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News Comments > Gold - Half-Life 2: The Orange Box
26. Re: TF2 Beta Sep 27, 2007, 14:12 4D-Boxing
Eye 4N Eye

I was asking myself the same thing cause I saw a story on Blues today about a new TF2 Beta.

I've read so many positive comments about TF2 that I'm not to worried about the quality of the end product.

Au petit con de merde sait qui il est...ouvre ta boite pour dire d'autre betise fils de pute. A bientot petit con! ( not directed at Eye 4N Eye)

Ok.. now time to get back to work.

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News Comments > Evening Previews
2. Re: 1up ftl Sep 27, 2007, 10:55 4D-Boxing
The effects of the semi-destructible environment combined with the lack of gravity make for something we haven't really seen before and gamers with an Ageia PhysX card are in for a serious treat.

This is from the Crysis preview, I'm not anglophone so maybe I'm reading this wrong but this almost implies that Crysis supports the PhysX Card. Last I heard the game does not support the PPU.

PS. the signature. If more people thought like that maybe technology would move forward a bit faster.

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News Comments > New ForceWare Beta Drivers
6. Re: No subject Sep 21, 2007, 13:19 4D-Boxing
However, I noticed it is (still?) listing all the resolutions my card is capable of and not limiting it to the captabilites of my monitor.

I'm sure you've already checked but I thought their was a box you had to ckeck in driver properties to limit refresh rate listed to what is supported by your monitor.

I ran into the same issue you running into in the past & the solution you used was the only one that worked for me.

Anyways Yeah..I switched to Nvidia after my 9700pro. I really hope ATI gets their act together performace wize.

PS. I'm starting to think all those beta drivers due to the 8800 series...beta drivers released after ETQW demo added details tht where not there before on my end. Remided me of the early 2900XT reviews where stuff was missing in certain games.

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News Comments > Team Fortress 2 Beta Live
68. Re: ... Sep 18, 2007, 15:56 4D-Boxing
Good to see some positive comments about the game.

Good to see people realize not all games have to be like an old school Rainbow 6 game & that speed is not always a bad thing.

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News Comments > NVIDIA ForceWare Beta Drivers
15. Re: WTH? Sep 17, 2007, 19:29 4D-Boxing
Nvidia released some beta drivers when the Quake Wars demo came out.

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News Comments > Crysis DirectX 9 & 10 MP Performance
55. Re: No subject Sep 14, 2007, 10:30 4D-Boxing
Exactly Sempai!

People jsut have to read articles about the STALKER expansion or clear sky or whatever it's called...

According to the what I've read it looks just as impressive as any DX10 title. I did not see the comparaison first hand but I tend to trust the source of this particular article.

When it comes to physics well HL2 did an ok job without DX10
& so have many other titles in the past. SO the hype about quand core for Physics was BS? Now we need DX10 to have the physics effects.

They should have gone with Physx..I would rather pay 150$ for the card based on what I saw with GRAW2(physx Island reviews) than pay 230 for the version of VIsta that I would be interested in...but that's just me most people would say both the physx card & vista are a waist of $$$.

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News Comments > FASA Closes
27. Re: Does this mean... Sep 13, 2007, 10:33 4D-Boxing
Even when you get it all right, the odds of it being a success are still stacked because at the end of the day, its down to the finicky gamers.

If this is the case why gamble on mech assault or what ever that Xbox version was called?
The original Mech worrior games had a cult. At least that is the impression I've always had.

Like you said MS is notorious for this kind of thing so I'm really not surprised.

Best of luck to the FASA people who lost their jobs...maybe we will see them down the road release something a la BIOSHOCK. A Spiritual successor to Mech2.

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News Comments > Morning Q&As - Crysis "10-20 Hours"
6. Re: ...about 10 hours. Sep 6, 2007, 16:43 4D-Boxing
Toebot no no will get the wrath of Dagok for commenting on this...


On a serious note..this really sucks. Gone of the days where average games took 30 hours to complete.

Maybe S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky will be the exception.

