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Description I'm an electro/glitch/bmore/breaks DJ and long-time avid gamer from Hong Kong. BitTorrent is another one of my hobbies, and I've been an active part of the community since early 2003.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
13. Re: No subject Mar 2, 2008, 19:02 Evil Timmy
Sorry for distracting you from your normally scheduled Ancient Greek programming, but this is goddamned ridiculous. Has the US really become this weakened through Bushite politics and gutting of the Armed Services?

In a ceremony that received virtually no attention in the American media, the United States and Canada signed a military agreement Feb. 14 allowing the armed forces from one nation to support the armed forces of the other nation during a domestic civil emergency, even one that does not involve a cross-border crisis.

The agreement, defined as a Civil Assistance Plan, was not submitted to Congress for approval, nor did Congress pass any law or treaty specifically authorizing this military agreement to combine the operations of the armed forces of the United States and Canada in the event of a wide range of domestic civil disturbances ranging from violent storms, to health epidemics, to civil riots or terrorist attacks.
Read more:

This comment was edited on Mar 2, 19:03.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
8. Re: No subject Feb 25, 2008, 05:24 Evil Timmy
I'm just about done playing Deus Ex (for the fourth or fifth time), and it's still great. This is my first playthrough with Shifter ( ) however, and it's certainly improved the overall experience. Combine that with Project HDTP (improves textures; ) and an updated renderer ( ) and you've got a significantly tweaked and generally more enjoyable and better-looking game. IW is next, after my unrelenting addiction to SoaSE (verbed as Sinning, among my gamer friends) allows me a moment's peace.

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News Comments > The Club Demo
19. Re: It's OK. Feb 11, 2008, 05:09 Evil Timmy
"Use bullet time". Doh. I think I used that three times during the whole game.

{ font: Impact; size: 18px; }
*submit to *

Really, the whole point of the game was the slow-motion thing, especially the 'dive from behind cover and shoot three people in the head before landing' move. It's what set the Max Payne games apart and is yet to be pulled off as well (IMO). It was in every review, it was all the buzz about the game, hell, I think it was even a bullet point on the box. What did you think that hourglass was for, to turn over once an hour to remind you to do your homework? There were even some forced slomo bits throughout to make it painfully obvious., rubbed that in enough?

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News Comments > Sins of a Solar Empire Patch
31. Re: No subject Feb 10, 2008, 11:21 Evil Timmy
Honestly, I grabbed the game off my favorite BitTorrent site, then sunk 6+ hours into a single (largely exploratory) 1v1 game, looked at the clock with surprise, and promptly went and bought it. (Btw, the scene will usually release cracked patches, but rarely near the initial release, and it's less likely for smaller games). Just slightly edges out World in Conflict and Company of Heroes, and I'd have to go back to Rise of Legends to top the fun factor (in short, 5/5, and if you hate clickspam RTSes, this will balm your wounds). I hate micromanagement (WC3 can lick my taint), love the actual strategy aspect of it, and SoaSE delivers in spades. I really get the feeling that I'm directing the course of an empire, not babysitting units who're theoretically trained and intelligent but seem unable to tie their shoes, much less tactically manage a space battle. The differing courses of tech development have already resulted in unique and interesting games, and I love that just about any focus or combination is viable if played decently well. I just realized that I'm wasting time typing when I could be feeding my new addiction (thanks IronClad!), so back to managing the fate of Galactus Timmacus.

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News Comments > Mark Rein - Consoles "Stealing" Hardcore PC Gamers
111. Hi, I'm Evil Timmy, and I'm a convert Feb 1, 2008, 11:16 Evil Timmy
I've been gaming on PCs since I was a wee lad, on a Tandy TRS-80 (the CoCo) before an almost US$3,000 286 with a monochrome monitor, and then an ever-faster stream of x86 PCs. I hand-built my first PC at age six, bought parts on my own from lawn-mowing money and built a proper gaming PC at age 12. Most of my friends had consoles growing up, so I'd go play at their houses, but I was always satisfied with my PC. My current PC was bought a bit over two years ago for around a grand, and the dual-core proc and 7800GT still handle everything I throw at it fine (even Crysis is playable at 1680x1050 on med-low). But, since I've allocated cash for a new projector, the PC will likely need an upgrade as well to run everything at 1920x1200 acceptably. However, I'm buying an Xbox 360 first.

