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News Comments > Epic on MS Buyout Rumors: Only One Billion?
50. Re: No subject Feb 20, 2008, 07:41 4D-Boxing
UT3 like most PC titles (it was released on PC first) never had a marketing campaign. Yet anybody who's taken basic bisiness classes knows the importance of marketing & product placement. On top of that PC gamers got the PS3 version Epic admitted that they did not want to work on a PC version.

THe interface for UT3 was horrible now with the patches it's gone form horrible to bad. On top of that we have CliffyB a guy I used to have alot of respect using BS excuses for the poor sales of UT3 PC. Consoles are taking away hardcore PC PC gamers don't like to spend their cash on bad ports or crappy games just like any gamer. Oh and CLiffy B saying PCs could not handle Gears LOL!!! Yes that really makes him credible...look at the components that make the 360 CLiffy!

I'll end my rent here & let Epic go the way of UBI & EA the great thing about PC gaming there is always someone waiting to take over the and innovate when other companies get gready & lazy. LEt's see what the guys that made STALKER come up with next...doubt Epic couild do anything comparable with all their $$$.

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News Comments > Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Next Month
12. Re: No subject Feb 5, 2008, 12:09 4D-Boxing
Wow wanting good games that keep the level of quality of past iterations or improve on them makes us elitist that cry like litte girls..

Then Call me Stompin Sally.

I respect anybody that has enough back bone to take a stand when they do not get what they paid for.

If this one is as bad as the first vagas, I hope they do not say consoles are stealing all the harcore PC gamers like other companies did not to long ago lol!!!

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News Comments > New CoD4 Console Maps Coming
15. Re: PC Maps Feb 4, 2008, 16:45 4D-Boxing
MuzixMon I completely agree with your comment!!
The sad part about all this ..Activision could have prevented this by using same approach as Oblivion or maybe do like other Devs. & have a stat's server?! That would add another level of authentication etc..

Right now the game is a way to easy for thieves to steal & cheaters can easily have field day with this tile.

Having the stats on my PC mademe loose a rank. Decided to test vista on a separate HD killed XP. SO when i reinstalled the game & copied my profile back to the new install & got docked 1 rank?!

I just hope Activision learned from this..if not well stick to consoles.

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News Comments > Mark Rein - Consoles "Stealing" Hardcore PC Gamers
49. What happened to Epic?! Jan 31, 2008, 15:34 4D-Boxing
Consoles "Stealing" Hardcore PC Gamers

This is as priceless as Ciffy B saying that PCs don't have the juice to play GEARS LOL!

Bottom line bad ports kill sales..blame consoles or who ever you want Epic bad ports kill sales. UT3 is not doing well because Epic forgot what got them where they where.

PS3 (console) hud, game browser that blows, smaller maps than in ut2k4 no support for 64 players on release day, Linux server support that came late (should have been out with the demo) etcÖ

PC gamers just like console gamers have specific tastes. How or why Devs forget that is beyond meÖGive PC gamers what they want & sales will be good, give pc gamers bad ports like GEARS, UT3 or UBI stuff well donít cry if you stuff does not sell & donít blame consoles for stealing gamers. 99% of the hardcore PC gamers I know would never switch to a console as primary gaming system..they will get one to make sure the kids donít hog the gaming rig & for entertainment when people visit. I could buy a Wii for the lady & her friends or so my mother can play bowling. I will always be a PC gamer first because they offer what Iím looking for.

PS. CoD sales shouild never be used as examples...they could have done like Oblivion & less pirated version would float arround. Activision dropped the ball..

This comment was edited on Jan 31, 15:35.
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News Comments > PC Assassin's Creed Slips
10. Re: graphics Jan 29, 2008, 13:24 4D-Boxing
Assassin's Creed is a UBI game that should explain everything. CoD4 is probably the best example of a good port. This one is going to be like, GRAW 1&2 & R6 Vegas or even Gears that was published by MS.

