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News Comments > Manhunt Plot Twist
21. Re: Violent Games = Violent People? Aug 4, 2004, 07:21 madbunny
"In April 1999, eight days before Columbine, Jack Thompson appeared on national television to identify the role that shooter video games, specifically Doom, would play in future school shootings. A week later in Littleton, Colorado, Klebold and Harris, who obsessively trained on Doom, killed thirteen."

I also trained on Doom and there are no more *former* marines, demons, fire demons or Imps in my neighbourhood because I wiped them out and there nave been no barons of hell seen in some time! However, I can no longer look up or down and I really do struggle when faced with an enemy that contains polys!

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News Comments > BloodRayne Star
10. Re: No subject Aug 3, 2004, 18:45 madbunny
Yeah, I'd like to break Lokens pelvis! She most definitely gets it!!

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News Comments > Manhunt Plot Twist
10. Re: No subject Aug 3, 2004, 18:41 madbunny
No no no no no no no no no it was the games fault!!! Games are bad and they make you want to do exactly what is in the game!!! I just played Tomb Raider and I feel compelled to climb lots of walls and kick bats and bears!

In other news; I just farted and it sounded like Stephen Hawking!

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News Comments > SÖLDNER Patch Plans
77. Re: No subject Jun 18, 2004, 20:21 madbunny
"I'd say he's opinionated (like the rest of us here), but I wouldn't call him a fool. After going back and reading his comments, I think he honestly believes in what he says. The political landscape is very polarized right now, and both sides firmly believe they have the best plans for the future of this country.

I think it's better to believe in something than to have no opinion at all... "

The difference being I have a degree of respect for his opinion (even if I do try and childishly bait him by calling him a fool or a buffoon) but he respects nobody's. Anyone who has a different view on the matter or who gets their news from a different source to his is automatically wrong.

I would not say he is 100% wrong or I am 100% right just two sides of a coin - but he can't see that. He only see'sone side and if you do not agree you are a BBC watching liberal.

**For the record I do not even have an arial in my house. My TV is specifically there for console gaming. My news comes from the 7 papers I read daily (from all aspects of the political horizon) and the many internet news sites I read (many of whom are free of most forms of censorship).**

however, his opinion, his belief that the USA somehow won WW2 all on their own and the world owe the USA its freedom is just plain sad.

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News Comments > SÖLDNER Patch Plans
75. Re: No subject Jun 18, 2004, 19:13 madbunny
So come on, tell me why the USA or even the UK - both of who supplied Iraq with weapons and knowhow - are any different from Iraq. Do we both not share a tenuous link with Al Queda?

With the current actions being taken the world is becomming an increasingly dangerous place to live and more and more innocent people will suffer on both sides. Paul Johnson and Nicholas Berg are two such examples and I fear this will only degenerate further until that part of the world is no longer safe for those from the west.
This comment was edited on Jun 18, 19:23.
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News Comments > SÖLDNER Patch Plans
74. Re: No subject Jun 18, 2004, 19:13 madbunny
They may not be the same parent company but all your links have the same political leanings and believe it or not, that influences the news they broadcast.

You are a small minded fool. You accuse me of only watching left wing media (or one news station - the BBC) when all your leanings come from one political side. You also accuse any news you disagree with of being lies - the investigation on 9/11 by your own countrymen is all lies is it? yet none of what Bush says is?

You need to open your eyes and your mind. Try having your OWN opinion and looking at things from all angles instead of being spoon fed everything your chosen media gives you.

This comment was edited on Jun 18, 19:15.
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News Comments > SÖLDNER Patch Plans
71. Re: Two Continents - The US and the Rest Jun 17, 2004, 18:10 madbunny
"As stated before. Al Queda was never associated with Saddam in the 9-11 attack. Terrorism was. And, that is absolutely true. Saddam had many links to terrorists. Al Queda is just one of many organizations bent on destroying democracy. And, Iraqi agents are definately known to have contact with Al Queda prior to 9-11. This doesn't mean that Saddam had anything to do with the planning. It means that he consorts and supports terrorism. Attacking Iraq is just part of the war against terrorism."

So, in other words anyone with a link to terrorism is a threat to the Western world? Anyone with a link to terrorism should be dealt with in this manner?

