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Description I'm an electro/glitch/bmore/breaks DJ and long-time avid gamer from Hong Kong. BitTorrent is another one of my hobbies, and I've been an active part of the community since early 2003.
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News Comments > The Division Patch Tomorrow
3. Re: The Division Patch Tomorrow Mar 22, 2016, 05:06 Evil Timmy
I had the same reaction, didn't expect much but found myself surprisingly engaged by the game. Maybe because it feels like an ARPG with a cover shooter wrapped around it, rather than the other way around, but I find it scratches the RPG/exploration itch far more effectively than the weak-substitute-for-proper-balance ultralight progression systems that have bloomed over the last few years. Simultaneously, the shooter elements are Good Enough™ that I feel my player skill is actually involved, as opposed to RPGs that lay the spreadsheet bones too bare and make me feel like I'm using my heroic powers to command Excel, not the forces of good against injustice and tyranny.
Matchmaking is fast and easy, it's been perfectly stable on a modern rig, and devs have been responsive to the community. Not sure how long lv30 will keep everyone entertained and around (it's much more fun in a party) or the quality of the eventual DLC, but for now I'm having a blast.
Avatar 19465
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News Comments > Need for Speed PC Launch
8. Re: Need for Speed PC Launch Mar 17, 2016, 05:03 Evil Timmy
It hasn't been "Road & Track presents The Need for Speed" in a long, long, long time. Every time they try and shoehorn story into these games it's more and more atrocious, and simultaneously we're seeing immense quality from near zero budget productions on YouTube every minute, so why this lame 90s POV four-CD-ROM-style FMV garbage?  
Avatar 19465
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News Comments > More GeForce Driver Issues
12. Re: More GeForce Driver Issues Mar 15, 2016, 14:41 Evil Timmy
Part of the issue is that these are the "Game Ready" drivers, so especially for those that have paid out the nose for SLI setups, the updates range from slight tweaks to completely necessary to get the game running. I updated for The Division and was getting straight-up restarts until reverting to 361.91 (362.00 has had some issues with GTX 970 clocks). The last few months have had no issues, seems like they're just on a bad streak, and I definitely ran into more problems with AMD's drivers and an R9 280x in my last setup.  
Avatar 19465
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News Comments > Saturday Consolidation
2. Re: Heavy Rain on PS4 looks absolutely amazing in first screenshots. Nov 21, 2015, 13:22 Evil Timmy
For the love of god, yes. Scientists say we're going to hit Peak Superlative within the next twenty years. If we exhaust the giant underground reservoirs of "amazing" and "you won't believe", mostly located miles deep under Greenland and the Mongolian steppes, our children's generation will be limited to lab-created "cool" to express the entire human range of excitement. Please, Buzzfeed wannabees, think of the children!  
Avatar 19465
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News Comments > SOMA Movie
4. Re: SOMA Movie Sep 29, 2015, 02:43 Evil Timmy
I did sound on a day of this shoot, in a bit that comes later, and know a bunch of people on the production. I haven't played the game and still have no idea what's going on, even having read that day's sides. I'm definitely intrigued, though, and I'm happy to see this making it out into the wild, a huge amount of work was going into the detailed execution of a well-laid-out plan from what I saw. And if it sounds like I'm being vague, we're under NDA until they release the whole thing.  
Avatar 19465
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News Comments > More on Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
2. Re: More on Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Apr 10, 2015, 10:05 Evil Timmy
So after the relatively disappointing sales of AW, they're...doubling down on the silly bombastic technology angle? Thanks, but if I want my SpecOps troops with crazy badass technology, I'll stick with Deus Ex.  
Avatar 19465
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News Comments > Dying Light Mod Tool Plans
23. Re: Dying Light Mod Tool Plans Feb 8, 2015, 07:09 Evil Timmy
I've always wondered about QTEs, because in addition to being silly and pointless on their own, they also nearly always switch up the controls from what you're used to. Make it a different perspective but still using the reflexes and actions we've been honing the rest of the game. For example, the boss swings his big-ass sword along the ground and the game nudges into slo-mo...don't make me hit four random keys, then invert my keyboard and do the Truffle Shuffle in front of my camera, just to jump over the attack. That's not what I spent the last 7 hours of your game learning how to do.

Why have the same rote set of button presses every time? Spend a little animation budget and give some intuitive branching options that follow your actions in the rest of the game. In the scenario above, you could jump to clear the sword, and if you're super bad ass perfectly time a second jump to step on the blade, launching you to a gleaming gem embedded otherwise inaccessibly high in the wall. Or, you could dodge the swing and charge in, using the opportunity to strike a blow to an unarmored flank for extra damage, shortening the boss battle. Failing to dodge doesn't reset the sequence, but instead injures you, temporarily limiting your options and possibly cutting you off from treasures, perfect kills, or stronger attack opportunities. Asking me to memorize a pattern of four-color button presses got old with Simon, and that came out in 1978!
Avatar 19465
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News Comments > Op Ed
40. Re: Op Ed Dec 3, 2014, 12:21 Evil Timmy
Man, I'll bet Derek Smart is kicking himself for not working on the BC/UC series. He could have made All The Money first and never have to actually come through on his undeliverable promises. So, if he hasn't discovered it yet, everyone hush and don't spoil it by telling him that Kickstarter is a thing that exists. He might rupture an ego.  
Avatar 19465
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News Comments > The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth in November
6. Re: The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth in November Sep 6, 2014, 07:13 Evil Timmy
They promise 60FPS 24/7.

