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News Comments > Star Citizen Status Update
108. Re: Star Citizen Status Update Oct 20, 2015, 02:59 Kosumo
Thanks for your reply, very well put, I agree with you in some ways but I also have a lot of fun poking the cultist.

Please feel free to post about the third way (middle ground, some other are already there) as often as you like. I'm all about more points of view (In this wasted first world topic Thumbsup )

P.S. I do like the Star Citizen threads, has do others or else they would not have so many post (although it's mostly a few posters (kxmode, myself, CJ Parker, jdreyer, theyarecomingforyou, ect) posting many times.) - I'm sure Blue know how many look at these post and weather it is wroth him posting them.

This comment was edited on Oct 20, 2015, 03:08.
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News Comments > Into the Black
15. Re: Into the Black Oct 20, 2015, 01:40 Kosumo
Kxmode wrote on Oct 19, 2015, 23:56:
Holy shit!!

Thank you for your purchase

You have successfully purchased the following tickets

Star Wars: The Force Awakens
7:00 PM | Thursday, December 17, 2015
RealD 3D

Flamethrower Smash Party Drunk2 Drummer Cheerleading __________ Rifle

Is adding those 'flame/rifle emoticons' going to get me investergated and ban form movie theraters?

It's a joke FBI, It's a joke!
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News Comments > Star Citizen Status Update
106. Re: Star Citizen Status Update Oct 20, 2015, 01:21 Kosumo
Citizen P wrote on Oct 20, 2015, 01:08:
Just imagine all the constructive things you could have done, instead of committing so wholeheartedly to loving or hating a game, that you have or have not paid for, that may or may not meet your expectations. The first world problems surrounding Star Citizen and this website is somewhere between mania and obsession. Good grief.

What do you mean "this website"? There are 32 other topics posted in the last 24 hours - while it maybe a popular/hot topic for debate, Bluesnews has many other post about many other topics.

If you don't wish to see the comment you can just not click on the view comments link.

If you wish to post in the comments and get people to respond to you, you could just post 'first world problems' to try to belittle people who have a interest in the topic like a hipster would.

Do you have an opinion on Star Citizen or would you like to post on the meta of Star Citizen threads with something more than 'first world problems'

I'm happy to hear about either.

As to 'constructive things' could you give us some exsamples which are in the same vane as lying in bed posting on a website?

By the way, a big part of my character is gaming and I am very interested and take part in discutions about it. (Like I would think many here on a PC gaming website would)
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News Comments > Star Citizen Status Update
102. Re: Star Citizen Status Update Oct 19, 2015, 23:55 Kosumo
jdreyer wrote on Oct 19, 2015, 23:22:
Kosumo wrote on Oct 19, 2015, 20:29:
But I thought you were by and large a supporter of this project and am surprised that you posted this.
I'm not a support of either kick starter or a fan of Space sims, but am more than happy to see good games made.

I'm a Gamer and will play any type of good* game.

I don't like the way how this seems to have been funded by promises of a far off lofty goal of a game and the pre-game selling of highly priced DLC for such a game that I do not think will ever be close to the pitch that is sold - I find that scummy.

I do think it could/could have been made at a lower 'fidelity' point and then scaled up but that CIG as gone for a 'all in' type gamble on it without a solid plan or the people in a management postion to make it happen.

Chris Robert is not a good manager of projects, he is a used car sales man, he has been deceptive many times with this project.

I feel that he is using his fan base to fund 'his' dreams which they think is the BDSSE while his 'BDSSE' is more of a interactive movie (with the gameplay a long second).

This is a poorly managed project. I would advise no one to put anymore money into it.

Anyone want to disagree and tell me how it as been well managed?

Still feeling Sick

*Good is diffent form person to person but on the whole most of us can agree what is a good game.

This comment was edited on Oct 20, 2015, 00:38.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Status Update
98. Re: Star Citizen Status Update Oct 19, 2015, 22:44 Kosumo
Well Krovven, I agree that there was a degree of trolling in Blues post but I'm happy to give the guy some slack due to the fact that we are in Bluesland, he is, after all el presidentie for life here.

I know what you are saying in that it's not that often that Blue comments on any of the topics but if you look at his profile, you will see that he has now 4000 post sinice Dec 0, 0000, 00:00.

That's a long time!

If you don't like his comment or others in relation to Star Citizen, you can choose to not view them by not clicking on the comment section.

