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News Comments > PhysX UT3 Maps & SDK Plans
26. Re: No subject Nov 22, 2007, 13:27 4D-Boxing
AMD considers buying Ageia...

Despite, Ageiaís disappointing games-support for its PhysX chip, the company's PhysX software is free, and has accordingly been used widely, even if the PhysX hardware itself isnít supported. As such, buying Ageia could give AMD a chance to continue to compete in the gaming physics arena now that Intel has bought Havok.

This is news headline taken form another site.

If this pans out we might see the chip integrated in a future chipset or on a video card.

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News Comments > PhysX UT3 Maps & SDK Plans
20. Re: ... Nov 21, 2007, 16:53 4D-Boxing
PhysX will provide an increase in at least performance in every UT3 engine game to date.

If that is the case, AGEIA should put that info on their site. On apersonal note, I do own one of those PPUs and I've never seen any improvement except in titles that specifically support PhysX.

UT3 Engine was designed to be able to take advantage of PhysX but I don't think All developers take advantage of that.

I get more of performance boost by renaming the exe but that is an SLi thing.

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News Comments > PhysX UT3 Maps & SDK Plans
17. Re: No subject Nov 21, 2007, 14:28 4D-Boxing
Exactly just extra fluff...

Without the right hardware that fluff will cause a drop in frame rate.

Bottom line it's nothing special just effects that will make the game look a bit better than on regular setting. Nothing that will impact game play...that stuff is only available on the Physx maps.

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News Comments > PhysX UT3 Maps & SDK Plans
13. Re: No subject Nov 21, 2007, 13:26 4D-Boxing
Physics shold be done onthe CPU to avoid creating bottlnecks. CPU waiting for info from PPU etc..

On the other hand, if you look at Crysis, Even with everything on very high including physics a quad core does not add much in terms of performance. I get the same frame rate with an overclocked e6850 as people with QX6850.

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News Comments > Wednesday Game Reviews
2. UT3 review Nov 21, 2007, 12:21 4D-Boxing
I guess Computer & Video Games is the same as Games Radar lol...word for word the exact same review.

As for Crysis at least it will force Nvidia to release their best hardware instead of holding back in case ATI releases a monster card.

Even on my PC e6850 @ 3.6 and 2 8800gtx in sli I get 35 to 40 fps on high. On Very high all but the shadows I get 30 to 35 fps all this at 1920x1200 with 2x AA. From what I've read quad cores do not give you much more performance benchmarks could have been off but I trust the site.

Turning Off AA is does not give much of a fps boost. Lowering the resolution to let's say 1650x1200 does not add much speed.

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News Comments > PhysX UT3 Maps & SDK Plans
5. Re: No subject Nov 21, 2007, 11:56 4D-Boxing
This is a big assumption but I'm assuming that you will be able to play the maps because you have the checkmark that PhysX owners have. I'm think that the game will look for checkmark... if you have it ..then you can play the map.

It would be nice to get an official yes or no from Epic on this.

Worst case scenario you'll get the extra particule effects or whatever in the regular maps.

This comment was edited on Nov 21, 11:56.
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News Comments > PhysX UT3 Maps & SDK Plans
3. Re: No subject Nov 21, 2007, 11:31 4D-Boxing

I you have a PC with let's say q6600 and SLI ( no PhysX card) ...physX is enabled by default.. I heard of people who have e6700 & SLI that have PhysX unlocked (check box not greyed out)

In other words if you the the specs the game enables the Physx stuff. Not sure what you have to own hardware wize to have it....

This comment was edited on Nov 21, 11:33.
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News Comments > Call of Duty 4 Patch
14. Re: No subject Nov 21, 2007, 09:30 4D-Boxing
The graphics in UT3 look better than Gears of war PC. Demo had bad graphics but the final product with highrez textures looks better than most games.

Then again tast is subjective..some might prefer the realistic look to the cartoony look of UT.

I think Crysis is the best looking game out there then I put CoD4 & UT3 in second place then Gears of War PC and the rest.. this list is based on title I own there are probably better looking games out there.

This comment was edited on Nov 21, 09:33.
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News Comments > Call of Duty 4 Patch
12. Re: No subject Nov 21, 2007, 09:22 4D-Boxing

I you are right about multiplayer. The single player issues listed do exist but they are not as bad as in previous CoD games.

THe issues lsited where so bad in the previous versions especially the first one that I never even finished the fist part of the demo.

When playing CoD 4 I kept in mind that it's a heavily scripted game. I did get annoyed at the infinit respawn if you did not reach point A. It was more about surviving a certian amount of time taking out a certian amout of enemies then getting tothe right spot for the game to move on...not always fun but all in all it was a very good game.
not Great but the multiplayer is great!

This comment was edited on Nov 21, 09:23.
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News Comments > Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Announced
8. Re: If at first u dont suckceed Nov 20, 2007, 16:26 4D-Boxing
Rainbow 6 is dead. UBI killed that franchise for good.
PC version was so crappy it aint funny. You had to rename the exe to FEAR to get 70 frames per second but it only worked if you had SLI.

AA in game it's 2007 AA was has been arround since the Geforce 1. IF the game does not have 2x AA default it should at least give the oiption to turn it on or off.

IF gamers can find ways to turn it on a mutli million $$ comapny should be able to implement it in the game befaore launch.

Last part of my rant..if you can make a good port keep the game! Bad ports will only give bad publicity to who ever published the game.

