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News Comments > Op Ed
10. Re: Op Ed Apr 7, 2011, 00:06 HIGH_PING
I received a $20 gamestop gift card many years ago. I still have it and have yet to use it because the prices at Gamestop for PC games are way too high. Even old games are almost retail price there.  
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News Comments > Steam User Loses Almost $1800 in Games Due to Ban [Updated]
28. Re: Steam User Loses Almost $1800 in Games Due to Ban [Updated] Mar 14, 2011, 21:10 HIGH_PING
HOW DARE YOU TRY TO SELL SOMETHING WHICH YOU BOUGHT AND OWN! Don't you realize that poor valve is struggling to survive due to such massive competition from the second hand market?

::sarcasm mode off::

Seriously, a license agreement is yet another way that greedy companies try to exploit the public. Shame on you, Valve.

And to the people who parrot the "Vote with your dollars": Yes, go ahead and try to vote with your dollars. Take a look at almost every software EULA and you'll see that the publisher/developer says the buyer isn't allowed to resell. So forget about playing any games. You can also forget about using almost any other software for that matter.

And what if you don't like the fact that companies are outsourcing all their production to China? Do we simply keep quiet and vote with our dollars in regards to that as well? If so, then we would be clothless; shoeless; void of any electronics of any kind including computers, tvs, stereos, phones, cameras; no more appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, microwaves, etc; we wouldn't own almost anything made out of plastic; no more cookware and silverware thus forcing us to eat with our hands; no cars (many parts to "American" cars are made overseas).
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
5. Re: Out of the Blue Jul 4, 2010, 18:34 HIGH_PING
"What does this meaaaaaaan?!
oh my god
its sooo bright!
oh my god its so bright and vivid!"

Pure comedy gold. Each time I watch, it gets funnier.
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News Comments > RAGE Next Year
28. Re: RAGE Next Year May 4, 2010, 17:49 HIGH_PING
7 years. They haven't even reached alpha. No wonder why id still has such a terrible employee turnover rate. Trent Reznor said after he quit working on Doom 3: "Bad management".

And don't forget that Rage is just another FPS. They are competing with almost every other studio right now. I'm not implying that they are going to be short on cash. They have plenty of that since being bought by zenimax. However, zeni wont be happy if Rage gets released and doesn't sell because of teenage male gamers (the FPS marketbase) who, for Christmas/birthdays, ask their parents for pre-established brands which they are familiar with (COD/Crysis/L4D).
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News Comments > Crytek's Demo Doubts
15. Re: Crytek's Demo Doubts Apr 17, 2010, 14:36 HIGH_PING
I have a strict "no demo, no purchase" policy. Too much garbage out there.  
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News Comments > Bulletstorm Announced
9. Re: Bulletstorm Announced Apr 12, 2010, 14:04 HIGH_PING
Another first person shooter for testosterone-filled male teenagers.  
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News Comments > Over 25 Million Modern Warfare 2 Virtual Soldiers
11. Re: Over 25 Millions Modern Warfare 2 Virtual Soldiers Mar 9, 2010, 03:40 HIGH_PING
After having played FPS games since Doom (which I loved, of course), I am absolutely sick of them. I simply don't care anymore about shooting people/space aliens. I think I must have killed millions of them. No sensory stimulation whatsoever. It feels like work after doing it over and over and over for so many years.

Whats left of the other genres of games are the same as well. If you have played the original C&C or Civilization, you have played every strategy game since. "Mine resources and feed yourself on your own you stupid ai bot!" I want to build cities and whatnot. Not micromanage them. Silly micromanagement = tedious work.

I recently finished Bioshock 1, and hated it. The developers ruined what would have been a game with a somewhat decent story with actual characters(!) by making it an old and busted, mindless, violent shooter.

Havent played MW2.
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News Comments > Escape from Enemy Mountain DOOM 3 Mod
3. Re: Escape from Enemy Mountain DOOM 3 Mod Feb 27, 2010, 23:14 HIGH_PING
The UK'ers spell civilization with an s. It's just how they do it. Not a typo, but a lack of strict spelling standards between two parts of the world.  
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News Comments > Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Patch Plans
1. Re: Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Patch Plans Oct 14, 2009, 13:05 HIGH_PING
Where's the demo?! I also want the promised wolfenstein demo and the chronicles of riddick dark athena demo!

