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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Half-Life 2
29. Re: UK HL2 gyp Nov 16, 2004, 08:51 carnevil47
If your an experienced FPS veteren. Play HL 2 on hard because the enemies die quite easily.

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News Comments > Evening Q&As
7. Re: realism...? Oct 28, 2004, 00:42 carnevil47
"Anyway, got any recommendations? We're not going to go full-simulation on this thing."

Does BiA still have allow you to carry two primary weapons? Because while I could understand the need to balance gameplay with realism, I feel disappointed in this decision.

Since each WW2 gun had its own disadvantage (Thompson is too inaccurate after 50 yards, ect) it seems like having two guns would make up for each disadvantage and basically implies that you will be doing most of the fighting and killing. I mean if BiA is all about teamwork and trying to gain fire superiority over the enemy, then why do I need two weapons. Shouldnt my rifle men be giving the long range fire power while I move in with for the close kill with the Thompson? Plus it would be a bitch to try to carry both a thompson and a M1 for example, and then try to haul the respective ammo for each gun.

However this is really just nit picking and Im sure its not really a dire thing to consider. I think this game looks extremely promising and could stand out amongst the sea of other WW2 shooters since your game seems to be the only game the actually emphasises the tactics used by the US army instead of just blowing away germans with every arsenal imagined. But since you asked for recommendations, I thought I'd chip in.

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News Comments > Brothers in Arms 2 Revealed
25. Re: LOL Oct 27, 2004, 13:19 carnevil47
"Ever since Daikatana, or infact probably long before that, I've never understood all these early announcements, I understand games need hype, its good for the sales, but I would think it'd be better to announce games in late development"

Didnt they follow this formula for BiA? Afterall, they didnt announce the game until they were in the late development stage where most of the concepts have been decided. All Gearbox did was announce that they were researching material for a sequel. This doesnt imply that they will release concept arts and early screen shots every year until release.

"and of course it'd help not making the release a complete anti-climax ala Daikatana, because that will definatly hurt the sales in the long term."

I dont really view BiA in the same light as Daikatana. Daikatana was only suppose to take 7 month to Ion storm to release. That is why it was overhyped after the initial announcement just to create buzz before it was released. When Romereo decided to switch engines and keep on hyping, then shit hit the fans. So unless Gearbox starts going crazy with the hype for BiA 2, this does not really imply that it will be anti climatic.

"Hype sells the first week, just look at DOOM3, but it wont help in the long haul, for that, you need a game that simply kicks ass."

Do not forget that Half life's longetivity was mainly due to having two solid mods, Counter Strike and Day of Defeat. If it wasnt for these mod, espcially Counter Strike, I doubt Half life 2 would have the longetivity it enjoys today.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Submitted for Certification
4. Re: No subject Oct 15, 2004, 14:14 carnevil47
Well apparantly once the Rating information panel assigns a rating for Valve's game, Valve cannot change any of the games content or else the rating will be nullified and Valve would have to start the procedure all over again. SO usually game companies submit the game for rating when thier pretty quite sure there finished. So I think this might be the real deal.

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News Comments > Twilight War & Source Engine
11. Re: No subject Sep 21, 2004, 23:41 carnevil47
"Still haven't purchased Doom 3 and have no intention of buying until the price comes down significantly. Monster closets, random behind-the-back monster spawning, unlimited weapon carrying, artificial gimmicks to advance game play (no lean key, no nightvision technology, and gun or flashlight only?), zero team AI, zero monster AI, and generic story are all enough to keep me away until the $55 price tag is a third of that"

Why do gamers have the tendancy to repeat opinions that have already been stated millions of times? It seems like for every HL2/doom 3 news there is, some forum user has to complain about how doom 3 is lackin lights/AI/originality ect. Cmon, I think we get the point. Its not like your respect meter goes up for stating the same arguements over and over again. If your going to flame Doom3, at least add in some fresh material.

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News Comments > Duke Nukem Forever Using DOOM 3 Engine?!
46. Re: might be true Sep 10, 2004, 01:09 carnevil47
"Do you know where they get those lo-poly models and the data for the normal maps to use on those models? High-poly models. There have been articles with screenshots showing the development of the Pinky demon that show this is how it's done."

I never said the Doom 3 engine could not render high poly models. I know for a fact that modelers at Id make high poly models (around 10000) in Maya. They then scale it down the number of polys and add the appropiate normal mapping (I dont remember the source, maybe an IGN preview). I just said that High Poly is not what the doom 3 engine is known for.

