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Re: Controls ruin the game
Mar 12, 2004, 06:15
Re: Controls ruin the game Mar 12, 2004, 06:15
Mar 12, 2004, 06:15
Just so you know, there is 3D movement. Sidesteps (two directions) circlestrafe (two directions), air flips (four directions), air evdes (four directions), 90 and 180 degree turns, jumps (two), side attacks, high and low attacks. In addition evade + forward will autoturn to closest target.

Oni didn't had a system that were anywhere near as deep as this one, which is why mouse aim worked so good in that game.

Just give the game some time, you won't learn the controls in 5 seconds. There is more to it than visible on the surface and there is especially a lot more 3D than your particular fighting game has, like combo evasion and free combo schemes.

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Re: ooo, a patch.
Jan 3, 2004, 15:59
Re: ooo, a patch. Jan 3, 2004, 15:59
Jan 3, 2004, 15:59
I will try to recall some of the changes made previously. It isn't a complete list, but these are the major improvements.

Netcode enhancements and increased stability.

Fixed crash on Space Station arena.
Improved help section.

Here are some of the bigger Game play changes made in the new patch.

Air Evades are fixed!
All fighters have a delays on miss projectiles.

-Damage has been increased.
-Reduced how far back the Missiles push opponents.
-Players can now duck under Warlords forward Claw grabs.
Things to come in the next patch:
-Increase damage of Super Grenade.
-Make Super Claw hand invulnerable (after grabbing opponents).
-Improved Counter Block.

-We Increased speed of Flame Throwers.
-Increased speed of the Super Flame Thrower.
-Increased speed of Super Fire Spin.

-his vortex and Bombs are know chargeable. The longer you hold them before throwing them the more damage they do. And they have a small activation delay when tossed.
-The Meteor calls are faster and have a delay on a miss.
-The Super Meteor now covers a wider area and has a delay on a miss.

-Now has a delay on miss Leaps.
-A-RKL doesn't move forward as much.
-some of the links have been tweaked (some moves were linking in too early).

-Spiders and Flies are know chargeable and have a delay before activating.

-His Super teleport should sequence properly on a miss.

Fixed a crash with mapping of controls.

There is a new patch out for testing at this moment, which will address issues with compatiblity for Win98/ME. This new patch will most likely be released next week.

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