Everybody remembers the horrible performance of R6 Vegas PC on release day?! That is what I expect but I still hope for the best.

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News Comments > More Crysis Patch Workarounds
3. Performance Jan 10, 2008, 13:43 4D-Boxing
In my case, the biggest boost I got in crysis under vista 64bit was buy upgrading from 2gb to 4gb of ram. Upgrade was done after the patch came. Patch gave me 5 to 10 FPS & less slowdowns but the ram gave me 10 to 15 FPS. (the patch helped probably make better use of the extra mem)

I'll try readyboost on top of that (hope my drive is compatible to see if I can squeeze more fps.

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News Comments > Crysis Patch
19. Re: Performance results? Jan 8, 2008, 16:02 4D-Boxing
From what I've read up to now, vista DX 10 is getting biggest performance boost. People are talking about 10fps increase.

As for XP or DX 9 under vista...users are supposed to get better image quality, less slow downs & stuttering but the fps increase might be minimal.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
3. Re: Keyboard+mouse Vs Gamepad Dec 28, 2007, 14:32 4D-Boxing

Another thing when a Games gets released on both PC & consoles there is a difference in how bullets travel. By this I mean on the console side the same weapon will have a wider spray pattern if I can use that expression & the hit box on the characters will be a bit larger thus giving the people with gamepads a similar level of accuracy as mouse users.

I'm not trying to say someone with a game pad can't do well or beat a guy with a mouse. I used to play the Original Unreal Tournament with the MS Dual Strike gamepad that was designed for FPS and I used to do very well. Even made the top 100 for a specific week.

PS. Cabezone made a very good point the user can make a big difference.

This comment was edited on Dec 28, 14:36.
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News Comments > Moring Tech Bits
4. Crysis triple SLI Dec 12, 2007, 19:07 4D-Boxing
150% improvement in crisis with 3 cards?!
Plus the tests are supposed to have been at 2560x1600 with 4x fsaa & 16x AF!

That must be some patch they are working on for Crysis or some really good drivers! Cause my setup isn't bad & i get 25 to 30 fps at 1920x1200 with same level of detail on 2 gtx.

........just read somewhere that it's supposed to be 250% performance boost?!? what ever it is I have to see it to believe it!

This comment was edited on Dec 12, 19:12.
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News Comments > Life in the FASA Lane
14. Re: mechwarrior Dec 7, 2007, 07:46 4D-Boxing

MEchworrior with a new engine...I would pay 80$ if done right to make sure they amke $$ withthe game & support it for a long time (Epic style).

Even the Unreal 3 engine could make a great mech game...Darkwalkers in ut3 look awsome. I know PhysX is dying but they could even use those capabilities to add the deformable terrain that was in MW:3 & plus buildings that can be destroyed.

Mech worrior of the most satisfying online experience ever!

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News Comments > GameSpot Staff Speaks Out
20. Re: 'Staff speak out' Dec 5, 2007, 07:52 4D-Boxing

whistle blowers have bills to the US & Canada whislte blowers always end up jobless & broke. Their families end up paying the price for their integrity!

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News Comments > GameSpot Staff Speaks Out
19. Re: No subject Dec 5, 2007, 07:49 4D-Boxing
Zolmaz Zo'Boto

I'll just tell you what every politician says....MOney has more influence on policies that are adopted than public opinion and....Money is the lubricant of the political system or Washington...

So punks who vote can complain all they want but the end result will be the same. People in power will do what they feellike doing.

Bottom line like Kissenger says...when they have the choice between doing what is right & what is intheir best interest they will do what is in their best intrest!

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News Comments > BioShock Patch
38. Widescreen Dec 4, 2007, 17:39 4D-Boxing
I thought these guys said there was no widescreen issue with the game when it came out.

Still don't get how gamers can release fixes or a work arond faster than people who get paid to do the work.

