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Nickname Cheese
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Description Gamewhore
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Signed On Aug 9, 2003, 15:20
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News Comments > Space Interceptor/Project Freedom Demo
8. Thumbs down Oct 6, 2004, 22:16 Cheese
To simplistic wheres the nexus project at lol or elite4

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News Comments > Space Interceptor/Project Freedom Demo
5. lol Oct 6, 2004, 17:23 Cheese
Gotta love Blues for there unbiased forum its a fkng riot.

Mr gross you made me laugh so hard, milk came outta my ears.

Oh yes I do want to see how this game turns out its looks interesting bbl with my update.

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News Comments > Scrapland Demo
2. Been waiting for this Oct 6, 2004, 17:09 Cheese
I hope its good bbl for my analysis.

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News Comments > Axis & Allies Demo
6. here we go Oct 6, 2004, 12:20 Cheese
just when i thought the dust setteled on WW2 another game pops out and tries to garner our attention,

No thank you we have Panzers and if i see another ww2 game im gonna up chuck.

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News Comments > Universal Combat: Hostile Intent
29. Comming to my senses Oct 5, 2004, 03:03 Cheese
NO i will not by this game , after looking at the avault screens it dosent matter what kind of gamplay it has.

I tried to defend this but i honestly can not.

It as though he cut out the best part of his game and is signing off with this as payback to the masses for flamming him.

Well FLAME ON this is not even releasable " hey is that a word " anyway good luck DC.

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News Comments > Universal Combat: Hostile Intent
13. Seriously though Oct 4, 2004, 22:52 Cheese
I bought into Universal Combat, nice outside ship designs, and some of the Battleship mission were not all that bad but,
the ground stuff was all broken and not finnished, it was a great idea without a great budget or amount of time pick your choice,
But i wont knock the gy for doing something different and almost doing it well, I pull for games like this to win, why cause im tired of all the Fking Me too FPS and stratgy games of late.

Derek Godspeed with you my friend , will I buy your new game of course will i look for it to FINNALY work yes will I cry if it dosent No, cause at least you try hard.. peace

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News Comments > On WoW Release Dates
55. Not 2 impressed Oct 3, 2004, 23:36 Cheese
Yes i to played the beta and was a undead mage yes it was kinda cool being in the garb of worldcraft all 3d and what not but then i was fighting and casting spells killing stuff & leveling up and it hit me,
This is no different gameplay than 50 other mmorpgs on the market and mabey a little worse than the old crusty Everquest.

Yes that my opinion after playing undead mage and Taroun Warrior and Orc shaman its all good and all been done before. Yawn

You want a new game that has me kinda interested?
Well i hated the beta cause i didnt understand it but at least the beta was not a rehash but the launch of Saga of Ryzom is what I call refreshing and new.

Its far from perfect but you can make you own everything <moves, spells, combos, even crafting & harvesting can be tweaked to your hearts delight.

So there you have it from a person with too many mmorpgs to even be fooled into anything.
I want innovation and i want it now,
im getting sick of this industry repeating others success's WOW is a CLONE of EQ 1 not saying that is a bad thing but its just a waste of time for me.

Now i also have the character disk for EQ 2 and im not too impressed with the options for custom characters it seems kinda cheesy. So im crushed... heres hoping Ryzom will continue too impress me and i do hope D&D online wont get canceled...... MMORPGS IVE EATEN LATELY .Eveonline,Earth&Beyond,Horizons,DaoC+expansions,Everquest +Expansions,Asherons call 2, Anarchyonline + expansions,Neocron,..And the Regular RPGs Morrowind,Bauldersgate,Templeof ElemEvil,Gothic 1 & 2,and Fallout2,X2 beyond. whew nothing on the list is that bad but the only one on there even close to great is.. X2 .

This comment was edited on Oct 3, 23:47.
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News Comments > Vampire-Bloodlines Movie
10. Jesus walks Oct 3, 2004, 11:08 Cheese
Just to quote a famous rap star.. Vampire walks... la la la hum hum da da.

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News Comments > Dear Diaries
1. KOTOR2 ? Oct 2, 2004, 13:04 Cheese
Bah i never liked the original and i prob stand alone on that too considering all the slobbering going on.

But I do like Starwars Battlefront; go figure.

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News Comments > Men of Valor Demo
56. blah blah Oct 2, 2004, 11:58 Cheese
come on guys where is the innovation?

I might be to old school but i remember when we used to get different games and not copycats so much.

Oh dont get me wrong its prob very pretty game with 0 innovation.

We fat ass lazy overweight pompus gamers are being treated like the overweight pigs that we are.

Do we care if there is another FPS in the works based on Vietnam or WW2? Nooooooo we say bring it on we love this stuff we CANT get enough of this clone mentality please give us more games like this... we beg you.

Oh why use your resources to innovate? please dont waste them on us as we are lowly gamers who will be fooled into thinking we got a new game and all we get is new graphics and the same old settings.

We dont matter so please keep cranking out the same ole stuff and forget about the days when developers took a chance and made a game cause its fun and different.

