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News Comments > Bankrupt ASCARON Still has Sacred 2 & 3 Plans
7. Re: Bankrupt ASCARON Still has Sacred 2 & 3 Plans Apr 19, 2009, 18:26 Bucky
Sad news, I own Sacred 1 & 2 and have enjoyed both immensely. Though I've never had any problem with Sacred 2 activations (Steam version) and I know I've activated it at least 4 times now.  
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News Comments > Demigod Piracy Follow-up
63. Re: Demigod Piracy Follow-up Apr 19, 2009, 02:29 Bucky
Z9000 wins the Post of the Year award from me. Rather than try to match the eloquence, I'll simply say that I support that post 100%.  
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News Comments > Demigod Piracy Follow-up
34. Re: Demigod Piracy Follow-up Apr 18, 2009, 01:07 Bucky
Does the game have spectating of multiplayer games in it?

I don't believe so. It wouldn't be very interesting anyway unless they added methods to view skill usage, equipment, upgrades, etc. Though seeing a Rook drop the hammer on some poor dude who just got stunned is always fun to watch....even if you're on the receiving end.
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News Comments > Demigod Piracy Follow-up
32. Re: Demigod Piracy Follow-up Apr 18, 2009, 00:59 Bucky
I'm gonna skip the normal arguments that have been beaten to death in the last two threads. I could comment on them, but everything I want to say has been--several times over.

What I am going to say is that I pre-ordered Demigod. Been playing since Monday night and love every minute of it. Connection issues mostly disappeared for me around 8:30 EST Thursday when the new server setup went live. I've played a few more games, and I keep finding more layers of depth each time I play. It's a blast. I should also point out that Stardocks network code to handle routers and firewalls works flawlessly for me--I can host without having to touch any settings in either Norton Internet Security 2009 or my D-Link DIR-655 router.


I think the item system is too simple, and I wondered about something: One thing that was really cool in DOTA was combining certain items to get better items, can you do that in this game?

Not that I'm aware of. You can, however, have more than one item of the same type. For example, two breastplates that give different bonuses. You get 5 slots for gear (it doesn't show on the character) and 4 slots for consumables/usable items (potions, wands, teleports, etc).

I think the item system is a bit simple by necessity, because there's usually a tough balancing act being played on where to spend the gold. IIRC there are also unique items depending on if you play as an Assassin or General Demigod.

This comment was edited on Apr 18, 2009, 01:01.
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News Comments > Demigod & Piracy
83. Re: Demigod & Piracy Apr 17, 2009, 18:15 Bucky
Serving up patches to users before checking to see if they're legit customers or not requires some sort of magical powers to see the problem with this idea?

Except that was not the case. The pirate copies only attempted to connect to the server to do a version and activation check, nothing was actually sent out to them. Meanwhile, legit copies have had the address they are pointed to changed so that they are essentially operating on a different server group now.

There are some issues right now on the multiplayer side, the one I've seen is skirmish matches/pantheon tend to get set up as 2v2 on Crucible, but this is known and will likely quickly be resolved. It's just a bit annoying, since I think the multi really starts to shine at 3v3+.
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News Comments > Demigod Patched
44. Re: is there a link to download Apr 16, 2009, 20:38 Bucky
Pretty sure you're wrong. Pirates are able to play via Hamachi, which basically does LAN over IP.

Maybe so. I remember seeing it somewhere amidst the chaos on release day. I'll have to find a new way to taunt the pirates.
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News Comments > Demigod Patched
42. Re: is there a link to download Apr 16, 2009, 19:50 Bucky
Is the patch downloadable via normal web.

Part of Stardock's DRM scheme is that patches and updates can only be obtained via Impulse, and games purchased through Impulse are linked to your account. This would suck for pirates, since LAN play wasn't enabled until the day 0 patch iirc.

I plan on trying out the new patch tonight since I think I've settled on an initial play style. Here's to hoping I don't lose so badly the second time.

Edit: Blast, servers are down while they double capacity.
This comment was edited on Apr 16, 2009, 19:59.
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News Comments > Demigod Day 0 Report
38. Re: Demigod Day 0 Report Apr 15, 2009, 21:33 Bucky
The mark of a good game, IMHO. TF2, Battlefield '42, Civ IV, etc. are, for me at least, extremely fun even if you lose, provided you weren't utterly steamrolled and teabagged by the opposing team.

Oh, it was about as lopsided a match as I've ever been in. I still managed to eek out a couple of match awards (damage dealt was one of 'em). More importantly, I learned a lot about the strategy of the game.

Alright Bucky, tell me why I should buy this game. I'm close to pulling the trigger here...

