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News Comments > Diablo III Starter Edition & Guest Pass Details
6. Re: Diablo III Starter Edition & Guest Pass Details May 14, 2012, 21:38 Tumbler
You can download the game if you haven't bought it yet from here:

]Download Links[/url]

Grumble Grumble, I have the worst luck with url tags.
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News Comments > Tomb Raider Reboot Delayed
6. Re: Tomb Raider Reboot Delayed May 14, 2012, 12:42 Tumbler
Seems like the foot print of the larger AAA titles this year is scaring away a lot of competition. I think we're going to see GTAV, AC3, BLOPS2, Warfighter, and maybe a large expansion for ME3 at some point before christmas?

Looks like word is getting out about what people will be showing at e3 and the smaller titles are running for cover. (the less competitive months in March of 2013)

Should be an interesting E3.
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News Comments > DOTA Trademark Settled
12. Re: DOTA Trademark Settled May 11, 2012, 18:33 Tumbler
Lol, that is hilarious. Ok you have all the rights to use the name commercially. But you can't make us stop using our dota mod! Haha we win fools, all you get is freedom to make games and sell them. Exclusively!!! Do you know how hard it is to make games? Haha you just got served! We win, we get to keep the mod!!  
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News Comments > Op Ed
11. Re: Op Ed May 11, 2012, 11:23 Tumbler
While the debates about piracy will continue, arguing that ninjas are as righteous as their pirate forebears becomes much more difficult.

LOL, I thought this was going to be an argument why cloud gaming is dangerous for the consumer because you're being spied on and your person info is being sold all the time.

But oh no! The article is explaining how playing the game outside of blizzards official server is so much worse than piracy ever was because creating those emulators are trade secrets and were never meant for you! You have no right to play this game on your own! You're worse than pirates ever were because you're stealing stuff that belongs to blizzard! Worse it's secret stuff so you're a NINJA!


This comment was edited on May 11, 2012, 11:45.
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News Comments > April Retail Game Sales Fall 42%
7. Re: April Retail Game Sales Fall 42% May 11, 2012, 11:09 Tumbler
I'm thinking LA Noire messed up the april monthly sales last year and this year they're back to normal.

Wouldn't surprise me if retail was hurting this bad but I think this is too good to be true. We've got several big releases this month and I think they'll get enough sales to make up for a lower April month in the end.
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News Comments > Tropico 4 Free Weekend; Sale
2. Re: Tropico 4 Free Weekend; Sale May 10, 2012, 22:48 Tumbler
I don't think this game likes the interface size being more than the default 100%. I have it set to 125 so it's easier to use on my TV and some very odd things are happening. Can't even start the game...hopefully setting it back to 100 will help.  
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News Comments > Evening Previews
1. Re: Evening Previews May 10, 2012, 22:39 Tumbler
Wait...Sins of a Dark Age?

...this is made by Ironclad, so they're spinning off the "Sins" title and making a fantasy combat game? Hmm, looking like the Sins Rebellion game is still being published by Stardock and the other Dark Age game is being published by someone called Infinity publishing?

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News Comments > BioShock Infinite Delayed
4. Re: BioShock Infinite Delayed May 9, 2012, 11:12 Tumbler
Hmm, this is very disappointing. Seems like they've been advertising this way to much if it's been so far away from completion.  
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News Comments > Op Ed
55. Re: Op Ed May 8, 2012, 15:47 Tumbler
Now everyone go give their money to the Space Quest devs DAMMIT!!!!

DONE!!!!! I find it difficult to stop myself from spending too much money on these projects. $15 is fine, but then I have to go look, what if I spend $30? Oh I don't really need that...what if I spend $50! Hmm I don't really need this...but why do I WANT to spend so much more!!!
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News Comments > Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative Released
1. Re: Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative Released May 8, 2012, 15:17 Tumbler
Portal 2 is $6.79 on sale today!?

Holy Shit Valve. Just holy shit.
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News Comments > Op Ed
43. Re: Op Ed May 8, 2012, 14:47 Tumbler
Here's the test for a bubble:
1) Are people spending lots of money?
2) Is the money being spent someone foolishly, without much due diligence or regard for how reasonable the promised returns are?
3) If the promises don't come true, will people become much stingier?

