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Nickname 4D-Boxing
Email Concealed by request
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Signed On Oct 31, 2003, 19:46
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News Comments > Alpha Prime Demo
9. Re: No subject Apr 15, 2007, 09:18 4D-Boxing
This game is supposed to support the PhysX card. Even with out that the demo seems pretty good.

PS. there was also a community created widescreen fix & support for 1920X1200 etc... for the previous demo.

This comment was edited on Apr 15, 09:22.
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News Comments > TF2 Cross-platform Details
31. Re: No subject Apr 12, 2007, 18:19 4D-Boxing
Ouch...after all these years TF2 turned into this?!?! Really not impressed or tempted to try it.

Lets hope that Shadowrun will give us a better cross platform gaming experience. I wont even comment on the new graphic style GEEZZZ!

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Q&A
7. Re: Blah blah Apr 12, 2007, 18:04 4D-Boxing
wrong thread
This comment was edited on Apr 12, 18:06.
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News Comments > New GeForce 8800 Drivers
12. Re: Drivers? Apr 5, 2007, 19:58 4D-Boxing
Rumors of a 8900GTX & 8950GX2 on the way maybe in June...other rumors release say at the same time ATI releases their answer to the 8800GTX.

I fugure this summer you'll be able to chose between ATI & NVIDIA new stuff. The 8900s will replace the 8800s and the 8950GX2 would be a dual GPU . ATI will release their next gen to match or beat the NVIDIA stuff.

DO a serach for 8900GTX or R600 you should get all the latest ...

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News Comments > BioShock Limited Edition Planned
14. Re: Vote Mar 30, 2007, 16:32 4D-Boxing
Like most people in here, I will get this without hesitation.

Masa I kind of noticed that about the 360 games up to now... I do not own a 360 but I've seen my neighbor finish all his 360 games except Oblivion in no time. At least now I now why... like you he said it did not take away from the quality of the titles.

On a personal not I just hopwe it does not become a trend. I like my games to be at least 20 hours long, 30 hours + would be perfection.

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News Comments > S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Patches
78. Re: Freaking morons Mar 28, 2007, 17:20 4D-Boxing
I think I'm going to load up SS2 again with the graphics update.

Did they ever finish that? I remember downloading it but I think it was still a beta version.

Appreciate any info on the subject when you have time.

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News Comments > Fatal1ty Q&A
12. Re: the antisocial sport... Mar 28, 2007, 16:55 4D-Boxing
Social misfits yes! But which is why video games will never become popular like other activities.

Well last I checked video games were making as much money as the Hollywood Movie industry in North America.

Maybe it's an interweb myth but it would not surprise me....

Now does going to the movies fit you definition of activities..that is another debate.

Finally Yes gaming will always be a pass time just like sports (at least for the majority of people) very few can call sports their job!

Trying to call playing video games sport is like calling poker a sport just not a good idea!

This comment was edited on Mar 28, 16:56.
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News Comments > S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Patches
51. Re: Freaking morons Mar 27, 2007, 17:52 4D-Boxing
I've only had time to play for an hour or 2 so I can't comment on how immersive the game is but I agree this is not SS2 or even DE.

SS2 is still my all time fav. game! DE I never got into for some reason maybe SS2 was to fresh in memory.

STALKER has potential but for some reason the character models really bug me ...not enough to affect my enjoyment of the game but at the moment it's the only minor annoyance. Once I really start playing maybe I'll spot more bugs to make me re-think my position.

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News Comments > World of Mixed Martial Arts Announced
6. Re: No subject Mar 24, 2007, 07:09 4D-Boxing
I agree but you can buy a gamepad for $13 CAN I bet they are even cheaper in the US.

Like Zephalephelah I love the UFC & to old to beat the young 300lbs beasts anymore lol.

Zep you got to let the big guy make the first move hope he does not connect,grab the knees take him down then ground & pound. When he decides to bench press you run like the wind & pray that he has no cardio lol! Ah the good old days!

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News Comments > Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Patches
20. Re: Facts Mar 23, 2007, 18:58 4D-Boxing
.....ok i know i know don't feed.....

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News Comments > Battlefield 2142 Patch
29. Re: Rubbish/Gold! Feb 22, 2007, 18:40 4D-Boxing

" Battlefield 2142 Patch [February 21, 2007, 1:08 pm ET] - 28 Comments"

See it says COMMENTS! Not positive comments.
Geez buddy, I know people are not very positive in here but this is a comments section.