Why? Because I game for fun, and consoles seem to be where much of the fun is. Mass Effect and Burnout Paradise have pushed me over the edge, and there's a solid back library for me to get through. I've also had many great times playing with friends on their 360s, and the fun-on-the-couch factor can't be beat without a lady friend and a copy of The Illustrated Kama Sutra. The multiplayer is also stupidly easy to get in to, especially as PC gamers in SE Asia are rare and finding a populated server is difficult. Copy protection issues and horribly buggy games have dampened my PC gaming enthusiasm as well, and I find myself more and more often delving back into older games for a great experience (halfway through Deus Ex atm) and simply to have something to play. Last fall had a solid lineup of games, but very little that I'd want to replay.

So, while by no means am I abandoning my PC, it looks like 2008 will be the first year that a console is my primary gaming device. With more developers and more games, as well as an increasingly smooth overall experience as compared to PC (thanks Vista, now go sit in the corner), I've finally converted.

But you can have my mouse and keyboard when you pull them from my cold, dead, carpal-tunnel afflicted hands.

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News Comments > PC Grand Theft Auto IV in October?
33. Re: No subject Jan 24, 2008, 23:11 Evil Timmy
At least this generation we've got consoles with 512MB of memory vs 64MB (Xbox) or 32MB (PS2, ie the main platform for GTA3/VC/SA). I suspect GTAIV will be pushing both consoles to their limit in terms of memory usage, and since there's that much more headroom, the experience should be a lot closer to what you'd expect out of a PC game. I'm just disappointed that there's very little that can rival GTA's depth and variety of gameplay on PC, which does seem like an ideal platform for it.

I'm really hoping, though, that Spore will get more developers interested in using procedural tech to create their worlds. While it'll be rocky at first, given enough time spent creating systems and tweaking algorithms I think we'll see worlds that have some carefully hand-crafted points of interest surrounded by a rich, changing, diverse backdrop generated by the game, rather than a flat unchanging world where goals are limited to 'kill x of y and I'll give you z'. In the RPG world, at least, this could be a huge boon to indie developers, who don't have the manpower to, say, place every rock and shrub in Oblivion, but who could certainly design a quality main plot and tweak the world-building algorithm to fill in the blank space. As long as everything was considered and built up from a ground level (models, terrain, quests, characters, AI) you could add massive replayability and give everyone a unique experience for just a base investment in time and resources. Each game would further inform your work on the next, and middleware developers who do nothing but make their code generate lush, detailed, intricate worlds would inevitably spring up. Toss in reasonable voice synthesis (only been waiting on that for two decades) and you could rival most of the games out there.

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News Comments > Assault Heroes Demo
4. Re: No subject Jan 21, 2008, 20:07 Evil Timmy
Found this amusing, but even between a few friends, we never managed to get past the stupid timed end sequence. Tyrian is still my favorite shmup ever, with at least a decent attempt at story, upgradable ships and weapons, multiple level choices and secret levels, varied enemies, and excellent graphics for the time. It's been made free at if you haven't played it or if you're nostalgic for the Epic Megagames logo.

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News Comments > Codemasters Announcement Coming
8. Re: Yet another subpar MMO? Jan 14, 2008, 23:14 Evil Timmy
While I generally dislike MMOs, I'll save that for another thread (as if I hadn't made it clear enough already), but the glut of MMOs just strikes me as stupid. Because of their time-consuming nature and subscription basis, they tend to be mutually exclusive, so that (nearly) everyone playing one MMO is someone not playing everything else. The initial outlay is similar to a AAA title, but the expenses are perpetual until they close their doors, at which point the game's revenue has tapered off and the whole thing is now ready to be thrown out with the trash.

