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Description I'm an electro/glitch/bmore/breaks DJ and long-time avid gamer from Hong Kong. BitTorrent is another one of my hobbies, and I've been an active part of the community since early 2003.
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News Comments > The Cake is a Lie
38. Re: No subject Dec 16, 2007, 20:16 Evil Timmy
MacD, with the way every datacenter works, you've always got the option of temporarily expanding your bandwidth, and generally hardware services as well, whether you're paying per TB transferred or just bumping up general capacity. It doesn't help that everyone's trying to download and authenticate in the same 5-15 minutes (and seeing those stats would be very interesting), but for such a huge event, you'd think they could cough up for extra capacity, even for 24 hours. The first experience people who've pre-paid and pre-loaded should have is clicking New Game and enjoying, not repeatedly authenticating.

Think about it like an RSVP-only birthday party: if you've got 30 people expected to show up, you don't say "Well, since some people will leave early, there'll only be an average of 20 people for the day, so I'll just get 20 chairs." That leaves people standing around, pissed off. No, you borrow chairs from your neighbors, or go buy some more. Valve is famous for their detailed stat tracking and insight into how people interact with their games, so why can't that apply to their service as well?

I was a moderator for the (then) HL2Fallout forums on launch day for HL2, and the whole staff went into crisis mode. Of course, people who were playing weren't on the forums complaining, but the authentication delays combined with the cache problems (I was part of that ~20% that had a screwy preload, ended up talking with Erik Johnson on the phone and sending a copy of my cache to help them fix it) meant that all the glowing reviews were posted right alongside tales of waiting hours or days to be able to play what was supposed to be available to the whole world in the same instant. They've improved their launches quite a bit since then, but I also don't think they've had that big of a launch since.

Also, I wanna plushie! I wish Valve had a physical store in Seattle, I'd get some relatives to send me one. Oh well, I guess my Fuzzy Companion Mammals (cats) will have to do for snuggling and puzzle-solving this Christmas.

Avatar 19465
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News Comments > New Blizzard MMOG Confirmed
49. Re: Dec 13, 2007, 03:46 Evil Timmy
Deus Ex MMO

Why. in the. HELL. Has this never crossed my mind before? Oh, wait, yeah, it's my favorite game combined with my least favorite genre (slightly below Rhythm-Based Gem-Matching JRPG-esque Golf Management Sims Featuring Panda Bears, so it's well down there). I'd love to see it done along the lines of Guild Wars, but with, at the very least, regular major story chapters where the world and story evolve based on player's choices and, of course, who wins. DX's hallmark, multiple paths in an objective based map, either solo PvE, co-op PvE, or PvP, would be butter. Give each battle a point, working your side towards a group, area, or faction goal, and reward it with everything from player XP and technology, to affecting PvP areas in your favor, to (eventually) giving your whole faction a boost. If you want to give high-level players something to do when they hit the cap, why not let them work for their whole 'side', rather than just raid time and again in hope of some Tier 6 drops? And when one side does get ahead, let the other(s) run counterintelligence to catch up, but make sure the reward's still worth it. Give a good risk/reward to missions in addition to multi-stage objectives and payouts (two players sneaking past a dozen in a high-sec facility pays out far better than smashing up a lightly defended guardpost in the city). And I could go on and on, but I'll rein in the page-long post I could easily make right here.

Curse you, Jerykk, for putting that idea in my head. Now I've gotta wait for (Eidos to go bankrupt*?) the it'll-be-not-quite-as-good-as-the-original-but-better-than-IW DX3 and hope that its multiplayer, if in existence, will even come close to the possibilities popping 'round my neurons right now.

* Financially, not morally or creatively. Past the expiration date for those.

Avatar 19465
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News Comments > New Blizzard MMOG Confirmed
16. Re: Dec 12, 2007, 20:23 Evil Timmy
Is this the MMO that makes actually playing them fun?

