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News Comments > Bet on Soldier MP Demo
106. Re: Pirates != Lost Sales Sep 14, 2005, 20:30 sinner's saint
"Just as the RIAA and the DMCA are not about "protecting" ip owners, Copy Protection is not about lost sales, it's about political power and control of an industry, as we see with the Ratings group after GTA, trying to dictate content to publishers and developers."

The ESRB is not dictating what Rockstar can put in the game, they simply redefined the RATING of the game. Moron. Please, try to comprehend what you read in the media before inserting your unfounded extremist liberal views into a controversial topic.

p.s. let me just state, all the ESRB is trying to do is prevent MINORS from buying games that are violent or sexual in nature. This only benefits the MATURE players by removing this fuckwads out of our multiplayer game enviornment. IT IS A BENEFIT.

This comment was edited on Sep 14, 20:32.
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
5. Re: Phantom needs to be redesigned Sep 2, 2005, 14:33 sinner's saint
MS made a smart move by actually aquiring developers with a broad genre portfolio during the Xbox's life cycle. Sony really doesn't have much in house development, and it's 'killer app' builder, Rockstar, isn't bound by Sony any longer.

Having bought a PSP and seeing the lack of in-house produced games really makes me rethink getting a PS3. At least Xbox will have Halo and a Mechwarrior game at the very least.

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News Comments > UC: A World Apart Patch, UC Gold Nears
5. Re: No subject Aug 29, 2005, 12:57 sinner's saint
This is like trying to polish diarrhea.

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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
34. Re: No subject Aug 15, 2005, 20:46 sinner's saint
"I guess calling me a troll allows you to write off anything I say as some kind of "attack" on you, or some kind of pointless baiting. Even though everything I have said in this thread was entirely neutral.

Since you are locked into that sort of closed mind set - there isnt anything I would be able to discuss with you anyway. You have already made up your mind. You have reached your conclusion.

Now sit there and rot with it.

Whereas if Riley had replied to Beamer's post he would have deconstructs every line in laborious tedious detail. In much the same way Beamer does.

Does Beamer = Riley = Troll? Hmmm. Only YOU can decide."

Riley is much stupider than space captain. Although I hate them both equally.

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News Comments > City of the Dead Deal Dead
10. Re: No subject Aug 5, 2005, 18:45 sinner's saint
Land of the Dead seriously is awful, about 70% of the people who were in the audience in the theatre I went to left before the movie was at its 'climax'.

It's terrible. I read the rottentomatoes rating too and thought this might be a good zombie flick, even if it was just bad but funny(i.e. Dead Alive). But, in the end, it was just awful.

Seriously, not even worth a rental. Go get 28 Days Later or Shaun of the Dead and be happier.

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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
7. Re: Far Cry Instincts Jun 29, 2005, 12:50 sinner's saint
I wonder if the potential price hike is due to the blu-ray player inclusion. Anandtech (or some similar site) had some interesting insights into why the PS3 might cost more to produce; blu-ray being one of them. Since it's not massed produce this may raise Sony's price-point until full scale production (if it ever happens) or wide-spread adoption occurs.

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News Comments > Blizzard vs BnetD
22. Re: Confusion in legislation Jun 17, 2005, 18:49 sinner's saint
Hey Riley,

Since you're such an advocate of the courts and law, here's a little snippet from Bnet's EULA:

3. Ownership. All title, ownership, and intellectual property rights in and to (including, but not limited to, any titles, computer code, themes, objects, characters, character names, stories, dialog, catch phrases, locations, concepts, artwork, animations, sounds, musical compositions, audio-visual effects, methods of operation, moral rights, any related documentation, "applets" incorporated into, transcripts of the chat rooms, member profile information, recordings of games played on, and software) are owned by Blizzard Entertainment or its licensors. All rights are reserved. is protected by the copyright laws of the United States, international copyright treaties and conventions, and other laws. All rights are reserved. may contain certain licensed materials, and Blizzard's licensors may protect their rights in the event of any violation of this Agreement.