Oh how i long for the days of M.U.L.E, Archon, Adventure construction set,Sundog!!!!!!!! Kings quest,ELITE,Ultima 1 & 2 , SyndicateWars, Eye of the beholder!!! Dungeon Master!!!!!!

ok ok enough *weeps uncontrollably and slowley clicks his mouse over the Call of Duty icon on his desktop*

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News Comments > Gold - Nexus: The Jupiter Incident
9. Picking this up Oct 1, 2004, 11:40 Cheese
Soon as I can and i am a HUGE IG2 fan, but Hedgemonia kinda upset me and I just couldnt get into HW2 or X2, so I will give this a try.
The graphic's look amazing btw and the NEW demo really impressed me "even though i didnt grasp it as there is no tutorial in the demo".

Cant wait for ELITE 4....

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Release Dates?
22. All I want Oct 1, 2004, 10:37 Cheese
is for them to hurry up so TROIKA can release Vampire.

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News Comments > SÖLDNER Patch
22. Zoldner Sep 30, 2004, 23:17 Cheese
yeah he repeats zzzoldner about a zillion times and yes i tried to go back to this after all the patching, and its pure utter crap, HD2 is WAY better than this game so get that if your board. H & D 2 kinda rocks.

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News Comments > SÖLDNER Patch
3. Fun? Sep 30, 2004, 12:01 Cheese
Come on youre kiddin right?

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News Comments > RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Demo
16. Just in case Sep 27, 2004, 15:03 Cheese
Your reading this Dave Braben,
Please Hurry up with ELITE 4 ive been waiting 20 years for it.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Held Hostage?
127. Very little Sep 25, 2004, 14:30 Cheese
"We have very little to choose from at the moment. We've had very little all year. That's why I play so much X-COM"

If you can manage to get your head outta Gabes ass youde know that there are several choices to make to get your X-Com fix,
1. Get UFO aftermath <which I dont recomend>
2. Get Silent storm + sentinals <I do recomend>
3. Download for free the X-Com remake <forget the website but its all in Full 3d and its free and its good>
4. Forget X-com altogether and try DOW < dawn of war, i promise you wont be disapointed>

Ok there ya go.

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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Held Hostage?
125. Who gives a Fk Sep 25, 2004, 13:49 Cheese
3 years 4 years who the F is really counting?
X com 2 IS being worked on btw so dont be a fool,

Quake4 is being worked on so agian dont be a fool.
And Elite 4 will be comming out soon too.
As far as there being alot of games THERE are alot of games being released and most of them quality so Fuck your opinion I have my own.

Games that have been released this year; heres a sampling,
Silent Storm,Medevil war collection,Vietcong First alpha/purple haze,Spellforce,Crystall key,Echelon wind warriors,EQ:gates of discord/Omens of war,Breed,Apocalyptica,Killswitch,Lords of the realm3,FarCry,I the Dragon,Unrealtournament,LOL and all these games were released just in the first 3 months of this year.

Fear not, we will get HL2 this year, and the only reason im hopeing for that to happen is so i can play that game made by the REAL rpg purists. TROKIA whos doing VAMPIRE, now that is why i want HL2 to come out.

This comment was edited on Sep 25, 14:18.
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News Comments > Half-Life 2 Held Hostage?
117. DNF Sep 25, 2004, 11:10 Cheese
Yup thats right, this is turning into a fiasco, remember the promises we got with Duke Nukem Forever?

They even had finished screen shots and made the cover of a mag 3 years ago.

Well lucky for me at least a million games are comming out this year and its not like Gabe Newell has been born with any more brain cells then the next programer, < John Carmak>
so im not even worried about the delays and as a matter of fact I dont care if they ever even release this game.

Oh it will be a great game im sure but is it worth sweating over it? No
it will get the same treatment as most games get unless your into screwing your games , which is Ohhh mommy look look at the shiny new toy < shakes toy > .. 5 days later ...when is Xcom 2 comming out or when ie Elite 4 comming out or better yet when is Quake 4 comming out im board....

So Gabe, Valve, VU ...... Please keep up the delays cause its gonna get the same treatment as any other game when you do release it ill play it for a while then toss it aside like a rag doll.

Only game I still play after 5 months of release
is F1 2001-2002. and you can never out grow a good raceing game

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News Comments > Nexus: The Jupiter Incident Demo
9. is this the same demo Sep 24, 2004, 12:35 Cheese
all i wanna know.

personally i liked IG-1 and 2 to a degree but this is not even close to IG series and i for one will not get it.
< they took out planets why whould they do that>

Update : Game engine seems new, demo blew me away, < who needs planets anyway>


This comment was edited on Sep 24, 12:51.
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Star Wars Battlefront
61. Vehicles Sep 21, 2004, 21:43 Cheese
Well i personally like the vehicles being tough as they are it adds a since of realness, as far as the console version goes I have no clue cause i refuse to buy another one.

Gotta love the spy with the driod thing and the dark trooper rocks with that jet pack, i must give it to them as even the weak ass pilot has a use in this game< he has a blowtorch thing that repairs or sets booby traps and he can despence healpacks.

Ive only played a few classes and modes so far and i havent had this much fun with a game since X-Com.

Yes X-Com the RTS but i must admitt to likeing this game a little too much and get this , I purchased the Call of Duty expansion as well, and its hella hard and great but theres something about this game that got me.

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