EVE's the closest in affecting the world you're in, Planetside made a valiant attempt in gameplay terms, but I've yet to find anything that's nearly as entertaining as most single-player games. The basic gameplay mechanic is dull, disconnected, and horrifically repetitive, the only real effect you can have is on your character, and to make that worse, your months grinding and raiding can be wiped out by a capricious developer 'balancing' things.

Blizzard's good at polishing whatever they've got, even a turd, but let's just hope that since they've got a license to print money already, they're actually willing to take the next step, wobbly and uncertain as that may be. It's not like they're buckling under deadlines and in fear of closure or anything.

Avatar 19465
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News Comments > GameTap Taps Macs
3. Re: what do macs Dec 12, 2007, 20:03 Evil Timmy
So, now that you've conquered Macs, may I suggest Asia? First run games are cheaper (in Hong Kong, they're $35-45) but prices don't drop, they just run out of stock and stop selling them. Your only hope is for a 'Classics' release, but these are rare and tend to only be the mainstream-est of mainstream games. There's also a ton of people all over with aging PCs who'd love something like this, and at your rates, its easy for kids to convince their parents it's worthwhile.

And if your director of development decides a land-based approach is the right way to go, shoot them.

Avatar 19465
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News Comments > BioShock Content Coming
38. Random trivia Dec 2, 2007, 09:43 Evil Timmy
Andrew Ryan is voiced by Armin Shimerman, aka Quark from Deep Space Nine. This somehow managed to totally escape me in a full playthrough, even though I've picked out John DiMaggio's (Bender) voice as 'Guard #2' in Chronicles of Riddick in the middle of a firefight. Some excellent voice acting as Ryan from a surprising source.

Avatar 19465
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News Comments > Two Worlds: The Temptation Announced
8. 5/10 Nov 28, 2007, 17:08 Evil Timmy
Is this the expansion that makes the game fun?

Really, some decent concepts, story was alright, blah blah blah...the whole game just felt really flat. Combat was dull, the RPG system felt sorely uninspired, graphics were average with weak artistic direction, writing and voice acting left something to be desired. Not to say it was abysmal in any category, just mediocre. Diablo came out 11 years ago now (yeah, I feel old too), and even though action RPGs are 'supposed' to be click bad guy, kill, loot, gain xp, buy new mouse, can't we at least see an evolution after that long?

Avatar 19465
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News Comments > ForceWare Beta Drivers
4. Re: No subject Nov 27, 2007, 11:48 Evil Timmy
Tr0n, if you're using a multi-display setup, just know that these betas tend to wipe whatever nView or other configs you have. I thought all of them post 163.xx were screwing things up (black screen on restart, exactly like you said, not a Sleep issue like in the release notes), until I post-install restarted with my projector on and realized it was defaulting to that as my primary display, not my monitor.

Avatar 19465
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News Comments > Crysis Patch Within Two Weeks
49. Re: ... Nov 17, 2007, 04:03 Evil Timmy
Creston, solution below (mild non-plot spoiler warning):

Check your map and keep moving. There are three burning vehicles along your path. Even on Hard, the alien turret Prophet handed you should make it fairly easy to take out both the jumping aliens and those evil flying bastards. After clearing the area where you meet Prophet, run to the first greet dot in the trenches (listen for his dialogue to tell you he's close enough), and destroy just the first flying alien that comes at you. Make sure the meter showing Prophet's warmth shows 100, save, and run through the narrow canyon to the next dot. There'll be a few of the jumping aliens blocking your way, but keep moving and try to destroy them at range. Let Prophet get to the car near the deep trench, then take out the flier (should be easier here because the trench provides cover), and he should be fine by the time you take it out. Save, and be ready for a rough run. You'll be facing 3-4 jumpers and likely a flier, and your next goal is on the other side of the bridge. I recommend taking out 1-2 of the jumpers and hauling ass to the opposite side of the bridge foundation, as it's a better position to fight from. After taking out the aliens, cross the bridge and you're home free (sorta).

