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News Comments > Half-Life 2: Episode 1 Facts
65. Re: No subject Feb 13, 2006, 20:30 Vek
Crap - EA is the publisher?

Oh well, I was looking forward to getting some of these until I saw that EA was the publisher.

Now I won't partake. Sorry EA, but no. I would rather forgo HL2 than hand over any further cash to them, in anyway. Even if its 'trickled down' from value thru licencing.

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News Comments > GUN Backfires
6. Re: No subject Feb 1, 2006, 10:56 Vek
They also gave no proof that scalpings and killings of such indians never really occured in real life, back in the day.

I have a feeling that they really did occur.

In which case, the game is being accurate.

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News Comments > DoD: Source Update
5. Additional Content Jan 26, 2006, 10:46 Vek
Kudos to valve for giving this to those who purchased their silver or whatever addition - for FREE. And to those who seperately purchased DoD... these extra maps... for FREE.

Contrast this with EA, which wants to do the same (make more maps) except charge you for each one.

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News Comments > California Game Bill Signed
61. Perfect Oct 8, 2005, 14:56 Vek
This is great news AND bad news for the game industry.

Great news because : No more frivolous lawsuits to game developers for kids playing their no-under 18 games. Becuase if some kid is playing it, theres now a LAW against whoever let that kid play it, not against the developer. Walmart, the parents, etc. Not devs.

Bad news because: Walmart simply won't want that kind of legal liability, and will stop selling these games. Because gamedev is now completely publisher and money driven, and thus largely driven by what large retailers are willing to sell, that means no more of these games will get made.

This comment was edited on Oct 8, 15:00.
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Day of Defeat: Source
61. No subject Sep 27, 2005, 01:32 Vek
HDR generally indicates more-than-8bit color rendering. That is more than 256 differnt shades of brightenss. However, since your video card and monitor can only show 256 different shades of brightness, (for each RGB) once its finished all the fancy math, it has to convert from this large number back down to a number between 0-255. This process is called Tone Mapping.

What DoD:S does is dynamic tone mapping. It renders far beyond truecolor (beyond 32 bits per pixel) and ends up with many more bits per pixel than your video card can draw.

Then it converts this back down to numbers that make sense for the video card again. Whats dynamic about it, is it changes the way it 'converts' those high dynamic range numbers back down to the 0-256 RGB values, on the fly, to try to keep the overall brightness the same.

So its High Dynamic Range Rendering (beyond 32BPP 'truecolor'), plus Dynamic Tone Mapping (which gives the exposure effects)

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News Comments > BF2 Patch Notes?
38. No subject Sep 12, 2005, 01:29 Vek
another thing that would be nice

* Fixed infantry moving so that a small object the size of a book lying on the floor no longer can cause a soldier to stop and bump into it and have to jump to get over it.

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News Comments > BF2 Patch Notes?
27. No subject Sep 11, 2005, 20:03 Vek
These patch notes are just too good to be real.

Its probably a fake. Remeber, EA is paying the bills on this one.

the REAL patch notes will probably be:
* Fixed texture corruption on the trees in the foggy map nobody plays in.
* Fixed sound glitches for people with 900 gigs of sound memory.
* Added in-game adverts while waiting to load.

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News Comments > Big Mutha Truckers Roll Again
4. No subject Aug 23, 2005, 14:40 Vek
It obviously sold really well. Someone fetch mah shotgun and mah play station, we haves some TRUCKS to drive... yee haw

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News Comments > BF2 Stats Server Glitch
42. No subject Aug 11, 2005, 19:43 Vek
I still say they should take 5 minutes to put some code in that prevented people from spawning in front of enemies.

There are like 20 spawn points around each flag - behind buildings, around corners, inside houses... why can't it choose a point that isn't in direct line of sight of an enemy, before spawning you there.

As for the anti-tank comments... please remember that in order to be anti tank kit you have essentially given up anti-troop capability. Your piddly mp5 or whatever really doesn't stand up against an m4, its more for peace of mind than actual offense. On top of that, you only get a very small number of shots.

If it takes 3 missiles to kill a tank (ie, ONE ENEMY PERSON) for two kills, it should not use 70% of your main weapon's ammo to do so.

Either it has to kill him in one shot, or it has to have a LOT MORE AMMO.

Its ridiculous that the other classes can kill, I dunno, ten or more enemies with their ammunition supply but the anti tank guy can't kill more than 1 tank (as it usualy takes 3 missiles, which is more than half their ammo). And on top of that, usualy, the enemy jumps OUT of the tank bfore it dies, and kills you (because they have a much better anti-infantry kit than you do...)... And for this great honor... he gave up just about any ability to kill other troops. He doesnt even have grenades.

All I'm saying is they need to make it so that the anti-tank class really IS anti-tank, due to how much he gives up to be able to fire those rockets.

