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News Comments > S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Prypriat Aus Date
4. Re: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Prypriat Aus Date Nov 20, 2009, 17:05 4D-Boxing

I think you're right. If I think back to the discussions on tis site regarding the first 2 games & even this one, I would do the same.

That being said I'd trade Dragon Age & Borderlands for the North American version of this game without hesitation.

This comment was edited on Nov 20, 2009, 17:42.
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News Comments > Stargate Worlds Funding Woes Continue
30. Re: Stargate Worlds Funding Woes Continue Oct 14, 2009, 18:35 4D-Boxing
Stargate is too comedic ...

The Original Stargate series to comedic?! Now that's funny!
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News Comments > Stargate Worlds Funding Woes Continue
22. Re: Stargate Worlds Funding Woes Continue Oct 14, 2009, 16:19 4D-Boxing
space captain

Glad to see I'm not the only one who's not impressed with SGU.

LOL...I keep telling people I dont want to watch Days of our Lives in space...

As for the MMO, why not try to make an A+ single player game before trying to make an MMO?! Making an MMO costs lots of $$$ ...I think it's make or break when you go MMO! But then again I'm no expert...

This comment was edited on Oct 14, 2009, 16:19.
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News Comments > MechWarrior Movie Rumor
23. Re: MechWarrior Movie Rumor Sep 30, 2009, 19:19 4D-Boxing
Dont want the game to be held back until the movies is done...

If that is not the case then why not, enjoyed that scene in one of the Matrix movies with the walkers.

Then again Creston has a very good point.

This comment was edited on Sep 30, 2009, 19:21.
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News Comments > DiRT 2 DirectX 11 Interview
8. Re: DiRT 2 DirectX 11 Interview Sep 25, 2009, 13:21 4D-Boxing
But ATi hasn't been as negative as nVidia has regarding DX11...

Good for them, but it's still same old game that companies in all fields play..nothing new there. I do not gauge the level of BS to determine who is right I just call the BS.

Nvidia can accuse ATI of eating babies.. who cares ..the point is that all this is BS.. it's what big companies like that do.. don't get caught up in the hype, think for yourselves..their are plenty of hypocrites on all sides.

All this stuff has been said & done back when GLIDE was a 3Dfx only API...

As a canuck I'm an ATI guy but I sure do not fall for all the blah blah blah.. I d@mn well know that if the roles where reversed they would do the exact same thing..cause business is business..
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News Comments > DiRT 2 DirectX 11 Interview
6. Re: DiRT 2 DirectX 11 Interview Sep 25, 2009, 11:53 4D-Boxing
By all means keep crying about having to spend money but I for one am looking forward to it. Is it going to rewrite gaming? No. But it's certainly going to improve it.

My point exactly.. why freak over new tech? People even cry about PhysX support lol...

I assume those people never heard of 3DFX & I'm sure the PC enthusiasts know where I'm going with that comment..

Gee, nVidia slagging off a technology that they haven't yet implemented... who'd thunk it?

That's the name of the game..just like ATI comments about PhysX..though PhysX is what it is lol...(we all know the story) or DX 10.1 cards somebody..

Some companies learned from DX10 debacle others did not... it's not about the value of the new tech. it's about selling a 400$ card that only a handfull of games will be able to use fully. Take into consideration the fact that most people will wait at least a year and get the same support and probably better performance from a revised card (ATI or Nvidia who cares..).

Buy a 8800GTX on release day or wait for DX10 titles to really hit the market & get a GTX 280 on release day..what would have been the better choice?! People could even have skipped DX10 hardware all together.

Why people get caught up in marketing hype is beyond me they should just do their own research just like you did with regards to Hardware tessellation or with Nvidia's sad attempts at hyping DX10.. Education is the key!!

like you said it's 2009 .. even cell phones have Google now lol...

Remember people new tech. is good but it does not mean that you have to buy it ASAP!!!

Bring on DX15…I'll buy the hardware when the time is right…not when the API is released lol..
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News Comments > DiRT 2 DirectX 11 Interview
4. Re: DiRT 2 DirectX 11 Interview Sep 25, 2009, 08:26 4D-Boxing
"I've abandoned the PC as a gaming platform because I feel it's getting too expensive."

Marketing departments love people like that...shows how marketing hype can work on people who do not do research & fall for every flashy headline.

I guess that's why we still have infomercials..

