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News Comments > No PC Batman: Arkham Knight Until Fall?
23. Re: No PC Batman: Arkham Knight Until Fall? Jul 16, 2015, 15:46 Tumbler
From what I've gathered it works ok on the 900 series cards so upgrading is a possible "fix". Don't try SLI though, just go single card. Beyond that I think all you can do is wait.

The Asus 970 strix card is the one I'm using and the game runs fine.
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News Comments > Act of Aggression Multiplayer Beta
3. Re: Act of Aggression Multiplayer Beta Jul 16, 2015, 15:26 Tumbler
I'm tempted to buy it and try it. Steam refunds makes that a pretty safe thing to do but I think I'll just watch it on Twitch once that stream shows up to watch. I guess I missed it this morning, it's not there currently.

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News Comments > Legacy of the Void This Winter; New StarCraft HotS Hero Revealed
2. Re: StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void This Winter; New StarCraft HotS H Jul 15, 2015, 17:45 Tumbler
If they'd offered a protoss Hero for use in Hearthstone, one of the $10 cosmetic ones, I'd have a real hard time not buying this.

Lucky for me they only offer an exclusive card back.
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News Comments > Morning Legal Briefs
1. Re: Morning Legal Briefs Jul 15, 2015, 16:44 Tumbler
Hunh, that Uber lawsuit is a strange issue.

I'm not sure why Uber would be responsible in this situation but a company like facebook wouldn't be? Uber obviously is a service provided by drivers so a driver might be using the app while driving a vehicle...but what does facebook do to insure people are not using their app while driving? You could argue that by building a mobile app you're encouraging people to use it on the phone...which might be used in a car...which is illegal as the driver.

Is a mobile app dev responsible if a driver can use the app while driving?

What about Google Maps.... I use that all the fucking time. I use that while driving in many cases. It's possible I could hit someone while I'm trying to get directions... or just trying to follow the directions while it's mounted in it's stand... Is Google responsible?
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News Comments > Morning Metaverse
11. Re: Morning Metaverse Jul 15, 2015, 14:53 Tumbler
It's tough to think that the CEO was the only asshole inside that company. There has to be a very divided base of people inside the company currently because publically they got their ass kicked for trying to put the PC police at the front door. They'd only do that in the first place if alot of people bought into all the insanity of SJW's in the first place.  
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News Comments > Cloud Imperium on Star Citizen Refunds
15. Re: Cloud Imperium on Star Citizen Refunds Jul 14, 2015, 20:28 Tumbler
Seems like this might feed the flames but if it closes the door on that drama then fine.

I think they should have simply ignored him bug he was pimping his game so it's not like this is unprecedented. There was some drama about wingman in chat talking about the decsent kickstarter. (Wingman was a weekly show host and Dev that left a year ago) then he launched a descent kickstarter.
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News Comments > Dead Island 2 Developer Dropped
3. Re: Dead Island 2 Developer Dropped Jul 14, 2015, 20:17 Tumbler
OMG where do I preorder!?

That's the first time I've ever seen a publisher publicly fire a developer like that. Maybe they quit but who cares. The franchise and that developer are fucked.
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News Comments > Op Ed
58. Re: Blizzard's Overwatch Hits TM Snag Jul 14, 2015, 17:33 Tumbler
He's not being to subtle about it either. You could turn it into a drinking game - for every embedded link and/or reference in his missives to his products, drink. I'd say drink twice for every straw man, argument from authority, or begging the question, but even with wine coolers you'd go blind.

The Icing on the cake here is that his pledge package, assuming it's the Connie plus all the physical extras, would likely sell for a lot more if he just traded it to someone on the star ships trading subbreddit.


LOL, the package that cost $250 at the start was the Rear Admiral with LTI. (Life time insurance) The link above is listing that package for sale and $500! And he'll probably get close to that number. Price checks I found over past week seem to say you should get $400-$500 for that package.

