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Signed On Oct 3, 2003, 01:52
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News Comments > New NVIDIA ForceWare Drivers
45. WMP Issues Jun 23, 2005, 09:56 Rent
Make sure you enable VMR if you are having WMP issues (display properties, advanced, Geforce Tab, Video Overlay option). That seems to help some people.

For those of you saying "wait until the R520 launches", have fun waiting another 4 months. Predicted availablility isn't scheduled until October because yields are so low.

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News Comments > PANZERS Demo Plans
3. Heh Apr 15, 2004, 18:15 Rent
When I first read it, I saw "PWNZERS" and thought some CS kiddies made a game

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
13. GG EA Mar 19, 2004, 11:02 Rent
Its not really surprising to me... I got a copy of Battlefield 1942 when it first came out and had to wait 3 months before it was playable, then another 3 before it wouldn't crash after an hour. Its not like my machine at the time was horrible either (XP2000, Geforce 4 Ti4200).

It seems every EA game to come out on PC for the last year or so has had showstopping bugs.

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News Comments > On Half-Life 3?
9. Re: Hmmm..... Mar 19, 2004, 10:55 Rent
I'm sure its all due to the hacker

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
15. Re: Crashing Mar 17, 2004, 11:07 Rent
Yeah, EA fixed the problem after almost 6 months. I'm staying away from BF:V for this simple reason.

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News Comments > Marvel Game Plans
2. Re: No subject Jan 15, 2004, 11:45 Rent
Lets just hope that this new Fantastic Four game isn't a steaming pile like the one on Playstation. It would be cool as a objective based squad game (Brute Force, Freedom Fighters).

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News Comments > NFS: Underground Patch
1. No subject Jan 8, 2004, 10:51 Rent
It probably adds new Uncle Bens decals

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News Comments > Postal 2 Movies
14. So who actually finished it? Dec 3, 2003, 10:58 Rent
I played all the way through it. I thought it was good for a laugh.

I don't know what people were expecting out of this game. Its nothing more than satire on todays society.

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News Comments > Consolidation
8. Re: Project Gotham Racing 2 Nov 19, 2003, 11:03 Rent
PGR2 sure didn't get much hype that I noticed. I didn't even know they were working on it until a few weeks before it went gold. My roommate went to get NFS:U from EB today, and came back with PGR2 instead. I think it was a good choice.

PGR2 has over 100 cars and tracks, and over 200 songs you can choose from. The cars drive a lot more realistically than those in NFS:U, too. It's got everything from old muscle cars, to compacts, to supercars and exotics, and even some SUVs.

Yeah, and its Live. I was racing 7 other people on Nurinburg (spelling :P) yesterday. Some of the single player can be freaking hard as hell if you play for platniums, but otherwise its pretty kick ass.

Oh, and it felt good to beat down some kid in a Ferrari Enzo with a lower-rated Saleen after he was talking shit to no end.

As for NFS:Underground... ugh... we don't need rice racing games >:o

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
3. Re: Hmm Oct 9, 2003, 10:37 Rent
I mean honestly folks how did this guy live so long already???

Glitch in the matrix?

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News Comments > On Half-Life 2
9. Re: No subject Oct 9, 2003, 10:34 Rent
Sick of hearing about it.


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News Comments > Halo Patch
45. Re: ATI fanbois can suck it Oct 9, 2003, 10:32 Rent
Thats a bit of extra work that I don't really feel like doing

And the flickering was from adjusting the 3d settings.

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News Comments > Halo Patch
43. Re: ATI fanbois can suck it Oct 9, 2003, 02:14 Rent
The 5900 is a good card, good performance and just as good as the 9800pro, except when it comes to standard paths, especially with DX9 as we all know. Nvidia is lucky that HL2 is getting delayed, as they might have a newer card out by then.

