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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - XCOM: Enemy Unknown
16. Re: Ships Ahoy - XCOM: Enemy Unknown Oct 9, 2012, 11:19 Raven
InBlack wrote on Oct 9, 2012, 10:57:
Let me name an example of bad complexity from said original game, time action points, overly complex and a bummer to use...

I don't see the action point system as overly complex and bummer to use. Fine, take a way the action point system, but give me a system that simulate the character quickness, weapon rate-of-fire... A nimble gun fighter catches a couple aliens from the back out in the open with a pistol in his hand and can only shoot once at one alien and have to wait for them to turn around and shoot him back. What kind of logic is that?

Character stance! It's more than just for show. If you have time to couch down and aim, you can shoot more accurately. How is that overly complex?
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - XCOM: Enemy Unknown
4. Re: Ships Ahoy - XCOM: Enemy Unknown Oct 9, 2012, 10:28 Raven
Plays just like the original? Are you kidding me? The system is massively "streamline". Dumb down to the point where you just can't dumb it down any more. Weapon rate-of-fire...gone, character stance (couch, prone)...gone... you can't even shoot at 2 aliens in the same turn (or at least I can't in the first 2 missions of the game that I managed to be able to play last night).

I tried hard to like the new system but, imo, action point system is just far superior.
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News Comments > EverQuest Going Free-to-Play
21. Re: EverQuest Going Free-to-Play Jan 31, 2012, 10:56 Raven
bhcompy wrote on Jan 31, 2012, 10:20:
Muscular Beaver wrote on Jan 31, 2012, 04:40:
Ledge wrote on Jan 31, 2012, 04:04:
Herzog wrote on Jan 31, 2012, 01:10:
Who can forget the joy of chain ressing at a Nagafen raid.

oh yes the memories.

or getting trained in Velketors. : P

Haha, trains in Karnors Castle were the worst. And with my enchanter I controlled each and everyone, so that I actually hoped for one and told my group everytime to pull one. It was epic. Too bad they changed this game too much.

Rookies. I was training in Castle Mistmoore while you were in diapers.

Oh yeah. Mistmoore and Crushbone are the worst. TRAIN! TRAIN TO ZONE!!!
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News Comments > Perfect World Takes Share in Runic
7. Re: Perfect World Takes Share in Runic May 18, 2010, 10:41 Raven
Cthulhu wrote on May 18, 2010, 04:52:
And there's goes ANY chance of the Torchlight MMORPG being able to breathe new life in to an otherwise VERY stale genre..Why innovate when you can imitate...?

I have yet to see a quality MMO come from PWE and since they're the "majority stake" they will try to put their stink all over any torchlight MMO that Runic ends up making/releasing..

Lets see... I predict that when/if it ever comes out that it will be F2P but have special "subscribers only" content and perks.... have a cash shop and look nothing like torchlight does today....

RIP poor Torchlight... you never really had a chance to shine & we hardly knew ye...

Hatred has blinded you man. While Perfect World Online(Perfect World's first game) might not be a perfect game nor could it qualify as a AAA title in the Western market. It certainly could not even come close to WoW's quality, however, it does not lack of innovation.

Since when does business model has anything to do with innovation? If you want to judge, do it fair. When Perfect World was released in 2005, how many game including those released in the Western market features a fully customized avatar - face and body? I can only think of Star Wars Galaxy. Common, even Oblivion was released a year later.

Free flight including airborne monsters when AION was not even in the drawing board, fighting underwater, on land and in the air, shared mount, flying mount, embrace,a complete PvP system.... The list of features is staggering for a game released in 2005 and in China only.

If you weren't so jump to conclusion about the company as well as the game being a Chinese made and free to play game, you would realize that such a game is rare even for the Western gaming standard.

Oh, also about Torchlight, what is so innovated and refreshing about that game that make you think it will breath a new life into the MMO genre? Just a wondering, I am not bashing because I actually like the game.
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News Comments > Activision Reorganized
21. Re: Activision Reorganized Apr 1, 2010, 10:22 Raven
kxmode wrote on Apr 1, 2010, 01:18:
while Blizzard Entertainment remains an independent unit

Good. The day you mess with Blizzard is the day your company financially dies.

I am actually getting some thing else out of that. From a different report reads:

Blizzard's Mike Morhaime now reports directly to newly appointed chief operating officer Thomas Tippl, who in turn reports to Activision CEO Bobby Kotick.

"This is an important change as it will allow me, with Thomas, to become more deeply involved in areas of the business where I believe we can capture great potential and opportunity," Kotick said in the employee memo.