Same thing happened with DX10 but then people who did their research realized that titles can look almost identical in DX9 (add crysys comments..)...D11 STALKER screenshots pretty much tells the story about DX11. Nvidia even said it's to early to jump on the DX11 bandwagon lol! ( & they make video cards lol)

I guess this is PC gaming natural selection at work..
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News Comments > Morning Screenshots
10. Re: Morning Screenshots Sep 24, 2009, 18:35 4D-Boxing

Taste is subjective so I have no problem with your comment...

On my end I would say that STALKER CS is equal to Crysis when it comes to graphic quality.

Crysis has an edge in some departments & STALKER CS has an edge in others. Played both at 2560x1600 & before that at 1920x1200. I have to admit that the STALKER screeshots I've taken look better than the Crysis screenshots (both games maxed out).

Characters in CS are brutal same with the monsters... but the buildings, vehicles, Environmental effects and lighting are better than Crysis.

Crysis has better vegetation, characters & water plus the wildlife adds a little something.

I have not seen a single good screenshot for Call of Pripyat or even CS?!

But then again it's all about gameplay.

Lets hope that the people cryin about DX11 support will relaxe a bit... DX11 is only there to extend the life of the engine since they are not EA or MS...a good thing for modders...
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News Comments > Arkham Asylum Free DLC for PC Too
35. Re: Arkham Asylum Free DLC for PC Too Sep 9, 2009, 18:08 4D-Boxing
LOL what's up withthis thread? Some people are way to soft or maybe young?!?!

I some of you think this is whining & complaining you're gonna have a rough ride on the information super highway lol... god luck people..

TO much dramam for nothing in here?!?!

This is like watching the US health care debate on CNN ..lots of craying for nothing on all sides.
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News Comments > Blizzard on the Business of
33. Re: Blizzard on the Business of Aug 31, 2009, 17:21 4D-Boxing

Bobby Kotick,Greed,Bobby Kotick.

Sushh shushhh nobody is supposed to know that man! There is no money to be made on the PC. We are all pirates & the money is on consoles! These guys are trying to squeeze blood out of a rock... lol...just had to..

No real opinion on this...sorry
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News Comments > Crysis 2 Gets Nanosuit 2
12. Re: Crysis 2 Gets Nanosuit 2 Aug 20, 2009, 16:29 4D-Boxing
suite modes where fun but I barely had to use them even on Delta. SO the Radial menue was good enough for me. Shortcuts.. well if the MP had been any good, I probably would have used them online.

Putting my $$ on the next stalker...

Enjoyed Crysis & Warhead but Stalker CS was a more statisfying experience. That being said I'd take Warhead or the original Crysis single player over COd4 or Far Cry 2 single player.

Not getting my hopes up on this one...
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News Comments > Mafia II: No DX10/DX11
26. Re: Mafia II: No DX10/DX11 Aug 19, 2009, 19:03 4D-Boxing
Really does not matter to me if there is no DX 10, we all remember Crysis with the DX10 hype ...ooops could be reproduced using DX9 (not all but enough for the visual dif. to be minimal)

Anyways, IMO win7 is worth the upgrade. My initial benchmarks & gaming exprerience with 7 has been way better than with Vista x64 & I've also noticed an improvement over XP.

Some benchmarks in 7 where probably influenced by drivers because the RE5 benchmark resuls went from 54fps in vista x64 to 91fps in win7?! To much of a jump to be the OS IMO.

As for gaming it just feels alot smoother can't say there is an increase in fps but the feel especially in COD4 is way better.

Anyways that is my 2cents..nothing scientific just general observations about 7.

Anyone who upgrades smartly can be graphics wh@re nowdays!
According to the latest buyers guids I have a mid range machine (1000 to 1100 no monitor) but it runs evertything maxed out 2x AA 16X AF @ 2560x1600. No I7 here or even DDR3 but I do run SLI.

This comment was edited on Aug 19, 2009, 19:07.
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News Comments > The Force Unleashed on PCs
10. Re: The Force Unleashed on PCs Jul 25, 2009, 12:01 4D-Boxing

Well gee, what happened to the whole $4k PC argument?

OMG either I never read this or completely forgot about it lol! A 4000$ don't even need that to run Crysis at 2560x1600 all on very high shadows on medium.

Like that Robot from UT says..blame the coders!

The sad thing is that the comment came from a so called pro who works in the industry. You'd think that a big company like Lucas arts would hire people with some technical knowledge.

I guess they decided to hire some real programmers or something since the whole 4000K PC thing is not mentioned.

The game has been out for a long time on other platforms so the marketing strategy for this version will be word of mouth. Then they will complain about the sales ....

I have a feeling that all the action on steam made someone wake up ...