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News Comments > Unreal Tournament 3 Windows Server
7. Re: ... Nov 20, 2007, 10:15 4D-Boxing
I see your point it's a small issue that could have been resolved before launch but it's the window firewall lol!

I do not know any gamers in my cirlce that use it. Maybe on family room PC on top of a real firewall. I doubt that any beta tester would have that enabled on their machine. IF you are the type that is willing to experiment or beta test new software you know there are better free alternatives.

To me this is a non issue.

Yes people still do compatibility testing but let's be realistic... there is more hardware configuration out there than ever before more software available than ever before. If Epic tests every possible scenarios instead of testing the main ones, we would be bitching about the release date being pushed back..

I have to stop typing & leave room for budy & his skateboard comments...

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Unreal Tournament 3
38. Re: No subject Nov 19, 2007, 16:56 4D-Boxing

AA in Unreal or other games using the same engine can be achived by renaming the .exe to Oblivion or by installing nHancer and going into the compatibility tab select Oblivion under AA. (there is abunch of numbers after the word oblivion like 000045).

There is even a generic profile for all Unreal 3 engine games. So it works with R6 vegas, Gears of War etc...


Are you talking about the graphics in the demo or the final game? Epic said when the demo came out that it had medium & low detal textures.

GoW PC has better textures & looks better than Gears on the 360...UT3 looks better than GoW PC. Like the guys at Epic said it will look like GoW graphics on steroids or something like if you hate the graphic style of gears....over the top HDR & motion blur etc...

You knew what to expect from day one & should never have considered getting this game after seeing the early preview screenshot.

PS. Post processing on highest level (intense or what ever) makes the game looks ugly on my end use the one before last.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Unreal Tournament 3
9. Re: ... Nov 19, 2007, 12:46 4D-Boxing
I agree theyare...

The best Deathmatch maps IMHO ..Morpheus was good, Gothic, convayor, Liandri, Deck 16,curse and my all time fav Tempest.

Phobos was nasty, you could get 3 head shots with one blade lol...

I bought both Quake 3 & UT back in the days but I became a UT addict. Quake 3 ws awsome but UT was just better suited to my gaming style.

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News Comments > Steam Stats
28. Re: The end is hard Nov 19, 2007, 10:36 4D-Boxing
Here is how I got passed that point:

∑ Forget about using the car as a weapon.
∑ Go back to the area with 2 shacks close to the Missle silo.
∑ Make sure you have plenty of logs (wooden logs)
∑ Wait at the top of that area (fork In the road)
∑ Take out the Hunters using the Gravity gun & logs ( one shot 2 max)
∑ Then focus on the Walker.
∑ Repeat until all the walkers are gone.
∑ Sure you wont protect any of the buidings but youíll finish the game easily.

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News Comments > NVIDIA Beta Drivers for Crysis
12. Re: Rumours abound that this fixes SLI Nov 13, 2007, 16:54 4D-Boxing

Not sure if this is 100% true but here is what I found online.


Adds SLI support for Crysis
Fixes a water reflection bug in Crysis
Adds Control Panel anisotropic filtering support for Crysis

With this driver, SLI will deliver 40-50% speedup over single a GPU. In addition, a game patch coming this month will improve SLI performance further.

Here are some reference performance numbers obtained using the built-in benchmark:

Crysis Benchmark Runs Single SLI Scaling
GeForce 8800 GT 512MB

1600x1200 High Settings 24.05 34.76 45%
GeForce 8800 GTX 768MB

1920x1200 High Settings 22.7 31.87 40%

Again take this with a grain of salt some guy posted this in another forum. I won't put the link ...I'm not here to advertise for the competition cause Blues Rules!

OOps I should at least spell blues in English not French.

This comment was edited on Nov 13, 17:00.
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Crysis
27. Re: crysis Nov 13, 2007, 14:46 4D-Boxing

I'm not a 100% sure but I think the Firingsquad website had an article on 500$ upgrade to play recent games.

5000 dollar super SLI intel Quad extreme setup

PS. the days of having to upgrade every 6 months have come a and gone along time ago and we do not need to make bootdisks to free up mememory anymore.

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News Comments > Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Q&A
14. Re: teh awesome Nov 12, 2007, 15:45 4D-Boxing
Yes the multiplayer is great way better than I expected. Maps are well made weapons are great...still have to try a few more mods but up to now can't complain.

Single player is really good, I did not like any of the previous CoD games but should not be missed.

Very well done Infinity Ward!

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News Comments > Gears of War and Windows LIVE Issue
13. Re: Dead Nov 7, 2007, 16:00 4D-Boxing

First time I read the words: " PC gaming is dying" was when the Dreamcast was released. Need i say more.

I do agree with the post regarding FOV BS. Expected more from Epic, especially since they would not even exist if it was not for the support PC gamers gave them back in the days.

This comment was edited on Nov 7, 16:04.
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - PC Gears of War
39. Re: No subject Nov 7, 2007, 09:36 4D-Boxing

You do not need to pay to play can get the free silver memebership thing. You pay for the gold to get matchmaking & tracking od multiplayer achievements.

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News Comments > Gold - Unreal Tournament 3
17. Re: No subject Oct 31, 2007, 12:25 4D-Boxing
then you can skateboard until your hearts content on those 10000 maps of some kids bedroom.

Yes, While you TK for fun and profit in BF2!

Tribes 2 best thing ever. Tribes 2 mod with Crysis engine anything missing?

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