That's a hard request to fulfill. I still can't believe I like this game as much as I do--and yet the counter in Impulse tells me I've fired up the game 18 times since Monday night. The hard part is that there are very few games out there like it; this is the first game of it's type that I've ever played. I think Demigod is going to be hit-or-miss with a lot of people. Anyway, here goes:

Why to buy A.K.A. Why I Like The Game:
  • Stardock is the publisher. This means the phenomenal community interaction, good DRM methods (with no copy protection) and stellar post-release support are all part of the package. This is the reason I pre-ordered without really knowing anything about the game.

  • I lose track of time when I play. This is my traditional top mark for games. If I look up and realize it's 3 AM, it's a damn good game.

  • I enjoyed losing. I can't even play free poker without getting bent out of shape if I lose.

  • I feel like the game has depth. 1v1 provides lots of interesting strategy. Now imagine 5v5. I've been playing a lot of skirmish against the AI in order to get familiar with the Demigods.

  • Strategy. Working as a team with other Demigods to complement each other, balancing your gold spending among equipment, consumables, citadel upgrades and reinforcement upgrades. Leveling your Demigod along an effective path. There are lots of points to consider and not a lot of time to do it.

  • It's fun. I suck at reviewing games or even talking about the game mechanics, so that's probably the best reason I can give. I really enjoy this game.

  • Stardock.

  • In the end, you've got to decide if Demigod is a style of game you'll like. It's got an even blend of strategy and tactics, has a moderate learning curve and is focused on multiplayer (which, I should note, is P2P based). I do not believe patches or balance updates will be lacking in any way and the community seems to already have a very solid foundation thanks to the beta testers. You can always wait for a demo, but me, I'm gonna spend my weekend losing badly, learning the game, and enjoying every minute of it.
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    News Comments > Demigod Day 0 Report
    33. Re: Demigod Day 0 Report Apr 15, 2009, 20:01 Bucky
    Just finished my first multiplayer game. There are definitely some issues around how the game connects and connection information (my ping didn't even display it was so high). With that said, the game was still relatively smooth.

    The funny part is, normally I hate losing. It was pretty obvious after about 5 minutes that my team (it was 2v2) was going to get thrashed, and we did. Still, I had fun for the entire 35 minute Domination match.
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    News Comments > Demigod Day 0 Report
    25. Re: Demigod Day 0 Report Apr 15, 2009, 16:38 Bucky
    It's great to see these guys being so responsive. And the time lines they are talking about are straight out of my dreams. He's talking about rolling out changes "later this week" !? Relic's response to DoW2 issues was comical compared to this. Hell EVERYONE's response to game issues is comical compared to this. The devs are responding immediately (on the first official day of the game's availability?) and and giving ETA's within a few DAYS.

    Why are they getting a pass!? Are you kidding? If these devs don't deserve a pass... (they come in early to launch the game, respond the same day the game is launched to problems they are working on, and plan to have these issues fixed in a few days) WHO DOES!?


    So far I've only been playing skirmish against the AI in order to get a feel for the game, and figure out my play style. I think there's more depth to the game than it seems at first glance. I've found myself choosing my path through the skill tree based on my opponents, I really don't believe there will be any given uber setup.

    The best praise that I can give this game is that I keep losing track of time. I haven't been to bed at a normal hour in the last two days. The last time I could say that about a game was, interestingly enough, when I bought GalCiv2.
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    News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Demigod
    21. Re: Ships Ahoy - Demigod Apr 14, 2009, 19:36 Bucky
    Day 0 Update:

    Edit: Found out how to copy links outa Impulse. Removed huge list that lacked formatting.

    This comment was edited on Apr 14, 2009, 19:37.
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    News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Demigod
    17. Re: Ships Ahoy - Demigod Apr 14, 2009, 17:15 Bucky
    1)Potion chugging is not a problem, you can't do anything while chugging one and it can be interupted via any of the short stuns that most of the heroes have access to.

    Not to mention potions come at a decent cost. If an enemy Demigod is loading up on potions he's skimping somewhere else, usually on base and minion upgrades.

    2)Matching making *is* having a bit of a problem, but its much improved from yesterday even this morning and they are aware of some issues that have cropped up and seem to be fixing them.

    They didn't have the servers up before today; so people who got the game early were actually overloading the beta servers. Stardock actually pulled their employees in on Monday (which they were supposed to have off) to get the servers up earlier to cope with the load.

