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PC Gaming > Blues News Top 3 PC Games of All Time
19. No subject Oct 31, 2010, 15:06 Bucky
Bucky wrote on Jul 24, 2010, 12:25:
1. Half-Life
2. Command & Conquer
3. Guild Wars

The first two were easy, the third could be filled by a number of games. I decided on Guild Wars simply because of the sheer amount of time I put into that game, along with the fact that any mention of Guild Wars 2 makes me giddy.

I need to ammend my list:

1. Half-Life
2. Command & Conquer
3. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

KotOR is the game that introduced me to the entire RPG genre, and is definitely my #3.
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News Comments > On Sale
3. Re: On Sale Oct 29, 2010, 05:14 Bucky
I hadn't noticed Nation Red before now, but I might have to pick it up. I haven't played a game like it since Crimsonland.  
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News Comments > Quote of the Day
1. Re: Quote of the Day Oct 26, 2010, 20:27 Bucky
Blue, please stop quoting this guy.  
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News Comments > Civilization V Free & Paid DLC Released
2. Re: Civilization V Free & Paid DLC Released Oct 25, 2010, 18:44 Bucky
$5 for a civilization seems a bit steep to me. $2.50 sure, maybe even up to ~$4 if they included a map.  
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News Comments > Call of Duty: Black Ops Steamworks
38. Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops Steamworks Oct 22, 2010, 23:11 Bucky
Elessar wrote on Oct 22, 2010, 22:37:
As an avid PC gamer, this doesn't bother me one bit. As long as there are a few servers I can return to and there is a community I'm happy. Matchmaking and p2p hosting felt so disconnected and fake.

Also, I love that ranked is maxed at 9v9. Less spam, spawn kills and allows for more strategic movement.

I'm of the same opinion. While I'd prefer true dedicated servers (or at least several hosting companies) I'm not too bothered by it. Heck, I've have trouble finding servers I like for TF2; more isn't always better.

IF 9v9 ranked is true, that's great news. I've been irritated by the constant increase in player counts for multi over the years. I've always preferred smaller, more tactical matches. Of course, the lack of proper mutliplayer has helped pull max player counts down, but that wasn't how I'd hoped it would happen.

And so begins, yet again, my love/hate relationship with the CoD series.
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News Comments > On Sale
2. Re: On Sale Oct 22, 2010, 23:04 Bucky
Nameless Again wrote on Oct 22, 2010, 22:18:
Still on the fence about Batman: Arkham Asylum. I do want to play it, but it keeps dropping in price. I figure it'll be $7.99 by the time the Christmas sale hits. Thoughts?

It's a phenomenal game that, in my opinion, is well worth $40. For $14 you should already be playing it.
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News Comments > Sid Meier's Civilization V DLC Next Week
5. Re: Sid Meier's Civilization V DLC Next Week Oct 18, 2010, 15:57 Bucky
Tumbler wrote on Oct 18, 2010, 14:32:
I get a free DLC with my D2D purchase for this so it will be interesting to see what all that will end up being, maybe I'll get just the mongols free, like everyone else, or maybe I'll get the mongols and babs free.

I purchased from D2D as well, for the free DLC. The thing is, I picked up the Digital Deluxe Edition, so I've already got Babylon and I should be getting the Mongols for free. I wonder what my free DLC will end up going toward.
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News Comments > Evening Mobilization
1. Re: Evening Mobilization Oct 15, 2010, 20:50 Bucky
If you have an Android phone, you need to download Angry Birds now. It's ad-supported with no option (that I can see) to purchase and remove the ads. It's a high-quality game that's way too addicting; I've already killed my battery once today thanks to it.  
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News Comments > Civilization V Patch Plans
12. Re: Civilization V Patch Plans Oct 13, 2010, 20:37 Bucky
I was just about to start my first game on a large map, now I may hold off until the patch hits.

I've encountered most of these bugs, so it's all welcome changes. The puppet-state production bug was an annoying one, though the easy workaround was to simply force the turn to end (shift-enter) until the puppet state was out of revolt, at which time it would start producing something on it's own. Alternately you could just annex is the city, but it's hard to figure out which one is the cause of the bug when you've just had 10 surrendered to you.
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News Comments > Medal of Honor Midnight Madness
8. Re: Medal of Honor Midnight Madness Oct 4, 2010, 19:21 Bucky
zirik wrote on Oct 4, 2010, 19:07:
should i wear a taliban costume if i go to this MM?

As long as you don't use the word Taliban, you should be fine.
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News Comments > Civilization V Patched
4. Re: Civilization V Patch Sep 27, 2010, 21:06 Bucky
It's the first Civilization game that's really sucked me in. I could never get into earlier versions, mostly because unit stacking drove me nutty.