Ok - well your govenrment agencies trained Osama Bin Laden. Your government gave Saddam the bulk of his weapons. Much of the weapons used by the IRA had direct links to the USA. Many US corporations were linked with making payments to the IRA so that their franchises would not be targeted.

You are saying that you can be guilty by association so nobody here is clean yet we have ONE nation policing the rest of the globe?? What makes you right and them so wrong??

This comment was edited on Jun 17, 18:11.
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News Comments > SÖLDNER Patch Plans
56. Re: Two Continents - The US and the Rest Jun 17, 2004, 04:01 madbunny
You should have let this drop?? Why, because you disagree??

The USA not imperialistic? Just because you do not leave your flag does not mean you do not remain in control. Just because you don't call it a coloney does not mean it is not US controlled. What you are trying to do is still the same just not so open. A rose by any other name..............

I think you will find that the most corrupt organization on the planet at this moment and time would be one of the many oil companies in the US getting rich from drilling in enviromental areas. The areas YOUR government PROMISED not to drill in. Your governmenet lied to you. They also admitted that they lied about other enviromental issues. They admitted that the whole WMD concern was fabricated in order to win the public over to a war on Iraq. they admitted that they have found NO real links with Bin Laden and Saddam - in fact Bin Laden apparently does not agree with Saddams regime. He tried to broker a deal to obtain training grounds through pure hatred of the US regime but this was put NEVER into place. This was 1991 and its the ONLY link YOUR investigators have found. They admitted they lied about winning the war on terror as they are now worse off than before 9/11. YOUR investigators found out that the 9/11 attacks were scheduled far ealier but were delayed due to the leader of the assault not being ready. YOUR governemnt agencies never took people who reported suspicious events with any seriousness. YOUR government has admitted that they were aware of threats made on the USA by Al Quaeda but never took them serious. These are admissions by YOUR government. Take one look at Bush Jnr's face after 9/11- it speaks volumes.

You sit and let your Government lie to you and you have the power - sorry the weapons to remove them if you so wish? Why do you accept these lies? lies your own top officials, your own countrymen are informing the world of.

Or does your news not report this?

Tell me how Iraq is as big a threat to world peace as the USA. You are the worlds LEADING manufacturer of weapons - the weapons they end up with are only what you have made!! And to understand why Saddam ruled like he did you would have to understand the way their culture works and you sadly do not. That is the way that society has been in that part of the world for hundreds of years. Just because it is not nice and just because you do not agree with it does not give ANYONE the right to enforce change upon it. You think you will enforce change over night on these people with an approach like that? I would say that western civilisation is now under a bigger cloud of fear than ever before. I am more scared about reprisals in my country than I ever was in all the darkest IRA years. I don't see the course of action that the USA took will have made my way of life any safer - the opposite.

Yes Saddam was an evil bastard and a threat to his people but a threat to America?? Come off it, how can you keep saying that when your own powers are admitting it was never the case.

So that will leave you argueing the point that all you are trying to do is feed starving children well you are not doing very well. There are more starving children in Africa than in Iraq - I don't see you making any moves to help them? In fact the only people you are threatening to take to task are those trying to emulate YOU! The ones who seek power through arms.

Why not address your own issues and feed and educate your own children. Yes, every home in the US could well have a VCR but the kids who watch that VCR can hardly read and they probably get two piss poor meals a day from a parent who has three jobs to keep the family under a roof. Then again, you have not seen these poverty line families have you so they do not exist. I have seen them myself my blinkered chum, I know they exist.

The fact is you are blindly led by whoever you have at the helm. had your current president cited reasons to not go to war on Iraq then you would have backed him. You should really try and speak your OWN mind after all are you not living in the land of the free?? (The land of the 10% of richest people owning almost 80% of the land)

Thank you Inky and good night.

This comment was edited on Jun 17, 04:14.
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News Comments > SÖLDNER Patch Plans
54. Re: Two Continents - The US and the Rest Jun 16, 2004, 07:51 madbunny
About time you realised it. The fact is an egotistical blinkered fool will never do this. You will blindly follow any leader (even if you have the use of weapons) where ever he goes.

We in the UK are far from perfect, its just you are far behind us. We have spent a century trying to clean up the messes our forefathers left behind and you have spent that time trying to emulate what we did even though it was wrong. Face facts, its not up to any one country to Police the world.

