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News Comments > Oculus Rift Specs
48. Re: Oculus Rift Specs May 19, 2015, 14:47 Tumbler
Hmm, I bought the I5-4670k last year so it looks like I'm good. Got a 970gtx last year as well.

Checking prices shows the 4590's are about $225 and the 4670 I got is $250 so I assume it's a small step up.

I'm good!
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News Comments > Morning Metaverse
8. Re: Morning Metaverse May 18, 2015, 14:19 Tumbler
The feds would be wise to start building their own backbone infrastructure to "encourage" the corporate dead beats to do the same. Paying them to do it and then not making them do it didn't work very well.  
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News Comments > Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth Rising Tide Announced
7. Re: Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth Rising Tide Announced May 18, 2015, 14:12 Tumbler
The first thing on that list needs to be redesigning the tech... Octopus Web labyrinth.

The general idea of it makes sense, each direction is a pillar of society. (military, labor, science, etc)

I hope they can turn things around for that game. The weird little upgrade system for the units seemed fine for one Faction but having it apply to each makes them feel all too similar.
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News Comments > The Witcher 3 Preloads Confirmed; Release Schedule
35. Re: The Witcher 3 Preloads Confirmed; Release Schedule May 12, 2015, 12:14 Tumbler
Is there any truth to not being able to play the game Monday because of a day one patch that won't come until Tuesday?

I believe that is what's being made available at the times listed in this news item. Console versions have to work on disc but I think the pc versions are all missing key files so I there is no way to run it.
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News Comments > The Witcher 3 Preloads Confirmed; Release Schedule
18. Re: The Witcher 3 Preloads Confirmed; Release Schedule May 12, 2015, 11:04 Tumbler
That's a pretty effective way to reward digital purchases. Maybe retail will jump to releasing Monday. Sounds pretty ideal to come home from work Monday and be able to game all night and the next day if you wanted to do that. The whole release at midnight thing never helps me. 3 kids tend to set your sleep schedule in stone... Oh u want to stay up tonight!? Fuck u, it's 9pm,u will be asleep in 10 min. Oh u are playing a game right now? What was that!? You just fell asleep for 2 min, try and play a game this way, oops, 5 more min, where we're you again?

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News Comments > Alien: Isolation Sales Disappoint
41. Re: Alien: Isolation Sales Disappoint May 11, 2015, 17:45 Tumbler
I picked this game up for 30 tokens on 99 gamers. Someone must have gotten a free copy with a video card and traded it I think. Hoping witcher 3 and batman show up soon!

Never did play it, I'm kind of a chicken. Alien scared the fucking hell out of me as a kid so I am brave enough to install it and that is all. It looks real good installed. Always sits at the top of my installed games because it starts with an A. I swear it's mocking me because I can't get the courage to actually start it up.

I watched someone try it with an Oculous and I have it feels like i have to play it with that. But when I saw the guy turn around and freak the fuck out I just said, NOPE.
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News Comments > Elite: Dangerous Steam Keys For All Players Coming
18. Re: Elite: Dangerous Steam Keys For All Players Coming May 9, 2015, 11:20 Tumbler
HorrorScope wrote on May 9, 2015, 10:15:
For this gesture? There is no way a company would do that with units already sold, perhaps a wee small fee.

Developers can generate keys on steam at no cost. There is likely a contract item that says they can't sell them for profit as a way to get around the 30% fee for buying the game but they can definitely make keys without paying valve. It may involve requesting them from valve and stating their purpose. For example you may need 100 keys to distribute to media outlets, those keys seem like they should be generated at no cost. I've heard many times that devs can generate keys for users if needed. I assumed it was without cost because it comes up often with kickstarter situations. The game will go up for sale on steam then everyone who backed the game will get a code as well.
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News Comments > The Witcher 3 GMG Key Dispute
33. Re: The Witcher 3 GMG Key Dispute May 7, 2015, 13:30 Tumbler
I wonder what would happen if the illegitimate keys get banned...

I would guess that the company who paid for them could request a refund and / or start a lawsuit against CDproject.

If you buy a key from CDProject and then sell that key to me that doesn't make it illegitimate. CDProject may not want to sell me a key directly but that doesn't mean they can stop you from selling your key to me if you bought one.

There is obviously not contract in place that says you can't sell your key, in fact it's quite the opposite. They know you're going to sell the key because that is why you're buying them. You're reselling them.

There is no legal recourse if you turn around and sell it to someone they don't like. They can't place restrictions on how you sell your own property. And the key, the actual number, is absolutely your property. The game isn't. But the numeric key is.

And at the end of it all there is almost no way they can come up with a safe list of keys purchased through GMG. They'll find them attached to other approved vendors and all they will know is that a consumer is trying to activate the key. It might change hands 10 times before that or only once, there is no way to tell. All they'll see is that a key purchased by someone (nvidia for example) was redeemed by a guy named charles. Charles may have gotten it off 99 gamers from someone who bought a video card.