The mobile market is yet to have its WoW, and I'm surprised more companies aren't working that angle, because while PCs are tied to a desk or at least power/WiFi, everyone's got a mobile phone and they're with us constantly. The development costs would be significantly lower, the market ridiculously huge, billing simpler (with the telco's help), and there's all sorts of real-world/ARG tie-ins that have yet to see significant exploration. Sending a text or playing a Java game on my phone is far more appealing than grinding and hours-long raids, and while I'd love to see tie-ins, I suffer from a healthy social life and a good job. Having access to a world in my pocket rather than tied to a desk just works better.

Avatar 19465
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News Comments > Depths of Peril Patch
3. Re: This is a VERY good game folks Jan 14, 2008, 22:59 Evil Timmy
Despite the fact that I've got so much else to play, I keep finding myself drawn back to this, even to the exclusion of Puzzle Quest. The factions are what really make this game shine, as you can approach them in different ways and the randomness keeps every game interesting and keeps you on your toes (a game with you and one other faction plays very differently from many weaker factions). Games like this make me wish the gaming industry would take one more cue from Hollywood and redevelop indies more or less straight up, but with a much bigger budget and more polish. Add multiplayer, more diverse content, and smooth out the rough edges and you'd have a classic that'd stay on hard drives and in disc trays for years.

Avatar 19465
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News Comments > Requiem: Bloodymare Announced
8. Re: No subject Jan 4, 2008, 06:31 Evil Timmy
Bloodymare? I thought it might have been a Godfather game at first. Also, I'm pretty sure this is the most times I've seen the term 'hardcore' used in a press release since announced their IPO.

Avatar 19465
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News Comments > TRIBES-Like Movies
15. Re: Tribes 2 Dec 24, 2007, 00:21 Evil Timmy
carbon netarul vegain lesbin bi-currious


Obviously everyone here thinks Tribes was absolutely the pinnacle of the multiplayer FPS (you're not wrong), and although this is just a few short clips, I'd say this definitely looks promising, so let's just keep the Blue's Clan on the back burner for a while. I've spent far, far more time skiing in Tribes than in real life, and a nice refresher like this would be awesome.

Avatar 19465
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News Comments > The Witcher Patch
24. Re: lol Dec 20, 2007, 22:38 Evil Timmy
Maximum PC did a test a few years back showing that hard drive speed had very little effect on game load times, even using your specific configuration (2x74GB Raptors) vs a standard single 7200RPM drive. The bottleneck is almost entirely CPU-related, as most of the work is decompressing various assets into memory. Of course, a dead-slow 5400RPM drive with a small cache will hinder performance, as will slow system memory, but a faster CPU definitively improves performance everywhere, in-game and out.

Also, you'll get the biggest bump from this patch if you're running 2GB+ of RAM. Load times improved on my X2 3800+/1GB/RAID0 setup, but even more so on my Core 2 Duo 2.2/2GB/5400RPM laptop. Seems like they've basically added/fixed asset allocation, for example, entering a house and then backing out to the area map has seen the biggest improvement, along with loading save games in the same map.

I'll get back into this game at some point, but I ran into a random game-stopping bug (Leuvaarden didn't sell me the sephirot, and another quest killed the dialog...checked inventories and the monolith, no love, so I'm stuck). I was getting a bit bored with it anyways, so it'll be collecting dust for a while. This is why I think every RPG needs a console, as it would save me here and has saved me before, in Morrowind and other games.

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News Comments > The Cake is a Lie
38. Re: No subject Dec 16, 2007, 20:16 Evil Timmy
MacD, with the way every datacenter works, you've always got the option of temporarily expanding your bandwidth, and generally hardware services as well, whether you're paying per TB transferred or just bumping up general capacity. It doesn't help that everyone's trying to download and authenticate in the same 5-15 minutes (and seeing those stats would be very interesting), but for such a huge event, you'd think they could cough up for extra capacity, even for 24 hours. The first experience people who've pre-paid and pre-loaded should have is clicking New Game and enjoying, not repeatedly authenticating.