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News Comments > Mercenaries 2 PC
12. Re: No subject Feb 22, 2007, 17:47 4D-Boxing
My thoughts exactly! Good old Mechwarrior, it died of Acute Consolidis just like the Rainbow 6 series.

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News Comments > Gears of War PC... Eventually
65. Re: No subject Feb 17, 2007, 12:00 4D-Boxing

Here you go ..Setup: 7800 gtx 512. X2 4800 2 gigs of ram. 80+ FPS is easy you just need to do little reading in forums check out the tweaks people use game over....

I can get higher FPS with my (work in progress rig) same setup but 8800 GTX SLI. According to FRAPS 100+ FPS..

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News Comments > Gears of War PC... Eventually
55. Re: No subject Feb 15, 2007, 17:03 4D-Boxing
Its like having a 10gig rig.

That's just begging for trouble... I can see other members cleared this up real quick.

Just like this gem!
do we have to wait in five years until everyone has a PC that can run it?

Hard to believe this came from Mark Rein a guy that's been in the biz for years! If he has no clue about the capabilities of PCs well looks bad for UT3.

I guess Epic needs some new blood cause if top guys have no clue about the capabilities of PC hardware well time to move on.

Save the lies & just admit you do not have the will or time to make a good port. My friend owns a 360 & I'm a PC gamer we both lay Oblivion R6 Vegas & other titles that are available on both platforms...Sorry Mr. Rein but Gears does not look better than R6 Vegas & it sure does not have all the details we see in the outdoor evironments of Oblivion. I can play both games at 1920x1200 16x AF & 4X AA with at 80+ FPS...

Bottom line, I've been an Epic fan since the first UT but comments like the one Mr. Rein made does not make me want to support their company.

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News Comments > Rainbow Six Vegas Patch
15. Re: Some Issues... Feb 8, 2007, 10:13 4D-Boxing

Renaming the .exe to FEAR boost the performance. Not sure what impact it will have on your system, but on mine I went from 40 FPS in the first part of the Intro level to 70 FPS. THose numbers come from FRAPS.

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News Comments > Rainbow Six Vegas Patch
11. Re: No subject Jan 16, 2007, 17:23 4D-Boxing
They even removed options (like adding your own face) that were available on the consoles.

Personally I think that omission says alot about the direction UBI is going on.

Has the widescreen & AA support issues addressed?

It's 2007, at the very least support anti-aliasing. I know the gaming community has already released fixes for both issues but official support is always nice.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Rainbow Six: Vegas
8. Re: Is this a port? Dec 14, 2006, 17:01 4D-Boxing
Agreed! I really don't get it UBI bought the franchise from redstorm. All they had to do is keep the same formula & fine tune the graphics, AI and collision issues. To this day UBI has not been able to poduce a R6 game that was as good as the ones released by redstorm!

PS. I referring to the PC.

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News Comments > Alpha Prime Czech & Russian Demos
2. Re: No subject Dec 4, 2006, 18:49 4D-Boxing
looks decent and they are supporting new tech. (PhysX)
If they have the courage and wisdom to support new tech. like the PPU they deserve my support. It's thanks to daring devs. like this that 3DFX made it's mark and now everyone has a video card that does 3D.

Maybe the PPU will bomb maybe it will be like the 3d accelerator who knows. With Alpha Prime, CellFactor and UT2007 we should see a little bit of what the PPU has to offer.

I just hope UT2007 has some special multiplayer maps like they did when T&L became new hot tech..

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News Comments > Gears of War PC?
57. Re: No subject Nov 17, 2006, 18:05 4D-Boxing
That kind of flexibility in gameplay style could be misinterpreted as being "consolized". Seriously, the lore of PC gaming is plain overrated. They're both vehicles for entertainment.

My friend has been playing console games since the first Atari came out. He's owned almost every gaming system release but when he showed me GoW. HE was chatting at the same time not looking at the screen half the time & he never even came close to getting killed?! HE got shot at close range jumped by a bunch of monsters, let them beat on him so I could see the enemies at close range etc... All that & he kept on going to the next save point in order to save his progress. Maybe it was on easy mode but it just was not right. How many shots do you have to take before going down? That is why my previous comment about this game was ..I'll play FEAR EP

Definitly a very good game no matter what platform it gets released on!

This comment was edited on Nov 17, 18:13.
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News Comments > Friday Game Reviews
3. Re: fear Nov 10, 2006, 18:21 4D-Boxing
lost interest just more of the same and Gears on 360 smokes this hands down!

LOL!!! Good one!

GEARS has been over simplified for my taste. Emphisis On " for my taste".

It gave the same feeling as freelancer vs Starlancer. Starlancer hands down for me!

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