I can't give a detailed breakdown of what works and what doesn't yet, since I'm only on my second game and playing on an easier setting to help me learn the game. I'm having fun though, and losing track of hours at a time.
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News Comments > Steam Top 10
1. Re: Steam Top 10 Sep 26, 2010, 14:12 Bucky
Civ V deserves to be up there. I've always been a fan of the Civ games, but some of the mechanics have always bothered me. The addition of hex tiles, eliminating the stacks of doom, and a cleaned up UI have made this the first Civilization game that has hopelessly captured me.

I'm thinking about my next moves even when I'm not playing. That can't be a good sign.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
8. Re: Out of the Blue Sep 24, 2010, 14:39 Bucky
Cutter wrote on Sep 24, 2010, 14:25:
Green Party Senate candidate fatally struck by SUV while biking.

Now, while I feel sorry for the girl and her friends and family, you do have to smile at the irony involved here. And what was I just saying the other day about when your number is up it's up no matter what you do. Stories like this almost make me believe in a god, or at least the fates - and that those sumbitches have a wicked sense of humour. Green Party candidate killed by a gas guzzling Escalade while biking? Come on!

I do a fair amount of cycling, heck, I just came back from a nice 50 mile afternoon trip. While I feel sorry for her, riding an hour before sunrise, on a bloody 4-lane divided highway, is practically suicidal. I avoid cramped 2-lane highways and wouldn't dream of going near a 4 lane highway in daylight, let alone in the dark.
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News Comments > Elemental Status Report
10. Re: Elemental Status Report Sep 22, 2010, 15:58 Bucky
Grounded wrote on Sep 22, 2010, 13:08:
Good to hear, I have CIV 5 now so I dont care

Sadly, that's essentially my position as well. I had originally planned to pick up Elemental, then grab Civ V later on during a sale. With all the bad reviews and press Elemental got, I skipped it and picked up Civ V DDE from D2D (meaning I'll get the first DLC free).
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News Comments > Civilization V Walkthrough Trailer
4. Re: Civilization V Walkthrough Trailer Sep 16, 2010, 18:23 Bucky
Crap, I shouldn't have watched this. Now I'm staring at the game page on Steam and trying to find a reason not to buy it.  
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News Comments > Swarm Gameplay Trailer
2. Re: Swarm Gameplay Trailer Sep 6, 2010, 20:22 Bucky
Yeah, I'm looking forward to this.  
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News Comments > Stardock Layoffs: Elemental Faulted
30. Re: Stardock Layoffs: Elemental Faulted Sep 4, 2010, 23:09 Bucky
Stanly Manly wrote on Sep 4, 2010, 22:48:
I have been casually following this game's development, and was looking forward to release.

Can someone fill me in on what exactly went so wrong with the game?

I haven't been following the story too closely, and I don't own the game, but here's what it seems like to me:

  • They built a new game engine, which has a lot of teething issues. Stability seems to be the primary concern right now

  • The UI is a horrible mess. This is generally agreed upon.

  • The game is a patchwork of individual components, instead of a game with an over-arching theme and approach.

  • I'd swear I read a post where Brad listed all the problems (as he defined them) but I can't seem to find it. The closest I can get is this: Labor Day Update.

    Keep in mind the Brad goes by the forum name FrogBoy.

    Edit: Fixed tags.
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    News Comments > Swarm Announced
    3. Re: Swarm Announced Sep 4, 2010, 08:51 Bucky
    Swarm actually looks like fun. I'm going to have to keep my eye on this.  
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    News Comments > Analyst: Mafia II "Unlikely to Achieve Profitability"
    6. Re: Analyst: Mafia II Aug 30, 2010, 21:05 Bucky
    Isn't this the guy that we already decided was an idiot? I'll admit though, I tend to label most 'analysts' that way.  
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    News Comments > Team 17 Goes Digital-Only
    8. Re: Team 17 Goes Digital-Only Aug 30, 2010, 17:31 Bucky
    theyarecomingforyou wrote on Aug 30, 2010, 17:21:
    Digital isn't about cutting costs but offering the customer more flexibility. Games can be redownloaded without limit, whereas game discs scratch, break and go missing. Sales aren't stock limited and are widely promoted, as opposed to being "luck of the draw" like with retail stores. Additional features like friends networks, auto-updating, DLC and in-game internet browsers and the such take things further. And that's without the obvious ease - no need to walk to your local store... it's instant.

    Also, while a single day comparison may not show digital titles selling for much less (if at all) I've personally gotten a lot more for my money thanks to the heavily promoted sales.
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