This comment was edited on Jul 25, 2009, 12:02.
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News Comments > Banned PS3 Gamer Sues
21. Re: Banned PS3 Gamer Sues Jul 21, 2009, 19:12 4D-Boxing
Doubt the kid stands a chance, He owns the games & the console but the he does not own the network, they do. He can do what ever he wants but just not while using their network.

It does not matter if he messed up in one game, it's all about what he did on the PSN or what ever it is called. He messed up while using their network therefore he is cooked IMHO. Does not matter if he hosted or if it was dedicated or went through Sony's stuff.

The player still own his games & console ..can play them as much as he wants as long as he does not use Sony's infrastructure.
Single player no online or network some PS3s, split screen etc..

This comment was edited on Jul 21, 2009, 19:16.
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News Comments > MechWarrior Movie
25. Re: MechWarrior Movie Jul 9, 2009, 22:37 4D-Boxing
The thing I can never figure out about lots of mech designs is their skinny legs; couldn't you just knock them down by taking one of their legs out?

Yes, that's why in MW4 MP doing just that was against the rules in most servers.

That being said I had no problems messing up one leg if a guy was running around loaded with explosives taking out friends & foes. Once done i could just hand back & watch them limp around very slowly hoping to find someone to run into & blow up lol..

A powerful enough blast to a small mech could knock them over & give bigger mechs time to take the fast little buggers out.
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News Comments > MechWarrior Movie
23. Re: MechWarrior Movie Jul 9, 2009, 22:26 4D-Boxing

I remember having a conversation with a buddy back in the days where he said the exact same thing you said after seeing that intro movie. The Verite chip was supposed to be the next big thing at that moment.

Hope it's good & that it's released very soon!!
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News Comments > Mechs Education
38. Re: Mechs Education Jul 8, 2009, 16:04 4D-Boxing
While Mechwarrior 3 was good, it's multiplayer was a mess with having to learn to 'lag shoot' due to horrible netcode.

Give me more Mechwarrior 4 type games.

I would pay for a remake of MW4 done using a modern game engine. MP bliss right there..
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News Comments > DiRT 2 Delayed for DirectX 11
20. Re: DiRT 2 Delayed for DirectX 11 Jul 6, 2009, 13:33 4D-Boxing
This kind of crap is why people are migrating to consoles all the time. My 8800GTX isn't even a full 2 years old and yet Microsoft are forcing everyone to upgrade again.

Those are the people who buy into the hype do not do any research & feel pressured into buying new hardware that is not needed.

How many DX 11 titles worth buying that will look better than DX 10 titles do you expect to see in the next year or even 2

I hear lots of talk about new tech that will make my home even more Eco friendly & save electricity ... I do not feel like i have to buy a new house or new AC system or whatever.. and I wont move into an apartment cause there is new tech coming out every year!

This comment was edited on Jul 6, 2009, 13:48.
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News Comments > Crysis 2 Announced
56. Re: Crysis 2 Announced Jun 1, 2009, 17:17 4D-Boxing
It's a nanosuite of some kind so they could force players to find an energy source & raw materials (metal) for the nanites to multiply & regenerate the character.

Jump into a fire just long enough you regenerate to long overload & you start to fry something like that, throw in a few thunder stroms (stand at the top of the highest structure & bam) cripple the vehicule instead of blowing it up can take advantage of the battery or plug your suit in the lighter thingny lol...sunlight would provide minimal juice to stop minor bleeding (Stalker bandage style)

In multiplayer you could have a medic with pads that would shock & inject nanites or an optional deployable that would generate a small energy field that would permit a bit of regeneration for a small period of time depending on your nanite supply (all this BF2142 style).

Mmmm. USB recharge..why not plenty of laptops in that jungle lol..

Seriously, there are plenty of options to make this game better & more challenging.

These few changes could bring the gun fights in Crysis a level closer to what we experience in the STALKER games... Even CS had some awsome firefights that forced you to think on your feet & create strategies on the fly.

Crytek GmbH can contact me at their convienience to discuss my consultation fee lol!!!!

This comment was edited on Jun 1, 2009, 17:21.
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News Comments > Crysis 2 Announced
47. Re: Crysis 2 Announced Jun 1, 2009, 14:18 4D-Boxing
Woohoo, now all platforms get to have a game packed with great graphics and uninspired gameplay...

Yes sir...Modern Warfare 2 is coming out on all platforms.

Could not resist lol...

But seriously, if they could add a story, work on the indoor, remake the multiplayer and rework the engine to double performance this could become a solid game.

Ps. Still found this more fun than some AAA FPS or Action games(FarCry 2, CoD4, GEARS...)

This comment was edited on Jun 1, 2009, 14:27.
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