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News Comments > New Space Sim HOTAS
10. Re: New Space Sim HOTAS Mar 31, 2016, 15:39 Tumbler
Hmm, that's odd.

I have to assume this is part of that new joystick they plan to make for Star Citizen. They plan to offer a few additional features from what I've heard but I expect this is close to what they'll look like.

I'm surprised they said anything about this if they don't also have the Star Citizen version ready to present.
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News Comments > etc.
6. Re: etc. Mar 31, 2016, 14:09 Tumbler
It was literally a month(s) long campaign to make sure everyone around her knew she was a pedophile who was responsible for products consumed by children.

I keep hearing people say that but what exactly happened during those months? Tweets?


Interesting, I google "online hate campaign alison rapp" and I get a ton of recent stories about her being fired because of this campaign but nothing from when it's actually happening.

On Page 3 I found this:

Blog about Alison Rapp hate campaign

(Technically I found a reddit thread that was discussing this article)

It breaks down what exactly this hate campaign appeared to be in Feb.

I think my favorite part is where she's editing quotes to make them look worse and the blogger shows her version and reality.
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News Comments > etc.
10. Re: etc. Mar 29, 2016, 14:51 Tumbler
That blizzard thing is surreal to watch. It felt like they ran from that criticism screaming and I can only assume that on the inside of game development they are terrified of being the target of an online hate mob. (SJW's)

To the consumer that mob looks like a bunch of crybabies complaining about everything but I guess companies that put millions of dollars into ideas like this they feel like these twitter campaigns can shape the future of their game?

That's pathetic. Am I too believe that if this criticism had gone viral and the SJW's descended on twitter screaming misogyny, rape, death threats, all the good stuff, then the public at large would have bought it and turned their nose up at Overwatch?!

Blizzard is practically immune from that kind of criticism. If anyone should be able to just ignore it and move on I'd expect it to be them.

The fuck is going on over there?
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News Comments > Gatherings & Competitions
1. Re: Gatherings & Competitions Mar 27, 2016, 12:15 Tumbler
Season pass holders have been able to download the DLC as of March 22, and for everyone else, it hits April 5.

Oh good, I thought they'd made a good decision trying to keep the community a hair less fragmented but nope, still fucked.

PC: 8,002 (24h peak: 8,545)

XBOXONE: 30,557 (24h peak: 35,532)

PS4: 56,483 (24h peak: 61,380)

Total: 95,042

I own the pc version

If I wanted to play it I'd go buy the ps4 version but I might as well wait until they drop the ultimate edition later when all the dlc has been released and then maybe at least it will feel like a $60 game. They'll probably want $90 for it though...
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News Comments > Street Fighter V Cash Shop Delayed
6. Re: Street Fighter V Cash Shop Delayed Mar 25, 2016, 09:57 Tumbler
Will be interested to see how people like the update. The matches are fun to watch on twitch. Would like them to offer a free to play option. One character or something like that.  
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News Comments > Star Wars Battlefront: Outer Rim Released
6. Re: Star Wars Battlefront: Outer Rim Released Mar 22, 2016, 13:45 Tumbler
Didn't this used to start with an early release for season pass holders or xbox owners or something then 2 weeks later anyone could buy / play it?

Guess those season passes aren't selling so well?

Maybe I'm thinking of call of duty...or was that battlefield? Who fucking care anymore.
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News Comments > etc., etc.
3. Re: etc., etc. Mar 19, 2016, 04:04 Tumbler
Ugh this whole controversy makes no sense. Were any women in the industry or women wanting to get into the industry scared off or something. All I see are journalists circle jerking about some dancers.

The whole thing comes off incredibly sexist. If they had men dancing would that mean something about men in the industry?
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News Comments > Star Citizen Passes $110M
22. Re: Star Citizen Passes $110M Mar 14, 2016, 14:17 Tumbler
Looking forward to seeing Squadron 42. It should be coming this year...  
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News Comments > Star Wars Battlefront Adds Content
3. Re: Star Wars Battlefront Adds Content Mar 8, 2016, 14:32 Tumbler
Hoth was fun...during the beta.

I hope they build a lot more in the next one. Game feels like a hollow shell. A pinata with no candy. Fill it up!

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News Comments > No Man's Sky in June; Preorders Underway
23. Re: No Man's Sky in June; Preorders Underway Mar 4, 2016, 10:12 Tumbler
Still looks like a $20-$30 PSN game...

It reminds of minecraft and even in the beginning I don't think that was ever more than $30. Maybe at release on consoles because they overcharge for everything but prices today are about $20 on every platform for minecraft.

Giving it the ole 100% markup because it's new still doesn't get you to to $60 price point. Seems like they're shooting themselves in the foot with that price.

Assuming it's going to support Playstation VR that could be a big deal for many people. Buying a playstation VR thing is probably going to be the lowest cost option on the market and so if this game is one of the few available maybe it will do ok in that respect.

I'm guessing this will drop to $40 by end of August, if not much sooner.
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News Comments > Morning Crowdfunding Roundup
3. Re: Morning Crowdfunding Roundup Feb 29, 2016, 13:22 Tumbler
I remember this kickstarter, I thought the cooler itself was awesome but seemed too risky to pay for upfront. I was planning on buying it after it was available on the market.

$500 is crazy. If they can sell it at that price then go for it but looking at the comments and ratings leaves me feeling like it's overpriced. Most of the 5 star ratings I saw were from kickstarter backers that I think paid 165.

