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News Comments > BF2 Patch News
64. Re: wtf Sep 30, 2005, 20:08 Jow
That shit used to happen to me in BF1942 frequently, often when it was much more debilitating. I'd be sitting in one of those two-seater artillery vehicles, having spawned as a scout specifically to spot for myself, banging away at a target when some idiot would just hop in the vehicle and often drive it right into the middle of a firefight. The only way I knew what was going on was that suddenly the aiming arrows were way screwy and my artillery salvos were hitting the middle of nowhere.

I've had it happen far less often in BF2, but it has happened, generally in Hummers when I'm sitting on top trying to provide suppressive fire. I figure a good general rule to follow is this: if you see someone using a vehicle halfway intelligently (if you're even bright enough to make that decision), leave them the hell alone and go do something else.

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News Comments > Gold - Age of Empires III
17. Re: No subject Sep 23, 2005, 15:31 Jow
I'm in the "meh" camp. I tried AoE, tried AoE2, and tried AoM (someone who doesn't know my gaming tastes very well bought me the Collector's Edition, which has since sat on my shelf)...

I got the feeling from playing each of those games that they were trying to do some different things with each title but the actual gameplay felt exactly the same to me all the way through. I don't think they're "bad" games... they're just more RTE (real-time economy) games to me than RTS's.

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News Comments > Dawn of War: Winter Assault & GotY Ship
17. Re: YES!!!!!!!!!!! Sep 21, 2005, 14:38 Jow
I just called Gamestop, who apparently got it in today. Their last copy has my name on it and I'm out the door after typing this to check it out.

Woop, sayeth I.

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News Comments > Dawn of War: Winter Assault & GotY Ship
9. Re: YES FUCKDAMMIT!!!!! Sep 21, 2005, 13:27 Jow
I'm really hoping this shows up in my area today - I get out of work at 2 and have tomorrow off.

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News Comments > SWAT 4 Expansion Details
8. Re: SWAT 4 Sep 20, 2005, 13:28 Jow
I guess I was one of the few that thought Tribes: V was a stylish and fun game that I thought Irrational did a fantastic job on. It's not the first (and won't be the last) well-produced, interesting game that had miserable sales figures.

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News Comments > Warcraft III Reign of Chaos/The Frozen Throne Patches
1. Whoa. Sep 19, 2005, 21:36 Jow
Balance changes, now? Is anyone actually still playing this?

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News Comments > BF2 Patch Notes?
33. Re: weird.... Sep 11, 2005, 22:30 Jow
So many maps are going to be so much more enjoyable with the Chopper cap point nerf. Mashtuur City USED to be one of my favorite maps cus I dig urban/infantry combat, but once the chopper whoring started in force it became one of my least faves.

I didn't notice anything about changing the teamkill logic. I hope they're doing more than just changing how much damage infantry take from vehicles brushing up against them, cus two things are CRYING out for fixes:

1. People running over friendly mines and punishing. I've gotten kickbanned from servers for that shit.

2. They need to do SOMETHING with the commander artillery tk logic. I estimate that 80-90% of the 300-400 teamkills I've accrued thus far have been due to ignorant people not paying attention to the red arty symbol on the map or me sending them repeated warnings through the menu. To boot, I've probably been auto-kickbanned from servers 5 or 6 times since the game released due to teamkills from arty alone.

Right now the ONLY real score benefit you get as cmdr is the 2x bonus if you win. Because the commander can't get points from kills or teamwork but still loses teamwork points for teamkills, a commander generally ALWAYS has a negative score for teamwork by the end of the round.

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News Comments > Battlefield 2 Patch Delay
27. Re: I got a bridge to sell you Aug 20, 2005, 02:18 Jow
ACtually, that's not correct. Dice Sweden, the branch of Dice that did all the development for BF1942, were also the developers for BF2. Dice Canada, who did the development for BF Vietnam, is responsible for the upcoming expansion for BF2. That means that Dice Canada's work on the expansion continues unabated while right now Dice Sweden is focusing fully on the patch. I have no complaints...

...other than those directed at people who think Dice was somehow lax by not catching every possible instance or bug that allows an abusive community of players to take advantage of the stat system. Sorry, people, but no matter how hard you try or how much effort you put in people will find things to break your game and will abuse those things mercilessly until they're fixed or the game is driven into the ground.

Considering the states of both 1942 and Vietnam on shipping, I've been generally happy with BF2 as shipped with some exceptions - the tk system as it stands, fucking bunny hopping, and chopper flag capping).

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News Comments > AOE3 Collector's Edition Announced
11. Re: Oh boy oh boy... Aug 17, 2005, 16:04 Jow
D'you really think conversion to 3d and physics is going to make this a different game?