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News Comments > Crysis Demo Next Month
51. Re: No subject Aug 28, 2007, 10:28 4D-Boxing
MS should start getting used to being dissed about frame rate in Dx10. Despite all the issues with Vista no service pack until 2008 or so I've heard. They talked about performance patches but no news about those as of late.

That's is the type of demo release I'm looking for... early enough to get people pumped and get a nice little boost in sales.

Damn! I forgot to get my comment approved by Dagok. I'm going to get in trouble again LOL.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Instinct
6. Re: No subject Aug 21, 2007, 16:27 4D-Boxing
manic half

Watch out, Dagok tends to get upset when people post comments like that lol!!!

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - BioShock
52. Re: No subject Aug 21, 2007, 13:33 4D-Boxing
100% correct

When I went from a 19" to 24" widescreen I did not see much difference until I played a game where I could adjust the aspect ratio. Once I did it was hard to go back.

I made the mistake of playing BF2142 1920x1200 & had to go back to 1600x1200 because PunkBuster. It was hard to take.
The image was so much better & the extra width made a diff.

What realy made me realize th eimpact of Widescreen was R6Vegas. The game does not support Widescreen but the community released a fix ...anyways Just the intro movie or first cut scene gives you a very good idea of how much more you get to see.

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News Comments > BioShock Demo This Evening
74. Re: No subject Aug 20, 2007, 15:42 4D-Boxing
Then why are you being so childish?

So that is the best reply you have after talking all that smack ... balls jsut shrunk to the size of peanuts?!?!

Got to love these keyboard rambo kids... they talk tough until someone turns up the heat then ..we get weak replies like this.

Waist of perfectly good human skin! go back to WOW it's safer for you lol.

OK people show is over Dagok just got Knocked the F. out in this thread. Time to let him rest & hug mama.

This comment was edited on Aug 20, 15:44.
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News Comments > BioShock Demo This Evening
60. Re: No subject Aug 20, 2007, 14:46 4D-Boxing
No smart remarks to add kid.. other than "grasping at straws" ?!?!

Instead of posting a weak reply like that jsut go ask momy for $$ to buy Bioshock take out your skatboard & go get some sun.. I can see the " Post Message " heading is brunt into your forehead from trolling forums!

And Meatfarce don't even think about patience for childish BS today!

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News Comments > BioShock Demo This Evening
33. Re: No subject Aug 20, 2007, 13:14 4D-Boxing
Dagok STFU kid... You are complaining about a comment in a forum on a game site. Get a life & go troll elswhere.

If you find my coment stupid don't read it how dumb are you dude?!?!

IF you do not have alife, wife kids or job so be it some of us do. GO back to your Moms basement surf for porn instead of posting BS.

BTW learn how to read kid " 7:00 p.m. Eastern time today"

IS to complexe for little brain or you where just to pumped up to go trolling today?

Got to love the internet..every kid thinks he's Chuck Liddel when behind a keyboard at moma's house ... welcome tot he real world kid. People like me eat retards like you for breakfast in forums & in the street!

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News Comments > BioShock Demo This Evening
25. Re: No subject Aug 20, 2007, 12:44 4D-Boxing
The game will be available on the 21st. Releasing a demo on monday the 20th?!

I will by the game tomorow but for futur reference PC gamers tend to be a little older I doubt many will stay home from work to download this or stay up all night to finish it before buying the game tomorrow.

It's the thought that counts! I'm just thinking about something I read on Blues years ago..the article said that a demo release prior to game release increases sales by 10%.

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News Comments > Morning Q&As
3. Re: ... Aug 17, 2007, 18:15 4D-Boxing
I would not worry about performance. Up to now, Epic has been very good at optimizing code.

I know that some Unreal 3 engine games had real bad performance like R6 vegas & GRAW 1&2 but those where released by companies with so so record when it comes to game code optimization & support.

UT3 made with the same engine as those other games will have far better Quad core support for example. WIththe games I named in the previous paragraph you get little to no performance boost from Quad core CPUs.