How can you say a driver set is crap because it's 10 more megs to dl, I don't see your point. I do hate the flicker problem on the 2nd display, and it wasn't always there. But how does that say again that the drivers suck too. (What kind of software does nvidia have for dual monitors, name it's features, like the multiple desktops up to 9 that ATI has, the right click and save icon positions and such, I just want to know) You don't have to dl Hydravision to get dual displays on ATI cards to work, it just adds more features if you want them.

You didn't seem to mention anything that proves you statement of ATI's drivers still suck.

I wouldn't trust the new dets. Nvidia always seems to say they'll have a huge increase in performance with their next release right after their cards are put to shame in some way. It's like all the stuff they threw at Arnold at the 11th hour, where did it come from and why not sooner. Same with the nvidia drivers, why don't they ever have huge boosts on any other day besides the times when their cards are in a bad light. Again with it being so suddent and at the last minute, what did they actually do to get that performance and why not before. And a lot of reviewers have shown that the 50 dets are lower quality than there last.

I'm not say Nvidia sucks either. I had a GF3 for two years with no problems, and now the same with my 9700pro that I've had over I year. Though, with nvidia dets, I was never dling new versions from Nvidia, but the leaked ones at, and reading the posts to find out which one is best, there never seemed to be official releases. And then there where people with bugs, but no matter which I tried I never got bugs, same as with ATI, but people still have some set-ups that experience bugs too with ATI.

I don't care what bugs ATI or Nvidia has with their drivers because either one can't be perfect. If you say one never has any problems, then you have a problem. I said myself I never have problems, though, but I at least say that other people have had trouble.

One thing that I don't like is the suspicious activity with Nvidia at gaining performance.

Both companies optimize their drivers for certain applications. nVidia just got caught with its hand in the cookie jar.

I guess I should have been a bit more specific when I mentioned drivers - at first when I got my box formatted and put the 9800 in, I initially downloaded a ~8mb file of the Cat 3.7. Upon the inital install and reset (which I know I did correctly) I went to the advanced settings only to find that none of the "advanced tabs" were present. Ok... thinking I installed them wrong, I uninstalled, reinstalled... after the 3rd time and no luck, I downloaded the Cat 3.7s from ATIs site at a much larger 20+meg file. Now I realize that the 8meg file was JUST the display driver. If you want to actually use the card, you need to get the control panel.

Ok, finally got that installed. Card seems to be working fine. Mess with the settings for a little bit, realize all the basic stuff works. So lets test it.

Run aquamark3, pound out a 33k score. Meh... it looks ok and runs decently. Not super impressed.

Run 3DMark03. Runs first test fine, then hits Battle of Proxycon. Stutter... smooth STUTTER. WTF? Its 3:30 in the morning. Fuck it. Escape out of it.

Run Halo. Yup, it runs at the same speed as the 5900U. *Yawn* Lets see if I can get this Hydravision thing to do what I want.

Download Hydravision. 11meg download. Install. Reboot. 2nd monitor still flickers like mad. Hydravision decides to turn on stuff by default.. like child window spanning and multiple desktops. WTF? I didn't tell you to do that X|. Turn uneeded crap off. 2nd monitor flickers after each change. Arg Where do I customize each desktop? Oh yeah, thats right. You can't. You can change a different tierd desktop, but with everything that I saw, how was I supposed to put different backgrounds on each monitor? Was this in a profile that I missed somewhere?? Am I just too used to the easy nVidia setup?

I didn't see many zoom or full screen video/overlay options. ATIs inital hue/saturation seemed better, but much darker. I was expecting that as I had a Radeon for 2 years before my GF4. Of course it also didn't seem to like the Windows2000 default blue/light blue color scheme and put its own darkblue/grayblue (more like Win98) scheme up without asking. Thanks ATI.

The drivers didn't offer anything like "DualView" which is what makes so much of nVidias customization 100% easier. The horizontal and vertical span were there, but they didn't exetend the task bar (which some people love, some people hate).