If you are interested in Star Citizen post, I'm more than keen, as I'd think other are, to hear what your views are.

From what I have seen over the last week or so, you seem to be saying you don't care either way but choose to attack/correct people (Derek!!) although you don't care.

While I'm picking up that Blue does not seem to be a great supporter of Star Citizen, I still think he would be more than happy to post any new that is supportive of it (after all, all though the early stages he was posting about their kickstarter, fundraiser, which was after all only helping Chris Roberts get his message out.)

I enjoy you being part of the Bluesnews community and hope you post your thoughts whatever they maybe (along with anyone else who wishes to post - Blue aswell)

P.S. Christ Roberts is Scummy Cthulhu
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News Comments > Star Citizen Status Update
95. Re: Star Citizen Status Update Oct 19, 2015, 20:29 Kosumo
So Blue post the third comment after just 14 mins of the post being live, pointing out how the second comment was just as trolling as anything and Krovven finds that a problem?

Woo, what happened .... is there more to this story or has Krovven just got his grumpy pants on.

Or should we all try to get Blue to ban Blue form the forums?

On topic - I would like to copy paste this from a SA posted that sums up the CitizenCon -

nopantsjack posted:

The Story So Far

The initial drama
Derek Smart is Derek Smart, trolls Star Citizen for a few months.
The Escapist publishes a peice where employees of CIG accuse Chris and Sandy of mismanagement, waste of funds and specifically Sandy of racism and muff-hating.
Chris Roberts posts a big meltdown on the Star Citizen site accusing Escapist of manufacturing sources/beleiving disgruntled employees/being Derek Smart/being Gamergate.
One day later CIG threaten Escapist with a defamation suit against the claims on Sandy (notably no claims to do with the money) unless they apologise and remove the article within 24 hours.
The Escapist says no, and commits to further investigation.

Derek Smart predicts a ship called the Vindicator will come out and it'll be $175 and a fighter, he does this through Beer who gets banned from the CIG forums for it.
Much shitposting.

After a brief delay and schizophrenic countdown timer, Citicon opens with a tearful speech from Sandy where she appeals to backers to think on the deep social connections they've forged by buying theoretical spaceships together, hypes Star Citizen as the pinnacle of human endeavour. This all sounds like a resignation and she's given going-away flowers, but doesn't leave.
gently caress you, Derek #1: "Anonymous hate campaign" + Look how much Sandy's underlings like her She also drops that she and Chris are married and this has "never been a secret" which is untrue.

Chris waddles on stage and mumbles through his nose and giggles, after showing how many devblog programs they've made the first thing he does is show off how many people he has working for him to disprove allegations of shrinking studio sizes. (gently caress you, Derek #2)
Chris lists the only stuff that is probably coming out soon, and its basically two weapons and buggies and the ability to respawn after you die.

After months of delays Star Marine is quietly scrapped and the development process is reversed and is no longer modular, now they're going to combine all the modules into one alpha to be released at an undisclosed time. gently caress You, Derek #3: "Everyone always yells at me when I give you release dates so I won't anymore."

Chris manages to fail at Powerpoint and can't make the next slide work.
Chris declares the alpha map to be the biggest ever in a game but compares it with Daggerfall and Skyrim rather than Elite, EVE or No Man's Sky which are much larger.

At some point they show off the state of this combined alpha, which is basically the multicrew demo from earlier roughly combined with the Star Marine module, it still looks very choppy and extremely pre-alpha, tellingly in a 4v4 firefight none of the shooting is captured on camera.
From the looks of it its entirely possible to lose whole space systems by not being good enough at FPSes. This is the only "gameplay" shown in the whole presentation, and involves mostly walking and some taking off, travelling and landing in space ships, ostensibly some people shooting assault rifles and then getting back in a ship.

A guy introduces a neat map app thats actually available now in browser and seems to work, making it the most polished game to come out of the kickstarter so far. You can plan your space camping trip routes in a game that won't exist for 2 years maybe never. The guy running the demo nearly dies from stage fright.

Chris talks about a night club called the Million Mile High Club where presumably people will gently caress eachother in space. This will probably also come out in some form, since its just a map people can walk around in, will support up to 25 players lol habbo hotel tech.

Some other guy intros an unpriced super joystick/keyboard/throttle addon that looks like hot dogshit but the guy doing the presentation is the only human that comes on stage for the whole thing. Chris fucks up at the reveal at every opportunity continuing the trend of Chris not being able to do anything.