You have my pity Inky.

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News Comments > SÖLDNER Patch Plans
52. Re: Two Continents - The US and the Rest Jun 7, 2004, 19:46 madbunny
Dear Mr Inkswittch,

I would love to carry on this debate with you but it seems that in your eyes that anything that is wide of your extremist right views is liberal thinking - and here is you stating you are in the land of the free. Do you not have a freedom of speech over there (I already know you don't so don't say you do).

The fact is you can not see past your own nose and have no idea what is going on in your own country - so much so you tried to turn a debate about the USA trying to police the world (and failing miserably) into a *You are no better* when nobody has said we are but we have spent the last hundred years trying to lay the ghosts of our mistakes to bed when your country is starting it all again. Your leaders should get your own house in ordr before judging others - the worlds most powerful nation, the worlds leading producer of weapons says that Iraq (a nation whos weapons were supplied by the USA) is a threat to world peace??

Take this statement NOBODY IS TURNED AWAY. IT IS ILLEGAL FOR HOSPITALS TO NOT PROVIDE EMERGENCY CARE TO ANYBODY and try and recall what the deate was about please. It staes that your health service is not free. The whole thing you fucking retard - not just emergency care. We have the choice of better medical care if we so want it but everybody here gets teh same medical care EMERGENCY OR NOT. You have piss poor medical aid and you apil in comparisson to us and ours is noit great. Try the Canadian model - now that is how you do it.

If you really think you voted your leader in then you are more stupid than you make out - the man who won in a state that is run by a family member - the state who made it illegal to vote if you have a criminal record - yes, that is the people speaking. The man who without this tainted vote would not be in power in your country. Our system modelled on yours? Yes, you keep thinking that you buffoon.

And have you read the patriot act? I have and if you think that does not affect your civil liberties then you have no idea what a civil liberty is. As for your comments about *the right to bear arms* then tell me why the country who drpped *the bomb* on Hiroshima feels it has the right to tell other countries they whould not have any WMD?? If they can not control themselves then why are you trying to control everyone else?

PS - how many amendments to your bill of rights??

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News Comments > SÖLDNER Patch Plans
50. Re: Two Continents - The US and the Rest Jun 7, 2004, 02:37 madbunny
You are seriously one blind fool. You think you need to have a disteneded belly to be starving or living below the poverty line? Spoken like a person who has plenty of everything so thinks the world around them is fine. Medical and social help free?? You pay fo it you fucking idiot - no insurance then no treatment - our system provides for ALL (its not the greatest system on the planet but it is a damn sight more free than yours!)

We do not need guns in our country as our government will not curtail our rights. Our government is actually chosen by the people and if wedo not want them there we vote them out. Something your system is incapable of. If we do not want them there then we can press for an early election. You can not do this due to the way your system works. The very fact you can only think of the one way to remove your government should you feel they have violated your rights is pretty damn scary. The first thought in your head is violence and use of weapons. The fact is you place weapons in the hands of the people and they will use them whether for good or bad - your crime figures and high mortality rate - not to mention your kids offing each other - proves that. (You do not need ratification of 50 states but 50 leaders of states/senetors and its not so hard getting your laws changed - they made the Patriot Act and got it passed in under 24 hours and that contradicts your bill of rights let alone your human rights - you amend your bill of rights and therefore the rights of your people all the time).

If terrorism has always been an issue why never speak up?? The USA did nothing and said during the IRA years for fear of the terror landing on your shores.

The fact is the USA belives in an eye for an eye and will not stop until the whole world is blind.

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News Comments > SÖLDNER Patch Plans
48. Re: Two Continents - The US and the Rest Jun 4, 2004, 17:28 madbunny
Well you certainly make yourself look more and more stupid with each post you numpty. You didn't have to change the mind set of the Germans and Japanese - it was a totally different set of circumstances. (And if you talk about change then why are there still plenty of Nazi's around today - even in your great nation?)

YOU do have more internal security, my trip through the US this year to E3 showed me that - do you actually go out? How about the Patriot act? Is that not against your civil liberties? Will not exchange freedom for safety - then why is such a thing as the Patriot Act needed?