Again, two sides of the coin.

For Kickstarter stuff:
1) No.
2) No.
3) Maybe.

For AAA $60 stuff:
1) Yes.
2) Yes.
3) Yes.

I don't know how many kickstarter projects have fan boys but a lot of the companies that make AAA games do and I'm pretty sure those guys don't do a lot of due diligence before they run in screaming, "TAKE MY MONEY!"
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News Comments > Op Ed
31. Re: Op Ed May 8, 2012, 14:24 Tumbler
Too much stupid shit that has no chance of ever coming to fruition or living up to promises keeps getting kickstarted made by big publishers.

Two sides of a coin I guess, your comments seem to paint the gaming industry perfectly and I see Kickstarter as the complete opposite. A lot of stuff that the gaming industry seems to salivate over gets passed over or barely makes it on kickstarter, FPS's, and the ideas and games that the industry scoffs at, Wasteland 2, Double Fine Adventure game, gets a tidal wave of support.
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News Comments > Op Ed
27. Re: Op Ed May 8, 2012, 14:17 Tumbler
nin wrote on May 8, 2012, 14:04:
I'll kick in $50 towards the EA takeover kickstarter! $100 if I get to fire everyone at bioware!

Not EVERYONE. Some of their writers are actually really, really good. Just fire Walters, Hudson, Laidlaw and Gaider.

I'm in for $100.


Take. My. Money. I'd throw in extra if they'd hosted an awards style event where they went through every employee and told of their exploits in their more recent games, then handed them a pink slip when they come on stage.

That'd be the fucking oscars of Gaming.

And here we have Sally Someone, she is the marketing director of Bioware and was a key figure in adding the Jessica Chobot character to the game. Please come forward to accept your pink slip. You're Fired, we're all so grateful that we could be here tonight and fire you in person.
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News Comments > Op Ed
17. Re: Op Ed May 8, 2012, 13:50 Tumbler
I don't think Kickstarter is a Bubble. Kickstarter is the "App Store" of game development.

There was an article that talked about the failure rate of App developers. I think 60% of app makers fail to turn a profit. (ie Succeed)

Well if 40% are succeeding there is only one thing that matters here. Are 40% of people going into the gaming industry to start careers succeeding?

I don't think they are. I think the publishers are positioned only to exploit that work force rather than see studios come up and succeed. I think we'll see more and more people at these larger companies ask themselves, "Why am I not building my own games? Why am I working for people that are going to fire me if I don't work 60 hours a week for pennies? I can make the same pennies making my own game and not deal with these assholes."

I'm a lot more interested in the games I'm seeing on Kickstarter than I am in the upcoming new releases from the AAA gaming industry. I think that says it all about where we're headed. Ac3, Blops2, dead space 3, Max Payne 3, Sequel, sequel, sequel. Enough of this shit. Who fucking needs the same god damn games over and over again. Am I the only one who feels like the whole thing is falling apart? I can't think of any games I'm dying to play as I was in the past. Mass Effect 3 fucking blew me out of the water. Maybe swtor had a lot to do with it as well. I had pre-orders in for Borderlands 2 and was planning on buying Bioshock Infinite 2. Now? Fuck them both. And they canceled Prey 2?! I'm not buying anymore of these games unless their on clearance for $10 or less. I just see all these companies trying to steal my money. Buy our new games, you'll love it! (You won't, but we'll have your money!)

I'll keep spending money on kickstarter as long as the ideas and games look better there than they do from the "big guys". Bubble my ass, the gaming industry is headed straight for a wall and it's going to be a grisly scene when they hit.
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News Comments > New Dead Space & Need for Speed Within a Year
3. Re: New Dead Space & Need for Speed Within a Year May 7, 2012, 23:48 Tumbler
I wouldn't mind playing more dead space. I hope they have a lot of new ideas though because Dead Space 2 was feeling tired by the end. The story also seemed to be getting kind of stupid. In the first you discover this crazy artifact and the story is all about figuring out more about this artifact. Then in the 2nd one they apparently have learned how to make these artifacts that no one understood in the first? And it's way bigger...why is it bigger? Oh and now there are dozens of them at the end? I thought this was some crazy special artifact and now you're making them by the dozen?