They intro the Referral program with a video made by the one man who doesn't know how to say referral. The new "refral" program basically encourages faithful Citizens to recruit new players to buy this nonexistant game or buy 25 new accounts to get themselves a gaudy gold ship skin.
Possibly before this they announce a new ship that is totally the Vindicator, but has been renamed the Saber and sliced $5 off the price. (gently caress you, Derek #4)
They also announce a new $2500 military ship pack to go with Squadron42.

Halfway through the event and Chris is now just going to talk about Squadron 42 for the next hour, everyone is super excited to see what they have to show.

They have videos of the motion cap studio they set up themselves and reveal that Gary Oldman is in it and show a trailer showing CG Gary Oldman doing an old man voice with a muppet mouth before bragging about their facial animation in another video. They reveal a bunch of celebrities such as Scully, Luke Skywalker and Gimli are also in it as well as Sandi Gardiner. In brief interviews Gary Oldman looks guarded or despondant and compares Chris to Lucas.

They show us the first Squadron 42 gameplay ever revealed and its one big walking cutscene where they tour the ship and nothing else happens, the voices and perfomances are okay but this... isn't a game and there are bugs everywhere even for this one slice they have made, the first guy you see's hair takes 10 seconds to appear, another guy has a luminous mouth like his soul is trying to escape. All the black characters are carrying luggage or cargo in the background.
The animations range from decent mocap to shockingly rudimentary. Release date is set as 2016 which is laughable for anyone watching.

Chris goes loving mental for like 25 minutes about how many hours of cutscenes the game has and how huge its script is and it becomes chillingly apparent to everyone he's just found a way to reignite his hollywood dreams off the backs of nerds with poor judgement.
He gets an underling to bring him the script and then throws it on the floor to show how huge it is, then turns around and leaves him to pick it up, then realises he's supposed to be pretending to be nice and squawks out an apology and does his weird Hyih Hyih giggle.

Cake Time! CIG make a final bid to fill time and distract people from the fact the game doesn't exist and they showed 10 minutes of gameplay and they just told everyone none of the stuff they've been waiting for is coming out and they're going to have to indefinitly wait for an alpha that currently doesn't exist in any releaseable way.
They have brought a big birthday cake and they try and figure out a way to get the cake on a table from where it is 4 feet to the right to centre stage, which takes an army of techies and employees much hemming and hawing.
A put-upon looking stage assistant lights the candles as Chris giggles and introduces his all male, all white staff. "Happy Birthday, Star Citizen" they sing. The cake has 3 candles on it because its 3 years since the dream of Star Citizen and Star Citizen is just a dream.
Chris tries to blow out the candles and sprays spit all over them with a big ol' raspberry.
Chris makes two tentative cuts to the cake, asking the whole time how you cut cake and apologising like a man who has never seen a cake nor indeed a knife before.
Chris gives up immediately, nobody is getting any cake because he just can't figure this out, he tells the techies to cut the cake but then decides against it and announces the show is over.

I now know why I was put here on this earth, it was to make the longest post about Star Citizen nobody will ever want to read.

I'm not a big fan of copy/posting but am abit sick Sneeze today and am not up to fighting the battle.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Has 1M Backers; More Get Alpha Access
157. Re: Star Citizen Has 1M Backers; More Get Alpha Access Oct 18, 2015, 16:47 Kosumo
The game hasn't been released yet and there has been no marketing campaign

No marketing? Really? Why then do they have a VP of marketing for the last 3-4 years.

What is the point of Hollywood actors when you have a straight to VHS director Wacko
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News Comments > Star Citizen Has 1M Backers; More Get Alpha Access
87. Re: Star Citizen Has 1M Backers; More Get Alpha Access Oct 14, 2015, 17:33 Kosumo
Cutter wrote on Oct 14, 2015, 17:24:
And that's why no one in the industry who knows Roberts and his track record would give him dime one from the start.

Derek did, he gave him $250.

What does that say about Derek
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News Comments > Evening Metaverse
6. Re: Evening Metaverse Oct 13, 2015, 22:01 Kosumo
I just read it for the Ads  
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News Comments > Rocket League DLC
2. Re: Rocket League DLC Oct 13, 2015, 21:57 Kosumo
Cutter wrote on Oct 13, 2015, 20:56:
How are those who are playing still enjoying this?