Think about it like an RSVP-only birthday party: if you've got 30 people expected to show up, you don't say "Well, since some people will leave early, there'll only be an average of 20 people for the day, so I'll just get 20 chairs." That leaves people standing around, pissed off. No, you borrow chairs from your neighbors, or go buy some more. Valve is famous for their detailed stat tracking and insight into how people interact with their games, so why can't that apply to their service as well?

I was a moderator for the (then) HL2Fallout forums on launch day for HL2, and the whole staff went into crisis mode. Of course, people who were playing weren't on the forums complaining, but the authentication delays combined with the cache problems (I was part of that ~20% that had a screwy preload, ended up talking with Erik Johnson on the phone and sending a copy of my cache to help them fix it) meant that all the glowing reviews were posted right alongside tales of waiting hours or days to be able to play what was supposed to be available to the whole world in the same instant. They've improved their launches quite a bit since then, but I also don't think they've had that big of a launch since.

Also, I wanna plushie! I wish Valve had a physical store in Seattle, I'd get some relatives to send me one. Oh well, I guess my Fuzzy Companion Mammals (cats) will have to do for snuggling and puzzle-solving this Christmas.

Avatar 19465
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News Comments > New Blizzard MMOG Confirmed
49. Re: Dec 13, 2007, 03:46 Evil Timmy
Deus Ex MMO

Why. in the. HELL. Has this never crossed my mind before? Oh, wait, yeah, it's my favorite game combined with my least favorite genre (slightly below Rhythm-Based Gem-Matching JRPG-esque Golf Management Sims Featuring Panda Bears, so it's well down there). I'd love to see it done along the lines of Guild Wars, but with, at the very least, regular major story chapters where the world and story evolve based on player's choices and, of course, who wins. DX's hallmark, multiple paths in an objective based map, either solo PvE, co-op PvE, or PvP, would be butter. Give each battle a point, working your side towards a group, area, or faction goal, and reward it with everything from player XP and technology, to affecting PvP areas in your favor, to (eventually) giving your whole faction a boost. If you want to give high-level players something to do when they hit the cap, why not let them work for their whole 'side', rather than just raid time and again in hope of some Tier 6 drops? And when one side does get ahead, let the other(s) run counterintelligence to catch up, but make sure the reward's still worth it. Give a good risk/reward to missions in addition to multi-stage objectives and payouts (two players sneaking past a dozen in a high-sec facility pays out far better than smashing up a lightly defended guardpost in the city). And I could go on and on, but I'll rein in the page-long post I could easily make right here.

Curse you, Jerykk, for putting that idea in my head. Now I've gotta wait for (Eidos to go bankrupt*?) the it'll-be-not-quite-as-good-as-the-original-but-better-than-IW DX3 and hope that its multiplayer, if in existence, will even come close to the possibilities popping 'round my neurons right now.

* Financially, not morally or creatively. Past the expiration date for those.

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News Comments > New Blizzard MMOG Confirmed
16. Re: Dec 12, 2007, 20:23 Evil Timmy
Is this the MMO that makes actually playing them fun?

EVE's the closest in affecting the world you're in, Planetside made a valiant attempt in gameplay terms, but I've yet to find anything that's nearly as entertaining as most single-player games. The basic gameplay mechanic is dull, disconnected, and horrifically repetitive, the only real effect you can have is on your character, and to make that worse, your months grinding and raiding can be wiped out by a capricious developer 'balancing' things.

Blizzard's good at polishing whatever they've got, even a turd, but let's just hope that since they've got a license to print money already, they're actually willing to take the next step, wobbly and uncertain as that may be. It's not like they're buckling under deadlines and in fear of closure or anything.

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News Comments > GameTap Taps Macs
3. Re: what do macs Dec 12, 2007, 20:03 Evil Timmy
So, now that you've conquered Macs, may I suggest Asia? First run games are cheaper (in Hong Kong, they're $35-45) but prices don't drop, they just run out of stock and stop selling them. Your only hope is for a 'Classics' release, but these are rare and tend to only be the mainstream-est of mainstream games. There's also a ton of people all over with aging PCs who'd love something like this, and at your rates, its easy for kids to convince their parents it's worthwhile.

