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News Comments > Saturday Consolidation
10. Re: Saturday Consolidation May 11, 2014, 00:06 Tumbler
It's hard to believe that MS pursued the whole Kinect angle without a killer app being developed behind the scenes. I assumed they had something big in the pipeline that justified all this emphasis on Kinect because without that very important piece of software the Kinect is a gimmic.

Ms needed to lead the charge of why Kinect is important and it appears they are not doing that. Worse still, if they were not going to lead with their own software then they should have partnered with someone to make something. It appears they didn't even do that. There is nothing of note that uses the Kinect yet and I can only assume MS is saving all that stuff to show at E3...right? I mean they have to have a few things to use that thing...right?
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News Comments > Titanfall Expedition Swampland Map Details
3. Re: Titanfall Expedition Swampland Map Details May 9, 2014, 19:31 Tumbler
I don't expect this will sell well. Short of a major content update the idea of spending more money on this is out of the question. Even if this map pack is free the game is so lacking in content that I wouldn't be excited about trying it.

I don't blame them for trying to sell this but I expect the sales figures won't be good.
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News Comments > Hearthstone Balance Change Plans
3. Re: Hearthstone Balance Change Plans May 8, 2014, 10:15 Tumbler
The hunter is the best class in my experience. I have the easiest time winning with him based on his cards. I'd say the priest has some really stupid OP stuff as well but that is less consistent.

This is a good place to start for balancing.

I think those 2 and 3 cost kill a creature cards on the priest side also need some attention. Their cost is too low if nothing else.
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News Comments > U.K. Sales Charts
4. Re: U.K. Sales Charts May 6, 2014, 17:29 Tumbler
I think Titanfall sold well enough and delivered enough that few feel the need to bash it but it's definitely not gaining a lot of "gamer" support at this point. It is what it is.

It's basically a proof a concept, a mini sample of a larger game that costs $60. I would guess that larger game is expected by Holiday 2015? They might be able to hit spring 2015 but I doubt it.

I doubt anyone will call it a System seller in the near future if they ever called it that. It sold some systems when they did some discounts. ($450 for system plus titanfall was pretty impressive)
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News Comments > Oculus Responds to ZeniMax Accusations
37. Re: Oculus Responds to ZeniMax Accusations May 5, 2014, 15:30 Tumbler
I'd love to see this case go to court where we could all see the details come out but this will probably be settled outside in secret.
And "settled" might be little more than a phone call.

I would guess that Zenimax is just assuming that something in Oculous has to be similar enough to what they have to make a case. I'd bet their pretty PO'd that they didn't get any ownership in the company as well.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Status Report
12. Re: Star Citizen Status Report May 2, 2014, 20:50 Tumbler

theyarecomingforyou wrote on May 2, 2014, 19:11:
Before this topic is filled with the inevitable Hitler references, I thought I'd mention the Blue's News organisation. I'm looking forward to flying with some of the Blue's crew.
I shall join you as soon as the Multi org thing gets added! (Allows you to join multiple orgs)

This comment was edited on May 2, 2014, 20:56.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Status Report
11. Re: Star Citizen Status Report May 2, 2014, 20:40 Tumbler
Only a few more days!  
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News Comments > Star Citizen Hits $43 Million
76. Re: Star Citizen Hits $43 Million Apr 30, 2014, 13:31 Tumbler
Quboid wrote on Apr 30, 2014, 07:32:
If I'm beaten by someone who is better than me, fine. If I am beaten by someone who has spent more time building up their empire, fine. If I am beaten by someone who has broken out their credit card then the game's integrity is shot.

In almost any online game it's possible you're being beaten by someone because they spent more money...maybe you like being naive to that fact if possible but people can play games on faster computers (that cost more), people can buy faster internet connections than you (that cost more), people can buy stuff off ebay that gives them an advantage they would not otherwise have.

From the beginning CR and team have said they want a game that is balanced and not going to give anyone a win in every scenario. A Hornet might give you an advantage vs many ships but there will be ships that have an advantage over the hornet. (Hopefully) The hornet is a heavily armed ship compared to many other ships of that size. That means among other things you have a lot to lose flying a hornet. An Avenger by comparison is a smaller ship, faster, not as well armed and costs significantly less. 1 Hornet vs 2 Avengers is essentially a fair fight on that front. 4 Aurora's (possibly 5) is a fair fight vs a Hornet. Depending on how those engagements go that can be tweaked but that is what I'm hoping the Matchmaking system will do.