As for the game itself...well, just go read the review at Gamers With Jobs, that's pretty much my opinion on it. The one thing I'd like to emphasize is that, to an extent, they stumbled on the last third, like in Far Cry. As soon as the aliens become the dominant enemy, the battles become a slugfest. The fights with NK soldiers were awesome because you'd roll up on a camp or patrol, quickly evaluate the situation, and then choose your tactics. The ability to play any fight the way you want to can't be emphasized enough. Getting stuck in most other FPSes means trying to memorize where everyone pops out and the game becomes a rail shooter/whack-a-mole hybrid, while getting stuck in Crysis means a chance to rethink your strategy and maybe change your plan of attack. If the AI seems weak, try it on Hard or Delta. Despite some bugs (mostly stuck vehicles), the game generally gives you tough and interesting battles that vary each time, and has surprised and impressed me repeatedly.

Oh, and the zero-g sequence is awesome. Can't wait for weightless MP maps or, if the universe truly loves me, a Descent mod.

Avatar 19465
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News Comments > TimeShift Patch
10. Re: Hmmm... looks like a console game Nov 1, 2007, 15:59 Evil Timmy
Aah, FEAR's vaunted AI. Am I the only one that noticed that it almost entirely consisted of 'Take left path. Shoot at player. Get shot. Back up and take right path. Shoot at player. Get shot. Back up...' Add 'toss grenade from behind box' and you've got the whole game. It became almost painfully easy to predict within the first half hour. Not to say that it wasn't fun, and it certainly beats the standard 'stand there and fire while getting torn to shreds' AI, but it's not the be-all and end-all, we've still got a long ways to go.

Avatar 19465
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News Comments > Empire Earth III Demo
6. Re: No subject Nov 1, 2007, 15:52 Evil Timmy
^^ this

Ever since playing Rise of Nations, I've found myself frustrated with everything else out there. One of the biggest refinements is getting mixed groups of units to move in formation. There's even options (box, line, wedge, siege) that cause your troops to arrange themselves based on unit types, and a simple mousewheel scroll while clicking to set direction changes the width of the formation (thicker vs longer line). I've watched thousands of units over dozens of games, mostly AA or scouts, who will blindly barrel into the enemy and get pulverized, while all the heavies are stuck two screens back. It makes working with a mixed force an exercise in frustration, especially when the fast units provide unique cover (again, AA units). C&C3 would have been twice as much fun if I didn't have to babysit my troops every single time they moved through hostile territory, and the fact that strategies have evolved to take advantage of this stupidity makes it clear that this is a necessary evolutionary step.

That is a big enough change in itself, and there are a dozen other things that RoN (and Rise of Legends, the decent-but-not-great sequel) do right that nobody else seems to have picked up on. I still can't help but feel that everyone is living in the shadow of the original Command and Conquer, afraid to step out too far because C&C is a perennial seller. Supreme Commander was interesting for a bit, but the issue from the paragraph above struck over and over again. The crazy zoom made for a nice view of the battlefield and meant you could hop around quickly, but it only exacerbated the issues with pathfinding and the grouping mentioned above. How long will it take before the lone soldier getting shot at the edge of your force is smart enough to tell the guy next to him 'Hey, I'm getting shot, help!' or your parked units are smart enough to either back up or go to investigate when getting shelled from off-screen?

When I play an RTS game, I'm put into the position of Commander. I shouldn't also be saddled with the titles of Babysitter, Mollycoddler, Physical Therapist, or Basic Survival Skills and Common Sense Dictator. RTSes are generally portrayed as more grown-up games, so when will they grow up themselves?