Is it a good thing for Kotick to become more deeply involved in Blizzard???
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News Comments > Project E:st Announced
1. Re: Project E:st Announced Mar 5, 2010, 10:12 Raven
Why CryENGINE 2, I wonder? From the screen shots and the trailer, I don't see anything worthy of utilizing CryENGINE 2.  
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News Comments > New Dragon Age: Origins DLC Plans
27. Re: New Dragon Age: Origins DLC Plans Nov 19, 2009, 16:44 Raven
Alistair eventually becomes a better tank than Shale but without armor you will get raped in the end-game unless you're playing on Easy.

I find Shale always a better tank than Alistair because she has better and more threat pulling abilities. Plus she is hilarious and the voice actor is the best of them all. Heheh.

This comment was edited on Nov 19, 2009, 16:46.
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News Comments > WoW Microtransactions Begin
4. Re: WoW Microtransactions Begin Nov 4, 2009, 16:45 Raven
It does not begin now. It began a long time ago. There are mounts, cosmetic items in the game that can only be obtained by buying WoW TCG booster pack.  
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News Comments > WoW Sales Wow
8. Re: WoW sales Wow Jul 29, 2009, 15:16 Raven
The post in gamasutra said, NPD already roll up multiple SKUs of the core and expansions already. So, it's not likely a divide by 3.

Consider these are the number over 5 years life span, it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.
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News Comments > Blood Bowl Patch
5. Re: Blood Bowl Patch Jun 30, 2009, 23:23 Raven
Could someone give a rough review of this game? I love Blood Bowl table top but the way they release the game makes me hesitate to buy it.  
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News Comments > Final Fantasy XI Lawsuit
4. Re: Final Fantasy XI Lawsuit Jun 25, 2009, 12:04 Raven
I have left my account expired many time in the past without any kind of late fee. I believe that "late fee" is new and they probably update their User Agreement when they introduced it. While the User Agreement does not have legal binding, the case was based on the concealment of information which they did not. It's there in the User Agreement, if you don't read it, it's your own damn fault.
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News Comments > Final Fantasy XI Lawsuit
2. Re: Final Fantasy XI Lawsuit Jun 25, 2009, 10:27 Raven
Lol, I almost drop down from my chair when I saw their filling

"This case narrowly focuses on Defendants' deceptive advertising, unfair practices, and fraudulent concealment to conceal certain critical information about their online games.
The deceptive advertising, unfair and undisclosed business practices, and concealment concern, among others:
i. Licensing of the online game software disguised as a sale;
ii. Monthly fees ("fees") to play the online games;
iii. Penalties for late payment of the fees;
iV. Interest charges for late payment of the fees;
v. Charges while the online game account is suspended;
vi. Termination of the right to use the online game for late payment of the fees;
vii. User restrictions and conditions related to the online games;
viii. Termination of game data for late payment of the fees."

Does a bunch of these apply for just about every MMORPG out there since UO in 1997? Holy shit, how did nobody do this before?


Quick, 2.5 millions users for World of Warcraft in the US sue Blizzard and seeking like 1 billion for damage. Heheheh.

And the late fee thingy, which I don't think apply since I left my sub ran out before without paying and my account just got suspended, was not concealed. It was right there in the User Agreement.

Those 100k people should actually READ the damn agreement before pressing "I accept" button and then thought that they were lied to.
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News Comments > Dragonica Beta Plans
7. Re: Dragonica Beta Plans Apr 22, 2009, 10:12 Raven

I actually played the game for quite a while both on Korean version and Chinese version. The game style is much closer to Golden Axe than to WoW. You hit a button to swing your weapon, you perform combo, you dodge attack... The combat system of the game is much much more like an action game than a traditional RPG game. There are tons of mid-air combos. Trust me, the side scrolling *is" setting it apart from the other MMORPGs.
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News Comments > Dragonica Beta Plans
3. Re: Dragonica Beta Plans Apr 21, 2009, 10:08 Raven
Dragonica is WoW clone? lol Dude, at least take a look at the game before you post something like that please.  
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News Comments > Lord British to Return?
20. Re: Lord British to Return? Jan 1, 2009, 23:44 Raven
People seem to forget that NCsoft runs two of the largest MMOGs in the world, Lineage I/II. They have of course had some failures as of late but I myself give kudo's to them for trying to do something different and hope they'll hit upon a success before long.