I don't expect the Hornet to be strong enough to blow through 5 Aurora's or 2 Avengers without a lot of luck, I expect the Hornet to be useful in situations where it can exploit it's advantage which is a 1v1 vs an Avenger or 300i or even a 1v2 Aurora's. (maybe even 3) If the value of ships are factored into the matchmaking system it's going to be pretty funny to see Hornet Pilots find themselves facing 4-5 Aurora's or 2+ 300i's / Avengers. People expecting to get easy kills I hope will find themselves very upset.

The relationship of planes in world war 2 is hopefully a good example. If you're flying a Hurricane and you run into a FW-190 you're going to get your ass kicked. (FW-190 is a FAR better plane) But if you run into 5 Hurricane's you better watch your ass if you're going to attack. The cost of those planes to each country might be comparable so they might be an even match.

That will hopefully be something we see in the DFM, the matchmaking and how the game is going to give people in a 30,000 UEC ship a chance vs a person is a 100,000 UEC ship. (let alone the value of improved weapons)
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News Comments > Star Citizen Hits $43 Million
69. Re: Star Citizen Hits $43 Million Apr 29, 2014, 22:43 Tumbler
CJ_Parker wrote on Apr 29, 2014, 19:08:
And, of course, there'll be the cash shop where, in addition to other game related stuff, you can buy the in-game currency UEC for real money. There are certainly more than enough tards in the world who will be using that shortcut to buy bigger ships, buggies, hangar fishtanks, guns, spoilers, bling-bling, dashboard crapola and all the useless shit that money can buy.

If there is a cash shop the only thing they sell is UEC which is the currency of the game. I don't think most people consider that a cash shop.

You will be able to buy whatever you want with UEC inside the game. There might be things earned outside the game (from things like a subscription) that are cosmetic and won't be for sale in the game but they haven't said for sure you won't be able to buy those same things with UEC on launch.

Basically everything they are selling today is going to be possible to buy in the game through gameplay once the game launches. I wouldn't be surprised if things like the Towel and the mystery object and the nic naks you earn from a sub now aren't available but they could be.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Hits $43 Million
56. Re: Star Citizen Hits $43 Million Apr 29, 2014, 16:59 Tumbler
saluk wrote on Apr 29, 2014, 15:21:
I can't wait to try out my combat armor! Woo! And that "mystery object" sounds amazing. Whatever could it be? I hope I win the prize. Chris Roberts I adore you!

The mystery object has been revealed! And you can still earn it if you jump in before we hit 45,000,000!

Hadesian Artifact – The mystery of what happened in Hades has been one of the great archeological puzzles ever since the system was discovered in the early 26th Century. The evidence suggests that the Hadesians nearly erased their entire civilization in devastating civil war that left a planet cracked in half, but so many questions remained. Who were these Hadesians? How did the war get started? Over the centuries, even the public became enamored by the mystery of this system. This curiosity was inflamed when scientists recently discovered a lone Hadesian artifact on the black market of all places. Trinket manufacturers quickly tried to capitalize on the resurgence of interest by building exact copies of the artifact for sale to the public, even replicating the unidentified symbols along the base…

I recommend this one for people who don't want to over commit. You'll also need this to get access to the DFM and you'll need additional passes to see other modules before release. (Planetside and Social...whatever those mean) Total is about $50 currently, you could go down to $45 with the ship package and pass but I think the $5 upgrade for the LN model is a no brainer. That thing has more guns and better missiles and you'll want those if you're going to fly against people in Hornet's. (You are...and you are probably going to get your ass handed to you.)
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News Comments > Star Citizen Hits $43 Million
48. Re: Star Citizen Hits $43 Million Apr 29, 2014, 14:39 Tumbler
I can't wait to see the thread about the DFM being released and playable. That one should be epic.

Probably going to need a seperate PC setup next to me dedicated to just showing me the thread. No matter what happens that thread is going to go nuclear. Turns out great? (@#$L@j#$Lj#$J@l#$) Turns out terrible (LLOOLLLOOOLLLOOO) Pleasure, pain, you won't be able to tell the difference.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Hits $43 Million
44. Re: Star Citizen Hits $43 Million Apr 29, 2014, 13:42 Tumbler
No engine has ever proven capable of doing the things that Star Citizen is doing, so that's really a moot point. The Bengal Carrier has over 700m polys, which completely eclipses games like Ryse (85m) and Infamous: Second Son (120m). It's an incredibly ambitious project but it's at least being headed by someone with extensive experience in the industry and a great track record. Starlancer and the Wing Commander games were some of my favourite games.