You have been to more places than me? What an absurd assumption. For the record I have been to America, Canada, Iceland, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Columbia, Jamaica, Nigeria, Niger, The Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Cameroon, China, Japan, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Viet Nam, Nepal, India, Goa, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and that is before I even get into Europe. You really are a jackass!

So, because you get one act of Terrorism from an outside source they suddenly have it in for you? What about Madrid? In fact, come on, tell me why World Terrorism was not an issue to the US until 9/11??

You talk about mind sets and then you talk about buying a gun. The very fact you see that as *your right* says it all. I don't need to buy a fire armin this country - we do not have such a high crime rate. Why would we want to make it easy for someone to buy a gun - we would end up with the very same social disorder that you have in the US? the same gun controlproblems and people offing each other by the thousand each year - go on, deny that!

America invented civil liberties? Don't make me laugh!! Try telling that to your masses of poor people who live below the bread line because of the way your glorious system works - where are their civil liberties? Try telling that to the masses of ethnic people living in the projects (what a great name for a building development). A statement like that coming from a person whose country allegedlly had these first but ONLY if you were white and rich. What has changed? Fuck all has changed.

You are from the country were if you don't like the law you amend your constitution and amend it again and again and again so your rules suit who ever is in charge - whether they should be there or not. Land of the free - then how come you don't get to elect your chosen leader??

You need to find some other news sources and stop being spoon fed by your leaders. Just because they say something doesn't make it so.......anyone from a free country would know that!

This comment was edited on Jun 4, 17:33.
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News Comments > SÖLDNER Patch Plans
46. Re: Two Continents - The US and the Rest Jun 4, 2004, 05:03 madbunny
"When we were founded, you were a monarchy. 'Nuff said. If you think a monarchy is "relatively free", you are nuts.

I never said you were invaded. I said you were CLOSE to being invaded. Extremely close.

Crime in this country is on-line with or lower than crime in other countries. You watch too much TV. There aren't gunfights in the streets here as your news (and, admittedly, much of ours) reports. Crime is about the same here as anywhere else in the world. Sorry to burst your bubble.

I love how a lot of you Europeans call us Americans uneducated and ignorant. Do you not know that our learning institutions are the most sought out in the world? (University level) You don't know that people flock here to get a good education. Funny how you can call us ignorant when the best minds on the planet come here to educate themselves.

And, ROFLOL!! To prevent more 9-11's you have to step up security? That's silly. Isreal is one of the most secured nations in the world and they still get attacked on a daily basis. Also, we would have to curtail American liberties to detain suspects here. We are not willing to give up some of our liberties because some idiot religious fruitcakes want to kill us. Not gonna happen.

To prevent more 9-11s you have to destroy the mindset. You have to make the citizens of a nation undestand that if they continue to allow their leaders to support terrorism, we will be coming after them. That, in simple terms, means war. That is what we are doing.

Oh, and....

Viet Nam was stopped by people just like you. We left those poor S. Viet Namese people to be slaughtered when we left. I don't feel good about that at all. But, you and your ilk do. We tried to keep them free of communism. We failed. At least we tried.

Gulf War one was completed. If you want to know why Saddam was still there, you will have to go to the UN and ask those questions. The US followed UN mandates and did not invade Iraq or take out Saddam. Not on the US. That one's on the UN.

The most recent Gulf War will be finished. Eventually. Don't forget, we still have Syria and Iran to deal with. Then, eventually, N Korea. Don't think the US is done kicking ass. We aren't. We realize the stakes even if you don't.

I gaurantee you I have much more personal liberties than you, my friend. And, millions of servicemen have died gaining those for me. And for you. And, we'll keep you free no matter how much of an idiot you are. That's what we do.

And, arguing your position and trading facts is healthy. Calling somebody a c*nt kinda distracts from the point you are trying to make.

Like I said, I really could give a shit what you think of us. Just make damn sure you never piss us off or you will find out just how smart our soldiers are first-hand. "

I am so scared now. Your nasty educated soldiers might come and get me. What with all their whooping and hollering you would hear them coming amile off.

The most recent Gulf War will be finished. Eventually. Don't forget, we still have Syria and Iran to deal with. Then, eventually, N Korea. Don't think the US is done kicking ass. We aren't. We realize the stakes even if you don't. *

Just how full of fear are you? How much of a threat are these nations to the globes LARGEST manufacturer of weapons?? You are pathetic.