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News Comments > Morning Legal Briefs
9. Re: Microsoft Sued... Nov 28, 2007, 15:40 4D-Boxing
I don't even think the game needs to be patched. I do not own a 360 but I do have a few close friends that do. THey had the same issue with other games & it's the Drive not the game.

The game might have isues that need to be patched but most of the crash scenarios that I've heard of where resolved by bringing the machine to the store & getting a new one.

I think some of the original 360s came with a BenQ drives if & I'm not mistaken BenQ burners got pulled off the shelves (on the PC side years ago) cause of similar issues.

Another issue could be the power bar. I guess the 360 is supposed to be plugged directly in the wall no power bar.

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News Comments > Unreal Tournament 3 Beta Patch
12. Re: FYI Nov 26, 2007, 16:00 4D-Boxing
My system is overkill for UT3 E6850 @ 3.6 & 8800GTX SLI setup and the game slowed down way to much on the PhysX maps. On top of that the map I tried looked really bad.

(tried hte one that is not tornado related)

On a side note I also tried the warmonger - operation downtown destruction open beta. My eye still hurt from playing the tutorial. It's a beta so I can't juge it to harshly but when the tutorial makes you want to uninstall...not good.

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News Comments > Unreal Tournament 3 Beta Patch
10. FYI Nov 26, 2007, 10:17 4D-Boxing
There is checkbox for something called "frame smoothing" I thinks that is what it's called.

Well on my system I had to remove the checkmark or the game would crash after 5 minutes of online play.

I don't think that options was there before.

PS. The PhysX level are crap...AMD better buy AGEIA fast because everything that was supposed to show of the cards sucks except maybe ageia islanf in graw 2.

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News Comments > Sunday Tech Bits
11. Re: No subject Nov 26, 2007, 10:11 4D-Boxing
Those commercials are annoying just because they keep putting the emphasis on the fun stuff you can do on Mac's but what is more fin than playing a game? Are Mac's any good at that? No.. so the commercials are an insult to the intelligence of all computer users PC & Mac.

Pretty weak when a commenrcial revolves around bashing the competition. To me that says Mac's have nothing tangible that proves they are better so they hurl insults. Release soething that will compete then make real commercials.

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News Comments > Unreal Tournament 3 Patch Plans
6. Re: UT3 Patch Nov 23, 2007, 18:13 4D-Boxing
Even without the issues I don't think many people would be playing it on the PC.

On a side note, Even CoD does not have as many people playing online as we had with old UT games. I was expecting a minimum of 10 000 server not 5 or 6000.
With the amount of choices gamers have today we will not see many games hit the numbers UT or CS had back in the days.

This comment was edited on Nov 23, 18:14.
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News Comments > Crysis Benchmark
2. Re: No subject Nov 22, 2007, 16:57 4D-Boxing
I don't think the game can run smoothly & look good. It's one or the other. T0 me 60 fps with an occasional drop to 45 is smooth.

With Crysis if you want it to look as good as the screenshots we all love. well We are taking about 40 fps max & 25 or 30 fps when in the forest. All that with a cpu running at 3.6ghz & 2 8800gtx. 1280x1024 jsut does not look right on a 24" LCD so I'll play through the game once and use it as a benchmarking tool. It's all it is ..a benchmark tool/tech demo.

I'm not trying to bash the game. I love the fact that they are pushing technology to it's limits. I know it will force Nvidia & AMD to release their best hardware faster but as a game.....this one wont be breaking any sales records lol.

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News Comments > PhysX UT3 Maps & SDK Plans
26. Re: No subject Nov 22, 2007, 13:27 4D-Boxing
AMD considers buying Ageia...

Despite, Ageiaís disappointing games-support for its PhysX chip, the company's PhysX software is free, and has accordingly been used widely, even if the PhysX hardware itself isnít supported. As such, buying Ageia could give AMD a chance to continue to compete in the gaming physics arena now that Intel has bought Havok.

This is news headline taken form another site.

If this pans out we might see the chip integrated in a future chipset or on a video card.

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