BF2142 seems pretty close to what SC is aiming for. The little battlezones aren't a whole lot different than the Titan Mode gameplay. People fly ships, man and operate stuff inside a big ship, operate stuff on the ground (in space for SC's case). I think people get caught up in how hard things must be when a lot of what they've done in the past makes this a pretty realistic goal.

Every spot you visit might be like loading into a different BF2142 server with other ships in the area, people on the ground (in space stations) etc.

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News Comments > Star Citizen Hits $43 Million
36. Re: Star Citizen Hits $43 Million Apr 29, 2014, 13:05 Tumbler
Release date for DFM (Dog Fighting Module) was quietly announced yesterday. Access will start in the 2nd week of May, no exact date given. Full roll out (access for all) in the 3rd week of May.

Subscribers and early backers (golden ticket holders) get in earliest, rolls back from there. Someone could jump in today, pay the extra $5 for an access pass and then sign up for a sub and be one of the first ones in. Will be interesting to see how many subs they sell for the month of may. Subs start at $10 a month and come with a few nick naks each month like the Jump Point magazine, access to some artwork. The real rewards for being a sub are stuff you see sporatically. We should be seeing some free trinkit for our hangar soon as you get one every 2 months and then subscriber merch like those patches that came up about a month ago.

If you're not really into the game being a subber is kind of a tough sell, but I like throwing them $10 a month with the added benefits I'm seeing now. (they added some stuff to the pot a few months back both for new folks and people who've been in more than a year)
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News Comments > Is Destiny Destined for PCs?
31. Re: Is Destiny Destined for PCs? Apr 28, 2014, 22:43 Tumbler
Hunh, now that I've seen more gameplay I'm less interested in this game. The cinematic stuff that features mainly terrain looks great but for some reason as soon as you put a giant gun on the screen and people start shooting down scopes and there are flashy lights and doesn't feel the same.

Really not liking how combat looks. Many other parts of this look great but the combat bugs me.
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News Comments > Star Citizen "Coming Together"
15. Re: Star Citizen Apr 26, 2014, 16:38 Tumbler
It's awesome to hear this kind of stuff being added. (missile mechanics). I expected them to deliver only the hornet of the initial release so it's very exciting to hear about the 300i and aurora. I only own an aurora of the first three but I own a cutlass and a avenger so I'm hoping they will let me borrow a 300i and hornet in the mean time... Otherwise I'll be flying around a stock aurora for a few weeks/months.  
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News Comments > King's Bounty: Dark Side Announced
7. Re: King's Bounty: Dark Side Announced Apr 22, 2014, 16:26 Tumbler
Found a Free to Play King's Bounty game recently called tactics or something. Thoroughly confused by that. The battle engine seems improved, but I don't understand a fucking thing that happens outside of the combat engine. It looks like I've leveled up but it never asked me to pick skills? I'm at a castle and I can visit one spot and fight, then after a few fights which involved me getting a "mission" each time another castle opens up and there are a few more fights.

No clue why but someone was offering a ultimate pack for 1 token on 99 gamers so I bought it and tried it out. (ultimate pack is normally $35) Not likely to go back and try again.
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News Comments > Morning Mobilization
2. Re: Morning Mobilization Apr 17, 2014, 13:07 Tumbler
Tried playing Titanfall last night on my new PC. (i5 4670k, 760 GTX, SSD). The game is enjoyable but given my limited time to play games it's not good enough. I played some BF4 last night as well, I wasn't having a lot of fun there either, I think the 64 player maps are too small for that amount of people. I'm going to try playing on 32 player servers and maybe pick different maps. A lot of servers are running the new carrier assault maps which aren't very good. I may not have played them all yet but the ones I have are crap in my opinion.

The DLC packs feel lazy and unpolished.

Back on Titanfall, I think the folks that didn't get involved in paying money to bring this game to their platform are going to come out ahead in the end. Unless MS doubles down on the game and makes it exclusive I'll bet Titanfall 2 will be a more complete product and be out on both systems. With the divide opening up between ps4 and One I can't imagine Respawn and EA want to get stuck on the console that has 5 million fewer consumers come holiday 2015. (my guess for Titanfall 2)
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News Comments > Star Citizen Crowdfunding Hits $42M
87. Re: Some of you people amaze me... Apr 15, 2014, 17:20 Tumbler
Ryan Lange wrote on Apr 15, 2014, 16:03:
When they announce major new features as stretch goals, you bitch about how they'll never finish the game, or that it'll fall way short.