This comment was edited on Aug 11, 19:49.
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News Comments > BF2 Stats Server Glitch
10. No subject Aug 11, 2005, 16:06 Vek
Haven't been playing BF2 anymore, until they add 'teh fun' back into it:

* Backhawk flaghopping has got to go
* Miniguns should not be doing 5-10 feet of 'radius damage' on each bullet, killing people around corners.
* The other chopper, MEC or china, should at least be made competitive with the blackhawk. Currently they're vastly different
* Shouldn't be allowed to repair from inside chopper
* Jets/choppers colliding with other choppers should not sometimes cause THE GAME TO SAY THE PILOT OF THE CHOPPER TKED HIS ENTIRE CREW
* Anti tank weapons need to bring tanks into the red in one hit. Because they're anti tank weapons. They're made for killing tanks. in real life, a tank gets hit by an anti tank missile and its a smoking hulk of garbage, ALWAYS. For the same of gameplay, hitting a tank down into the 'on fire, get out' red would work fine. Becuase its anti tank. ANTI TANK. its what its NAME IS. ITS CALLED ANTI TANK. ITS MADE FOR KILLING TANKS DAMMIT. THATS WHY THEY CALLED IT ANTI TANK. IT SHOULDN'T TAKE UP TO 5 MISSILES TO KILL A TANK. BECAUSE ITS ANTI...GODDAM...TANK. !@#%$!%@!

-calms down-

* There are many spawn points near each flag. When spawning, the game should choose a point NOT IN DIRECT LINE OF SIGHT of enemys. IE, if a tank is looking at a couple spawn points, they should not be considered for spawning there.

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News Comments > The Cost of Hot Coffee
42. No subject Jul 22, 2005, 19:59 Vek
This is no longer about GTA:SA.

Ultra-conservative ban-all-videogame types are trying to use this as a stepping stone, a first step to take, in their zealotry.

They were waiting for any game to do it, they dont care about this one.

The more the public/court system 'gives' in to this, the more they will turn around and start persuing every other game out there that can be modded to have sexual content.
And then violence comes next.

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News Comments > GTA: San Andreas Re-Rated
10. No subject Jul 20, 2005, 21:22 Vek
average high-school 17 year olds to day see more of real life sexual acts than that game could ever provide them.

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News Comments > Hot Coffee Klatch
15. Re: Hot coffee Jul 14, 2005, 16:39 Vek
Exactly. You have to actually modify the games files to do it. There is no cheat code.

So what if they created content that you will never ever see unless you edit their program?

Again, their original code as it comes off the shelf EXPRESSLY DENIES ACCESS to that content. They knew it was inappropriate, and thus cut it from the game. You can't access it. They specifically have code in there which STOPS you from accessing it, ever. There is no secret 'left-left-right-up-a-b' code that will ever unlock it because the program STATES that you cannot access it.

A mod comes along which rewrites the portion of code that says you cant access it, to change it to you CAN access it. How is this rockstar's fault? Why should they be punished for it?

This comment was edited on Jul 14, 16:40.
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News Comments > Hot Coffee Klatch
12. Re: Hot coffee Jul 14, 2005, 16:32 Vek
The code was already present. Coded BY ROCKSTAR.

This is not true. There is no way to access any such scene without altering the program's executable code. In fact, they explicitly coded that the illicit content should not appear, and some hacker ALTERED THAT CODE to show it.

You have to alter the EXE.

Let that sink in for a while.

As a programmer, I can alter any given EXE to take you to a porn site, for example. Yes, even your internet explorer / firefox. Does that make mozilla or microsoft responsible?

The crucial point is that with an off the shelf game you will never, ever see any of this or experience any of this.

You have to actually make changes to the game's instructions, you know the executable code, in order to do so. Basically you have to alter the line that says 'NEVER SHOW THIS STUFF' to 'SHOW THIS STUFF NOW'. Altering the game in a very crucial way. The very fact that the code said 'NEVER SHOW THIS STUFF, EVER' and had to be altered by someone in a hex editor or whatever to change it to 'SHOW THIS STUFF' shows that ROCKSTAR never intented people to see this. In fact, the program code EXPLICITLY STATES that people are not to see this, ever, and has to be altered for it to become available.

So my position stants. In an unaltered 'unhacked' version of the game, this content is not 'present' at all and there is no way to access it. You have to -edit- the game EXE to see it. And I could apply similar small edits to any program out there to make them show you porn.

This comment was edited on Jul 14, 16:35.
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News Comments > Hot Coffee Klatch
8. Re: Hot coffee Jul 14, 2005, 16:24 Vek
Actually 'Its not in the game' is the TRUTH. I can prove it to you. Buy it off the shelf, and play it. You will never, no matter what you do, see any of that 'illicit' content, ever, unless you actually mod the game, intentionally, altering it. Therefore, its NOT IN THE GAME! By definition, its not! You have to MOD IT IN.