Derek Smart LOST money on the refund!
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News Comments > Op Ed
52. Re: Blizzard's Overwatch Hits TM Snag Jul 14, 2015, 16:47 Tumbler
I believe I can clarify this. We refunded Mr. Smart’s package because he was using Star Citizen as a platform to gain attention as part of a campaign to promote his ‘Line of Defense’ space game

Hahah, that is exactly what it looked like to me. Some sort of snow balls chance in hell that people would try his game and abandon star citizen. Or more likely just because Star Citizen has a lot of fans if you talk about it then you get a lot of eye balls looking at your game that wouldn't otherwise.

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News Comments > Op Ed
48. Re: Op Ed Jul 14, 2015, 16:31 Tumbler
You're not going to dogfight your way next to a capship, fire a boarding capsule at it, then have three of your crew fight through the ship at the same time as you're dogfighting outside, and then somehow be able to interact with one another. (Ie, the boarding crew taking over a turret and shooting bogies off your ass.) It just isn't happening. Your buddies can probably be doing an FPS part while you are dogfighting, but for all intents and purposes as to how the actions in both modules affect one another, it'll be as if they're playing Call of Duty while you're playing Elite. It'll have no effect on each other.

That is my assumption as well. There are backers who seem to think it's all going to happen concurrently which would be awesome but it is way beyond what every other game developer has been able to do. I've never even heard of someone trying to make a game that needs that more than about 3gb of ram to run.

But is it technically possible to merge Elite and call of duty so it's one "game" assuming you had 64gb of ram to use? Does it just boil down to need an absurd amount of ram? Not clear how the 4gb of vram is used, would that be a bottleneck if a game that used a 50gb foot print in the ram could only load 4gb at a time into VRAM? (even considering these sizes sounds hilarious, the load times...think of the load times!)
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News Comments > Op Ed
38. Re: Op Ed Jul 14, 2015, 16:01 Tumbler
you would need a custom engine built to scale assets and content in an intelligent way, to go from space to planetside, to close quarters, etc... like dsmarts projects (except ideally it would be good, playable, logical, etc instead) ... dsmart had the right concepts, he just utterly failed to execute in any meaningful way - so he is somewhat qualified to comment... failures gotta stick together i guess

I've been giving some of the technical side of things some thought lately and the main issue I keep coming to is how big of a memory foot print can a game realistically use and be stable? Does any game currently run at higher than 4gb? Even if you require a computer with 4gb you need to leave some alone to run the os and what not so games on pc might typically use at most 3gb. If a game requires 8gb to play then maybe it's up to 4gb+ of stuff loaded into memory.

The level of fidelity that some users think they're going for, allowing you to have a full space sim running at the same time you have fps combat happening on space stations and even inside ships is beyond what anyone has tried to do.

I think it's more likely they'll have a FPS game and a space game and the two shall never meet. (They've said they're going to allow boarding of other ships in space combat and what not but I think we'll probably see a lower level of fidelity there as you're still in the space side, it won't be what you might see on a space station loaded seperately) The same way you load into the hanger right now, that will be planet side maps, space stations, fps combat, etc. When you get into your ship and want to leave you have to wait while it loads into the space side.

A lot of fans seem to think that is all going to be in one "game" by the end of development and it probably is possible for a super computer to run all that in one space but for most users their computer simply wont' be able to load assets into memory fast enough to keep up unless you just load it all before you start playing...but that would have to be in the neighborhood of 16-32gb of memory being used only for the game. (Possibly even more)

I've never heard of a game going that large. Ignoring the fact that very few people have enough ram to support that is it even stable when you get that large?

And if you're running a game that large in memory what kinds of issues would happen when it's trying to load that info into the VRAM on the video card?

Assuming someone has 64gb of ram on their pc, and creates a ramdisk where SC is installed, is a 32gb game even possible in any engine?
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News Comments > CIG Refutes Star Citizen Concerns
141. Re: CIG Refutes Star Citizen Concerns Jul 10, 2015, 15:08 Tumbler
Planets idea is a great choice comparison. Any development time known for that? I was thinking Arma is a good comparison as well but in both cases those were iterative updates to existing games. Ww2 online might be worth looking into as well. That had a good flight model but the ground game was shit.

I'll have to look up dev times on those games.