4. Your Use of

A. You are entitled to use for your own personal use, but you shall not be entitled to

(i) sell or grant a security interest in or transfer reproductions of to other parties in any way, nor to rent, lease, or license to others without the prior written consent of Blizzard;

(ii) copy, photocopy, reproduce, translate, reverse engineer, modify, disassemble, or de-compile in whole or in part any software;

(iii) create derivative works based on;

pwned. I think the EFF and bnetd is fucked in this situation. Stop arguing, it's in plain print.

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News Comments > Ritual Countdown, Testing Program, Sin II Tease?
56. Re: No subject Jun 17, 2005, 17:18 sinner's saint
""You are the exact jackass that sues McDonalds because their coffee was too hot."

You obviously don't know what you're talking about. The facts of that case:

- The coffee was scalding, undrinkably so, because McD wanted the competitive edge with people who take their coffee to the office.
- McD had over seven hundred (!) complaints of burns from their coffee and never acted on it.
- The woman spilled the coffee in her lap, and suffered 3rd degree burns of her groin area, which necessitated amputation of certain "skin" tissue. Think about that for a second.
- The victim had $20,000 in medical bills from having her burnt vagina parts cut off. She offered McD to settle for those $20k. McD refused. So they got slammed with a multi-million dollar award.
- the judge in that case (not some runaway jury) called McDonalds' conduct reckless, callous and willful.

That lady is not a jackass; people who blabber nonsense without knowing the facts, however, are (especially when they point the same finger at others)."

Ever heard of Darwinism? I wouldn't exactly pour a cup of coffee into my lap after it just came out of the pot. What are people, idiots? Was she not expecting her vagina to get scarred from scalding hot water? Or that the coffee wouldn't be hot?

McDonalds didn't want to settle because coffee is fucking hot. That's the nature of the drink. If I stab myself accidentally with a knife does the knife company get sued? No. Same situation, thanks for your great argument though, jackass.

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News Comments > Ritual Countdown, Testing Program, Sin II Tease?
48. Re: No subject Jun 17, 2005, 16:18 sinner's saint
"Until video game publishers are held liable by a court and punitively fined for misleading consumers with their shoddy products or until strict consumer protection legislation covering software is enacted, the quality problem is not going to be solved. The current system of "free market regulation" simply isn't working and doesn't work when virtually all of the competitors in the industry release poor quality products and literally have license to do so."

You are the exact jackass that sues McDonalds because their coffee was too hot. Do us all a favor and slit your wrists. Buyer beware moron, read reviews before you buy games. I hate uninformed consumers, you ass tards deserve whatever misery you inflict on yourself for buying a product without fully investigating it. It takes 2 fucking minutes to look up a review online. Idiot.

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News Comments > EQ to Expand Again
3. Re: No subject Jun 15, 2005, 17:07 sinner's saint
Everquest: *Gasp* *Wheeze* *Cough*
SOE: What's wrong Everquest?
Everquest: I don't feel so good, even with twelve expansions and countless patches I still feel incomplete.
SOE: Well, at least you've got werewolves now.
Everquest: Somehow that doesn't make me feel better.
SOE: Ohhhh, come on buddy, at least you have subscribers still. You could be Anarchy Online.
Everquest: Yeah... I guess. But what's the point? All these new MMORPG's have PVP, ranking systems, good looking artwork and a cohesive world. Come on, look at me. When you start out in this game you fight BEES for five levels. BEES!
SOE: In early Ultima Online you fought rabbits. Bees are much more dangerous than rabbits. And people hate bees anyways, it's satisfying to kill them. People feel bad when they kill rabbits.
Everquest: I just wish I 'gel-ed'. Ya know, felt like a real fantasy world.
SOE: Don't worry. The next Everquest expansion -- Everquest Swords and Shields, where players take on the role of their own equipment and armor -- is set to debut soon.
Everquest: *Sigh*
SOE: After that we're planning on releasing Boots and Belt Buckles, where you'll see from the vantage point of an NPC's boots or belt.

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News Comments > Wow! 2M Playing WoW!
50. Re: No subject Jun 14, 2005, 17:28 sinner's saint
"I hear a lot of people saying that there is a definite item grind, though, that your survivability is massively dependant on your loot?
Granted, the people I hear this from may not be the most objective observers (ie, GW players)."