The reason why people forget Lineage I/II because they are only successful in Korea, within Korea only. Outside of Korea, they are almost nothing. In the western market, CoH/CoV and Guildwars are the best titles for NCSoft.

Those titles are acquired by NCSoft, not developed by them. NCSoft has, so far, 3 released titles developed by them. That's Lineage I/II and Tabula Rasa. TR already failed. Lineage I is in an abysmal state in the western market. Lineage II is doing so so hanging at 100k sub.

They are banking everything they got on AION for the western market. If this title does not do well in the western market, they probably should just withdraw entirely from the western market and go back to Korea where they do well.
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News Comments > Crytek Korea
10. Re: Crytek Korea Nov 18, 2008, 15:56 Raven
They are not in Korea for game making business. They are there for the engine licensing business. The above article mentioned a dedicated engine support team. Korea is a heaven right now for engine licensing company. Game studios are buying engine left and right to make game.

The way Korean studios making game and selling game is completely different with the way game studios work here in the US. Majority of games newly made in Korea are MMO or casual online games. The way they make games over there is not making good game, but making ok game very very fast. Players don't go out to shop and buy game boxes. They download game freely and directly from website and start playing. They don't stick with one game but rather move from game to game quickly. You bore with this game, no big deal, move on the the next game. New game get released monthly if not weekly over there.

Epic and Crytek have footholds over there already with NCSoft and a bunch of other studios. I don't know why id and Valve have not make a move yet.

This comment was edited on Nov 18, 2008, 15:57.
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News Comments > Supreme Commander 2 Announced
10. Re: Supreme Commander 2 Announced Nov 12, 2008, 11:14 Raven
Square Enix? That's random.

My thoughts exactly. So we're looking for an extremely effeminate, emo main character and about 20 hours of cutscenes.

That's pretty ignorant comment. Square Enix has more franchise than just Final Fantasy. Front Mission series? I enjoy them a lot.
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News Comments > WAR: What is it Good For? 500K Subscribers
54. Re: Question is.. Sep 26, 2008, 21:21 Raven
While WAR may be more PVP-focused in that you can level while PVP'ing, I would strongly disagree that the actual player verse player mechanics of the game are better in WAR than WoW. WoW's combat in general is far superior to WAR's. It is much more immersive, smooth, and fun.

I disagree. And here is why. WoW skills are designed for PvE, then later re-balance for PvP. Because of that, you will always see some specs being useless in PvP, some team setup will always be superior.

WAR skills were designed from the beginning for PvP. How Mythic implement tank skills is a prime example of this. You can completely spec in a tank spec, protection and still be able to be very useful and successful in PvP.

Combat in WoW is not far superior to WAR, just the combat responsiveness. In this area, WoW is the best of all MMO.

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News Comments > WAR Head Start Timing Tweaked
7. Re: No subject Sep 9, 2008, 16:10 Raven
Tell me Fion, in what way WAR mirrors WoW? tell me! make a list or something.

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News Comments > Blizzard on Conan's Impact
26. Re: No subject Aug 1, 2008, 14:05 Raven
The attitudes about WoW from people who have never played anything else remain consistently like I've described. I've seen it happen time and again with people I know and online friends. To the point where I can't even recommend any other title or point out that maybe so-and-so game does this aspect of gameplay better. Its like talking to zombies.

I think you forgot something. Unless a person is a very hardcore gamer, he/she plays game for fun, entertainment and not looking for something meaningful in life or something deeper or whatever. Isn't it the root of what gamming is all about in the first place? I know fun is a subjective word. But the key here is to provide fun for as many people as possible. And Blizzard did just that. WoW does not strike for anything deeper, better or more meaningful, but it provides a lot of entertainment value to a lot of people.

Making the game so that even 9 years old can play, is that bad? Hell no, if they made it so only 9 years old can enjoy than yeah, it's bad, but they made it so a lot of adult can enjoy it too. If they make it so 3 years old can play and we adult can still enjoy the game then more power to them.

Why do I have to care if some other games do this or that better? I am having fun with this one.

However, WoW is not the second coming of MMOs. It simply got released by a company with a stellar record, unstoppable marketing know-how and to a huge base of fans who were going to buy and play it in the first place. It snowballed from there. Even Blizzard wasn't expecting it.

This is where you are wrong. track record and marketing moves can only get you so far. Look at AoC, the marketing hype went through the roof. But sadly, Funcom only stop at marketing. Look at the sale chart for North America, all 3 WoW titles still in the top 10 after 4 years. Where did it snowball to? After 4 years, people are still buying the original version like that, they must have done something RIGHT with the game.

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