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Re: well
Oct 7, 2003, 03:35
Re: well Oct 7, 2003, 03:35
Oct 7, 2003, 03:35
re: #135
I played a bit of the demo but was quickly turned off by my team mate's constant whining whenever I got more than 5 feet away.
Is the rest of the game like this? Side kicks, in general, suck. In some games I've actually had to go back to an earlier save because my `helpers' got stuck, wouldn't get out of my way or some other BS.
The marines in Halo were some of the least sucky team mates I've ever dealt with. I busted a gut when one accidentally hit a team mate and said `Sorry, my bad!'
And they could die off and not end the game.
Now that I've finished halo, I need something to play until Deus Ex 2 comes out.


Re: Halo Performance Woes
Oct 6, 2003, 19:32
Re: Halo Performance Woes Oct 6, 2003, 19:32
Oct 6, 2003, 19:32
What card are you using?
Looking at the ground at an angle could be ugly due to fubared aniso filtering. Face on to a tree wouldn't need AF to look good.
Or not :-)

WRT 2yr old game, gearbox stated that they rewrote all of the shaders. Could be they just did a bad job. I dunno if when you run the PS1.1 code you get the original gf3 PS or if they were rewritten, too. Using -use11 should scream since that will be a load similar to the xbox.
3G Athlon + 9800P256 should be >> 700M p3 + gf3.


Re: Halo Performance Woes
Oct 6, 2003, 19:25
Re: Halo Performance Woes Oct 6, 2003, 19:25
Oct 6, 2003, 19:25
re #137:
Can your 16x12 friend post a timedemo?
I have a 9800P256 and need to run in 1024x768 to get 40fps (in timedemo)

Third person
Oct 5, 2003, 14:54
Third person Oct 5, 2003, 14:54
Oct 5, 2003, 14:54
Any know how to force third person perspective?
Many of the screen shots do this, so there must be a way.
There's no obvious console command, but there may be other undocumented ways.


Re: Halo Performance Woes
Oct 5, 2003, 12:49
Re: Halo Performance Woes Oct 5, 2003, 12:49
Oct 5, 2003, 12:49
I read something from Randy Pitchford of Gearbox.
He says timedemo is really only useful for comparing systems, not for determining an individual system's performance. It times *everything* from start to stop, including level loading from disc, level init, etc. They plan to fix it up to be a real timedemo for the next patch.

So real FPSs are better than timedemo says.
I use the console command `rasterizer_fps true' to see what's going on in real time.


Re: Halo Performance Woes
Oct 4, 2003, 22:12
Re: Halo Performance Woes Oct 4, 2003, 22:12
Oct 4, 2003, 22:12
More woes: after using PS2.0 for a while, the sound (NF2 MCP-T) gets overlaid with static until it becomes unbearable.
Any one know what PS2.0 has to offer over PS1.4 in this game?
Or a workaround for the static?


Re: Halo Performance Woes
Oct 4, 2003, 17:20
Re: Halo Performance Woes Oct 4, 2003, 17:20
Oct 4, 2003, 17:20
Guess I'll add my numbers to the study:
Date / Time: 10/4/2003 2:40:54 PM (9378484ms)
2100MHz, 512MB, 256M ATI Radeon 9800 PRO (DeviceID=0x4e48) Driver= Shader=2.0
H:\HALO\halo.exe -use20 -console -timedemo (Version=
Total Time=111.51s
Average frame rate=42.15fps
Below 5fps= 5% (time) 0% (frames) (6.306s spent in 11 frames)
Below 10fps= 5% (time) 0% (frames)
Below 15fps= 6% (time) 0% (frames)
Below 20fps= 6% (time) 0% (frames)
Below 25fps= 9% (time) 2% (frames)
Below 30fps= 21% (time) 10% (frames)
Below 40fps= 39% (time) 25% (frames)
Below 50fps= 65% (time) 52% (frames)
Below 60fps= 93% (time) 88% (frames)
Memory used Max=162MB, Min=132MB, Ave=151MB

I don't know why, but I had to force PS2.0 on the command line. I'm using Radlinker, and it says to use the default for PS version. Using PS2.0 gave me a small but consistent 1.5 FPS. Not much better, but definitely not worse.
One problem with PS2.0, though, is that sniper rifle + zoom + night vision is broken. The zoomed image has a black rectangle where the NV image should be. This works with PS1.4

I'm using no FSAA nor AF. But turning off AF actually helped the IQ... I was getting very noticable and annoying mipmap transitions. Maybe a lower setting would help (I was using 16x)

All eyecandy on and maxed except shadows, which I don't like anyway. At 1024x768 things run smoothly at all times.

I'm very pleased with the game. I love the physics, especially of the explosions. Covies flyin' thru the air with arms flailing, fountains of dirt or water shooting into the air. Great stuff.
The warthog is, so far, the only vehicle in any FPS I've played that I like. Its slipping and sliding makes it more like the strafing I'm used to. I like the AI and the alien and team mate chatter.

On another topic, I saw a comment somewhere that said the PC graphics were worse than the xbox (aka slow pc with small hd, old GPU and crappy monitor). Unless Gearbox *REALLY* fucked up, I find this impossible to believe: 640x480 better than 1600x1200?
So I went searching for some xbox screenies... Only 1 site showed screens from the actual game running on a TV. All the rest were high res renders that may have come from an xbox, but were certainly not 640x480. And they weren't just simple in-game screen shots... they were carefully composed and not from a standard 1st or 3rd person view point. Do screen shots get saved in maximum resolution? I know some games dump in max res and IQ. But these are *NOT* indicative of the way the running game looks. So I still wonder how it looks on the xbox.

And don't forget: timedemo *WILL* nuke your latest checkpoint. SAVE it first.

Athlon 3000+/400FSB
2x256 Corsair PC3200 (dual channel 400Mhz)
ATI 9800PRO 256M

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