This is just a move to get peopel to buy from GOG instead of GMG. It's a shitty thing to do considering GMG is completely legit. This is very similar to the redbox / netflix / blockbuster / walmart bullshit that happened a few years back. Redbox was offering new release movies the day of release for $1 a night. Movie studios didn't like this because they saw it as too easy to see their new movies the day of release for cheap. They wanted people to buy them online for $4-$5 or go to blockbuster and spend $4-$6. They also didn't like netflix having them on release either. So they refused to sell to netflix and redbox, and they said if you want to buy from us you have to sign a contract that says you will only buy these movies 30 days after release. (or more) So redbox decided to just send out their folks that manage the boxes to go buy the movies at release and stick them in the machines. The movie studios then got walmart to create a policy that no one person could buy more than one copy of any movie during the first week of release. (redbox locations obviously need many copies of new releases)

As far as I can tell both companies, redbox and netflix, eventually signed the contract and now offer those movies well after they ship to stores. They could go out and buy them somewhere other than the movie studios but I'm sure the movie studios would take action against the people supplying redbox and netflix.

It's bullshit. CDProject is engaging in anti competitive behavior because they want to be the only place to buy keys for the game online.
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News Comments > Star Trek on
5. Re: Star Trek on May 7, 2015, 13:14 Tumbler
Absolutely loved these games. I would kickstart the shit out of someone going back and redoing them with better graphics and possibly voice acting... (although that might end up real real bad)

I installed STO recently but ran into a lot of trouble trying to connect my old accounts and just gave up in the end because I had to go look up old game keys and email support to have it manually fixed.

Seeing these games makes me want to go give dig that shit up and actually do it.
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News Comments > Starfighter Inc. Kickstarter
11. Re: Starfighter Inc. Kickstarter May 5, 2015, 21:23 Tumbler
I hope they will have more to show soon because I want to give them money but a few things they said cause me concern and that bit at end a out, "we can build this game"... What game? I'm not at all clear what you want to build. You shove the x wing designer thing out in front and then you talk about real newtonian physics and you can spin around and shoot backwards... That isn't x wing...uhm we already gave that game coming, I'm sure you've heard of it...  
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News Comments > GeForce Witcher 3 & Arkham Bundles
4. Re: GeForce Witcher 3 & Arkham Bundles May 5, 2015, 21:12 Tumbler
I also had issues with sli. (760s) games run great with a single card but often you have to tinker with sli and games in development like star Citizen often have probs.

Im going to stick with a single card for now... Although I wonder how much I could sell the card used for and keep the games...
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News Comments > Warhammer 40,000: Regicide Early Access
2. Re: Warhammer 40,000: Regicide Early Access May 5, 2015, 20:35 Tumbler
I was hoping for $10 but I can live with $13.50. Bought.

Let's kill some orks!

Edit, what is this angel's of blood bullshit!? It's Blood Angels! Whoever wrote this press release is a heretic!

This comment was edited on May 5, 2015, 21:14.
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News Comments > GeForce Witcher 3 & Arkham Bundles
1. Re: GeForce Witcher 3 & Arkham Bundles May 5, 2015, 20:26 Tumbler
That's a pretty sweet deal. Could get a second 970 and sli it... Plus 2 games I wouldn't mind owning!  
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News Comments > Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass Includes Batgirl Prequel
15. Re: Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass Includes Batgirl Prequel May 4, 2015, 13:31 Tumbler
Jerykk wrote on May 4, 2015, 02:50:
BF and CoD (and their respective publishers) have already been established as cashcow franchises with overpriced DLC. Batman, until now, has not. If Dishonored 2 or any other critical darling has a $40 season pass, rest assured that there will be outrage.

The first Batman, Arkham Asylum, didn't have much DLC but I think people are forgetting how much DLC Arkham City had:

Batman: Arkham City - Game of the Year Edition includes the following DLC:

Catwoman Pack
Nightwing Bundle Pack
Robin Bundle Pack
Harley Quinn’s Revenge
Challenge Map Pack
Arkham City Skins Pack

Batman: Arkham City - Game of the Year Edition packages new gameplay content, seven maps, three playable characters, and 12 skins beyond the original retail release:

Maps: Wayne Manor, Main Hall, Freight Train, Black Mask, The Joker's Carnival, Iceberg Long, and Batcave
Playable Characters: Catwoman, Robin and Nightwing
Skins: 1970s Batsuit, Year One Batman, The Dark Knight Returns, Earth One Batman, Batman Beyond Batman, Animated Batman, Sinestro Corps Batman, Long Halloween Catwoman, Animated Catwoman, Animated Robin, Red Robin and Animated Nightwing

The bottom section is just more detail on what those DLC packs are but this seems like a lot of DLC to me. Arkham Knight just seems to be going farther and I don't see why people care if there is a season pass versus needing to buy things individually.