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News Comments > AOE3 Collector's Edition Announced
6. Oh boy oh boy... Aug 17, 2005, 14:44 Jow
All this neat stuff... with the same game I played ten years ago inside. Pass.

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News Comments > BF2 Stats Server Glitch
52. Re: Update on AT Missle issue Aug 11, 2005, 23:00 Jow
The worst thing is inflicting two hits on a tank and actually managing to survive, only to have the dude who was inside (and an assault kit, for example) get out and take you out instantly. You do all that work and you basically got a death and nothing else out of it.

Moral of the story is that if you're a scoremonger, you generally don't want to play AT for extended periods of time.

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News Comments > BF2 Stats Server Glitch
32. Re: Yeah right Aug 11, 2005, 17:42 Jow
Thoughts on Karkand.. I like it for some of the same reasons, specifically no chopper whoring and the vehicles are minimal so they don't dominate the map.

On the other hand, sometimes it feels like the game just degenerates into a huge clusterfawk where you die over and over in the meat grinder as you're going for points. Map gets a little old for me in that vein after a while.

Then again, it all comes down to squadplay and I gotta say it's pretty rare I actually get with a squad that stays together and fights as a unit (on that map or any other).

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News Comments > BF2 Stats Server Glitch
30. Re: LOL Aug 11, 2005, 17:39 Jow
I was just telling a friend the other day that I wished the modern theater would have been done first, with 1942 getting the new engine/technology treatment, cus I really, REALLY miss the feel of WWII in this game... The fighters and big bombers, the naval combat... etc.

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News Comments > BF2 Stats Server Glitch
20. Re: LOL Aug 11, 2005, 16:54 Jow
I'm here to tell ya, the rear is generally nowhere NEAR as vulnerable as it was in, say, BF1942. Generally it takes two AT rockets to seriously damage or kill a tank, though occasionally it will require three. Other vehicles sometimes take one, usually two before going down. I've not yet seen a vehicle take extra damage or go out instantly from a hit to the back from an AT rocket (which I've accomplished quite a few times, and this is after 100+ hours of playtime thus far. I've also never seen them seem to take extra damage from tank shots in the rear, either. Considering how many vehicles there are in the game and how difficult it is to survive as an infantryman on most maps, that sucks.

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News Comments > On BF2 Sales
50. Re: All jokes aside Jul 27, 2005, 17:01 Jow
Gotta agree on the flakiness of the sniper rifles. I still remember the time I snuck up behind someone and was within 15-20 feet of them max and somehow, despite being crouched (not prone) and zoomed in, I missed 4-5 times (with the M95) in a row. That he didn't spin around and confront me after the first shot was a miracle because he had to have heard the report, but after the last shot he finally realized I was there and we did the pistol dance. I ended up killing him with a grenade tossed onto the ground of front of me as I backpedaled, but with a supposedly high accuracy weapon missing that many times at such short range, something's strange.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Battlefield 2
39. Re: Uh Oh Jun 21, 2005, 13:05 Jow
>I'm probably jaded because I'm tired of it, but I'm >surprised to see it getting such high reviews. It seems >like no one is ever willing to fault the high-profile games >in major reviews.

See, this is an issue with game reviews in general. Review scores are predominantly based on how well a developer pulls off what they were attempting. Just because you don't necessarily still enjoy what BF2 brings to the table doesn't mean it deserves low reviews or to be faulted.

Hell, if reviews worked like you mention, every Age of Empires/Empire Earth/Rise of Nations whatever style RTS game that comes out from here on (including AoE 3) deserves to get panned miserably, cus personally I've always really disliked that style of RTS.

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News Comments > Saturday Q&As
7. Re: BF2 Buggy Release? Jun 19, 2005, 22:56 Jow
The server browser has sucked badly since 1942. Just wait until the retail comes out and use All-Seeing Eye.

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News Comments > Battlefield 2 Demo
106. Re: Servers are being pounded ... Jun 10, 2005, 17:23 Jow
Again, in case anyone is playing this... Can you confirm that there's a 10 or 12 minute limit on each round?

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News Comments > Battlefield 2 Demo
66. Re: That EA site IS working Jun 10, 2005, 16:50 Jow
Squirrel: I clicked on the demo link you posted below and keep getting "550 No such directory". Something ain't right.

This comment was edited on Jun 10, 16:51.
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News Comments > Battlefield 2 Demo
64. Re: That EA site IS working Jun 10, 2005, 16:49 Jow
Having someone else check. I logged in with both an ftp client and manually through the browser (firefox) and both see the same thing, which is nothing.

Incidentally, in the next lower post about the demo coming out someone mentioned you can only play on the map in the demo for 10 minutes... This true?

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