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News Comments > DiRT 2 Delayed for DirectX 11
20. Re: DiRT 2 Delayed for DirectX 11 Jul 6, 2009, 13:33 4D-Boxing
This kind of crap is why people are migrating to consoles all the time. My 8800GTX isn't even a full 2 years old and yet Microsoft are forcing everyone to upgrade again.

Those are the people who buy into the hype do not do any research & feel pressured into buying new hardware that is not needed.

How many DX 11 titles worth buying that will look better than DX 10 titles do you expect to see in the next year or even 2

I hear lots of talk about new tech that will make my home even more Eco friendly & save electricity ... I do not feel like i have to buy a new house or new AC system or whatever.. and I wont move into an apartment cause there is new tech coming out every year!

This comment was edited on Jul 6, 2009, 13:48.
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News Comments > Crysis 2 Announced
56. Re: Crysis 2 Announced Jun 1, 2009, 17:17 4D-Boxing
It's a nanosuite of some kind so they could force players to find an energy source & raw materials (metal) for the nanites to multiply & regenerate the character.

Jump into a fire just long enough you regenerate to long overload & you start to fry something like that, throw in a few thunder stroms (stand at the top of the highest structure & bam) cripple the vehicule instead of blowing it up can take advantage of the battery or plug your suit in the lighter thingny lol...sunlight would provide minimal juice to stop minor bleeding (Stalker bandage style)

In multiplayer you could have a medic with pads that would shock & inject nanites or an optional deployable that would generate a small energy field that would permit a bit of regeneration for a small period of time depending on your nanite supply (all this BF2142 style).

Mmmm. USB recharge..why not plenty of laptops in that jungle lol..

Seriously, there are plenty of options to make this game better & more challenging.

These few changes could bring the gun fights in Crysis a level closer to what we experience in the STALKER games... Even CS had some awsome firefights that forced you to think on your feet & create strategies on the fly.

Crytek GmbH can contact me at their convienience to discuss my consultation fee lol!!!!

This comment was edited on Jun 1, 2009, 17:21.
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News Comments > Crysis 2 Announced
47. Re: Crysis 2 Announced Jun 1, 2009, 14:18 4D-Boxing
Woohoo, now all platforms get to have a game packed with great graphics and uninspired gameplay...

Yes sir...Modern Warfare 2 is coming out on all platforms.

Could not resist lol...

But seriously, if they could add a story, work on the indoor, remake the multiplayer and rework the engine to double performance this could become a solid game.

Ps. Still found this more fun than some AAA FPS or Action games(FarCry 2, CoD4, GEARS...)

This comment was edited on Jun 1, 2009, 14:27.
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News Comments > ARMA II Interview
27. Re: ARMA II Interview May 30, 2009, 23:05 4D-Boxing
Yeah benchmarks seem off... People are playing the game at 1920x1200 HQ?!

Maybe they renamed the .exe to Crysis etc... to play at 1920x1200 HQ but those are some weird Benchmark results.

Waiting to see what the North American launch will be like before I decide to hold back on this one.
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News Comments > On ARMA II Bugs
41. Re: On ARMA II Bugs May 29, 2009, 09:33 4D-Boxing
Guess I'll have to buy it & see for myself.

People said the same thing about Stalker:CS but on my end the only bug was that the game started minimised on occasion forcing me to quit the game & restart it.

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News Comments > Battlefield 1943 Movie, Interview
2. Re: Battlefield 1943 Movie, Interview May 14, 2009, 14:44 4D-Boxing
I remember when BF anything would generate 100s of comments butafter this debacle... Good luck Dice!!  
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News Comments > The Witcher: Fall of the White Wolf
6. Re: The Witcher: Fall of the White Wolf Apr 29, 2009, 15:36 4D-Boxing

I agree with you, these guys really impresed me with the work they where willing to put in to fix the original etc...

They may be going through financial problems related to the Enhanced edition of the game.