Even on my 486 DX2-66MHz? It's got a lavish 16MB of RAM!
Avatar 19465
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News Comments > etc.
8. Re: etc. Jul 1, 2014, 13:32 Evil Timmy
Good, it's about time we had a "legitimately gay" character. So this means his armor choices consist of 30 varieties of short shorts, spells are cast with a limp wrist and emit rainbow sparkles, and his lisp-heavy dialogue is peppered with as many occurrences of "bitch" as a Jesse Pinkman-centered spinoff?

I kid Bioware, because they've actually been willing to step out of the white male protagonist stereotype. Rest of the games industry? At least they'd be acknowledging that "gay" is a possibility, the above would almost be a step forward. Give it ten years, and you might even begin to see believable relationships that don't treat sex (of any sort) as a "pick the right dialogue and get a watered down teenage fantasy cutscene" trophy to be acquired.
Avatar 19465
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News Comments > AMD Says No More DirectX?
11. Re: More Big Picture Details Apr 12, 2013, 22:20 Evil Timmy
tl;dr 10 and 11 have more differences under the hood, but more powerful shaders are what you'd actually see

10 and 11 especially are mostly under-the-hood updates, moving to a new Windows driver model, 64-bit, and making many small tweaks to efficiency and ease of coding. The difference an end user would be able to see would really be apparent in how powerful shaders were, DirectX 9 had a fixed set of functions but 10 and 11 are fully programmable and can both be used more heavily and interact with more objects in the scene (ie not just paint the image but perform more actual functions in the game world). Bioshock Infinite on PC looks stunning if you enable the Alternate shader rather than the normal DX9-era bloom, and it's an effect that's DX11 only. Depth of field and a number of other mathematically-similar calculations benefited from DX11's improved rendering pipeline, they were possible before but not practical given the hardware of the day and lower efficiency in the code.
Avatar 19465
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News Comments > Half-Life 2: Return to Ravenholm Screenshots
17. Re: Half-Life 2: Return to Ravenholm Screenshots Jan 15, 2013, 03:16 Evil Timmy
Valve has definitely been more interested in consoles since The Orange Box did well for them, and they'd be stupid not to target the PS4/X720 with any major update to Source. As a gamer, I'd also be happy to not see 75% of the triple-A titles be mottled grey-brown Unreal Engine 4 games, especially on the Xbox side of the fence, because that already happened with UE3. More like Smears of Bore, amirite?! But, seriously, the small drab levels with chest-height barriers that I get to COWER behind for a third of the game are not where I thought shooters would be, playing Deus Ex over a decade ago.

Since the prices I've seen floating around have all been in the $700+ plus range for the Steambox/Piston/whatever, it's not so much competition for the new generation of consoles as an easy way to get a living-room-friendly device that bridges the gap between powerful desktop and dead-simple console. They seem to be driving for that gap, targeting a younger generation that has seen consoles expand hugely in what they can do, and who wants even more than that, as their tastes and pocketbooks have grown. Seeing as LCD screens are pretty much everywhere now (I'm thinking of installing a third in the toilet bowl, the first two just don't let me absorb enough media in the 48 seconds I spend a day peeing), the idea of a small, portable gaming device that's also a powerful-enough PC, that I can plug in almost anywhere I go...that sounds pretty appealing. Now if only they could attach a screen to it and let me place it somewhere comfortable and convenient, like my lap...
Avatar 19465
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News Comments > Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines Patch
12. Re: Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines Patch Nov 8, 2012, 19:29 Evil Timmy
Since it's been a while...

VTM:B gets another patch, nearing a decade after release. Still no cure for cancer.
Avatar 19465
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News Comments > GRID 2 Gameplay Trailers
5. Re: GRID 2 Gameplay Trailers Sep 28, 2012, 02:16 Evil Timmy
Wait, so does this one have actual racing in it? Nice. Kinda missed that from all but one event in Dirt Showdown. Can we get drifting back too? I really, really enjoyed the original, so I'm hoping this is a return to form from Codemasters' hyper-arcadey bent. When Criterion starts making more serious and realistic racing games than you, it might be time to examine the direction you're headed in.  
Avatar 19465
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News Comments > More on New Black Isle
19. Re: More on New Black Isle Aug 23, 2012, 15:16 Evil Timmy
that pile of crap Lionheart

Hey, the first, oh, third or so of Lionheart was awesome. Clever quests and setting, good variety in combat and enemies, just filled with good ideas. None of which made it into the super-grindy last half+ of the game, which was one dungeon crawl after the next. The devs obviously had something great in the works before crunch time hit and they had to churn out all the later levels. With another six months properly funded, they could have had a genuine hit, but clearly that's not what we ended up with. Yet another great game claimed by Interplay's (and by that, I completely and entirely mean the Caen brothers) spectacularly inept flailings as heads of a game publisher.
Avatar 19465
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News Comments > Plants vs. Zombies Sequel Next Year
27. Re: Plants vs. Zombies Sequel Next Year Aug 20, 2012, 18:54 Evil Timmy
The biggest trick I've found is using garlic effectively. Funnel all the zombies into fewer rows and your economy works much better, as you can narrow five lanes down to two, or six into three. Make the garlic 2-3 deep for easy management, and you can plant a bunch of sunflowers safely behind your garlic rows. Combine that with watermelons (even better with the freeze upgrade) and you're doing a lot of damage to multiple zombies with each shot.