Edit : Star wars galaxies too, from development up to when jump to light speed was released would be a useful comparison. (as well as terrifying...)
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News Comments > CIG Refutes Star Citizen Concerns
134. Re: CIG Refutes Star Citizen Concerns Jul 10, 2015, 11:48 Tumbler
Slashman wrote on Jul 10, 2015, 10:14:
Not saying he's a prophet or anything, but he does seem to at least understand what CIG is dealing with (and seemingly failing at).

I think if you look at his games you'll see he doesn't know what they are dealing with. He's never technically tried to tackle something this ambitious. At best he's tried to do something similar on an indie scale where the player controls 1 ship most of the time. I'd say he'd be familiar with the kinds of problems the X series developers would be dealing with.

DICE is likely the best studio to give a summary on progress of Star Citizen because they're really the only guys that run a FPS engine that involves FPS combat on the ground with vehicles you can fly and drive around on the same map. But I doubt they would comment publically.

If you wanted to really look at the problem you'd probably start with the major hurdle, how do you take a game like battlefield and make it an mmo where you can jump between "battlefields" easily with your ship. (in battlefield think of a blackhawk with players in the back)

That is essentially what they are trying to build. Hundreds of little battlefields where you can fly your space ship into them and if other players are there you can fight. How do you make the maps bigger to make it feel like space? How do you make it possible to move between maps without a minute of load time every time. (at least) How do you deal with a capital ship coming into a space, or multiple.

BF2142 had something similar with titan combat but "flying" those ships was basically just telling them to move to another location on the map and you just waited. But that did have the ability to board and take over the ship. That might be where we're headed, a battlefield style game where each map is it's own location in space and then it's basically a fps with vehicles and stuff that fly around in that space.

Space combat might be kind of arcadey in that case but if they could get something like the BF2142 experience but as an MMO going I think that would be a success. Taking over a titan in bf2142 would basically be taking over a ship in Star Citizen.

Considering they are using the cryengine that seems like the easiest way to deliver most of what they want. If they're going to try and create a very deep and detailed space combat game though I don't see how they're going to be able to keep the FPS stuff in the same area of play without creating some revolutionary new product that would be a milestone in gaming history.

An engine that could run a detailed flight model at the same time it offered a great FPS experience is "Ready Player One" level of tech. Way more processing power than we have to work with, it's more realistic to thing of an MMO style BF2142 game in the end. (I liked that game, and I liked battlefield of old, not so much the new stuff. We'll see what Battlefront is like)

Someone posted this chart that I think is very relevant.

Does anyone have info that these development times aren't accurate? Considering how much time it takes to make those games I don't know if the project is doomed based on how long they've had. I don't think they'll have the PU up next year though but the whole project failing? Not likely.

This comment was edited on Jul 10, 2015, 12:06.
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News Comments > CIG Refutes Star Citizen Concerns
77. Re: CIG Refutes Star Citizen Concerns Jul 9, 2015, 17:31 Tumbler
Before this is all said and done, this game will turn out to be the biggest law suit in the history of gaming.

Chris Roberts wont even be able to find a Rock to hide under after ripping off everyone with false hopes and dreams.

Well I sure am glad that forum post put everyone's fears to rest.

Would anyone feel better if they'd made this announcement back in early April or better yet late march, and said, sorry guys, we've run into a lot more bugs than planned and we need to hold the release until at least end of June. We'll update you at the beginning of June with a progress report and go from there. (And then in early June they'd have said something similar and said sorry, still squashing bugs, making things better, looks like end of September)

I'd personally feel a lot better if they stayed out in front of this issue like that but would it make any difference in this case for you guys?

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News Comments > CIG Refutes Star Citizen Concerns
71. Re: CIG Refutes Star Citizen Concerns Jul 9, 2015, 15:28 Tumbler
TotalBiscuit and crew weigh in

That's a good find. I really hope this at least gives the guys at CIG a good kick in the pants. If nothing else I hope the increased pressure is something they will be affected by. TB was a big fan of theirs early on, mentioning them on several occasions and being very excited. Fast forward to today and you can see him struggling to say things that are neutral.

I'm not at a point where I want my money back, I want to see what they make and I'll wait while they make it. I do have a bit more than necessary to do that though, so when the next major patch comes out for Arena Commander I think I'll sell one of my ships assuming those changes don't turn things around for my ships. The two extra ships I own aren't that thrilling to fly so far but who knows what they'll end up as.