The top voted reviews seem to give it far lower ratings when they factor in the $500 price.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Split Details
19. Re: Star Citizen Split Details Feb 9, 2016, 14:28 Tumbler
Creston wrote on Feb 9, 2016, 10:02:
This whole thing screams of a "BUY NOW! BUY NOW!!!!" desperation attempt to get more money to me.

Assuming that Squadron 42 is going to be $30 or so after being broken off it seems like people will have the option to buy just the Single Player campaign if they like it.

It was the source of a lot of questions from new users trying to explain that buying star citizen included 2 main things. A single player game called Squadron 42 and an online game called Star Citizen. Almost everything that has been for sale up to this point is an item for the online game and new users needed to buy a "game package" first which included squadron 42 and a certain ship.

Separating the two projects makes a lot of sense as we approach the point where you can play the SQ42 campaign (in some form...) while they continue to work on Star Citizen. You only want to play online? Buy a Star Citizen starter ship packager. You only wan to play single player? Buy SQ42. You want both? I'm sure they'll offer a combo purchase option that saves a few dollars.
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News Comments > Evening Crowdfunding Roundup
10. Re: Evening Crowdfunding Roundup Feb 4, 2016, 08:56 Tumbler it's a book of various blogs? No game, you want to print a collection of blog stories about video games and put them in a nice book?

$40 for the actual book. Very barebones offering as far as kickstarter pages go.
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News Comments > Try Star Citizen for Free
7. Re: Try Star Citizen for Free Jan 29, 2016, 21:15 Tumbler
Haven't booted this up in a while.

Probably going to wait for SQ42 to come out before I jump in again. They said should be any day now!
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News Comments > Quoteworthy - EA on PC Gamer Trust
20. Re: Quoteworthy - EA on PC Gamer Trust Jan 29, 2016, 14:35 Tumbler
Pshh, EA. Just get used to buying the most over priced games possible. Their games aren't bad, they're just overpriced. Whatever you buy for them is going to be overpriced for what you get because that is how they work.

They're in business to make money. They're trying to make a $30 to $40 game and sell it for $60.

Pay $30 to $40 for EA games and you'll be..content. Pay less than $30 and you might even be happy with their games. Paying $60? Or god forbid $110 with a season pass and loath them for years.

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News Comments > Morning Metaverse
3. Re: Morning Metaverse Jan 29, 2016, 11:11 Tumbler
Pigeon wrote on Jan 29, 2016, 10:54:
Wallstreet isn't happy unless you're squeezing your customers like an orange, then discarding the husks to be used as mulch.

That's extremely accurate. In the eyes of shareholders returns are all that matters. There is no benefit to being a good company in the eyes of consumers the way Wall St looks at things. This is something I think government should step in and "assist" with by imposing harsher taxes on companies that exploit workers and the tax system.

Companies like Walmart employee millions but do so at a level where they cost the government additional money because those people still qualify for welfare and such.

Raising the minimum wage and offering a national healthcare plan would be a huge step in the right direction. I don't think people understand how much more they pay privately for health insurance than people do under medicare. I do my in-laws taxes and their cost for medicare is something like 1300 A YEAR. They're 80 and 60 years old respectively...they are among the highest cost consumers to insure for healthcare. If medicare starting adding tons of people to the system in their 40's and 50's and still charged us 1300 a year they'd create a TON of surplus funds to deal with the increasing costs of medicare.

Raising the minimum wage should lead people with Jobs not qualifying for welfare and lower that expense in government. (which honestly is such a small number it's pathetic we talk so much about it)

It would affect the profits of big companies like walmart though and according to wall st nothing is worse than not passing those profits onto share holders.

Share holders are the real americans today it would seem. (if not corporations themselves)
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News Comments > PC Rise of the Tomb Raider Rises
15. Re: PC Rise of the Tomb Raider Rises Jan 28, 2016, 13:54 Tumbler
I was shocked how many podcasts I heard praise this game in the game of the year choices. I have a very hard time believing it can stand beside games like MGS V, witcher 3, and others.

I remain highly skeptical.
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News Comments > The Witness Released
15. Re: The Witness Released Jan 28, 2016, 09:56 Tumbler
Boy are value propositions a wierd thing. It sounds like this game hits the length and quality milestones a consumer would expect of a full priced game but we won't pay 2/3rds the asking price.

$60!? You think this game is a better deal for not being $60!? That would be an insane price.

Games actually worth 60 might include skyrim, fallout 4, mgs v, civ v, Witcher 3, battlefield bad company 2. Many games want to charge 60 but few are actually worth that.

The curve gets pushed up all the time for what $60 buys you in a game and the 40 level is now filled with plenty of AAA games that get discounted a month after release or at release by places like green man gaming. I paid 35 for battlefront for example. (Best buy with extra credits, Still too much) I paid approx 40 for mgs v.

The witness is overpriced.
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News Comments > The Witness Released
13. Re: The Witness Released Jan 27, 2016, 23:09 Tumbler
The $40 price tag bugs me.

It sounds like an amazing game, the giantbomb cast could not have given it a better recommendation in my eyes so I went and looked how much it is on steam. I was expecting $20 maybe $25.

I'm hearing it's amazing from so many places but that $40 price point has me happy to wait. $40 feels offensive to me...

I'm sure it will go on sale soon.
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News Comments > Evolve Adds New Hunter
5. Re: Evolve Adds New Hunter Jan 27, 2016, 11:15 Tumbler
When they started talking about this I figured it'd be like the movie predator and would play sort of like left for dead pvp. That sounds awesome! You gotta sneat through the jungle avoiding some super alien monster and eventually fight it.

Boy they fucked that up. Feels more like being locked in a zoo cage and told to chase that monkey! Do it fast or he turns into a gorilla! Isn't it fun chasing him!
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