I doubt you have more civil liberties than me and I doubt you ever will. Try leaving your country and experiencing the world - you might see its not such a scary place.

How uneducated are you? Your country went into Viet Nam (like the French) and got your asses kicked. The reason those poor S.Vietnamese got slaughtered is your country flip-flopped AGAIN and never finished what you started. It seems history keeps repeating itself.

If you had more internalsecurity then those terrorists would never have made it onto those planse on 9/11. You truly are a fool. You don't have to think too hard about that one. You can't force change mind sets. These cultures have been this way for hundreds of years. Saddam was an evil b@stard but the way he ran that country was the way it has always been run. Without that way of doing thing the rival religions start waring and eventually you find the UN having to go in - like in Kosovo. You can not run these countries like a Western country - Israel proved that and you lot should have stayed out of there too.

Why is it that America feels the middle east has it in for them?? Or do they feel that at all? Do their leaders just tell them that so they can go to war over the $ valueof a barrell of oil?

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News Comments > SÖLDNER Patch Plans
43. Re: Two Continents - The US and the Rest Jun 3, 2004, 17:34 madbunny
"You obviously get your news from the pathetic tabloid'ish rags that you call the "media" in your country. It doesn't surprise me. Here is some advice. If the paper you are reading has a picture of naked breasts in it, it probably isn't serious journalism. I understand. We have the same left leaning media types here. The problem is, they ommit facts and concentrate their efforts on weakening the right.

Our soldiers don't know why they are there? That is patently stupid. Our soldiers know exactly why they are there. Don't listen to left wing media outlets. Our military is the best educatated in the world. Volunteers, all. I sure hope our enemy underestimates US soldiers as much as you do. We are there to prevent more 9-11s. Still another example of your (and ours) left wing media with an agenda.

And, yes. America freed the world. You live in a free country because of us. You mirror our form of government. Human rights and civil liberties would be unknown except for the US. Those are things the United States brought to the world. Not England. Not France. The United States. And, if the US goes away, so will all those nice things we have established.

And, I guess we have different ideas on what being close to being invaded is. IMO, being bombed daily from across the channel and preparing your beach defenses for landing gives the impression of imminent invasion. London burned to theground seems like the pre-cursor for invasion. Maybe not."

You are one sad deluded arrogant American c*nt. We were about as invaded as you were at Pearl Harbour. Yes, we had loss of life but we were never actually invaded. The difference is we were involved in a war - wee wereliberating European neighbours from invading aggressors - not what you call liberation which is attacking middle Eastern countries under the guise of a war on terror (and then leaving before the job is done again).

News flash you dick head, the British lived in a relatively free country before you were foundered and I dare say we have more civil liberties than you whilst also having less crime (by percentage) where as you are a nation controlled by fear and led by hatred. You even let a man run your country who never won your election.

I don't read tabloids. I read a broad cross section of news from all areas, unlike you it would seem who, like a vast population of your country men (your leader included) are illiterate.

Your soldiers do not know why there are there. How does it prevent more 9/11's? 9/11 never occurred in that part of the world. To prevent a 9/11 you do not let people wander through your airports with no passport control. To prevent it you step up security at home. You did a bang up job of preventing more terrorism seeing as during all the middle eastern conflicts the Madrid bombings occured. The best educated soldiers in the world - that I strongly disagree withand so do allthe Uk troops who died with US bullets in them during the two Iraq conflicts - more UK soldiers died at teh hands of US soldiers in the first Gulf War than did from Iraqi weaponry. Educated my arse.

Who the hell are you to say you gave the world freedom when you do not even live in a free country??

Viet Nam, Israel, Gulf war 1, Somalia, Gulf War 2 - will you ever start what you finish??

This comment was edited on Jun 3, 17:39.
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News Comments > SÖLDNER Patch Plans
39. Re: Two Continents - The US and the Rest? Jun 3, 2004, 04:21 madbunny
I would love to add more to this debate but your responses get more pathetic each time Mr Inkswitch. You are factually unaware and unable to see past your star strangled banner tinted glasses and why would I need to add any more when Wilson has just pointed out just how flawed your arguement is.