The $250 connie with all sorts of extra bells and whistles I'll keep and stick it out with that. I can live with this thing one way or the other if I only have that package but having those other ships at this point I feel like it's better to sell them to someone else so I'm only invested at $250.

I suppose I should stop my $10 monthly sub too but I don't want to. I like the little trinkets and like pitching in $10 a month.
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News Comments > CIG Refutes Star Citizen Concerns
55. Re: CIG Refutes Star Citizen Concerns Jul 9, 2015, 13:48 Tumbler
That's like saying you've been waiting for over 200 years for the second coming of Jesus.

... Inquisitive did you mean 2000 years? Because it's been approx 2000 years since he died. Was there an expected return of Christ in 1815 and so far nothing?
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News Comments > CIG Refutes Star Citizen Concerns
11. Re: CIG Refutes Star Citizen Concerns Jul 9, 2015, 10:52 Tumbler
I think if they'd just give target dates for things that release in approx 6 months or less they'd avoid a lot of this drama. This has consistently happened when they don't update people after they've already passed the release. They act like adjusting the date would only make things worse ahead of time so just don't say anything! It's going to work out well one of these times!

Currently that would include release windows for sq42, FPS and social / planetside. But not sharing that info and waiting until fans start screaming is a strategy too...

This comment was edited on Jul 9, 2015, 11:04.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Executive Producer Departs [Updated]
143. Re: Star Citizen Executive Producer Departs [Updated] Jul 8, 2015, 14:28 Tumbler
Someone posted this in a thread that got shoved into the "concern" forum. (an almost hidden subforum that is used to hide/censor critical discussion)

This is your trend and it is rather easy to predict things.
2013 - Hangar
2014 - Arena Commander
2015 - Star Marine
2016 - PlanetSide
2017 - Squadron 42
2018 - PU Prototype
2019 - PU Alpha
2020 - PU Beta
2021 - Final Game

That's a lot closer to reality in my opinion based on how CIG has performed up to now. The response from users when you suggest CIG just give us long term objectives and rough time frames is that he community would flip out. I assume CIG believes this as well.

It seems absolutely predictable that you'd make a lot of people angry by not delivering something on time as well as trying to "delay" it months after you already failed to deliver. I don't know why they continue to shoot themselves in the foot this way because every 30 days you should be able to guess if you're going to be ready to release something a month from now if nothing else.

They have monthly reports but they don't talk about overall progress. So at this point people want to know about SQ42. In January this year, I believe, CIG's official stance was that SQ42 would be out at the end of this year. (prior to this in February of 2014 they said end of this year, possibly first quarter 2015) Remember when the Forums went crazy about the SQ42 delay? That's because it didn't happen. They gave us the info in a timely manner and it was fine. But drop that info after you already passed the date? That doesn't go so well.

Maybe everyone's life would be better if they simply stopped trying to hide things and just put the info out there.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Executive Producer Departs [Updated]
130. Re: Star Citizen Executive Producer Departs [Updated] Jul 7, 2015, 23:27 Tumbler
And there is something playing out as I type this, and which, I hope, is going make everyone happy depending on how it plays out.

Does it involve a free ship in your game with the purchase of the next Star Citizen ship for sale? Because this all feels like some bizarre attempt at cross promotion of your game without the permission of the star citizen guys.

And ooooohhhhh man, I just stumbled upon the steam reviews for your game, I doubt I need to mention the game again, wow. Those aren't even vulgar or insults, just pure carnage. I encourage anyone interested in Line of Defense to go read the steam reviews. They're worth it.

Still laughing at the Youtube linked video, DEREK SMART's DESKTOP COMMANDER!
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News Comments > No Man's Sky Gameplay Video
7. Re: No Man's Sky Gameplay Video Jul 7, 2015, 12:29 Tumbler
Have they said anything about cost for this game? With all the promotion and hype I feel like they're going to shoot for a $50 or $60 price point but every time I see it I think $20 on steam, $30 on console stores. (Extra $10 just because)  
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