game, as tiny, consolized brains would simply shut down trying to deal with both at the same time. So, design the game for console players, but market to, and appease, PC gamers on the strength of the graphics. Why are PC gamers still falling for this shit?

Your ignorant ramblings never cease to amuse. Click-to-win? Hand-holding? Twinkling items? Blue doors? Pro-tip: Actually play the game. Choose Custom Difficulty. Set the base difficulty to Master. Turn on all of the Difficulty modifiers. Go to Options menu. Turn off all UI elements. Voila! You now have the hardest stealth game ever made. Way harder than the first two Thief games which were PC-exclusive. Crazy!

I swear, the utter disdain people hold for things they know so little about is astounding. To be disinterested or even apathetic is one thing but the sheer vehemence with which some people spew their drivel is unbelievable. Calm down and save your energy for something you are actually qualified to speak about.

This comment was edited on Apr 20, 2014, 19:04.
Avatar 20715
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News Comments > On Sale
3. Re: On Sale Apr 19, 2014, 05:04 Jerykk
If you enjoy stealth games, it's definitely worth picking up at that price. While it certainly has its share of problems, it's not nearly as bad as series aficionados claim.  
Avatar 20715
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News Comments > Free Battlefield 1942 Redux
14. Re: Free Battlefield 1942 Redux Apr 19, 2014, 05:00 Jerykk
If EA thinks that giving away free copies of old games that everybody has already played is going to make Origin popular, they're sorely mistaken. They need to significantly improve their selection and offer competitive discounts on a frequent basis. They also need to get rid of Bioware Points or at the very least, put them on sale at least once a year.

Also, Codename Eagle wasn't a BF mod. It was the spiritual predecessor to the BF series.
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News Comments > Evening Previews
3. Re: Evening Previews Apr 19, 2014, 04:54 Jerykk
Darks wrote on Apr 18, 2014, 10:00:
Jerykk wrote on Apr 18, 2014, 03:46:
The writer of the Wolfenstein preview must be the only person I've ever heard praise id Tech 5. The texture quality in RAGE was simply atrocious. Looked good from a distance but once you got up close, they looked like they were from the 90's. This was very noticeable in the game's many interiors.

I think you are confused, the texture quality was okay up close. It was far away that looked really bad and blurred. It also suffered from the popping issue from far off.

I think you're confused. Megatextures mean that each environment uses one giant texture, as opposed to a ton of small textures. Theoretically, this allows artists to create completely unique textures for every part of the environment with zero repetition. Unfortunately, the use of one big texture for everything meant that while scenes looked good from a distance, the resolution of individual objects suffered and this was painfully apparent when viewed up close.

Here's an example:
Avatar 20715
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News Comments > Risen 3: Titan Lords Trailer
11. Re: Risen 3: Titan Lords Trailer Apr 18, 2014, 20:35 Jerykk
CJ_Parker wrote on Apr 18, 2014, 16:57:
Jerykk wrote on Apr 18, 2014, 01:14:
Slashman wrote on Apr 18, 2014, 01:01:
Jerykk wrote on Apr 17, 2014, 23:01:
Shame that they're discarding the pirate setting in favor of a more generic fantasy setting. I thought Risen 2 did a great job with the pirate stuff.

You seem to be in a minority on that front. Doesn't seem like most folks liked it.

Most folks didn't like the combat, which is a fair criticism considering that it was pretty janky and there was no way to dodge attacks (though they later patched in a dodge move).

I didn't hear anyone complain about the pirate theme or its implementation, though. Quite the opposite, in fact. Many people who had never played the first game or any of the Gothic games were intrigued by the teaser trailer which showed off the pirate theme. Can't say the same for this teaser trailer, which is Generic Fantasy 101.

If you'd visit the typical RPG/PB fan websites like RPGCodex, RPGWatch or the WorldOfRisen you'd find quite a few posts of people who were turned off by the pirate setting. There is a reason why they are going back to a more traditional setting in Risen 3 and that is mostly the lack of popularity of the pirate setting among the Gothic/Risen fan base. The fans love pirates as a faction or NPCs but they apparently don't like being forced into the role of a pirate in a rather pure pirate setting.
Also, while a matter of taste, I would definitely abstain from calling the pirate setting in Risen 2 well done. It was a very poor man's ripoff of Disney PotC pirates with just about every lame cliche thrown in for good measure. It just wasn't a very convincing setting in the way they designed and executed it.

If by "convincing", you mean realistic, then no, it wasn't convincing. That said, I think that people are generally more interested in PotC's pirate fantasy rather than historical accuracy. In that regard, I thought Risen 2 handled it well. You had treasure maps, thief monkeys, attack parrots, coconut projectiles, sand-in-the-eyes, voodoo and basically everything you'd expect from a pirate fantasy. It was all good, light-hearted fun which is all I've ever looked for from Risen.

You may be right about the fanbase preferring traditional fantasy, boring as that may be. I kinda wish they'd keep traditional fantasy for the Gothic games (now that they own the IP again) and the pirate stuff for Risen. If they're just going to turn Risen into Gothic, why bother having two franchises?
Avatar 20715
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News Comments > Risen 3: Titan Lords Trailer
9. Re: Risen 3: Titan Lords Trailer Apr 18, 2014, 14:42 Jerykk
Creston wrote on Apr 18, 2014, 11:16:
Visually stunning... cool!

PlayStation 3, Xbox 360... WHY?!

Didn't like Gothic 3. Crappy combat, shitty story. Didn't care much for Risen. Crappy combat, crappy NPCs. Never played Risen 2 after the myriad complaints about more crappy combat.

I'm not holding out much hope that these guys can finally make a game where the combat doesn't just flatout SUCK.

Gothic 2 had good combat. It wasn't mashy and required precise timing. It also required you to understand each enemy's attack patterns and behaviors so you could reliably dodge or block their attacks and land your hits. I thought the combat in Risen was pretty solid, though shields were ridiculously overpowered. Combat in Risen 2 was a step down, though they did add interesting special abilities to the mix. The companions in Risen 2 were great and I hope they return.
Avatar 20715
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News Comments > Game Reviews
2. Re: Game Reviews Apr 18, 2014, 03:49 Jerykk
You are aware that these reviews do not encompass every PC game released within the last month, right?  
Avatar 20715
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News Comments > Evening Previews
1. Re: Evening Previews Apr 18, 2014, 03:46 Jerykk
The writer of the Wolfenstein preview must be the only person I've ever heard praise id Tech 5. The texture quality in RAGE was simply atrocious. Looked good from a distance but once you got up close, they looked like they were from the 90's. This was very noticeable in the game's many interiors.  
Avatar 20715
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