One last thing, If you are worried because of that questionable Cliffy B comment about how PCs can't handle games like GEARS...that was just poor attmpt at hype & marketing on his behalf. Are rare occurance cause CliffyB Normally knows what he's talking about! He's probably the best level design guy in the business.

Nvidia's new cards will come out this fall if ATI releases something that can outshine the 8800 Ultra.

I have an E6700 & 880 SLI setup.. I expect crazy performance. Don't forget Crysis was benchmarked on a laptop & ran smooth according to the devs.

If you have the patience wait for new hardware... ATI's new card is probably going to be very good especially if you play with 4X AA or higher.

PS. Physx card will add another level of detail to the game if you have one.

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News Comments > BioShock PC Demo Update
52. Re: PS3 PR Rep Aug 14, 2007, 15:51 4D-Boxing
Yeah spot on correct DrEvil...

That is why they shrink the map size for console versions & cut the multiplayer to 16 or 32 players.

Got to love these guys..

What about those reviews that say it's the same game but the PC has better textures. Just go look on IGN, I do not even have to name games by name.

Still waiting for someone to give me some arguments to back up this little statement.

The same games I was playing on 3 year old hardware still look better than most next gen titles.

Even the guys on that EP game show where bitching about how so called next gen titles did not look as good as some current gen PC games. People..give it up even Tommy Telerico does not agree with you & he sure does not play PC games.

Lets just take an average looking old PC game like BF2. That game runs on what hardware?! compare it to the 360 specs? Again my point is proven. We can do this all day long people but I'm at work & you had plenty of chances to back up your claims.....

Time to move on!!!

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News Comments > Heavy Duty Changes
11. Re: No subject Aug 14, 2007, 15:33 4D-Boxing
The Half Elf

Is it hard to find a server to play online? I might reinstall the game & take my Mauler out for some team attrition.

I played that game to the point that no joystick could last me more than a couple of months. I quicly learned how to repair joysticks & how to cannibalized broken sticks for spare parts.

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News Comments > BioShock PC Demo Update
48. Re: PS3 PR Rep Aug 14, 2007, 12:46 4D-Boxing
I might not be a hardcore PC gamer by your definition but the guys at my local PC store would beg to differ.

2 8800gtx & a E6700 (2.67) 2 gigs of Ram....PC is running at 3.4Ghz on air and a 24" BenQ LCD. IF after 3 years I got this hardware makes me a gamer on a budget then I'm a gamer on a budget lol!!!

System is slmost a year old & nothing comes close to making it struggle a 1900X1200 everything maxed out.

If you are saying there is not reason to max PCs out cause Devs do not take full advantage of the hardware, what was the point of talking about PC needing to be upgraded every year?

PC's have to be more powerful than consoles to get relativiely the sameperformance

LOL a CP with an x2 4400 & an x1800xt will have similar image quality but the x2 4400 cpu is a joke compared to the 360 CPU.

Sorry but that argument does not work either.

If peole only played crappy ports like Oblivion ,Rainbow 6 Vegas or GRAW1&2 then yes your argument would be valid. Just look at what PC gamers have to say about those titles in the blues forums...

The only games that require crazy PCs to get console performance are crappy ports.

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News Comments > Heavy Duty Changes
7. Re: Well I read it as Heavy Gear... Aug 14, 2007, 12:11 4D-Boxing
Geez I guess my dreams of a MechWorrior replacement have been crushed lol!

it seems that the audience is mostly interested in strategy games and role playing games.

LOL.. I love his stuff it's like Myamoto saying Internert access was a waist of time and that no online games where doing well before the Game cube came out.

Lack of vision & understanding of the markets will kill this company. Next summer we see apost saying they went beely up & people will cry over losing jobs etc... rember this thread when that day comes.

More poeple play online FPS on the PC then play Strategy games...numbers of RPG gamers is slightly lower than FPS gamers.

I guess we need a group of guys like the dudes from STALKER to make a good mech game that will sell. Then the rest will copy.

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