I'm one of the many people who bought it but never got to play it. They said I have to either burn a copy of a specific disk & try to install again or use something like Alcohol 120% & try to continue the install from the HD.

Never bothered trying the work around, saving this Gem for the Summer game drought.

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News Comments > Street Fighter IV = GFWL
7. Re: Street Fighter IV = GFWL Apr 28, 2009, 16:34 4D-Boxing
"Good luck playing a fighting game with a keyboard"
?!?! I really hope that was sarcasm lol!!

But then again I've seen people complain that a space sim did not have mouse & keyboard support ?!?!

If not, gamepads for PCs have been around since the early 90s if not longer.

No mouse aiming issues ..will the PC gamers be able to play against 360 gamers using Live?!?!
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News Comments > Pirate Galaxy Launch
2. Re: Pirate Galaxy Launch Apr 22, 2009, 13:44 4D-Boxing
To make things worst worst, to many of them do not have proper Joystick support.

I would pay serious $$ for a WC2 remake using 2009 tech & maybe coop added to the game.
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News Comments > Crysis Wars Patch & Map Plans
6. Re: Crysis Wars Patch & Maps Plans Apr 21, 2009, 13:06 4D-Boxing

I Agree with you on pretty much everything except that COD4 has the pretty much the same problem with spawn deaths. I still love the game but... spawn killing in CoD4 & Crysis Wars is the worst I've ever seen.

CoD4 ..I really do not get how that title got so little support in terms of content. Ut3 that was the biggest flop in along time got way more support despite the CliffB syndrome.
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News Comments > Demigod & Piracy
65. Re: Demigod & Piracy Apr 17, 2009, 14:03 4D-Boxing
I do not support piracy the numbers sure wont encourage the dev. to make more PC titles.

On the other hand as stated by many in Blues forums when discussing about games... many will pirate the game if there is no demo to see if it's really worth the $$$.

I just do not bother buying the title if I have doubts & there is no demo before launch that i can download when ever I want.

PS. I said when ever I want because of games like (L4D) ... I can test drive a car even after the newer model is released..
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Assault on Dark Athena
4. Re: Ships Ahoy - Assault on Dark Athena Apr 7, 2009, 13:13 4D-Boxing
I really love this " unannounced Windows demo is eventually coming, too."

Then they will complain about piracy when people download the full version to see if it's worth buying.

A year after that they will re-release the game on steam for cheap & offer a free weekend to try it.

Smart publishers would have had a quality demo available on all platforms at the same time so that if one platform has issues it won't impact sales on other platforms. (Quality demo does not mean UT3 style demo that looked so bad my monitor started to cry)

This approach would have a similar impact as a the free weekend of play approach steam bandwagon that many on the PC side are on & would probably cost less.

PS. KilrathiAce ... love the signature...wish they would remake the game with a modern engine & add coop & multiplayer ( for longevity).
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News Comments > Six Days in Fallujah Revealed
20. Re: Six Days in Fallujah Revealed Apr 6, 2009, 14:28 4D-Boxing
This is not about america or racisme etc... it's about human life or respect for human life.

No matter what side you're on to many people have died. A widow who lost her husband during this conflict should not have to see this if she takes her son to EB. Just like people who lost relatives who live in Iraq (Fallujah or anywhere) would not enjoy seeing this.

Just common sense no need to bring race, patriotism or whatever into this..

I enjoy shooter as much as anyone else but this is not a good idea.
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News Comments > New NVIDIA GeForce Drivers
8. Re: New NVIDIA GeForce Drivers Apr 5, 2009, 12:47 4D-Boxing
Bill Borre

I'm not running the same OS but here is how I resolved the issues I ran into.

I had to remove the Drivers in safe mode & Nvidia update (because I kept getting an error saying that the driver is not for the OS installed) to be able to install the drivers released in March then installed these.

