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News Comments > Morning Q&As
3. Re: ... Aug 17, 2007, 18:15 4D-Boxing
I would not worry about performance. Up to now, Epic has been very good at optimizing code.

I know that some Unreal 3 engine games had real bad performance like R6 vegas & GRAW 1&2 but those where released by companies with so so record when it comes to game code optimization & support.

UT3 made with the same engine as those other games will have far better Quad core support for example. WIththe games I named in the previous paragraph you get little to no performance boost from Quad core CPUs.

One last thing, If you are worried because of that questionable Cliffy B comment about how PCs can't handle games like GEARS...that was just poor attmpt at hype & marketing on his behalf. Are rare occurance cause CliffyB Normally knows what he's talking about! He's probably the best level design guy in the business.

Nvidia's new cards will come out this fall if ATI releases something that can outshine the 8800 Ultra.

I have an E6700 & 880 SLI setup.. I expect crazy performance. Don't forget Crysis was benchmarked on a laptop & ran smooth according to the devs.

If you have the patience wait for new hardware... ATI's new card is probably going to be very good especially if you play with 4X AA or higher.

PS. Physx card will add another level of detail to the game if you have one.

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News Comments > BioShock PC Demo Update
52. Re: PS3 PR Rep Aug 14, 2007, 15:51 4D-Boxing
Yeah spot on correct DrEvil...

That is why they shrink the map size for console versions & cut the multiplayer to 16 or 32 players.

Got to love these guys..

What about those reviews that say it's the same game but the PC has better textures. Just go look on IGN, I do not even have to name games by name.

Still waiting for someone to give me some arguments to back up this little statement.

The same games I was playing on 3 year old hardware still look better than most next gen titles.

Even the guys on that EP game show where bitching about how so called next gen titles did not look as good as some current gen PC games. People..give it up even Tommy Telerico does not agree with you & he sure does not play PC games.

Lets just take an average looking old PC game like BF2. That game runs on what hardware?! compare it to the 360 specs? Again my point is proven. We can do this all day long people but I'm at work & you had plenty of chances to back up your claims.....

Time to move on!!!

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News Comments > Heavy Duty Changes
11. Re: No subject Aug 14, 2007, 15:33 4D-Boxing
The Half Elf

Is it hard to find a server to play online? I might reinstall the game & take my Mauler out for some team attrition.

I played that game to the point that no joystick could last me more than a couple of months. I quicly learned how to repair joysticks & how to cannibalized broken sticks for spare parts.

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News Comments > BioShock PC Demo Update
48. Re: PS3 PR Rep Aug 14, 2007, 12:46 4D-Boxing
I might not be a hardcore PC gamer by your definition but the guys at my local PC store would beg to differ.

2 8800gtx & a E6700 (2.67) 2 gigs of Ram....PC is running at 3.4Ghz on air and a 24" BenQ LCD. IF after 3 years I got this hardware makes me a gamer on a budget then I'm a gamer on a budget lol!!!

System is slmost a year old & nothing comes close to making it struggle a 1900X1200 everything maxed out.

If you are saying there is not reason to max PCs out cause Devs do not take full advantage of the hardware, what was the point of talking about PC needing to be upgraded every year?

PC's have to be more powerful than consoles to get relativiely the sameperformance

LOL a CP with an x2 4400 & an x1800xt will have similar image quality but the x2 4400 cpu is a joke compared to the 360 CPU.

Sorry but that argument does not work either.

If peole only played crappy ports like Oblivion ,Rainbow 6 Vegas or GRAW1&2 then yes your argument would be valid. Just look at what PC gamers have to say about those titles in the blues forums...

The only games that require crazy PCs to get console performance are crappy ports.

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News Comments > Heavy Duty Changes
7. Re: Well I read it as Heavy Gear... Aug 14, 2007, 12:11 4D-Boxing
Geez I guess my dreams of a MechWorrior replacement have been crushed lol!

it seems that the audience is mostly interested in strategy games and role playing games.

LOL.. I love his stuff it's like Myamoto saying Internert access was a waist of time and that no online games where doing well before the Game cube came out.

Lack of vision & understanding of the markets will kill this company. Next summer we see apost saying they went beely up & people will cry over losing jobs etc... rember this thread when that day comes.

More poeple play online FPS on the PC then play Strategy games...numbers of RPG gamers is slightly lower than FPS gamers.

I guess we need a group of guys like the dudes from STALKER to make a good mech game that will sell. Then the rest will copy.

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News Comments > BioShock PC Demo Update
37. Re: Intrigued Aug 14, 2007, 10:26 4D-Boxing
Sepharo well said... some peole are still hung up on 1997 arguments for bashing PC gaming.

Your system will last you ...and the image quality of PC monitor is better than a Xbox360 on a 3000$ Sony TV.

I know cause I saw the demo yesterday on one of those expensive TVs with HDMI & all the goodies. Even BF2142 at 1600*1200 looked better than what I saw.

Xbox 360 is a very good machine but I'll take gaming on my 24" at 1900*1200 anytime over 1080p on a 3000$ TV.

24" LCD is 500$ My insane PC is still cheaper than my friends 360 Elite with a 3000$ Sony HD TV.

Gaming esxperience differs cause PC gaming & console gaming ore diff. beasts. I can't say that one is better than the other just different. PC has the graphics consoles have ease of use.

MachineMk2..if you are going to use antiquated arguments might as well throw in the ones about having to make boot disks & hunting for drivers everytime you install a game.

MachineMk2 have you been away from PC gaming since the Wing commander days?

I consider myself a harcore PC gamer & I upgrade once every 3 years.

