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News Comments > Heroes of Might and Magic V Demo
63. Re: What? Apr 13, 2006, 21:41 Teddy
Getting SF out of ONE game from ONE developer is "beating it to hell"?


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News Comments > Heroes of Might and Magic V Demo
51. Re: Demo Impression Apr 13, 2006, 18:25 Teddy
The camera controls are just like Silent Storm and since I am a big fan it doesnt cause any problems at all.

Thus far I'm quite impressed by the additions to the hero customization with new skills and whatnot. I'm still not sold on the need for a 3d panoramic view, it hasn't added anything to the game but a bit of unnecessary eye candy that really only gets in the way of actual gameplay.

The camera controls are fine in and of themselves, the problem I have is that the camera control button is the exact same one as the query button. I'm constantly finding myself frustrated trying to get info on the size of a group of enemies only to have the camera shift a fraction and the info screen disappear on me. I suppose I could lower my mouse sensitivity, but that seems a poor workaround when they could have easily made the query button the middle mouse button instead of the right.

That aside, combat seems much more dramatic than in previous versions. Just the small additions, better music, the cheering when you destroy a group of enemies, etc... Lots of nice small touches that lets you feel the game that much more.

Not a fan of the little floating messages that pop up ("You've already visited this week", etc). They could be placed in a more useful location, and be stationary. Minor quirk, but so far I've not seen much else to complain about.

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News Comments > Heroes of Might and Magic V Demo
49. Re: VGPRO Apr 13, 2006, 18:12 Teddy
its very simple, most people on this website regularly pirate games, and starforce is the first thing in a long time that is stopping them. its no wonder you all hate it so much, and spread rumors of it damaging your systems.

Oh, I take it back. THIS is the most idiotic comment I've seen today.

Every starforce protected game ever released has been cloned and then subsequently cracked. It is no more effective than any other method of copy protection in existence.

So whilst you accuse everyone of spreading rumours, perhaps you should stop trying to spread other unfounded rumours in the same breath, hmm?

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News Comments > Heroes of Might and Magic V Demo
47. Re: VGPRO Apr 13, 2006, 18:08 Teddy
Those that don't like battling StarForce and its ilk don't care for videogaming in the least (because SF and DRM could KILL THE INDUSTRY by alienating users), and should take up another hobby. I hear public libraries are quite full of interesting books to read.

ROFL. This is the most idiotic statement I've read so far today. Thanks for the laugh, moron.

Let me get this straight... you fear Starforce because you think it will alienate users and stop them from playing games. Then you say that anyone that doesn't fight Starforce should stop playing games. That's right, you'll win your war against alienating gamers by alienating other gamers instead. Good job. Thumbs up.

Maybe you should take a clue from your own words and go read something at a library once and a while. You might shape that brain of yours up into something useful.

It's one thing to argue against something and quite another to say that anyone that doesn't show as much furor or zeal as you should go away, or that they care less about the situation. Froth at the mouth all you like, it doesn't mean you care any more than anyone else. It just means you act like an idiot whilst 'battling' your enemy. "Battling Starforce"... "Killing the industry"... yeesh, could you be any more melodramatic?

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News Comments > Strike Force Publishing Deal
19. Re: No subject Apr 3, 2006, 23:29 Teddy
You don't even need Strike Force in that equation.

If Stardock EVER released a game using Starforce, reality as we know it would unravel.

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News Comments > Strike Force Publishing Deal
10. Re: No subject Apr 3, 2006, 14:39 Teddy
Eh? What does Red Orchestra have to do with CS-clones?

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News Comments > Ensemble Goes MMO
13. Re: No subject Apr 3, 2006, 13:12 Teddy
I want one that charges by usage, not monthly fees.

That's actually one hell of an idea for casual players. I think it would have to be an option, either pay by hour, or pay per month, so that the power players don't get stung with unrealistic bills.

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News Comments > Caeron 3000 Revamped Again
2. Re: Durrrr Mar 28, 2006, 10:13 Teddy
No kidding. Even the developers don't know what it is and they've been working on it for how long?

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News Comments > Galactic Civilizations II Beta Patch
4. Re: Uhh Mar 25, 2006, 19:36 Teddy
...but you have to acknowledge the bugs...

What bugs are those? I've only found the one where my cursor disappears. Other than that, nothing out of the ordinary has happened at all.

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News Comments > StarForce Wars
24. Re: No subject Mar 25, 2006, 15:49 Teddy
It has virtually stopped the pirate scene over night.

ROFL. Oh my, that was good. Thank you for that bit of balls-out ignorance. Go take a look and research your claims before you try and spout drivel like that.