Here are some logical steps for you to consider, about modding:

If I make a 'mod' (patch) for your internet explorer that goes to porn sites, is microsoft responsible?

If I mod Word so that everytime I type a word, it inserts vulgar words (which, by the way are ALREADY in its dictionary, as it does not underline them), is Microsoft responsible?

If I make a mod which turns off net-nanny, and enables blocked websites to appear where they were previously inaccessible, is the corporation that made the nanny program responsible?

The answer is no. The 'scenes' in question were totaly inaccessible. You have to ALTER THE PROGRAMS ACTUAL EXECUTABLE CODE to access them. You have to MOD the game. I could just as easily add extra instructions to any program you care to name to make it show you naughty stuff.

Please get this right. Attacking a company because someone ALTERED THEIR GAMES INSTRUCTION CODE TO MAKE IT DO SOMETHING IT WASNT ABLE TO DO BEFORE is absolutely insane.

It doesn't matter if hardcore porn was on the CD, no child/adult/whatever would -ever- see it or even know its there without altering the actual executable code of the program.

IMO, once you've done that, all bets are off. Altered EXEs can do anything. They can download porn of the internet, they can send you nasty emails, they can goatse you when you least expect it, and its NOT the fault of the company who issued the EXE.

I state again: Without altering the EXECUTABLE CODE it is impossible to see or experience any of the content in question.

This comment was edited on Jul 14, 16:26.
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News Comments > BF2 Patch Issues
24. No subject Jul 7, 2005, 14:41 Vek
As for the environment mapping, the helicopter glass windows were not reflective before for me, and are now, which is an improvement, I guess.

Other than that, I have mine set into fuglymode just so that I get more than 20 fps, and thus haven't noticed a difference in ping or smoothness.

BTW, I went from 5 fps to 40fps just by disabling hardware sound and setting quality to low. Thats a LOT of cpu power going to 'hardware sound' on an nforce2 motherboard. Take note.

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News Comments > Sin 2 on Steam
188. No subject Jul 5, 2005, 15:27 Vek
Maybe it will be 6 hours of single player but also any number of hours of multiplayer... for 20 bucks.

And you just know that if you pay that 20 bucks, it has to be VERY, VERY GOOD, else you won't pay another 20 for the next episode. The developers know this too. Its a good thing.

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News Comments > Sin 2 on Steam
144. No subject Jul 5, 2005, 06:08 Vek
I like the idea of being able to pay 20 dollars to play a game, and then dangle another 20 in front of the developer, to make absolutely sure it was a great game.

Imagine if you could pay half the cost of a game to play it, and then the other half only if you really thought it was a good game.

Thats what episodic content lets you do! They might be charging you for pieces, but you're only going to buy the pieces you like, so they have to make darn sure that each and every pieces is REALLY GOOD - else no money for them!

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News Comments > Sin 2 on Steam
15. Re: No subject Jul 4, 2005, 14:57 Vek
I would pay 20 bucks an episode.

To be more specific, I love subscription services. Because you can pay your 20 bucks for the first episode, play it through, and then decide: "Was it worth it? Did I enjoy myself enough?" And if so, you buy the next one, because its worth it.

As opposed to 60 dollar one time game in which you're SOL of the entire 60 bucks if you didn't enjoy it.

In other words, small-continuous-payments and subscription services hold the creators ACCOUNTABLE for what they do. Up front money does NOT. If someone expects you to pay another 20 dollars in a few months time, they will spend a LOT more effort to make you feel that it was worth it, as opposed to some company who takes your 60 bucks and runs with it before you even get to play.

If every game company was selling episodic, subscription content, there'd be MUCH less tendency to release a broken screwed up unfun game.

This comment was edited on Jul 4, 15:00.
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News Comments > SAG Saga Continues
19. No subject Jun 30, 2005, 18:19 Vek
In this society, you can get paid whatever you can force/wheedle/cajole your employer to pay you. There is nothing wrong with that.

However, asking for residuals ON TOP OF such a high pay, is ridiculous. Hell, in most corporate game companies, even the programmers, who spend YEARS OF THEIR LIVES programming the game, the lines of code running constantly under the hood, get no 'residuals'. The artists who paint the textures, make the models, get no 'risiduals', etc. Its just greedy and stupid for them to ask for it, and to be honest, I think they're just asking for such a ridiculous thing as a strategy move, to make their somewhat less ridiculous, but still ludicrous price point of 700 dollars an HOUR look comparitively sane.

Since when do CONTRACT WORKERS get a stake in the project? You don't see the contractor who built your local macdonalds, layed the bricks for it, asking for a slice of the restaurant's profits. Because they were brought in to do a job, payed for it, and they did it. Same with VO actors.

This comment was edited on Jun 30, 18:22.
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