Avatar 19465
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Painkiller: Overdose
10. Re: No subject Oct 23, 2007, 21:44 Evil Timmy
This sequel to the eventual prequel

Wow, and I was slowly gearing up to do a long post about the 'prequels-as-sequels' trend that seems to be plaguing the games industry as of late. Now not only do I have to wonder why we can't just get on with the story, but why we need a follow-up to a prequel that apparently exists only in a developer's eye. Continuity is tough enough, if there's any level of detail, so now we're expected to keep track of what might go on in the previous events of a previous game, to understand what we're playing now, which came before the first game. That sentence makes sense logically, but in reality, they're just throwing us gibberish so the the all-too-common weak storytelling and writing doesn't even have to hold to its own basic rules and concepts.

I'm all for the simple, straightforward style of play that Painkiller and many other games offer. But Portal has proven that even a puzzle game can be well-written, actually develop throughout, have a sense of humor, and still keep the basics of the game as simple as desired. The 'epics' don't seem to have raised the baseline of storytelling, but maybe smaller games like this will prove that really, with a bit of thought, anyone can do it, and the simplicity or complexity of your gameplay is no excuse.

Avatar 19465
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News Comments > Valve & Episodes to be Revisited
22. Re: Meh. Sep 26, 2007, 02:29 Evil Timmy
If they actually could pull episodes off like Sam and Max did, I'd get 'Episodic Gaming Rules' tattooed on my ass. Put out 1-2 hours of gameplay once a month, and charge, say, $6 each, or $5 with a subscription, or $4.50 if you pre-buy a whole 'season'. They'd need to redo their development tools and workflow (Hammer sucks, and even more so when you've gotta do quick work; if they had tools on par with UnrealEd, maybe), but it'd have two great advantages: constant mindspace because of regular but distinct releases, and a (fairly) steady income. They could even run it like a TV series, laying down all the basics but letting their cabals or outside developers 'direct' an episode under their supervision and guidance.

Not going to happen anytime soon, though. It'd take a reorganization of how the developers, marketdroids, and QA people work, and it's a risk on the level that bigger companies shy away on principle (habit) and smaller companies can't afford the possibility of failure. Someone will do it eventually, and I think it'll be a great success, but as long as monolithic dinosaurs like EA keep making the same decisions to turn the same buck, we'll get to wait years between 'episodes', being classed as such because it's written in black Sharpie over a sticker on the box saying 'new expansion pack!'.

Avatar 19465
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News Comments > Steam Community Launched
4. Re: No subject Sep 14, 2007, 01:03 Evil Timmy
Wow, I've got a SteamID around 5k, and I remember this being promised from way back then. GG Valve!

Avatar 19465
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News Comments > Crysis DirectX 9 & 10 MP Performance
25. Re: No subject Sep 14, 2007, 00:57 Evil Timmy
Err...what? They start off claiming that all these features are based on server load, then pawn it off on you not having Vista/DX10? Aren't any decent servers going to be dedicated, ie the graphics don't matter a damn bit because they're just calculating data and pushing around packets? Or are server operators now going to have to drop an additional $500 on a graphics card in addition to the rest of their hardware (and what serious admin wants to run Vista)? Wow, Microsoft, EA, and Crytek, the perfect clusterfuck.

I've been gaming on PC since my dad brought home a ~$3k 286, never lagged that far behind on hardware (a generation, at most, and top end), but really, the last few years have been disheartening. Insane copy protection, deep-seated bugs that screw you over well into a game, hardware/software that moves in epileptic fits and starts...after having a good friend with a 360 since launch, and despite some minor issues, I've been having so much more fun just being able to jump into a game without having to patch, then search forums for a separate fix to make the game playable, then read a guide because the devs screwed up an important game mechanic or quest, then deal with crappy MP (GameSpy, suck mah balls), I'm about done. The only thing PC-only I've really enjoyed this year was STALKER, and that despite many bugs (which are still waiting to be patched). Crysis will be out during the middle of an extended business trip, but when I'm back, I'm much more likely pick up a 360 of my own, rather than drop $1k+ on a new system. I'm wondering, is it really worth reinvesting for two games a year?