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News Comments > Duke Nukem Forever Using DOOM 3 Engine?!
24. Re: might be true Sep 9, 2004, 23:32 carnevil47
"Because 3D Realms is currently hiring artists who have experience making high-poly models for normal mapped objects and characters."

True, but high poly is not the strength of the doom 3 engine. The doom 3 engine relys on using low poly models and buffing them up with normal mapping, unified lighting, and animations. Infact, low poly is a major reason on why doom 3 runs so well.

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News Comments > Duke Nukem Forever Using DOOM 3 Engine?!
13. Doesnt make sense Sep 9, 2004, 23:01 carnevil47
This move doesnt make any sense to me. First of all, 3drealms is basically throwing away all the experience they have with the unreal engine since the doom 3 engine is totally different. Second, if they switch to the doom 3 engine, it would take at least 2 years to re-port and finish the game. (if there lucky) By then, the Unreal 3 engine is out and 3drealm loses again. This has to be a rumor or 3d realms is truly lacking in logic.

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News Comments > DOOM 3 Gets Creative
15. Re: Doom 3 Sound Jul 26, 2004, 11:18 carnevil47
I think its just DirectSound. I know currently No EAX is used whatsoever because the sound engine is entirely sopftware based.

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News Comments > RtCW Sequel!
54. Re: No subject Jul 19, 2004, 12:35 carnevil47
"apparently YOU are the idiot and fool, and apparently you need to do ALOT MORE reading."

While that is an impressive account of how the Nazi Party dabbled in the occult, It doesnt support Zephalal arguements really. Your post does not prove that

1.) "They spent years and vast sums of money searching for the Holy Grail, the cross of Crist, Noah's Ark, and believed heavily in demons. They, just like Satan, wanted to be like god, to have his power. Why do you think they killed the Jews? They're God's chosen people! That's exactly why they were killed."

2.)"They wants things like spirit guns, golems, and any spiritual power at any price, if even they would damn their very souls."

3.)"Much of the German youth believe the Jewish Holocost never happened. In fact, this is a growing belief"

My arguement was against Zephalala claim stating that we are all ignorant and stupid becuase were not buying his occult conspiracy. So maybe Hitler does dabble in the occult, however, we do not know if he sponsered organizied research into that stuff.

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News Comments > RtCW Sequel!
51. Re: Regarding the Supernatural Jul 19, 2004, 10:25 carnevil47
"You bring up a really good point though. The Japanese dropped all their guns and have never since engaged in war. Meanwhile, the German's also profited in many ways (minus the tragedy of East Berlin) and they are *STILL to this very day a bunch of arrogant assholes."

You sir are an idiot and a fool. I cannot believe you can call us ignorant of history and yet make such and astounding and incredulous statement. FYI, the Japanese never admitted all the atrocities they committed against China and American POWs. Nanking Massacre? Never happened according to the Japanese. The Japanese refuse to give reparements for all the victimes they tortures during WW2. Infact,the Japanese school system does not even focus on the causes of WW2. The only real mention of WW2 is the Atomic bomb. At least Germany admitted that they killed millions of jews and payed for it. The Japanese have not made such an apology. SO to suggest that Japan is not as guilty as Germany is simply preposterous. (Evidence can be found in the book "The Rape of Nanking.)

"Watch the fucking movie, sit down, and Shut the FUCK UP!"

Hey I got an even better idea, READ A FUCKING BOOK. Since when is the media a source of reliable information? Media is known to twist facts just so it can look intersting ito average viewers. I read many books written by well known historians, and none of them mention the scale of the occult that you seem to be ranting about. I cant believe you think that T.V and movies is the way to enlighten someone. Even Micheal Moores movie 9/11 has some factual errors. (as described n last month's issue of time magazine)

"The fact remains that many Germans are being taught that it did not happen"

Again you have no idea what your talking about. Of course the Germen ppl know about what happened in the Holocaust. The schools are required to focus on that aspect. The reason they dont teach about the occult is because there is no fucking evidence that proves suck ridicioulous theories. You sir are a troll. Your not as enlightned and smart as you think you are.

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News Comments > Competitions - DOOM 3 at QuakeCon
59. Re: Doom 3 sucks dick Jul 8, 2004, 20:47 carnevil47
Either way, RTCW is still not developed by Id, so it is not evidence that Id inherently sucks at single player.