Ugh you're going to Mass Effect 3 this aren't you? Ah fuck, I know the answer.
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News Comments > Diablo III Interview
67. Re: Diablo III Interview May 7, 2012, 17:53 Tumbler
Some of the "What the?!?!" moments for me playing the open beta weekend were:

Health Potion Cool-down... wtf?

The health potion cool-down stuff was the most memorable moment of that weekend for me. That treasure hunting elf or whatever he is showed up and instead of letting him run off I tried chasing him to see how much he'd drop. Well that little bastard ran through every mob he could find and before long I had a circus of death following me and that is when I learned that I couldn't use health potions without a cool down. So I started running away and then I only pulled more mobs, more and more mobs, there was an army chasing me and everywhere I ran I just kept getting more guys! I'd get a bit away and fire a few attacks, somehow I stayed alive long enough to use a health potion but no matter how far I ran I just kept pulling more and more guys and they wouldn't give up.

So I started heading to town in hopes that this would all reset and I made it only to realize these guys don't give a FUCK about towns. They came charging after me anyway and I had guards helping here at least and they were channeled into narrow areas where it was easier to defend but I had to back track through the whole town before I killed the last guy. Walking back through the town was like walking on a trail of bodies. There were dead guys everywhere, I must have killed 100 enemies in the town streets.

That was a lot of fun. Try running through the map and see how many enemies you can pull. I'm guessing later enemies will have snare traps and stuff that slows you down so I'm guessing this won't work all the time.
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News Comments > Risen 2 DLC Already on Disc?
5. Re: Risen 2 DLC Already on Disc? May 6, 2012, 13:36 Tumbler
DLC has always been about a strategy to sell the content you make in a normal dev cycle in waves so you get $60 for the release then a trail over time.

The studios making content after release the way consumers think of DLC are an anomoly. (or a lie, or a marketing trick) It's all ready to go on disc and the desire to make a profit is getting to the point where they don't even make enough content to fill the disc for the $60 release and might as well ship the game with all the dlc from the start because I'm sure MS charges more to download large content packs than those 100kb keys.

It's a race to the bottom.

The big publishers are all about getting the least expensive game possible (as in we paid the devs peanuts!!!) and then have something to sell for as much money as possible. (as in they get this, this and this for $60, then this and this are DLC and cost $5 extra) In the past all this content was simply one item for $60. Now it's multiple items that cost more than $60 and it's shorter, built by people who will work for peanuts, and the company is likely already shopping the sequel around to guys that will work for less on the next version.

It's a race to the bottom.
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News Comments > Mass Effect 3 Connection Issues
1. Re: Mass Effect 3 Connection Issues May 3, 2012, 20:30 Tumbler
Ooo, you look like a pirate, we can't let you play.
I'm not a pirate, I'm using origin too. Why do you think I'm a pirate?
Let's see your online pass sir.
My what?

Take em away boys!
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News Comments > Company of Heroes 2 Revealed?
12. Re: Company of Heroes 2 Revealed? May 3, 2012, 15:47 Tumbler
After DoW2, the expansions, Company of Heroes Online and then Space Marine I'm not feeling good about the next game from Relic. And I suppose that weird mini game is something too. All that weird dlc for those leader characters...can't even remember what they called it.

I'm expecting this to be some weird hybrid between space marine and CoH. The scanned mag images definitely seem to suggest they're going to extreme detail up close which looks like a FPS/3PS at times.
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News Comments > Max Payne 3 MP DLC Plans
26. Re: Max Payne 3 MP DLC Plans May 2, 2012, 17:48 Tumbler
Bastion is $6 on Steam today. Never played that so I guess I know what I'll be playing next week instead of this! (Max Payne)

A-10 from DCS is also $13. Flight Training has never been so cheap! Good luck finding a real A-10 to fly but dammit if you won't be ready to go when you do!
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