Could you be more clear, what do you really mean?

I still play this, played just a hour ago. I get a lot of enjoyment out of scoring goals and saving them. I play 3v3 games and when you can get togeather even(ish) teams that are happy with rematches for 4 or 5 games in a row its great fun.

It's also very frustrating in a fun way when you make mistakes.

It's an easy to understand simple game that has a good amount of skill to work on, fast paced adrenalin rushes. Easy to get into a game at anytime and runs find on most hardware (cross platform play aswell). Network is smooth as. Good local co-op as well. I even enjoy the music which is not really the kind of music I normal get into. Nice short games as well, about 6 to ten mins max.

All the DLC is cosmetic.

What's your problem with it? The concept?

Did I answer your question?
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News Comments > Star Citizen Star Cast Revealed
221. Re: Star Citizen Star Cast Revealed Oct 12, 2015, 18:43 Kosumo
To agree with what Peeeling is saying, I would have thought that you would 'white box'/make a simple interal version of the spaceflight and combat before you start investing all those man hours into making 'fidelity' ships. (let alone sell concepts for ships of which they really have no idea about how they will work in a game that they still don't seem to have any idea about how the 'flight model' will work)*

That AC 2.0/miniverise demo they showed looked like the ships handled like a camera in a 3d engine. No momentum or innertion for that large multi man ship (connie?) 42.00 mins in video - or is that just me?

This lack of making a work lo-fi version of gameplay to me explains why they have failed on Star Marine - Chris cared to much about the 1st/3rd person animation that they could not get a mock up going and work on the gameplay. 45mins to 46mins is the fps part? That totally suck huge donkey balls - it's a fps which have been around for years, in a fps engine and it had nothing, not even on level with early 2000 fps - at this stage? Have they not been working on this part for over a year? (oh, that's right, it's all illfonics fault) It's not even at Quake 2 level yet! (well maybe just)

To much effort on the fidelity, not giving the gameplay a chance to be developed. I feel they have this backwards.

*did I not see that in the upcoming patch to something that there was now gonna be 4 diffent settings of 'flight mode'
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News Comments > Star Citizen Star Cast Revealed
217. Re: Star Citizen Star Cast Revealed Oct 12, 2015, 18:16 Kosumo
Krovven talking about 'comprehension' is funny when he then states this -

Your ethics state that it's not okay to have a wife work at the same company as her husband (not illegal), but it's okay to harass (illegal) the company, it's employees and their families.

I never said that or anything like that but he lacks comprehension. I only ever said it should/would be best to disclose this openly so as to avoid the bad publicity that it could lead too.

To quote myself -

Well It think they should have, it would have been the open, transperant way to go about it. To not do it only make it look deceptive.

Also this from Krovven -

I don't know how many times this needs to be stated...they are not a public company. Just because the game is crowd sourced, does not make them a public company. It does not make anyone share holders in the company. It does not give them vote rights on company standards and practices. People gave them money based on promises. Promises that everyone knew full well may or may not come to fruition.

Which I take is his rant in reply to me saying -

To quote Krovven - "Private company. They do not owe anyone any explanation as to who they hire."

Completely true but to rebut what you said I would say that it's very bad public relations for such a public company. If you don't agree that's fine.

Using read comprehension, I would have thought that it was ovious that I was talking about them being in the media and the likes, not that they where owned by the public. Is that just me or did he take that the wrong way?


Kudos to theyarecomingforyou for his run down and pictures of Citizencon.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Star Cast Revealed
110. Re: Star Citizen Star Cast Revealed Oct 12, 2015, 06:44 Kosumo
Any chance of a rundown/review of you Citizencon theyarecomingforyou?

I will say I thought, for what I've watched, it was a much better persetation than there earlier ones (that's not saying to much, they have had some shockers). It would have been cool just hanging out with a Concord.

Although I can be prone to trolling Star Citizen, there was some good stuff they showed, just for me, not any good gameplay, which should be the goal of a PC game.

I thought the writing was shit.

I did think the Star Map was very good and have checked it out and was impressed (6/10) although it's not gameplay (yet)

I did not care about the actors.

The cake and sing happy birthday was lame as (but I'm not a cultizen backer of the game)

The Amway programme was a shock - that's dodgy imho - anyone who need a refural can use mine - B33N1NG F0R CHR7S

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News Comments > Star Citizen Star Cast Revealed
109. Re: Star Citizen Star Cast Revealed Oct 12, 2015, 06:28 Kosumo
A lot of good talking points there Krovven.

but do you not think they should have laid their marriage out there to start with to avoid all of this?