I'm watching you, game developers.

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News Comments > Metaverse
2. Re: Metaverse Sep 4, 2009, 11:09 HIGH_PING
A few years ago my ISP (ATT) RAISED their prices. I've had the same speed connection since 2000 and the prices go up >:(

When capitalism fails.
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News Comments > PC Modern Warfare 2 $60? [Updated]
6. Re: PC Modern Warfare 2 $60? Aug 18, 2009, 10:11 HIGH_PING
I've never rented a video game since the Super Nintendo era, but the price of this game compels me to start again. Suck it down, Activision.

(still waiting for COD4 to go down to the bargin bin. Maybe I'll rent that one too.)

This comment was edited on Aug 18, 2009, 10:12.
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News Comments > ARMA II Demo
47. Re: ARMA II Demo Jun 26, 2009, 19:33 HIGH_PING
I've got so many graphics problems with this demo. Many textures missing and replaced by an all white texture, constant flickering, the character models as well as their textures keep going back and forth between a high LOD and an extremely low LOD. It is unplayable.  
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News Comments > ZeniMax Buys id Software
15. Re: ZeniMax Buys id Software! Jun 24, 2009, 13:14 HIGH_PING
I wonder if it was more than $105 million. That was the amount activision offered them in 2005.  
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News Comments > Delta Force: Xtreme 2 Demo - Updated
11. Re: Delta Force: Xtreme 2 Demo May 22, 2009, 15:39 HIGH_PING
Is the map in the demo the same one as in the beta?  
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News Comments > Goodbye from 3D Realms
9. Re: Goodbye from 3D Realms May 9, 2009, 11:41 HIGH_PING
Daikatana was made by Ion Storm, not 3d Realms. At least Daikatana was actually released, made money, and developed in only 3 years, not 13. Hell, 3 years is actually a short amount of time compared to today's games. I can't imagine wasting 17% of my life (assuming one lives to ~75) on something that will never come to fruition.  
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News Comments > Op Ed
2. Re: Op Ed Apr 27, 2009, 11:24 HIGH_PING
All one needs is a website plus an opinion and suddenly your a pro journalist or industry specialist. I don't know why this passes for news when it's forum quality material.

Top-10 lists also fall under the same guideline. Top 10 according to who? The author of the article? 10 million people in a meticulously done poll?
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News Comments > Assault on Dark Athena Patch
5. Re: Assault on Dark Athena Patch Apr 15, 2009, 17:47 HIGH_PING
Where is the pc demo?  
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News Comments > id Software Interview
6. Re: id Software Interview Mar 10, 2009, 01:13 HIGH_PING
No, Hollenshead said it WOULD be released this year. Blue misheard or misinterpreted what he said.

"But we're probably looking at this for next year, right? Not this year?"
TH: "Uhhhh, no we'll be out this year."
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News Comments > PCGA on Piracy's Benefits
29. Re: PCGA on Piracy's Benefits Feb 13, 2009, 11:20 HIGH_PING
However, how would Quake, Doom, Starcraft, Counter-Strike, or Half-Life have been able to grow widespread brand recognition without a widespread network of gamers openly sharing these games.

Those games didn't become famous because of piracy. They are famous and incredibly successful because they were revolutionary. For example, people weren't hesistant to buy doom and needed to pirate it to make sure it was good, they knew it was good because they saw the absolutely awesome screenshots online or in the news or on the box. Or they played the shareware.

That future-paying-thief mentality is irrational. If a person steals a carton of ice cream from the grocery store and really enjoys the taste, they don't go back the next time and buy the ice cream-- they go back and steal it again!
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News Comments > NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision
12. Re: NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision Jan 8, 2009, 18:23 HIGH_PING
Deal with nvidia's always outdated 3d drivers? No thanks. And how am I supposed to wear these shutter glasses over my eye glasses? Putting two pairs of glasses on sucks. At least Headplay's unit allows people with vision problems to take their prescription glasses off and adjust the visor so they can see clearly.

Hoping for those nice, nvidia/ati independent, 2-screen 3d monitors to come out.
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