Quake 2 may seem shallow today, but back when it was released, the single player was actaully acceptable for its time. It wasnt until half life was released did single player gameplay evolve dramatically. So its unfair to use Quake 2 as an example of Id's incompetance at single player. Single player was not as well evolved back then.

So basically Doom 3 is Id chance to prove they can still make a decent single player game amid all the expectations gamers demand from single player. If they screw this up, then we can all flame Id to hell. Until then, its kinda of presumptious to write off Id as incapable of making a single player game since they haven't had a chance to prove themselves yet.

(BTW, Im not in Id fanboy)

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News Comments > Competitions - DOOM 3 at QuakeCon
56. Re: Doom 3 sucks dick Jul 8, 2004, 15:37 carnevil47
RTCW was not made by Id software. Instead some other company called Nerve developed the game. They just recieved Id blessing. So theoretically then, you never played an Id game in your life.

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News Comments > Competitions - DOOM 3 at QuakeCon
50. Re: Doom 3 sucks dick Jul 7, 2004, 20:44 carnevil47
"id hasn't made a good single player game since doom
Doom 3 has crappy ip based 4 player deathmatch only
Besides in graphics and multiplayer id has not shown ANY inovation at all since doom"

Well come to think of it, a lot of games that are innovative and very creative tend to bomb in terms of Sales. Beyond Good and Evil, System Shock 2, Thief 1 and 2 are all examples of excellent games that were praised by reviewers but did not sell very well. Meanwhile, crap like Enter the Matrix, UT2003, Hitman Contracts, sell a ton. Maybe the reason were not seeing innovative games in the market is because the consumers dont really want innovative games. Maybe the consumers are responsible for having developers recycle the same hash every release. Us hardcore gamers sneer at the idea of unoriginality but we are really the minority in terms of sales. It is the masses that support company and the masses just cant handle complicated games. Shit look at the route Nintendo is taking and you'll see my point. Thats probably why Doom 3 took such a simplistic path in terms of gameplay and probably why its going to sell like hot cakes.

By the way, I think Doom 3 rocks.

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News Comments > On the DOOM 3 Date
61. Re: Lets recap for a moment Jun 23, 2004, 16:49 carnevil47
Mozilla owns

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News Comments > New Joint Operations MP Demo Wednesday
49. No subject Jun 9, 2004, 10:26 carnevil47
"This is why America is going down the tubes. The kids of today are brain dead propagandized zombies"

Yes it is true that the U.S had done some shady things recently. However your theory about conditioing is wrong.

First of all. You started this flame war by claiming that Joint Operations is nothing more then America propaganda to condition people. This is obvious B.S. You have not provided any proof that this game will incite anti-muslim feelings. When the game Black Hawk Down was realesed, did the gaming community immediatly become anti-muslim? No. Hell even the movie, which was heavily based on the American side, didnot condition people as you proposed.

Unless you provide specfic examples of the government brainwashing and back it up with statisical proof that this is starting to condition people. You theory about gaming conditioning people is wrong wrong wrong.

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News Comments > More on KOTOR II
3. . May 5, 2004, 00:48 carnevil47
Is that one picture of the white haired, female jedi, Bastilla? She looks similar to her

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News Comments > H&D2 Server & MP Demo Patches
1. No subject Apr 21, 2004, 23:28 carnevil47
Wow 3 servers with a grand total of 10 ppl playing. Heck the only three servers didnt even update to version 1.05. Thank you for that exteremely redundant update.

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News Comments > Eidos Rumors
10. Re: What in the holy hellfuck? Apr 6, 2004, 14:12 carnevil47
a Deus Ex "Action" title

Isnt a Deus Ex "action" title a mortal sin? I thought Deus Ex was all about freedom of choice.

Commandos "Tactical Shooter<

Guess that cant be too bad if its like Rainbow 6

the seventh Tomb Raider
Eidos, get a clue. Tomb Raider has been sucking for the past 5 games. Gamers expectations have evolved beyond bouncing breasts.

fourth outing for IO Interactive's Hitman series<
Sounds cool just as long as they keep evolving the series.

This comment was edited on Apr 6, 14:13.
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News Comments > ION Storm Departures
1. No subject Apr 6, 2004, 10:31 carnevil47
Guess he doesnt like making PC games anymore after all the shit he got with Deus Ex 2

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