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News Comments > TES IV: Oblivion Tools
37. Re: Teddy Mar 21, 2006, 10:09 Teddy
Oh, don't get me wrong on any of the negative comments, this game is still probably the best RPG out there and certainly worth buying.

Which leads me to a question: how is the questlog implemented now?
Morrwind's was horrible for it's lack of functionality: I liked the presentation, but it was REALLY tedious in actual use [even with the patch]. In the end I really wanted a hotkey to a bulleted uncompleted questlog with subquests...

The quest log doesn't seem to have any hotkey to bring it up. You have to bring up the map and then click on one of the tabs. There's three all told that have to do with quests. One for completed quests, one for current quests and one for the active quest.

Completed quests is basically just a log, click on one and it brings up all the info recorded about that quest.

Current quests lists all your active quests with a small overview of each. You can click on any one you want to make it the active quest.

Active quests shows all of the details of the quest you are on, every little tidbit of information you have about it.

Not a bad system, but it's certainly not the most user-friendly of menu systems. They really should have taken cues from the way MMO's like WoW or EQ2 handle their quest information and worked on expanding from there. Probably another console control limitation that they were trying to take into account. All the menus seem designed so that you don't -need- a cursor to click on things, which is all well and good for the console gamepads, but it ends up making things more tedious for mouse users.

call me crazy, but i doubt you are going to discover all the game has to offer from one day of playtime

Show me where I claimed that even once. As a matter of fact, I'm quite sure I stated that I might not have gotten far enough in to see all the factions and whatnot. That doesn't change the fact that the game feels almost identical to Morrowind with some notable changes for the good (combat, AI and travel system) and for the bad (Inventory/map/journal menu system) and that's something you CAN find out in one day of playtime.

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News Comments > TES IV: Oblivion Tools
30. Re: Teddy Mar 21, 2006, 04:35 Teddy
The bloom effect can be turned off, yes. No slider, but you have the option of HDR or some other form of lighting or having both off. Strangely, it defaulted on mine to full view distance but short culling distances for everything else, bumping them up to max didn't affect anything that I noticed.

Yes, oblivion handles houses the same as Morrowind. You have to load for dungeons, houses, stores, whatnot. Not long load times, but they're there nonetheless. I've also noticed that this game doesn't stutter as much as Morrowind did when caching a new section of the outside map.

Creston, had nothing to do with drivers or whatnot. Apparently if you have a joystick plugged in, the game assumes you want to use it and it seems to decide quite often that the joystick is not centered properly. Unplugging the joystick did the trick.

Still getting the occasional crash (twice in 5 hours of play), but other than that no majorly noticable bugs. I got my copy from an EB Games store. They had them same-day shipped, whereas the other stores in the area didn't have a clue when they were going to get a copy.

Oh yeah, and I found a flying thing. Looked like an imp... It killed me. I resolved to avoid flying things from now on.

Having played for a solid five or six hours now, I think I've got a decent feel for the game. All told, it's a very good game. Excellent graphics, runs smooth on my machine with every setting on high at 1024x768 (AMD x64 3500+ / 1GB RAM / 6800 Ultra). Going to try higher resolutions tomorrow. It looks pretty, the new combat system is nice and quite intuitive, the lockpicking is sort of like a minigame, but I've found it very troubling to try and do with a mouse... thankfully they have an 'auto' button to get the computer to do it for you, but still, the lockpicking feels like it was designed for a console controller rather than a mouse (much like inventory/map system). The AI do wander around and have spontaneous conversations with one another, which is a plus but they tend to feel a bit disjointed. What they've done is something no one else has ever done before, so obviously kudos for that, but in listening, it's obvious we're a ways away from making it work -well-. Still, it's another layer of atmosphere atop the rest and it's a welcome one.

That all being said, the game is wearing a little thin on me. I can't quite pinpoint why... everything is done so well. I suppose it just feels like I've done all this before. Morrowind was such a huge leap from Daggerfall in terms of gameplay... Oblivion is NOT such a huge leap from Morrowind. Graphically very impressive, much ooohing and ahhhing, but after the novelty wears off, you're really just running quests for the (fighter/mage/thieves) guild again and again.

Great game, but I'm not sure it's that much better than Morrowind. Now that I think about it, they've been on a downward trend for factions since Daggerfall. Daggerfall had your main guilds, had all the temples and secret guilds and whatnot. Morrowind did away with the various temple guilds and replaced them with the three factions. Oblivion doesn't seem to have that even. Maybe I just haven't played far enough yet. Maybe I'm just tired. Meh.

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News Comments > TES IV: Oblivion Tools
27. Re: Fuck Mar 21, 2006, 00:09 Teddy
Spectacular game, but it has one game-stopper bug that's annoying. Every now and then, my movement slows to a crawl and begins to send me shuffling sideways even when I have no buttons pressed. Only way to get rid of it is save the game, quit out of the game completely then reload. Has happened to me probably 3 times an hour since I started playing.

