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News Comments > Star Trek Online Debut Trailer

14. Re: No subject Aug 11, 2008, 17:42 Ventura
Hell no; that's some ass-backwards thinking. It's your duty as a Star Trek fan to NOT buy this garbage, and demand that justice is done to the license.

Unfortunately mate it doesn't work that way.

If this doesn't sell well, they won't come away thinking they can do better. They'll come away thinking nobody cares, and it's the last Trek game you'll ever see.

Whatever the outcome, as someone else has suggested, isn't it a little early to be referencing this as 'garbage'? If indeed you've already made up your mind, I think it's fair to say you've set the bar so high nothing could've been good enough.

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News Comments > Star Trek Online Debut Trailer

6. Re: No subject Aug 11, 2008, 08:41 Ventura
As a Trekkie, I'm not going to be able to resist this if and when it ever shows up in stores. It's almost like it's going to be my duty to support this thing.

While I'd really love to see this thing succeed, if I were to be honest I'd have to say I doubt it will do very well. I'd be surprised if the servers were still up a year after the retail release, let's put it that way.

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News Comments > Warner: Music Games Must Pay More

23. Re: No subject Aug 7, 2008, 17:56 Ventura
Bah, I've bought three albums because of these music games. Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Who and Boston. But they just don't see that, conveniently enough.

The problem is that they're hearing about how much money these music games are making, and they want a bigger piece of the pie.

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News Comments > It Came from QuakeCon 2008, Part 7

2. Re: id Aug 6, 2008, 00:28 Ventura
After that, they've just rehashed shit. Q3 had some of the nice stuff from the Q1 mods, but otherwise they've been a real snoozer since 1996

Since about the time Romero left, interestingly enough.

The problem with today's ID software is that they have no vision. Great programmers means nothing without having someone to shape in the gameplay.

Doom 3 may have sold well, but it only sold well because of Doom 1 and 2. That doesn't mean it's a good game, just a cash in on the original classics.

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News Comments > Censored Fallout 3 Down Under?

15. Re: Give me a fucking break Aug 3, 2008, 17:39 Ventura
Fellas, if the Australian government did a better job down here, I wouldn't feel the need to do drugs so bad!

If I were atall interested in Fallout 3, which unfortunately I'm not, I'd import anyway.

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News Comments > Blizzard on Conan's Impact

11. Re: returned Aug 1, 2008, 05:51 Ventura
I think it's going to take an amazing game to pull any significant number of people away from wow

And that amazing game certainly isn't AoC.

I tried it for a little bit, raced to about level 48 or something, but it got very boring, very quickly. Being a melee class and getting enjoyment from doing fatalities can only last so long, and there's quite a lack of content at the mid-to-high level range.

Not that I went back to WoW though. I haven't played that in months. Truth be told I'm kinda sick of MMO's all up, I'd rather just play Rock Band

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News Comments > Rebellion acquires Razorworks

14. Re: No subject Jul 20, 2008, 17:42 Ventura
Wow, there's been a Shataan and a Sadogoat post in here. There's some names from the past

Strangely enough, I ended up preferring the second AvP to the first. I became a bit disillusioned with the first, however, and didn't follow the progress of the sequel even nearly as closely. That might have something to do with it; your own anticipation for a game can often kill it.

From time to time over the past few years I've wondered what you two thought about the AvP movies that have since been released. Whatever your opinions, I think it's fair to state that the franchise's potential hasn't even nearly been reached, and the same could be said for the games also.

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News Comments > Good Old Games Coming (Back)

9. Re: CD Projekt ROCKS!! Jul 10, 2008, 18:02 Ventura
Magic Carpet, baby!

I particularly like the bit about the old games being updated to run on current hardware. This website has got to be worth adding as a favourite.

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News Comments > Diablo III Announced

22. Re: Nice Jun 28, 2008, 11:38 Ventura
Ooh yeah. You just know it's going to be good.

Or at the very least, you know it'll be well supported. And with the way the industry is these days, I'd buy it for that alone.

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News Comments > Crytek: PC Sales to Piracy Ratio 1:15 or 1:20

42. Re: No subject Jun 27, 2008, 21:07 Ventura
Does anyone else who actually bought Crysis get the feeling they care more about those that didn't buy their product than those of us that did?

They keep this up and they've got buckley's chance of me picking up Warhead.

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News Comments > Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Fan Pack Details

10. Re: Wut? Jun 27, 2008, 12:03 Ventura
Was hopin they fixed that...

Yeah you and me both.