PS. ran into the brs.exe not working but re-installing the last powerdvd patch resolved that.
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News Comments > New NVIDIA GeForce Drivers
7. Re: New NVIDIA GeForce Drivers Apr 3, 2009, 17:59 4D-Boxing
Storm in a Teacup

I'm running them now with great results, and no issues whatsoever. It's probably you not knowing what the fuck you're doing. But blame Vista if it makes you feel better. Also, why stop at 3 install attempts? Why not attempt the install 54 times before blaming Vista for your shortcomings? Just a thought.

Why not just come out & tell the world you're idiot. Well I guess your reply already announced it to the world!

So that beautiful comment is based on what? DO you know me personally? OR Maybe you've already inspected my PC using your massive brain's ESP powers & noticed that the I made a mistake lol?!

Anyways come back when you grow up & we'll talk until then we will just ignore your comments until you get through puberty & get rid of some of that teenage angst.:o

Now back to topic at hand...there really seems to be something with these drivers. First time in years that I've had issues with a beta driver.

This comment was edited on Apr 3, 2009, 18:05.
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News Comments > New NVIDIA GeForce Drivers
2. Re: New NVIDIA GeForce Drivers Apr 3, 2009, 08:59 4D-Boxing
Normally I would agree but the beta drivers did not work well on my end. Screen stays black.

After a 3 rd clean install of the drivers, I got a message saying a device needed to be rebooted before installation could proceed.

It's probably Vista cr@pping out..I'll do more tests this weekend to see...
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News Comments > PhysX to OpenCL?
6. Re: PhysX Mar 30, 2009, 08:37 4D-Boxing
Just wanted to pint out that this s about harware acceleration, PhysX has been used (software implementation) in more titles than people realize just like Havoc.

However, harware acceleration has been a joke, & iut;s been all about eye candy.

PhysX = good idea but badly implemented... this is the approach that should have been used from day 1.

Gates realised this back in the days when he saw that the $$ was in OS & software not the hardware.

Easier to sell a GPS than can be used in any car than a car with a GPS built into it IMHO.
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News Comments > CryENGINE 3 Movie
10. Re: CryENGINE 3 Movie Mar 26, 2009, 13:55 4D-Boxing
I don't know why they would give it a new codename. Why not just dub it as CryENGINE 2C for consoles.

I know I should not say it but I can't resist...

It's the Vista approach. New codename but performs worst than the previous. I guess I could have said Nvidia apporach to with the way they rename old cards..
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News Comments > Steamworks Versus DRM
15. Re: Steamworks Versus DRM Mar 24, 2009, 14:11 4D-Boxing
Valve shoudl probably consider making sure steam actually works. Went 10 years without having to troubleshoot to get a game to run once installed. I bought 2 games via STEAM Flout 3 & Far cry 2...

Took 2 weeks of troubleshooting to get fallout 3 to run.. even vista took less trouble shooting on relase. Far Cry 2 well...I laways seem to have to go in the config file to get it to work right. Last issue was that the game would not run full screen lol!!

UT3 black runs fine but start it using steam version icon & it will crash after a few hours.

Bottom line like it was said, how can a DRM toll make DRMs obsolete. Just tryin to maintain the hype of the steam sales & get more devs on board.
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News Comments > UT3 Free Steam Weekend, Sale Price
34. Re: UT3 Free Steam Weekend, Sale Price Mar 6, 2009, 13:52 4D-Boxing
On my end DM seemed to be the only game type where I have access to the best servers and the players are really good.. elix1, Spidey, Dances..JUNgle & many more etc...

I really hope the game picks up in popularity..cause anyone who can hang with the boys on DM servers can basically school anyone in any other FPS.

I've always been a DM player but I really wanted to get into vCTF with UT3 but I ran into the same problem as you did. No populated servers at least none where I had a decent ping.

I'll have to test warfare again with the tweaks see it's more fun than before.

PS. To bad the new DM maps are not very good...the Barge is the only one that will get any real action.

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