This comment was edited on Aug 14, 10:48.
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News Comments > Gold - BioShock
49. Re: Bioshock Aug 9, 2007, 17:59 4D-Boxing
The starship Von Braun single handedly made SS2 one of my favorite games.

I could not have said it better myself. I also agree with the doom3 comments..

Even litte things like the nanites used to make a copy of yourself so you can respawn in the game was well thought.
I could go on for hours talking all the details that made SS2 the best single player game ever made.

Sad but to this date nothing compares or comes close to SS2 but that's just my opinion.

I hade high hopes for this game but with time it just became something to keep me busy until the other AAA titles come out this fall.

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News Comments > Thursday Hardware Reviews
1. Heads up Aug 9, 2007, 10:52 4D-Boxing
A game review slipped into the list of Hardware Reviews.

No big deal...

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News Comments > Stranglehold to Require Dual-Core CPUs?
13. Re: No subject Aug 8, 2007, 13:16 4D-Boxing
I thought this game was listed as a budget title on EB games... 20$ retail price.

THe way things are going today I probably saw the game guide or something listed at 20$.

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News Comments > New ETQW Beta
12. Re: i don't meet the requirements?! Aug 3, 2007, 17:53 4D-Boxing
I'm assuming that you have to join some crappy site to be in the beta?

I can just imagine the quality of testers they agetting lol!!!

I guess that is why they are releasing a second beta lol!

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News Comments > Hellgate: London Beta Signups
12. Re: No subject Jul 25, 2007, 17:28 4D-Boxing
Game Devs. Get your act together before asking people to pay for patches.

Why should the end user have to pay for the dev. team to fix a flaw in their product??!

I should pay the car company if their is a recall?!

Start making the games people really want with the features they are asking for make sure it's bug free. Once you've proven yourself to gamers then you can ask people to pay for patches but only compatibility patches.

Ex: A patch to make the game work on new hardware beyond Dx10.

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News Comments > Universal Boxing Manager Announced
3. Re: isn't this already out Jul 24, 2007, 16:17 4D-Boxing
Just give me 4D boxing with a new graphics engine!

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News Comments > Unreal Tournament 3 Trailer
10. Re: No subject Jul 12, 2007, 16:50 4D-Boxing
I really hope you are wrong... but I'm starting to have the same feeling.

Damn! Is this the end of fast paced shooters...I know I'm getting close to 40 but I do not want to be stuck playing nothing but strategic, squad / class FPS for the rest of my gaming life?!?! There should be room for a little variety in the industry...

Nowdays you can't even find a good wing commander clone or even a racing game that compares to the first 2 NFS games....

Even Mech games are dead!

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News Comments > Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Trailer
27. Re: No subject Jul 12, 2007, 10:15 4D-Boxing
I'm with you on that one Jerykk.

I'm craving a good twitch game.

I like the slower pace strategic FPS but I also want variety. Not all FPShave to be ultra realistic war sims with Iron sights etc..

UT3 where are you my love LOL!!
I'm probably going to get spanked cause I'm closer to 40 than I am to 20 but I need the speed. Think fast act faster!

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News Comments > S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky Revealed
15. Re: No subject Jul 11, 2007, 15:58 4D-Boxing
I agree the outdoor environment in STALKER looked very good.
On my PC it looked way better than Oblivions outdoor environments but not as varied.

Sure STALKER had flaws & bugs but I'll take STALKER over GRAW GRAW2 or Rainbow 6 Vegas, Halo2 PC & many more high budget titles.

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News Comments > Gears of War for XP & Vista
16. Re: who the farq is Cliffyb?? Jul 11, 2007, 12:15 4D-Boxing
CliffyB ...think Tommy from Reviews on the Run or EP (electric palyground or something) but with blondish hair.

This is the guy that implied that PC's are years away from being able to play GEARS. (I think he forgot to read the 360 specs)

I'm a harcore UT fan so despite all that I don't mind the guy he's created many great maps & free bonus pack content for the UT series.

Gears PC...More maps & larger maps 10 hour single player game unless you have tons of multiplayer content.

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News Comments > F.E.A.R. of a USB Performance Hit
28. Re: No subject Jul 11, 2007, 10:14 4D-Boxing
For some reason I can't secure my keyborad anymore. Everything works fine until I enter the last series of characters. Instead of showing up as **** like the other characters entered I see the actual info typed & then setpoint just craps out.

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News Comments > BioShock Movie
14. Re: No subject Jul 6, 2007, 18:02 4D-Boxing

I feel the same as you.
Fromt he comments I've seen from the dev. team their will be some very basic elements that will remind players of SS2 like someone else pointed out.

On a personal note, I doubt gamers will see this as spiritual successor to SS2. I see a disturbing trend emerging in gaming. It's almost like devs. now make games so that anyone can finish them without much effort. Plus they seem to want gamers to be able to jump in & master the game within learning curve like if they where playing commander Keen.

I just hope the dev. team did not forget that PC gamers & console gamers have diff. expectations when it comes to games. Not trying to say PC is better.

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News Comments > New Battlefield Rules of Conduct
11. Re: LOL! Jun 28, 2007, 11:58 4D-Boxing will not communicate the existence of any such bug (either directly or through the public posting)...

In other words, next time they release a patch no list of the issues fixed or else EA gets banned LOL!

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News Comments > Soldier of Fortune Sequel?
15. Re: PS3 PR Rep Jun 27, 2007, 12:22 4D-Boxing
I would have thought that the targeting system from SOF would have become the standard for all FPS. I'm not referring to decapitation just the ability to take out a guys glasses or hat in a modern online FPS would be cool.

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