- No.

Well It think they should have, it would have been the open, transperant way to go about it. To not do it only make it look deceptive. (when it finial came out, why hide it?)

Why do you think they should not have?

I understand completely that one is illegal, and the other is not.
I will add here that I don't know much about what doxxing? is. (I take it that it is getting info and posting it about people) I don't know what was 'dox' about Chris and his child, I'm not interested in that, but accept that it sounds scummy. (Derek did post, in response to me in a thread something about where the Robert's house is)

Is that illegal? If so, can I not repeat what I have discovered from chatting with others on the internet about any of many things?

What I've seen is Chris making a company and making mistakes while doing so. He isn't the first and he won't be the last. I don't agree with the business model, but that doesn't mean I don't hope they succeed so I can enjoy it in a few years time for a few bucks. What I see from Derek is a bitter egotistical man with many failed games over the years (and a current one), that has attacked Chris before (like 15 yrs ago).

I think the business model of selling internet spaceships and even concepts of internet spaceships for many time the price of a PC game for a game that at best is at alpha phase is really bad and will do all I can to dissuade anyone for putting that kind of money into the project. It's based way to much on faith for my liking - others may disagree.

I really don't wish to see this as the future of PC gaming.

You some up Derek nicely there, does not mean that he is wrong though, many thing he has said are true, and he has broken many bits of news before anyone else (Alex and Travis leaving, which CiG said nothing about till pushed. The delay to Star Marine, which Ben then said was "weeks, not months" away yet months later there is still no sign of it. The recent departures of staff. Plus more).

What's this about him attacking Chris 15 years ago?, I'm keen to hear more on that if you would be so nice.

Private company. They do not owe anyone any explanation as to who they hire.

Completely true but to rebut what you said I would say that it's very bad public relations for such a public company. If you don't agree that's fine.

That's not what I said is it? I said "fuck YOUR ethics". Did you not understand anything I wrote prior to that? Your ethics are as valuable as your opinion, they are your own and nobody else has to abide by them.

So to you ethic have no value if you don't agree with another person version of them? It's just "fuck YOUR ethics" Is that what you are saying?

I don't have very good reading comprention, I often misunderstand written things. Dyslexia sorry (also why my written English can sometime break down, I just hope you can figure it out some what - I've tried extra hard this post just for you)

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News Comments > Star Citizen Star Cast Revealed
101. Re: Star Citizen Star Cast Revealed Oct 12, 2015, 03:17 Kosumo
Krovven wrote on Oct 12, 2015, 02:10:
Nepotism is not illegal, nor is it required to be disclosed. Ethics is a matter of determining right and wrong, which is entirely debatable and is debated every day in every single city and town across the globe. Your ethics will not and do not align with every one elses.

Totally true, and a good point, which is why we are debating it (and why there are course on ethics in busness teached at many universities and other places), but do you not think they should have laid their marriage out there to start with to avoid all of this? I think that would have been wise to do.

If you want to go with "ethics" as your argument...where are the ethics in doxing and harassing a family, the company they created and the people that work there?

I think that is bad but its not what I'm commenting on, I think you are confusing two issuies.

And yes Derek is a dick (does dick moves), but so is Chris (also does dick moves), it's an illegal cock fight!

To answer some of the above post about Sandi's job and weather or not she was qulifidy for it, part of the answer is in was the job postion advertised before she fulled it.

Go fuck your ethics.

So you don't care about ethics at all then? Are you now trying to be a 13 year old.

By The way, I take it you think my Sandi vigina joke is on a 10 year old level - which it is - I'm inclusive like that Jester It also got you to rant so I think I get a troll point for it Trollbashing

This comment was edited on Oct 12, 2015, 03:27.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Star Cast Revealed
90. Re: Star Citizen Star Cast Revealed Oct 12, 2015, 00:35 Kosumo
Krovven wrote on Oct 11, 2015, 23:36:
Why did nobody come out and say they were married? Because it's nobody's business and because mouth breathing retards would make a mountain out of molehill just like they have been doing. Sandi being his wife has no bearing on anything at all. None.

Why did nobody say they are married? Really? Do you understand what ethics are?

Hello, nepotism anyone?

