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News Comments > Out of the Blue
23. Re: Lance Feb 8, 2013, 20:20 Kem!kaL
He can only be sued over the 2009 comeback now- SoL expired after 7 years.

And surprise, surprise, it's the only one he denies doping for.
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News Comments > Saturday Metaverse
4. Re: Saturday Metaverse Jul 1, 2012, 08:14 Kem!kaL
Further proof that S.C. is the sleeveless armpit of America.  
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News Comments > Curt Schilling on 38 Studios' Demise
47. Re: Curt Schilling on 38 Studios' Demise Jun 22, 2012, 23:02 Kem!kaL
And sorry but "Obama raised the debt ceiling"?

Come on man. The GOP did it like 5 times under Bush, or more, because you can't default on the nation's loans and crash the economy. And with Google you know as much as you want to know so don't blame "the media."

That's my point.

You seem to hate the Dems so much you just refuse to accept obvious truths, or you end up doing what you accuse the Dems of doing and just "blaming Obama."

Whatever- you guys scream he's the devil so often you may convince enough dumb voters to believe it.

We'll see.
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News Comments > Curt Schilling on 38 Studios' Demise
46. Re: Curt Schilling on 38 Studios' Demise Jun 22, 2012, 22:51 Kem!kaL
Feel better RT?

"surrounded himself with socialist marxists"?
Jesus dude you sound like a lunatic.

I could care less, but really- the two parties have been this way forever, it's not "code" it's just a fact. He's a Dem- he thinks govt has a role, but that doesn't mean he's the Manchurian candidate, or a marxist.

No one call the Right fascist for the same reason- it's an extreme on the political spectrum. And they're not your enemies they're your freaking neighbors.

Settle the hell down and turn off the Limbaugh already.
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News Comments > Evening Mobilization
2. Re: Evening Mobilization Mar 28, 2012, 22:37 Kem!kaL

Still enough elderly people terrified of technology to keep em afloat apparently.

Makes me want to run a altavista search and tweak my geocities page.

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News Comments > etc., etc.
1. Re: etc., etc. Oct 20, 2010, 08:16 Kem!kaL
Until a 15 year old from Ct says "the deal says a Cab-ride HOME."  
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News Comments > Steam Bestsellers Redux
1. Re: Steam Bestsellers Redux Dec 14, 2009, 21:52 Kem!kaL
When did these lists become "news"?
Sorry I'm a huge fan of the site but I could do without these lists.
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News Comments > Wolfenstein Interview
2. Re: Wolfenstein Interview Jun 27, 2009, 13:37 Kem!kaL
The MP will make or break it. RtCW was out a long time ago, but the MP was fun as hell- fast, objective and class based MP, well-balanced, excellent small maps.

I just don't have much faith they've tried to recreate that exp, or were able to, since they still haven't said anything about the MP and the game releases in a month.
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News Comments > E3 2009 PC Wrap-up
3. Re: E3 2009 PC Wrap-up Jun 7, 2009, 14:26 Kem!kaL
So cool.
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News Comments > Mass Effect 2 Details
19. Re: Mass Effect 2 Details Mar 23, 2009, 21:02 Kem!kaL
Can't wait. And I didn't see anything wrong with the PC control scheme- from what I saw we got a nice UI revamp in fact.

And if anyone got scared away by the ctd's and other technical nightmares- try the 8206 Nvidia drivers. Think I only crashed once after that, compared to once or twice every session.
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News Comments > CoD: World at War Double XP & Patch Plans
7. Re: CoD: World at War Double XP & Patch Plans Jan 18, 2009, 09:42 Kem!kaL
Yeah I didn't mean to. Maxed out the first time playing 99% of the time on 1 legit server - 82ndID's. I wouldn't play on exploited servers if I had other options- that's why it seems like there's been either a mass exodus or a problem with the server browser over the holidays- or both, probably.

When I was playing it was on big ctf servers- the more manic and chaotic the better. (as "Silo")
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News Comments > CoD: World at War Double XP & Patch Plans
1. Re: CoD: World at War Double XP & Patch Plans Jan 17, 2009, 11:25 Kem!kaL
double xp? with the exploited servers really the only active servers available these days? Uh, woohoo

If you're picky about your gametype at all the options are limited (like 20 per gametype at most, with 1/2 maxed out and 1/3 only barely populated) so like it or not, know it or not, you'll end up playing on an exploited server that gives you 1k or 10k per kill.
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News Comments > On PC Patches
4. Re: On PC Patches Jan 16, 2009, 11:12 Kem!kaL
To be handed the CoD4 engine, handed the server browser, and handed the entire level-up system, and to still have so many reported CTD's, bugs in the browser, and disappearing stats? Poor effort imo.
Treyarch should lose their deal to make CoD games after this.