    Brad has also stated that they plan on getting one or two patches out the door in the next couple of weeks to address any bugs or balance issues that pop up. This is in addition to the Day 0 patch that they put out based on testing after the game had gone gold.
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    News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Demigod
    14. Re: Ships Ahoy - Demigod Apr 14, 2009, 16:52 Bucky
    I had a blast playing this yesterday, since Stardock released the digital download early to pre-order and beta people. I haven't played enough yet to give any sort of fair impression (only skirmish against the AI last night) but I will say that it made me lose track of several hours.  
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    News Comments > Guild Wars Birthday Events
    5. Re: Guild Wars Birthday Events Apr 11, 2009, 22:34 Bucky
    I remember there were some missions in the game (original, before expansions) that were impossible without a human party because the henchmen were woefully underpowered for the mission.

    Thunderhead Keep! Four years later and I still have the occasional nightmare about that mission. It was also one of the very few missions I never got the bonus on.

    I had a blast with Guild Wars and played regularly for a couple of years (right around 1000 hours IIRC). To date it's the only MMO-ish game I've ever gotten into.
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    News Comments > Gold - Demigod
    13. Re: Gold - Demigod Apr 6, 2009, 17:18 Bucky
    We'd all love to try it out except they are afraid to let us and won't give us a demo. No open beta and straight to retail?

    Right on the Demigod homepage is a listing for a demo, even if the date is TBD. It would seem that they are planning one, so simply wait and see. As for the open beta comment--that's precisely what Stardock hates. An 'open beta' is nothing more than a demo of the game prior to gold status. I think they're better served by releasing a demo based on the shipped code, but that's open to opinion.
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    News Comments > Gold - Demigod
    9. Re: Gold - Demigod Apr 6, 2009, 16:30 Bucky
    From what I've seen in the forums, beta testers like it. This is saying far more than it would about other games in beta, because Stardock actually uses their beta's to test the game instead of as a 'demo'.

    GalCiv2 + expansions are the first games I install on any system. Sins of a Solar Empire was what I expected and worth the money. My interest in this game has been high, so I'll probably end up pre-ordering tonight. Stardock hasn't let me down yet.
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    News Comments > New ATI Drivers
    5. Re: New ATI Drivers Mar 18, 2009, 16:02 Bucky
    I'm so glad I bought my ATI 4870 (my first ATI since 1994). OpenGL performance is great ever since the Aug 2008 drivers and DX performance is good too.

    My 4870 was sitting on the steps for me when I got home--about 5 minutes ago. Now to build the new rig. This'll be my first ATI card since my 9800 Pro 256, which was a phenomenal card.

    Edit: The AMD website hates me, it keeps choking on Firefox and spitting out invaled referrer messages. Gotta be how I have FF set up...

    This comment was edited on Mar 18, 2009, 16:06.
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    News Comments > Out of the Blue
    16. Re: Out of the Blue Mar 18, 2009, 16:00 Bucky
    Have you guys seen Logitech's G15 Gaming Keyboard?! It has a freaking LCD screen that can be setup to display the current time on a song, your CPU's temperature, or any number of possibilities!

    Couple it with Everest and you can display just about any system information you can think of. Very handy for overclocking.

    Edit(2): Well that was odd, my edit ended up in the wrong post.

    This comment was edited on Mar 18, 2009, 16:05.
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    News Comments > Out of the Blue
    7. Re: Out of the Blue Mar 18, 2009, 06:10 Bucky
    I actually downgraded from the G9 back to the 2-button G5. The G9 is a phenomenal mouse, but the way the outer shells forced me to grip the mouse started to cause some serious discomfort after even moderate length gaming sessions. I had high hopes that Logitech would eventually release shells of different shapes (I was one of the first adopters of the G9) but since release all they've done is offer a single stock shell with a customizable logo.

    With that said, maybe I'll dig it out and try again since it seems to have helped the Quake Live experience so much. That's right after all the parts arrive today for my new Core i7 rig.
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    News Comments > Impulse's Million Man March
    8. Re: Impulse's Million Man March Mar 17, 2009, 16:22 Bucky
    How about they just dump Impulse and go back to SDC?

    Impulse is soooooo fugly and cheap looking...

    Oh god no. Impulse is, by far, better than SDC. I can remember having to regularly clear out log files and change servers just to get SDC to see the latest GCII beta releases. Not to mention the crashes, hard locks, and corrupt downloads.

    I'll let the cheap looking part slide since that's a matter of justifiable opinion, but fugly? Compared to what, Steam? Now there's a true example of Fugly*.

    I think the most promising part is that Stardock has been making significant strides forward on Impulse, and I have no doubt they will continue to do so. It should be fun to play with the new stuff right along side Demigod.

    *I have no real problem with Steam, or Impulse. In fact, I think both are about equal.

    This comment was edited on Mar 17, 2009, 16:23.
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