One last thing though, at what point did anyone say that England has not meddled in the past? Who said that our hands were clean? I think you will find nobody did. We did get involved far too much. We did try and enforce change - long before your large rockwas discovered - and nobody stood for it then and nobody will stand for it now. The only difference being that today the weapons are bigger and more dangerous and the wars escalate faster.

the biggest difference is that we have made mistakes, we do not hide from them and admit them (unlike you lot and Viet Nam huh?) and we don't demand respect of the rest of the world and claim it was all about liberation and freedom - as when we meddled we admited it was conquering (no disguises for us) just like the Romans did. Times have changed and almost every country can see its mistakes and trys to learn from them yet the US can't see anyones and carry's on making the same mistakes over and over again. You can see the difference in *then* and *now* can't you? We have supposedly moved on since then haven't we?

And Inkswitch, why is it that the US does not get involved in wars that have no profit in them? Why are your soldiers starting to speak up about why they think they are in Iraq? Are they all un-patriotic liars too?

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News Comments > SÖLDNER Patch Plans
36. Re: No subject Jun 2, 2004, 19:20 madbunny
Dear Inkswitch,

Ok, I will put up.

Hit a nerve did I? Nearly conquered by Germany? Know your history you buffoon. They never came close to getting on these shores. Remember the battle of Britain (yes, that bit of the war we won without you) well they got a royal arse kicking and they knew it. Who was it who chased the Nazi's from Africa again - oh yes, us. If you are the nation who is solely responsible for our freedom and liberation then should we lay claim to the fact that we gave you the language in which you speak (or should do - stop bastardising our language!) as you would probably have been speaking French now if not for us. (yes, us, the cowards). Once again,know your history.

You were attacked on 9/11 and that was dispicable, nobody in their right mind would dispute that (for you to say otherwise is pathetic - who wishes to see loss of human life) but you think by attacking Iraq you will get those who commited that evil act? Your own congress members has admitted that the whole *WMD* story was made up - your President was left very red faced about the whole thing and is now making a hastened retreat from said country. Even your own soldiers are saying that the assault on Iraq has very little to do with 9/11 and the *war on terror* but is about greed, wealth and oil. So this is liberation and the fight for what is right is it?

I have lived with the threat of terrorism for my whole life, just like everyone in the UK. It has always been there its just that all too many Americans believed *it couldn't happen here* (your President being one of those people). Not once did the US condemn the actions of the IRA on these shores - in fact many American organisations had links and helped fund their attrocities (payments so bombs do not appear in their outlets). Not once did your country offer us assistance in our war on terror - was it not important back then? (should I say you were probably laughing and joking about our loss of lives - no, because to suggest that would make me as foolish and as sad as you).

Ok, we are cowards. The one nation that always comes to your side is full of cowards. By comparisson you must be a nation of fools? Viet Nam - what exactly were you lot ever doing there? Also, you train the man who planned 9/11. (Its interesting that everytime you criticise an American they bring up 9/11 - two attrocities including Pearl Harbour yet how many wars have you needlessly been in, escalated and walked away from?) You funded Iraq in its war on Iran and have recently had to go and clean up your mess (with the help of which nation I ask you?) If your care so much about freedom, liberty and the good of the world then why do you never get involved in a war that has no profit or political gain in it? Why is the treatment of the people in Iraq so important but the genocide in Zimbabwe not?

Nobody said that America is evil. There has been so many great things to come from over the pond it would be grossely unfair to say that. To say you are the defenders of freedom and liberty is just a lie. Stop believing what Bush feeds you, wake up and look at what is going on in the world. Afganistan, Iraq - they are only things to try and allay the fear you all felt after 9/11 - of course whilst keeping you all healtily fearful so they can make you all look past the terrible state your country is in just now.

Its not jealousy,its just that some Americans will have to face up that the world owes you nothing. Its not hate as I don't say that all Americans are bad or stupid - unlike you labeling us all cowards. Respect is earned and you do not automatically deserve it. Your country, much like everyone else's is not infallible and is not always right.

You asked me to put up so I have, now I ask you to turn off your TV (the propaganda machine) go back to school, dig out the history books and old news papers (maybe even some non-US ones?) and get yourself an education.