Oh yeah, and by this time I had turned off my 2nd monitor unless I needed it to see something. It was more of a pray to god and hope I don't have to adjust the settings again" cause I couldn't take watching the monitor flicker any more.

I would have also liked to see a tempature reading in the driver control panel.

Did I mention theres no real "off" option on the ATI smoothvision AA? You can set it to "application preference" or one of the "on" variations, thats it.

I could bitch about it for hours, but most of it has to do with ATI having a shitty multimonitor setup built into their drivers. I know its probably a small majority of people that have a multimonitor setup, but for the love of god, don't make me have to download a seperate application to get it to do things that your competitors card does out of the freaking box.

The entire time I was setting the card up, I felt like I was wrestling for control of what I was seeing on my PC.

I'll admit, ATI has come a long way with their drivers, I mean, stuff works now like ansi filtering and the card does it well to boot. I just couldn't take trying to make the card work well on my MM setup anymore simply because it didn't.

enough ranting for me... I'll just have to like my 5900U

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News Comments > Halo Patch
38. ATI fanbois can suck it Oct 8, 2003, 23:02 Rent
You bought a 5900U? LOL! Sounds like you fux0red yourself.

You know, I bought a 9800Pro last Friday to test it out and see if I really did make a mistake with my FX.

Goddamn, ATI drivers still suck ass. You're going to tell me that while nVidia can make a 5-10meg driver that packs in ALL the features + multimonitor setup, ATI drivers are better when you have to download a fucking 15 meg file, and THEN download another 11meg file for Hydravision? WTF?

And why the FUCK do the ATI drivers make ANY monitor you have hooked up to the 2nd output click to standby and then back on when you change ANY setting??? Holy shit, do you know how annoying that is?

"Ok, lets take off that stupid ATI systray button" *clicks into advanced properties*
*2nd Monitor suddenly induces siezures from flickering on and off*


That was with the Cat 3.7s and Hydravision. I don't know what ATI thinks they're hyping up, but software/driver wise, its still a flaming piece of shit. People just try and look over it now.

Performance was on par with my 5900, if not a hair faster. I don't care about .004 fps as long as my 2nd monitor doesn't make me have a epileptic siezure.

As far as the 52.13s, they run fine on my machine. My Halo performance is already up w/all the details on. *thumbs up* to nVidia.

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News Comments > Halo Patch
35. Re: Gameplay Oct 8, 2003, 22:18 Rent
arn't 52.13 bugged? the post on W2S said that it does some funky thing that stops your vid card fan for a sec on exit of game and crashes?

I don't have an FX tho, so i dont know if this will even make an improvement. will try it tho.

I'm going to test them on my 5900U... we'll see if it fux0rs me.

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News Comments > Savage Demo Update
11. Re: No subject Oct 7, 2003, 00:47 Rent
This Game looks like FUN!!!

I hate Real time stradegy games.

It all started back when I was a small child. You see I loved building up my bases, organizing my GI joes to the max.

But No. My damn friend had to come over and knock down my whole setup before I was even ready to play battle. Its just not fair. I try playing warcraft type games, but always get rushed. Total bullshit.

Fuck Homos that rush.

Even the Computer AI in most stradegy games will rush you. That is the one reason why I stopped buying these games. And you can't just start a game alone. If you had that option I would totally love that.

You must really like playing with yourself

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News Comments > Chaser Map Pack
13. Re: Is this game any good? Oct 2, 2003, 21:58 Rent
Its an ok game. I'd wait for it to hit ~$20 myself. I was a big fan of the SP Demo. Showed off some of the best looking parts of the game and it also showcased what is STILL wrong with Chaser.

This game has scripting nightmares. The english translation is decent for the most part, but you can tell they were struggling at some points. There are wierd glitches. The AI is hit or miss completely.

As it is, I think Chaser is still pretty cool, but it needed more polish before getting released. The patches haven't helped much and there are still parts of the single player game you can't pass (for some people) because of the bugs.

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