The sequel will almost certainly be a Steam pre-order, as the brilliant minds at PopCap rarely disappoint, and PvZ has that awesome balance of casual accessibility and pretty hardcore depth and strategy.
Avatar 19465
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News Comments > Grid 2 Announced
35. Re: Grid 2 Announced Aug 9, 2012, 15:31 Evil Timmy
So...drift? Loved the drift mode in the original GRID, probably the best representation of that game style on PC since NFS Underground. It really forced you to have good car control and time exactly how you swooped from turn to turn, and I managed to keep a drift chain for an entire lap on more than one course. I also wouldn't mind going back to replays in all race types, I'd rather have higher difficulty overall without punishing small mistakes too much, rather than ramp it down and find most races too easy.  
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News Comments > etc., etc.
19. Re: etc., etc. Jul 28, 2012, 06:18 Evil Timmy
I'm still wondering where all the complaints about Windows 8 are coming from. At least the bitching about Vista was somewhat justified: because of fundamental changes under the hood and not enough lead time for third parties, driver and app support were sorely lacking on release. Windows 7 was a glorified service pack to Vista, but had enough interface tweaks and years of settled drivers to really run well. Windows 8 seems to be getting a lot of flak for the new Start screen, but I find myself using it for, oh, thirty seconds in a two hour period. Press Start, type name of app, press Enter. Maybe glance at the forecast or a headline.

Other than segregating the different searches (apps, settings, and files) and not making it easy to switch between or combine them, at least the new Start menu is in some way useful. With a fast search, since Vista onwards the rest of the Start menu has been purely vestigial; why hunt through a list or menu when you obviously know the name of the program you're trying to start? Going back to other people's computers with XP and having to do so just feels backwards. In addition, 8 feels and is faster, it's leaner due to the tablet influence and boots in roughly half the time on my PC vs 7 (non-SSD). The Task Manager has probably seen the best improvement, along with being able to "reset" Windows without a reformat, but all in all this feels like the most consumer-tested Microsoft product I've encountered due to the multitudinous little tweaks.

So, again, why all the hate? Getting rid of the useless Start menu is a change, yes, but not an unneeded one. Clicking through folders as a way of organizing data is a dated idea, and slow, and that kind of structure is fading from modern computing in a general and fundamental way. Realistically, people will bitch and moan, then get used to it, then complain again when their Metro Start screen gets taken away in favor of the next interface paradigm. Touch will dominate through the next decade, then we'll be complaining that yes, the new direct neural interfaces are great, but Apple is trying to lock us in with their proprietary iGel to reduce the itchiness around the LightJack site, and Microsoft's bundling of the (clearly still beta) Office Cortex Edition is causing bouts of unconsciousness if you try and save PDFs with the trial version. You know, business as usual.
Avatar 19465
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News Comments > 3DMark DirectX 11 Tech Demo
24. Re: 3DMark DirectX 11 Tech Demo Jun 23, 2012, 18:22 Evil Timmy
Dev: That's a great idea, and all you'd have to do is take it one step further and apply that database to a program that does just what you said is nearly impossible. If you've got a DB with the config file's location and what can be tweaked, it's not a big leap to have a program that can apply at least some of those fixes for you. Toss in a video recorder, do runs at a couple target framerates and with different settings, have an integrated video player that allows easy A/B comparison, and let players choose which batch of settings they prefer without having to decide on High or Ultra across 20 different settings for a few FPS here and there.

With enough users (and, I dunno, giveaways for Most Used Hidden Setting of the Month et al) and enough hardware profiled (looking at you, Valve) finding the weak point in a particular user's setup shouldn't be too difficult. There'd have to be a balance struck, because while it could gather every bit of data about your system, at some point it's a privacy issue, and you've gotta deal with the massive amounts of information. This could, in theory, be a real boon to PC users, especially those who enjoy the depth and breadth of PC games but don't want or need certification-level knowledge about the inner workings of their setup. And the referrals garnered could easily pay for all the costs of setting such a system up.
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News Comments > The Sims 3 Supernatural Expansion Announced
6. Re: The Sims 3 Supernatural Expansion Announced Jun 14, 2012, 03:52 Evil Timmy
Did anyone else have a twinge of hope that we might see Sim Sam and Dean slaughtering their way through hordes of unearthly baddies in a decidedly unusual new town? Still never got the appeal of these games, after a short while toying with the RPG aspects I realize it's a boring grind in an even more boring setting, with limited quest options and opaque systems.  
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