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News Comments > BF2142 Beta Patch
11. Re: No subject Jun 26, 2007, 12:31 Skookum
Getting Special Forces is worth it for the extra unlocks, but the rest of the booster packs are definitely not. BF2142 has got a different gameplay, try the demo and see. The vehicles, in particular the aircraft, do not have nearly the same effect on the game.

As far as the number of players is concerned, it doesn't really make much of a difference right now. I can find good servers for both games whenever I look (I'm on the West Coast).

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News Comments > Enemy Territory QUAKE Wars Beta Signups Continue
17. Re: No subject Jun 24, 2007, 21:33 Skookum
Thanks Space Captain. I've tried reading through the threads on the opfficeal site but yours is the easiest explanation I've seen of this. I've never encountered a game with a framerate control set up like this before, and left alone the 30 FPS limit looks like crap.

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News Comments > Intel to Fight Game Cheating?
9. Re: Sounds Good! Jun 21, 2007, 12:38 Skookum
Punkbuster is already invasive enough, it slows down my computer, and it doesn't work. I can't see the motivation behind this Intel initiative as anything but DRM related. No thank you.

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News Comments > BF2 Stats SNAFU
14. Re: tards Jun 20, 2007, 17:23 Skookum
The hacks are not infrequent, I see a few each night when I'm playing Karkand I/O. The best is when you get a score of 250 with a 3/1 K/D ratio and people start calling you a hacker

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News Comments > ET: QUAKE Wars Beta Signups
16. Re: Initial Thoughts.... Jun 20, 2007, 14:44 Skookum
I agree about the movement being very fast, some people on the QW forums are saying too fast because endurance is not a factor. As a BF player though, I'm looking forward to a different kind of gameplay. Give me the speed and the unlimited endurance to play with for a change. (Not like you can't hop around like a jackrabbit in BF2 if you know how - just watch a CAL demo).

The main problem I have with the BETA right now is the wacky 30fps limit. It looks really jerky and unsmooth with the avatars constantly hopping all over the place. I much prefer being able to see clearly.

There is a post on the QW forums detailing how to change the client side to 60. I'll try that tonight before I make any judgements about the graphics.

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News Comments > ET: QUAKE Wars Beta Tomorrow?
2. This is why people don't like Fileplanet Jun 19, 2007, 10:55 Skookum
New Subscriber Sneak Peek Event
New Annual FilePlanet or Founders' Club Subscribers can get into the Beta Early!

We have reserved a very limited number of keys to the Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Beta and are making them available to new annual subscribers only.

So be one of the first to join FilePlanet or Founders Club, get your key and play this beta today."

Pay your 40$ and it *looks* like you get the beta, guaranteed.

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News Comments > Overlord Demo
22. No subject Jun 13, 2007, 02:26 Skookum
Really impressed with how much better this runs on a PC than on the Xbox360. It's a LOT faster and the controls seem much more intuitive (though that probably has a lot to do with the fact that I'm more accustomed to the mouse and keyboard than the gamepad). It just seems much better optimized on the PC. I can't help but wonder about the level of difficulty, which I hope is more balanced on the full game as the PC demo seems really easy.

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News Comments > Evening Tech Bits
25. Re: soundcards Jan 20, 2007, 18:46 Skookum
Thanks Bone 43 and CJ Parker. Very useful info for anyone building a new PC. The Soundcard DOES make a difference when playing games. Not saying that you have to buy a Creative soundcard, but that using an onboard soundcard will lower your framerate). Now if only we could buy our high end mobos without the damn onboard multi-channel soundcards and save some money.

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News Comments > Evening Tech Bits
17. Re: soundcards Jan 20, 2007, 14:36 Skookum
In my own experience, I can remember how playing games with onboard sound vs. a Creative Audigy 2 made very obvious difference in frame rate. The onboard sound (ac97) used up a LOT of the CPU, and thus the machine stuttered when it was trying to calculate everything necessary for 5.1 sound. Switching to an Audigy 2 took the load off the CPU and stopped all stuttering in games like Richard Burns Rally and BF2 on my setup (this was at least 2 years ago).

As far as the sound itself is concerned, well I use my older computer with the onboard sound for my media PC, playing movies and mp3s in my living room. It sounds perfect for my purposes.

I really wish someone would post a set of gaming benchmarks comparing current onboard sound cards with addon cards like Creative's. I'd like to know if they still make a difference with the newer motherboards and CPUs.