This comment was edited on Sep 14, 00:59.
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News Comments > Preorder The Orange Box, Test TF2
56. Re: ... Sep 11, 2007, 18:06 Evil Timmy
is EP2 the last one for HL2, or is there going to be an EP3? I'm waiting until they're all out.
Three episodes is what I've heard consistently from Valve, so keep waiting.

/Sam and Max is still the only game to deserve the 'episodic' title

Avatar 19465
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News Comments > UT3 Date Uncertain
37. Slomo Sep 11, 2007, 14:43 Evil Timmy
Anyway, I think you can slow down the game speed in UT2k4.

This is true of every Unreal engine game. For times where I just want some crazy carnage, I often bind two keys, one as slomo 0.5 (or whatever fraction of the game speed I prefer), and the other as slomo 1.0 to return it to normal speed. I can confirm this works in all the UT games, as well as Bioshock and MOH Airborne. Go all crazy Max Payne on dem bitches.

Free Prize in your Cracker Jacks: The command to slow down time in the Source engine (HL2/CS:S) is host_timescale 0.5 and you'll need sv_cheats 1.

Avatar 19465
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News Comments > Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Demo Released
87. Horrible Performance Fix (Multi-Monitor) Sep 11, 2007, 14:34 Evil Timmy
If you're running an nVidia card in dual-display mode and getting ridiculously bad performance (~1fps), either disconnect your secondary display before playing or set ETQW to 'Single device performance' mode in the nV Control Panel. Hopefully this'll be fixed in before retail, but it's a simple solution for now. If you don't have the latest beta drivers, you may have to manually add an entry for your custom settings.

Overall? Meh. Not that impressed. And not enough of my friends have kept up with PC gaming (hardware or software; largely because of the 360) to really encourage me to buy this. It feels like an underpolished BF2142 mod.

Avatar 19465
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News Comments > BioShock SM 2.0 Hack
17. Re: So... Aug 23, 2007, 05:33 Evil Timmy
Widescreen, with a proper FOV, does a better job at filling our natural vision, which is quite a bit wider than it is tall. Of course, if you're talking about the exact same horizontal size, a 4:3 display can't help but show you more, but beyond a certain viewing angle (in degrees, how much of your vision is taken up by a screen), that extra can't be processed well by your brain.

Think about a movie theatre screen. If you're sitting close enough to it, the width will fill up your perception, and the top and bottom of the screen will too, or at least come very close. Adding another 16% to the top and bottom would be distracting, as you'd have to shift your eyes up or down to take it in, cutting off the opposite edge of the screen. A 17" display wouldn't show nearly the same effect because it takes up less perceptual space, but as the size increases, so do the chances that 4:3 is going to result in cutting off the top and bottom anyways, whether visually or perceptually.

Avatar 19465
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News Comments > BioShock Widescreen Woes
71. Parry and thrust Aug 22, 2007, 04:49 Evil Timmy
On Widescreen, And The Support Thereof: The debate seems to have spiraled into stupidity at this point (welcome to T3H INTERN3TZ!), with each side saying the other is 'missing something' from their viewpoint. But with the prevalence of widescreen LCDs (Dell's e228wfp and similar) and the fact that this is supposed to be the era of 'HD gaming' with current consoles, it's a bit unacceptable to not have proper support for both. Which is better is largely up to personal preference...I've tried many games on both 4:3 and 16:9/10 monitors and projectors, and I much prefer widescreen in general, and especially games that pull it off well (Source engine stands out).

And, jumping back to the first page, there's something I just had to mention:
zirik: every time you save a game it says not to turn of your system while doing so. only a console gamer is capable of accidentally turning off a system during a save game.
If only this were true. I was most of the way through my first playthrough of Fallout 2, and was saving at a good stopping point, before going underground in the Military Base (just before SanFran and the tanker). My sister walked over to look over my shoulder and see what I was doing, and managed to nail the 'Reset' button on the front of the case with her toe. Not only did it not save, but because it was in the middle of overwriting my old save, when I tried it again the save was corrupted. Oh well, 40 hours down the drain. *sigh*

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