I never got around to playing Arkham city, I own it, just never felt like playing through it. I did start a game once and tested out the 3d settings on my 3d tv when I got it for Christmas. That game uses it better than most I've tryed. 3d seems to work well in cutscenes, during gameplay it's not that interesting.
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News Comments > Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass Includes Batgirl Prequel
9. Re: Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass Includes Batgirl Prequel May 3, 2015, 22:50 Tumbler
It feels like someone is manipulating the press with this season pass news. It's not like we haven't seen a season pass this expensive or complicated. Bf and call of Duty do it every year. I don't see why anyone cares. It's like someone got IGN to write that article about how this season pass was absurd so people start talking about it and now they release this specific info and the real purpose is simply to get this info in front of as any eyes as possible. I'd certainly never read about what's in this pass otherwise. But here I am reading the details.

I'm feeling pretty skeptical about this game. The vibe I've gotten from press that's seen stuff seems like it's missing it's mark. Not a terrible game, just full if features that don't seem to thrill anyone.
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News Comments > Skyrim Free Weekend
7. Re: Skyrim Free Weekend Apr 24, 2015, 10:56 Tumbler
I think steam takes 75% of the mod sale, I wouldn't be surprised if this is split with Bethesda because it seems real shady to sell 3rd party content for Skyrim. It makes more sense that Bethesda and steam worked out an agreement.

And the only way I can see this becoming a good thing is if someone can vet the offerings. The for sale side should be hard to get your mod into and currently it sounds so easy you can download a free mod, change some info in the files and upload it as your own.

At this point valve should have to hand pick things and choose a price. Even then I'm not sure how this will make anything better. Are we going to see a rush of high quality mods because you can make real money...? It's possible... Doesn't seem likely... If they wanted to do this they should buy the rights to certain mods and then offer them as Dlc for purchase.

And mods typically use just a simple folder of assets so what happens when someone buys it then uploads that as free mod to compete?

This is a mess.
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News Comments > Star Wars Battlefront Date Announced
9. Re: Star Wars Battlefront Announced Apr 17, 2015, 18:08 Tumbler
No sp campaign is a big disappointment. Games that have tried to just ship a mp head to head game like this have ended up feeling hollow and lacking in content. TitanFall and evolve come to mind
The game could be very good but if they are going to deliver half a game for full price that is going to leave a lasting impression.

Also this footage is bullshit. It's great they can make a movie using the game engine but that isn't what they'll be selling. If it had a sp campaign this might be relevant but since it's just head to head matches playing the game won't be like that.

If they plan to keep everything off screen so it can look like that during game play then I'll shut up. But there is no I way.
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News Comments > Star Wars Battlefront November Release Revealed? Teaser Trailer
23. Re: Star Wars Battlefront November Release Revealed? Teaser Trailer Apr 17, 2015, 09:41 Tumbler
I hope it's good but I'm going to wait to get excited until after release. A long game play video might do something but I bet they'll hide it up to launch.

I predict they'll ship this game with a day one map pack. Pre-order and you get it, buy after launch and you have to pay. And within a month they'll release another map pack for more money. I wouldn't be surprised if the atat that seems to be a major part of their add campaign is only in these expansions.

I think my hunch that during bf4 they basically abandoned it as soon as they got the SW license is true and while this should be better than bf4 and hardline it's only going to be as good as it absolutely has to be to sell.

I am excited about the drama! I think we are sailing into a shit storm!
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News Comments > Saturday Crowdfunding Roundup
4. Re: Saturday Crowdfunding Roundup Apr 11, 2015, 13:23 Tumbler
Hard to be excited about the finished product. They barely hit their funding goal and that is only to make a mp version I think?

They'll prob deliver something, will be shocking if it's great. I considered throwing in $20 when that last video went up toward the end,but I think the lowest amount was $35 which I wouldn't pay that for the full sp/mp game if it was ready today. And I think they want to charge $50 at release?

($25 was for game at release, $35 was beta plus release, then it jumps to $80!? to be in alpha?)

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News Comments > etc., etc.
34. Re: etc., etc. Apr 1, 2015, 15:42 Tumbler
Sword and Sorcery is an odd choice for this discussion.

There are plenty of larger games that treat women the same as men are treated. Skyrim comes to mind...which is a fucking giant game in the Industry. I guess it's hard to criticize the industry if one of the top selling games already treats women equally in game...

Youtube video showing all the female armor in Skyrim.

I started Pillars of Eternity last night as well, woman also seem to be treated the same it that game. When picking your character they're all wearing armor very similar to the male characters and I can't see any noticeable difference in the animations. Heck the first person you start the game with is a female fighter who is fighting along side you.
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