By the way, do you not see the irony in someone like you saying that Micheal Moore is uneducated?? Have you actually seen Bowling for Columbine? Its not about tieing blame for one tragedy to one gun manufacturer (Lockheed don't make your average gun you tool), it was a sad look at the gun culture in America and what might be its cause. Once again you show an amazing amount of ignorance, even to the extent of the reasons he can't get his film out in the US (Bush and his family playing a pivotal role). His other film, Roger and Me,is also a very good film. You might like to look it up and try watching it - its about Plant closures in Michigan and the effect it had on its people - this was caused by GM laying off its workers and taking its production abroad - thats not very patriotic is it? Maybe you will learn something or do you fear that?

I only hope you will shut up. Your sad *America deserves your respect* only serves to shame your fellow countrymen and women.

This comment was edited on Jun 2, 19:33.
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News Comments > SÖLDNER Patch Plans
33. Re: No subject Jun 2, 2004, 14:40 madbunny
" If it wasn't for us meddling cunts, you would be speaking German or Japanese now.

Ignorant idiots. I guess your country doesn't teach History.

I'll give you a brief lesson: America freed the world. There would be no such thing as "human rights" or "freedom" without the United States. If it wasn't for our servicemen dying for your shitty (and ungratefull) little countries, the world would be a shithole.

If you don't believe or understand that, you are just plain stupid. I just hope to god that the rest of us freedom-lovers don't have to pay the price of your stupidity".

Yes, because America won WW2 on their own. With nobody else playing their part. Its drivel like that that makes so many people dislike Americans. I happen to know quite a few of your country men and women and thank f@ck they have more intelligence than you.

Read up on WW2 and look into it. It was an Allied effort with many different nations all playing pivotal parts. No, England and Co did not win it on their own but neither did America and you can bet that neither nation could have done it on their own - just like the US could not have started what they did in Iraq on their own - like it or not my American chums, the UK military played a key role in liberating that country. The only problem was that Iraq and similar nations have been under tyranical rule for centuries, its how it is and you can not force chage on those who do not want it - why do you think so much of the East hates the West? Once again, research that and gt your facts right before going onto any forum and boasting what a great country you are and how the rest of us would not be free if it wasn't for those across the pond! In fact look at how your nation was founded and where you all come from!

The biggest problem with America today is the likes of Inkswitch and his total lack of knowledge but fantastically big mouth and pathetic claims about how great America are and why we should all bow at your feet. Have a look at your nations own interior problems, the violence, the gun cultures, the racial intollerance and the way you are fear everything so much and then come back and tell me how *small* we are!

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News Comments > Fixed SÖLDNER Demo
107. Re: Fixed like a... Apr 9, 2004, 07:55 madbunny
I played this game on a lan and it lagged with only the one person in. I played it on a lan and it severely lagged with more than one person in.

I played it on line (eventually) and it was lagging and it took me aaaaaaaaages to get in a game only for the server to crash??

It costs you money to buy things - fair enough, not a new idea but a workable one BUT why can they not just give you more options or more cash in the demo so the player can actually experience something?

The models don't seem to hot and the skins don't work in the browser. (Black pants = Blue boiler suit for me!) The animation is not too shabby but I get indifferent water effects? Sometimes it is blue and solid but sometimes it actually looks like water.

I have played Alpha's that have more in them than this. I am not imressed and on that performance this game would not get purchased.

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News Comments > European Horizons Trial
3. Re: heh Apr 5, 2004, 14:48 madbunny
Typical of the b@st@rds at Empire!! Typical of a smack head mentality!

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News Comments > UT2004 Server Rentals
6. Re: Well Mar 20, 2004, 08:20 madbunny
This has been done before with an Unreal powered game called Mobile Forces - not the greatest of games but it was made by Rage They boxed it with a month subscription to a place called Thrustworld (which in turn was pretty shoddy and run by complete tossers) but through the community they offered a place to sort out all your clan needs as well as making you able to sort out your clan battles etc. You then had the option of continuing your Thrustworld account at a monthly rate if you so wished. Like I say it was not a great game but teh community was friendly and of far more help than the actual developers.

Its not a new idea but good to see the people at Epic etc giving their community continual support even if this is a bit on the $$$$4 side.

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