And if your director of development decides a land-based approach is the right way to go, shoot them.

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News Comments > BioShock Content Coming
38. Random trivia Dec 2, 2007, 09:43 Evil Timmy
Andrew Ryan is voiced by Armin Shimerman, aka Quark from Deep Space Nine. This somehow managed to totally escape me in a full playthrough, even though I've picked out John DiMaggio's (Bender) voice as 'Guard #2' in Chronicles of Riddick in the middle of a firefight. Some excellent voice acting as Ryan from a surprising source.

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News Comments > Two Worlds: The Temptation Announced
8. 5/10 Nov 28, 2007, 17:08 Evil Timmy
Is this the expansion that makes the game fun?

Really, some decent concepts, story was alright, blah blah blah...the whole game just felt really flat. Combat was dull, the RPG system felt sorely uninspired, graphics were average with weak artistic direction, writing and voice acting left something to be desired. Not to say it was abysmal in any category, just mediocre. Diablo came out 11 years ago now (yeah, I feel old too), and even though action RPGs are 'supposed' to be click bad guy, kill, loot, gain xp, buy new mouse, can't we at least see an evolution after that long?

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News Comments > ForceWare Beta Drivers
4. Re: No subject Nov 27, 2007, 11:48 Evil Timmy
Tr0n, if you're using a multi-display setup, just know that these betas tend to wipe whatever nView or other configs you have. I thought all of them post 163.xx were screwing things up (black screen on restart, exactly like you said, not a Sleep issue like in the release notes), until I post-install restarted with my projector on and realized it was defaulting to that as my primary display, not my monitor.

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News Comments > Crysis Patch Within Two Weeks
49. Re: ... Nov 17, 2007, 04:03 Evil Timmy
Creston, solution below (mild non-plot spoiler warning):

Check your map and keep moving. There are three burning vehicles along your path. Even on Hard, the alien turret Prophet handed you should make it fairly easy to take out both the jumping aliens and those evil flying bastards. After clearing the area where you meet Prophet, run to the first greet dot in the trenches (listen for his dialogue to tell you he's close enough), and destroy just the first flying alien that comes at you. Make sure the meter showing Prophet's warmth shows 100, save, and run through the narrow canyon to the next dot. There'll be a few of the jumping aliens blocking your way, but keep moving and try to destroy them at range. Let Prophet get to the car near the deep trench, then take out the flier (should be easier here because the trench provides cover), and he should be fine by the time you take it out. Save, and be ready for a rough run. You'll be facing 3-4 jumpers and likely a flier, and your next goal is on the other side of the bridge. I recommend taking out 1-2 of the jumpers and hauling ass to the opposite side of the bridge foundation, as it's a better position to fight from. After taking out the aliens, cross the bridge and you're home free (sorta).

As for the game itself...well, just go read the review at Gamers With Jobs, that's pretty much my opinion on it. The one thing I'd like to emphasize is that, to an extent, they stumbled on the last third, like in Far Cry. As soon as the aliens become the dominant enemy, the battles become a slugfest. The fights with NK soldiers were awesome because you'd roll up on a camp or patrol, quickly evaluate the situation, and then choose your tactics. The ability to play any fight the way you want to can't be emphasized enough. Getting stuck in most other FPSes means trying to memorize where everyone pops out and the game becomes a rail shooter/whack-a-mole hybrid, while getting stuck in Crysis means a chance to rethink your strategy and maybe change your plan of attack. If the AI seems weak, try it on Hard or Delta. Despite some bugs (mostly stuck vehicles), the game generally gives you tough and interesting battles that vary each time, and has surprised and impressed me repeatedly.

Oh, and the zero-g sequence is awesome. Can't wait for weightless MP maps or, if the universe truly loves me, a Descent mod.

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