When they announce really minor things as stretch goals, you bitch about "million dollar horse armor".

Yes, the critics of this game and how it's funded seem to be stepping into fox news levels of bullshit to continue to find controversy.

Feature creep hasn't been an issue in a long time. If we consider the last 5 million in funding are promising:

- Cano System (Whatever that is) - it's a dot on a star map, they already have to make a shit load of these so very little as far as new features go. These are goals because they let citizens pick some of the attributes in each system. Stellar Graveyard, abandoned human colony, pirate den, etc)

- UDS-2943-01-22 System (Another random solar system)

- Kabal System (Another random solar system)

- Oretani System (Another random solar system)

- Procedural Generation R&D Team (prob not a big feature)

- Updated Observist Guide (Website thing)

- Explorer-class mobiGlas Rig (This actually is a MAJOR feature)

- Gladius (light fighter, they are already making dozens of ships, they essentially named one early and added as a stretch goal.

- Towel

So as far as feature creep they seem to be getting vast amounts of funding to handle the new features they want to add which seems ok to me. A procedural generated content system is likely already a part of the game. As you fly around space there are going to be random events that drop enemies on you or some other situation. Expanding that isn't too big an issue. Originally it might have been limited to pirates and mercenaries showing up to attack you during your travels. With more money going into Procedural generation they can expand that to include merchant vessels that need assistance, derelict ships that need salvaging or "cleansing", distressed ships needing assistance.

They've said it might be possible to even generate new areas to explore, maybe even planets. It all depends on how testing plays out internally. If the procedurally generated planets are crap then that won't be the best use. Civ V, for example, generates a planet to play on and most of those games are great for me!

The mobi glass thing seems like a major feature and they would be smart to offer easy stretch goals for them to complete over the next 5 million just to give them plenty of free funds to build the system they want.

Mobi glass is like a pip boy but a lot of what you do in Star Citizen will be interfaced through this little arm band computer.

It might be just a simple animation that happens before and after a menu comes up but we'll have to wait and see. Maybe it's something like the dead space menu's that seem to hang in the air in front of you. Not sure what to expect but it looks very cool.

This comment was edited on Apr 15, 2014, 17:40.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Crowdfunding Hits $42M
74. Re: Star Citizen Crowdfunding Hits $42M Apr 15, 2014, 15:52 Tumbler
Do a lot of people think that the 42 million milestone was only a towel? The towel is an inside joke.

The reward is mainly the Mobi Glass and a new light fighter, the Gladius.

There has been a long running joke about the Lamp on Wingman's hangar. In episode 1 the lamp is a prop in the episode. It did not appear in future episodes so people started asking about the lamp. This became a running joke and now there is a Lamp Organization and a Lamp you can buy in game.

So in the spirit of making stupid shit into parts of lore and items you can own in game they have given us a Towel. It's a running joke. The lamp is basically the unofficial mascot of the game.

Go search lamp star citizen and just look at google images. It should be easier to understand just looking at those pictures.

As for the game in general I think the Reveal event was a technical disaster but what they've said since is that the build version got screwed up and everyone who's played the version at the Logitech booth over the weekend had a much better experience. (possibly Single Player)

There is an 18 minute video of people playing, I don't believe it crashed during this video but I haven't sat there and watched the whole thing.

All the comments from people getting hands on with it at PAX have been extremely positive. It would appear the game is working substantially better than the reveal event led people to believe. We'll see, DFM release is real close.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Crowdfunding Hits $42M
59. Re: Star Citizen Crowdfunding Hits $42M Apr 15, 2014, 13:38 Tumbler
The rewards hitting 42 million so far are less than expected. It's above average for the stuff they are hitting but I was hoping they'd have a large amount of concept art and more in depth info to share when we cross that mark. It happens to fall around the same time as PAX and the DFM reveal so I guess it's excusable.

I'm hoping that the May release they keep mentioning was a decision they made assuming the DFM shown was going to get bad press. It seems that the reveal livestream was not the current build and the game running at the booths is much better. Overall I think the response is positive and good for them so I'm confused if they stick to their may release date at this point.

You let the public and critics play it at the booth...doesn't that mean it's ready for backers?

I impatiently await my download. DOGFIGHTER!!!!
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