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News Comments > Xbox 360 Warranties Extended
17. Re: Xbox 360 on PC LCD Dec 22, 2006, 16:19 Skookum
Recommended if you don't have an HDTV at home. I find it more convenient to play games on my 'puter screen anyways.

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News Comments > Battlefield 2142 Patch
35. Re: Snipers Nov 21, 2006, 16:33 Skookum
Goldang, does this crouching thing work in BF2, or is it just BF2142? Claymores are the absolute bane of fun in BF2.

And I still disagree with you about snipers Batman, I even know some that can play that class as assault and do well. It's a very intense skill class, you have to be able to figure out bullet drop, exactly where a good spot to hide is, and always moving to keep from being seen and picked off. Also there's the quick weapon switch, where you shoot once with the rifle, then quickly switch to the pistol and fire. If done correctly you can make people whine about killing with the pistol in one shot cuz they didn't even feel the rifle shot (especially on laggy servers).

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News Comments > Battlefield 2142 Patch
27. Re: bf snipers.. Nov 21, 2006, 15:37 Skookum
Inkswitch: "Sniping is all about hiding and not fighting in online games. No, don't kid yourself you are helping the team by plinking. You are helping nobody. You are just target shooting."

Balogna. A good sniper can be a major pain in the ass, that's why they're so unpopular. Finding a good place to snipe, remaining hidden, racking up a bunch of kills on people who don't even know where you are.

I hate being killed repeatedly by a guy who I can't even see too, but saying he's not helping the team by taking out players before they even get close to the flag is just ignorant.

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News Comments > Steam RACE
6. No subject Nov 13, 2006, 21:45 Skookum
Is this another game based on the GTR engine?

Wish they'd do a WRC game.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
3. Re: Vista features that didn't make it Nov 11, 2006, 19:57 Skookum
Even more so, cutting out Safe Delete because 13,982 of 14,000 users experienced data loss because of it. I mean, c'mon, read the instructions first.


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News Comments > Out of the Blue
1. Bullshot Nov 11, 2006, 19:20 Skookum
That's a pretty good piece of nasty by Penn and Teller. I looked up Rainforest Action Network and Kate Lowe is still working there 3 years after getting so deftly humiliated.

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News Comments > The Late Show - New ET: Quake Wars Movie
18. Re: No subject Nov 11, 2006, 15:10 Skookum
Do the buildings explode in this game? I saw some holes in the walls after that mech blew up. And what about a tech tree like in BF2142? That killed the game for me, got tired really fast of not having a gun that actually does damage.

This looks like a lot of fun to me. Although I said that about BF2142 as well.

This comment was edited on Nov 11, 15:10.
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News Comments > Morning Q&As
10. Re: No subject Nov 11, 2006, 14:40 Skookum
Mr. Lolicon:
I said it comes down to racism; though not in the negatively discriminatory sense commonly assumed today.

Mkay, I'm assuming from the above that racism was positive and impartial in your time?

if you haven't published anything equivalent to Card's work, you shouldn't be talking.

Yes, that makes lots of sense. Maybe you should say it again just in case anyone missed it.

Ender's Game is good. Seventh Son is an embarrassment. It would be nice if half of what this guy says actually applied to this new game, but after Advent Rising I highly doubt it.

This comment was edited on Nov 11, 19:32.
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News Comments > Gold - Windows Vista
14. Re: No subject Nov 8, 2006, 22:53 Skookum
Use EAX? For gaming it's the best for now. An audigy 2 soundcard will beat any onboard sound card I've ever tried, both in game sound and game performance. Gotta hate monopolies, but CL has the market right now. On the other hand, you can pick up an Audigy 2 for pretty cheap right now, and be assured of having top notch sound performance (completely different from video cards).

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News Comments > Gothic 3 Demo Friday
11. Re: No subject Nov 8, 2006, 16:23 Skookum
Calling it a stinking pile is a little harsh. It has some questionable AI and design issues, but it's still managed to give me about 20 hours of fun so far. Essentially, I find it's just not as good as G2 was 3 years ago. If they could fix the performance issues and the wacky stunlock combat bug, it would be a lot better.

This comment was edited on Nov 8, 21:09.
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News Comments > Ferrari Game Plans
4. Re: 10tacle Studios? Nov 7, 2006, 15:29 Skookum
Ferrari is already in the GTR games, nonetheless, if 10tacle keeps this new game to the same standards it will be worth playing. Howzabout a GTR engine street racing game? Damn that would be fun, especially if they do an accurate damage model.

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