I was reading a bit quick though, but that new High Stakes option is actually only playable in the versus modes, which means I couldn't play with those changes in Terrorist Hunt anyway.

I'm not holding out much hope that the fix to Terrorist Hunt spawning is going to be a significant one, but it will be interesting to see.

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News Comments > Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Fan Pack Details

8. Re: Wut? Jun 27, 2008, 11:32 Ventura
Actually yeah, the second game is far superior. At least as far as cooping the single player campaign goes.

This is an impressive update for those of us who have the game. Believe it or not, but I bought two copies of this one on the pc (yeah, my fiancee actually enjoys playing this).

If you read the full update, they even make mention of a "high stakes" setting designed to make the game more tactical. Combined with the fix to how the terrorists spawn in the Terrorist Hunt mode, and I must admit I'm looking forward to downloading this thing

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News Comments > Far Cry 2 is Long

10. Re: No subject May 29, 2008, 00:28 Ventura
Bottom line?

I'd take 25 hours of coopable gameplay over 50 hours of typical single player any day of the week.

I never could understand what was the point of going to all thr trouble to create truly stunning experiences that couldn't be shared with a friend.

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News Comments > Morning Consolidation

4. Re: that guitar game May 23, 2008, 03:58 Ventura
And there was a patch issued for bug fixes on March doesn't matter if you choose to count it or not, there were bugfixes.

Ahh yes, that would be the DLC store patch I mentioned. And as far as the ps3 version of Rock Band is concerned, all that really did was introduce more problems. Along with the unnecessary "loading additional content" slowdown on startup, scrolling through the songlist in solo tour or band world tour now lags quite considerably.

Following the financial success of Guitar Hero 3, Activision announced that Guitar Hero had becomes a billion-dollar franchise. Neversoft may be many things, but desperate won't be one of them.

I don't want Rock Band to fail, but Harmonix have some work to do.

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News Comments > Morning Consolidation

1. that guitar game May 22, 2008, 18:14 Ventura
That Guitar Hero game is going to own Rock Band.

At first I love what Harmonix did with Rock Band, but I don't love how they then sat on their hands for the following half a year and have done nothing but release new tracks that you have to pay for.

No content updates, no new features... not even a bugfix. Oh, and the DLC store patch doesn't count.

It's time for Harmonix to get back from their Christmas vacation and actually do something.

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News Comments > DOOM 4 Announced

36. Re: No subject May 7, 2008, 17:59 Ventura
I bought Doom 3 on release day as I was a huge fan of 1 and 2. Big mistake. I won't do the same with Doom 4, because Doom 3 was a colossal fuckup, and like someone else has said, I didn't even play through the whole thing.

The days of me buying Idsoftware titles just because they're from ID are long gone. This one is gonna actually have to have some substance.

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News Comments > Crytek to End PC Exclusives

11. Re: Cant Blame Them Apr 30, 2008, 10:18 Ventura
Ultimately, good games sell well. Doesn't really matter the platform. Look at Sins, or basically, anything from Blizzard. Starcraft 2 is going to sell by the truckload, when it ever comes out.

Granted, I played Crysis all the way through the demo, and enjoyed it enough to purchase the special edition on release day. But then by the time I'd gotten to around about the same point in the full version, I'd lost interest. Can't really put my finger on why, but either way, I haven't touched it since.

Huge system requirements are alright if you've created the best game since sliced bread, but honestly, Crysis is nowhere near that good enough a game.

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News Comments > Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Disk Space Issue

32. Re: No subject Apr 23, 2008, 18:10 Ventura
It's exactly how Vegas 1 worked, and that was never changed

There's a part of me that actually thinks its worse. All the time I spent playing Terrorist Hunt in the original, and I never actually saw one pop right in front of me. I've had it in Vegas 2 already at least half a dozen times, and I've only had the game about a week.

The sad thing is, if they had all the terrorists pop on startup, I'd imagine coding the range check to ensure that only those in the vicinity are alerted to your presence would be rather easy.

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News Comments > MS on PC Gaming

35. Re: No subject Apr 23, 2008, 06:14 Ventura
The problem is that PC gaming is inferior to console gaming in many ways.

And it's superior to console gaming in many ways too.

Real-time strategies and first-person shooters are the games I typically enjoy playing the most, and playing both is all about the mouse.

Until such time as they get a keyboard and mouse working natively on a console, the pc will always be my premier gaming platform, and if it's really going to die, then I'll be going down with the ship.

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News Comments > Vivendi/Activision Approved

7. Re: ... Apr 16, 2008, 21:08 Ventura
let's just hope it delivers for gamers

And it'd be a first if it did.

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