Haven't seen a bird yet. Saw a butterfly or two...

The menu system is OBVIOUSLY constructed to be easier to use with a controller. Much prefer the Morrowind inventory system.

The new travel system I was concerned about beforehand, but it ended up being a nice touch that takes a lot of the tedium out of walking everywhere, so you don't end up with those five hundred fights with stupid grub things that rush you all the time just walking from one city to the next.

I adore the new combat system... nothing like hurling fireballs at someone while backpedalling madly and lifting my shield now and again in a vain attempt to block my opponent's blows. It's a LOT more action intensive now that you have to actively block attacks instead of relying on the passive system of Morrowind and more so with magic as well now that you don't have to put away your weapon/shield to cast.

As for the amount of combat... there are not so many tiny little annoying battles and even those are over VERY quickly in this so long as you are capable of actually hitting your opponent. Even right off the bat, I could drop a rat with two firebolts and after my skill went up once or twice, it went down to one firebolt. Anyways, babble aside, tiny annoying battles are not so annoying and not so frequent as in Morrowind and no there are not any cliff racers that I've seen.

The graphics are stunning, though I think the bloom effects are a bit overdone in some places during the day. Too much glowing haze on stone walls and such that just wouldn't have that. Overall it gives it very much a 'fantasy' feel, but I think they'd be better served to lessen their usage of it. Even still, it's the only game that ever made me stop to look down at some wildflowers swaying in the breeze and think "Wow".

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News Comments > Morning Q&As
4. Re: Starforce Mar 20, 2006, 11:05 Teddy
I'm not even a huge fan of these types of games, but with everything put forth from Stardock recently, I bought both GalCiv I and II just to support them.

I have my moments where I enjoy playing GalCiv 2, but it's less than once a week. Still don't regret buying the games one bit.

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News Comments > X3 Demo Hotfix
5. Re: StarForce Mar 11, 2006, 16:43 Teddy
Only the european release of X2 had starforce. The US release did not. As odd as that was.

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News Comments > Ubisoft Schedule Leaked?
1. Tom Clancy's Firehawk? Mar 10, 2006, 23:30 Teddy

Rainbow Six 5 I already knew about...

Ghost Recon 4 seemed a given considering the rave reviews GRAW has gotten since release.

I'm fairly familiar with Tom Clancy work... Firehawk doesn't sound like anything that I've heard of from him before.

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News Comments > SÖLDNER Patch
1. Hmmm Mar 10, 2006, 23:26 Teddy
Cynical and pointlessly negative as it may be, only one thought came to mind when seeing this bit of news:

33,670 versions and it still sucks?

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
91. Re: What's an energy drink? Mar 8, 2006, 21:01 Teddy
Sometimes I do a double take with Coke Zero because I think I accidently got the real stuff.

That's a joke, right? Coke Zero tastes almost identical to diet coke, which is VERY different from Coke Classic.

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News Comments > Rainbow Six: Vegas
42. Re: No subject Mar 7, 2006, 15:48 Teddy
At least it looks like they're use a derirative of the latest Spliter Cell engine rather than the tired Raven Shield one.

Hate to burst your bubble, but Splinter Cell and Raven-Shield use the same engine. Just different variations of the Unreal engine.

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News Comments > Rainbow Six: Vegas
37. Re: Meh Mar 7, 2006, 02:05 Teddy
What was the last rainbow six game made, actually? I downloaded the expansion (the free one), was there anything after that?

Nothing worth noting.

I doubt any actual counterterrorist team would enjoy operating in such an absurd scenario

That's part of what I'm worried about. The scenarios in Lockdown were nowhere NEAR something that Rainbow would take care of. If there were a hundred bloody terrorists that took over several city blocks including several buildings, that's something the army would handle, not a small team insertion.

"Sir! A hundred terrorists have taken over several city blocks in New York! What's worse, they've taken TWO HOSTAGES!!!"

"Good GOD! Send in four men, NOW!"

"Four?! Are you sure? Don't you think that's overdoing it, sir?"

"Hmm... Yes, I suppose you're right. Make sure that three of them are retarded, flashbang themselves on a regular basis, shoot blindly at walls and complain like children all the time. That out to balance things out."

Rainbow is SUPPOSED to be about small, contained situations that the local police can't handle - single building/complex takeovers that are already surrounded by local police.

In Lockdown, while it had some nice touches to it, overall the game felt like little more than a shooting gallery with nearly 100 terrorists with very bad aim and no discernable tactics on every level.
This comment was edited on Mar 7, 02:12.
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