Remeber bunny hopping around in Counter Strike where you couldn't hit someone because your shots wouldn't land? Yeah? Well that's what good players do in WoW. You can have the most pimped out gear and I'll still bunny hop around instanting your ass to death. You can definitely tell the MMORPG addicts from the FPS fans when you start fighting. An MMORPG nerd will stand still exchanging blows. The FPS player will hop around like a crack addict so you can't keep targeted.

The gear only matters when you fight someone whose also a crack head (i.e. good at maneuvering). Then you're fucked.

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News Comments > Wow! 2M Playing WoW!
48. Re: No subject Jun 14, 2005, 17:18 sinner's saint

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News Comments > Battlefield 2 Demo
217. Re: All this whining... Jun 10, 2005, 20:07 sinner's saint
"All your fucking bitching just makes game companies that much more confident that the PC game industry is D-E-A (fucking)D


I really liked how you wrote DEAD right there after you spelled it out. For a second I thought you wrote Darma & Greg but I really couldn't figure out how that show has anything to do with gaming or Battlefield 2.

Thanks again.

Your friend,

Sinner's Saint.

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News Comments > Battlefield 2 Demo
208. Re: Mediocre Jun 10, 2005, 19:58 sinner's saint
1 - Random Disconnects (not my pipe/hardware)
2 - Texture corruption (on many, many facets of the models/terrain)
3 - Sound cutting/fuzzy
4 - Lag spikes (could or could not be server/client induced, not on my side according to what I see)
5 - Beginning video failed to load
6 - Menu system dropped back to desktop when rebinding a key
7 - Video options failed to save
8 - When video options finally saved I experienced a beautiful 'rainbow' effect on the menu skin

But, Sean, I've only played it 5 minutes. You're right, Sean, there's not that many bugs. And, Sean, before you blame my system or configuration I have many, many games that run perfectly fine. I have name brand equipment that most would consider 'gamer grade' so let's not explore that path, shall we, Sean?

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News Comments > Battlefield 2 Demo
200. Mediocre Jun 10, 2005, 19:49 sinner's saint
We waited 3-4 years for an incremental upgrade. Wow. Plus too many bugs to count, fanboys must be disappointed. I give it a C+

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News Comments > No GTA:SA GF4MX Support
21. Re: Who cares? Jun 7, 2005, 20:30 sinner's saint
"Why do they insist on putting crap out like this???"

The better question is, why do you insist on buying crap like that? Moron.

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News Comments > DICE NY Closed
68. Re: No subject Jun 7, 2005, 20:25 sinner's saint
Wow, this thread is going places. Wake me up when you morons actually start talking about games again.

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News Comments > WoW Battlegrounds Launch
22. Re: CTF Jun 7, 2005, 20:07 sinner's saint
I didn't know I was getting into world of WAAAHcraft, where blizzard falls in love....

Fixed it for you.

But seriously, stop complaining you complainy donkey sack. No really, stop it. Stop it. I play a mage and not once, when a rogue has been unstealthed (either by my frost nova or their own stupidity), have I EVER been killed by one. That whole class relies on sneaking up close enough to sniff another persons ass before they get a drop, and yes, then, they do rock your socks. Isn't that the intention of a rogue class?

The only argument you have is that you can't unstealth someone whose higher than you unless you're a hunter, but dude, they have to see you visibly before they kill you, which in turn, you can see them visibly. If you'd take the time to pan around your camera (I know, novel idea) while fighting things instead of holding your dick and pressing the 1, 2 or 3 keys on your keyboard repeatedly you might be able to defend yourself, or at least run away.

And whats so bad about dying? Oh no, I have to take 2 minutes and run back to my corpse! Heavens help you, you are such a poor innocent victim of the tyranny of rogues! Your plight has been hard, right now I am sending a million thunderbolts to destroy anyone who ever makes you whimper or cry. FUCK YOU. Grow up, be a man, get some balls. It's just a game. Don't like it? Screw off. There are millions of players who don't find the system unbalanced.

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News Comments > More 3000AD vs DreamCatcher
8. Re: meh Jun 3, 2005, 19:54 sinner's saint
Hahaha pwned.

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News Comments > Stargate SG-1 Voice Cast
14. Re: No subject Jun 3, 2005, 16:41 sinner's saint
Stargate and JoWood. Hrmm. That's as tantalizing a duo as David Spade and Chris Tucker starring in a overseas remake of Look Whose Talking Now.

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