The competitive CoD'ers have already gone back to 4 (prob more because of the giant and less than stellar maps) and almost everyone else started moving on over the holidays when there were more reports of vanishing servers, and buggy browsers.
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News Comments > DX3 Dev: Deus Ex was "Kinda Slow"
48. Re: DX3 Dev: Deus Ex was Oct 22, 2008, 14:43 Kem!kaL
What a goon.
Dugas hasn't earned the right to carry Spector's jock, on the merits of DX1 ALONE. If he doesn't understand what made DX1 great then he shouldn't be allowed near the IP.

And I called him a goon because DX1 was a masterpiece for the time, so it's freaking moronic to call the first game flawed prior to releasing DX3 when 1/2+ of your potential customers have put the original on their top 5 list of all time. VanDam!
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News Comments > Huxley Trailer
7. No subject Jun 23, 2008, 17:04 Kem!kaL
After about 3 years of waiting, for what's turned into "unreal online" Webzen can suck it.
Pre-rendered footage? After how long without any news?

What a waste of a good idea. I haven't seen anything that shows they're 1 step closer to launch than they were 2 years ago.

Same lame footage. Same big promises. Otherwise - NADA.

This game is fast becoming Vaporware.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Call of Duty 4
9. No subject Nov 6, 2007, 14:03 Kem!kaL
Crysis shmysis The game with the best eye-candy doesn't always win.
And infinity ward has nailed it with CoD4.

Far Cry was better than CoD in terms of SP, but a year later hordes of people were still online playing CoD and FC was dead, so we'll see. I couldn't care less that there's no co-op or that the crysis bots are better. I spend 90% of my fps-playing time online but to each his own.
If you have "On Demand" from Comcast they have 17min of online play under the "G4tv" tab and yes, it looks insanely fun.

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News Comments > Evening Previews
1. hmm May 22, 2007, 20:41 Kem!kaL
in that CoD4 preview the devs talk about a two-year dev cycle for new cod games (on PC) which, as I see it, would put the CoD4 launch around Oct 20-ish of this year.

And after looking at CoD's release date (Oct 20-ish of 2003) and CoD2's release date (Oct 20-ish of 2005) I'm now nearly half-erect.
doubt it but can't a guy dream?

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News Comments > Halo 2 & PC Live in May
23. No subject Mar 14, 2007, 12:32 Kem!kaL
wilson- I can understand why someone wouldn't care if Windows Live came to PC's but I don't see how, in any way, this is bad news for PC gaming. It's support and PR so I"m not sure why all the dire talk about deadly gas clouds.

little overreaction it sounds like.

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News Comments > Halo 2 & PC Live in May
7. No subject Mar 14, 2007, 10:03 Kem!kaL
Another side effect of this could be great for PC gamers, thanks to the cross-platform multiplayer.

Think about it- MS is making this old game about as appealling as they can to bring in new Vista owners, which I think it will and I think most of them will buy gold accounts just to dominate consolers or try out the features. But what's smart about this (maybe) is that more consolers are going to get rolled by PC gamers which will get some consolers to consider trying PC shooters.

Prob not THE reason for bringing it out 1st, but I've always thought cross-platform multiplay could be a boost for PC gaming.

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News Comments > Federal GTA Lawsuit
91. A day late, several million $$$... Jan 2, 2004, 11:46 Kem!kaL
That quote from the Post is one of the most insensitive, inappropriate and classless things I've ever read in a newspaper. It's extremism of the McCarthy-kind, and in itself, is just as guilty of the kind of exploitation for the sake of making money (to sell papers) as the game it criticizes. To compare the sexual molestation of a child with cancer, to an M-rated video game that has been on the market for years is a deliberate and greedy attempt to sensationalize an issue for the financial gain of the paper.

This is an old man, out of the loop, who just got wind of this "vidya game." He'll find another (not new) bandwagon to jump on soon enough so I doubt we'll hear much more about this from him. Don't you just love the fact that the censor-happy pundits and politicians talk about the violence in every game on the market, except for America's Army, the U.S. Army's multi-million dollar recruitment project that prides itself on realism (with a real-world levelling-up reward system for killing and completing obj).

And yeah, the Haitians have a chance in hell against Western Capitolism. Not saying racial insensitivity isn't everywhere in the game, but come on. After it's release on Xbox, the game's already reached every gamer that it's going to.
Don't even get me started about "Government as Parent" though. Parents who care and actually "parent" won't let their young child play a game like GTA3, and parents who aren't involved, or who don't care, have children that will find trouble and have trouble even if they never play a single video game growing up. damn that pissed me off =P

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