Your a grown up, you must have worked for people in your life. Do you understand what disclosure is?

My Mother was my accountant for many years, did I tell everyone I worked for that, no (not that I hid it, it was not relavent). Why because it had no effect on the jobs or funding of the jobs. Myself or my mother where never in a public facing role for anyone I ever worked for (I was maybe when I worked in advertising - at that time I was paid wages not invoicing for work)

Chris Roberts, and his wife Sandi, where both making many public statements in an effort to rise funds for the public.

Do you agree?

While doing that, they never choose not to disclose that they where in a relationship.

The money they where seeking was partially going to pay them both.

It's called ETHICS

It sounds like see was given a job of marketing and acting and costuemer support. Paid for by donor money (how much?)- did the donors know she was married to the 'chiarman' no, not really, they was whispers about it of which neither of them had the morals to answer truthfully. They where deceptive - not a good look at all.

It's simply ethics (I'm now using that word like Chris and "fidelity"). It would never happen in a public traded company.

Why are you excusing it? Is that because you would like to abuse Derek dispite him be right about it?

I wish I was 10 again - I now know so much I would like to do in my teens.

Korrd - can you point out where either of them as said they where married earlier than a month ago please.

EDIT - I mean look at this, she is fourth billing, on the casting roster, you really think she should be fourth amongst those actors?

This comment was edited on Oct 12, 2015, 00:57.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Star Cast Revealed
78. Re: Star Citizen Star Cast Revealed Oct 11, 2015, 22:50 Kosumo
Mate, I have no money in Star Cultizen, never have, you did, a lot of money, like 15 triple A PC computer games (3-5 years of good ok gaming, depending on what you brought)

You claiming that Chris Roberts lied about total cost, how long it would take, and scope is totally true but to invest that much money in a project based on what someone is promising is silly and you fell for it totally.

You are EMOTIONALY stuck on this, don't pretend otherwise, you look silly. (like Derek does)

You should just chill and let the cards fall where they may.

I Don't think you or Derek are wrong only you are both over hyping it JUST like Christ Roberts does.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Star Cast Revealed
72. Re: Star Citizen Star Cast Revealed Oct 11, 2015, 22:09 Kosumo
Kxmode wrote on Oct 11, 2015, 21:58:
RedEye9 wrote on Oct 11, 2015, 20:44:
But, Does that mean if nobody watches this shit you will quit discussing it. I can abide by those conditions, On one condition, heh heh, that you don't discuss this anymore and quit parroting everything that Derek does. Agreed. I thought so.

I will criticize the project as the evidence has been presented. You can keep drinking CIG's Kool-Aid and supporting them like a blind tool. I don't give a shit. What those videos did help me understand was the level of delusional thinking you are willing to engage in. As far as I see you are "emotionally compromised".

I'm not. That's the huge difference. I don't have ANY money invested in Star Citizen. I don't really give a shit one way or the other. What I personally care about is the damage CIG could cause the crowdfunding and space sim genre if they collapse. This is why I hope, emphasize hope, the game comes out and becomes a hit. Time will tell.

Hahahahhaha, your right, you have no money invested because they refunded your $900+ dollars.

What you do have invested is emotion which you are now projecting on others. You where foolish to ever give CiG that much money and you know it, you got luck/persived to get your money back, well done.

Now you rant like a manic, going form one extreame (give CiG over $900 dollars) to another (everything Derek says is tot true all)

It's getting more sad than funny - for both sides sake, could you pull it back to only slightly unhinged?

All you look like now is foolish both ways.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Star Cast Revealed
68. Re: Star Citizen Star Cast Revealed Oct 11, 2015, 21:57 Kosumo
Oh, they started the video with Christ Roberts weepy Sandi vigina. Oh, what a tear jerker. Crying

She would be such a catch, with her Star Citizen 'tatoo' I wonder if she is married? Love2

She even gets flowers, shiff shiff. Sarcasticclap

WTF - SHE HIS WIFE Family - "It's not a secret" Rubeyes But for three years it was never mention - That's abit deciptive. Headscratch

I need a moment, back soon. Outtahere
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News Comments > Star Citizen Star Cast Revealed
21. Re: Star Citizen Star Cast Revealed Oct 11, 2015, 17:16 Kosumo
Oh the quality and fidelity of the writing and direction of that speech; priceless.

Bravo Mr Roberts, Bravo.
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