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News Comments > Out of the Blue
28. Re: Out of the Blue Nov 2, 2009, 23:15 Laurie
I love this site and have been visiting it ever since finding it in 1997. But living in a very rural area of SW USA, I am still confined to dialup service (26.4 Kbps connection...dang rural phone lines) In the last few months, I have resorted to using a flash/ad blocker for faster loading.

This site is considered one of the major online "Gaming Info" sites and we all know advertising pays the bills. So it is my sincerest hopes Blue gets enough advertising from other sources to continue keeping his site going.
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News Comments > Who Owns Planescape: Torment?
16. Re: Who Owns Planescape: Torment? Sep 29, 2009, 03:55 Laurie
I also have the 4 disk set and keep installing the game on each new computer I get. I was amazed how much it would cost to replace my set...if I had to.

Have all the patches and mods (Official and fan made) on a backup disk to restall afterwards. The "Spellhold Studios" PS:T forums has a large dedicated group of PS:T modders who work to fix any bugs Black Isle may have missed or cut before release. Also any improvements and/or tweaks so the game can still be played. Including one that increases resolution.

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News Comments > Frontlines: Fuel of War Downtime
3. Re: affects PC players Sep 18, 2008, 13:01 Laurie
Yeah, I already read this on PlanetFrontline homepage. But the GameSpy Master Server was down for the last couple of days due to another problem and Not for maintenance though. Several games across their server lists were affected by this "downtime" and players went to the GameSpy Forums to ask "why".

As a gamesite admin, I went over to ask too and got this answer early Sept. 16 from one of their moderators:
"As far as we know right now the master server is down from an error or server maintenance, and should be back up very soon hopefully. As I had said the Admins and Techies have been notified and are working on the problem or server maintenance.

The problem consists with ALL games that run through GameSpy's server browsing service. That means any game that is added to the master server is currently not showing up on the server list, but the games are still there. Players will unfortunately have to connect to servers through direct IP connections.

I am sorry if your members are complaining to you about the servers not showing up as it can be a burden I know. I have answered already a few messages on the forums about this topic as well as on GameSpy Arcade's technical support channel."

Since late evening Sept 17, my community's Master server list is back up. Several games, I read over in the GameSpy forums, also have their servers back up but there are a few still waiting. (At least when I last checked four hours ago)

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News Comments > Morning Safety Dance
3. Re: No subject Jan 9, 2008, 02:08 Laurie
I and my husband used to live on a mining claim for nearly 10 years back in the 1970s. The only electricity we had was from a welding machine/generator. It was only used when necessary. Otherwise, it was keroscene lamps or Aladdin Lamps for lighting. There was no phone so we used a CB. Only information came from battery radio and/or car-battery TV. Always was an avid reader, so there were books. All letters were handwritten.

Food was basic but for some perishables, we did have old fashioned propane fridges from the early 50s. Cooked on a four burner stove from the 1920s. Or over the fire in our fireplace. Raised a few chickens for eggs and meat. Before this, I lived in San Diego, so the change was quite abrupt.
I learned alot about myself in those years...and what was really important.

We moved from there 25 years ago. Still in a rural area but now with basic electrical amenities for the home and our blacksmithing business. Don't need a bunch of gadgets...but they are nice. But some are needed, of course. 10 years ago, we added a computer because customers expect you to have one...along with a website and email. Our best advertising is still "word of mouth" but we were getting fewer letters by regular mail.

But when the hard Summer and Winter Storms come, the power will occasionally go out..including any phone service. So being prepared is a must and just plain commonsense. So still have a generator, keroscene/Aladdin Lamps and basic foodstuffs around. Oh, and yes, when the computer is down, there are books and boardgames.

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News Comments > etc.
27. A hoax or not? Jul 28, 2003, 16:59 Laurie
First, Wasrad.....I am a mother of two teens. Mothers are special for what they had done and try to do. You raise your kids the best way you can. Hopefully, the knowledge, wisdom, advice you gave will be taken in and they outlive you. When I read in the papers or hear about a senseless killing of a teen or child, I do feel. As John Donne wrote: "No Man is an Island unto himself", that goes for women too.

As for Ratboy, I did receive your comments and thanks for the help/links. There are others who have also been searching and come up with the same. It does look like a hoax...a very sad, sick one at that. I still do not think it's Bosatsu, least I am hoping it is not.

Yes, I do realize this is a stranger posting under Bosatsu's account, at first. Then the person registered under their own name and started posting shortly after. We are all waiting to see if this person comes back. The IPs have been checked. At, all registrations are finalized manually to prevent hacking and "spoofing" after what happened in early 2002. The boards were updated and secured shortly afterwards. Never had another incident since. This is why this is so troubling.

I am well aware hoaxes and false stories are rampant in the Internet. Just like making up Newspaper stories to fill slow day or listening to good "whopper" while getting your leg pulled. Nothing new. Yes, you do develop a hard shell and can become very cynical after several burnings.

I come to Blue's News to keep up on what is going on in the Gaming World. This is great site for what I need to know to keep up on all the technology. Get a kick out of the "etc." findings/links and post some of them in our own "misc." forum ("Biting the Shield").

So to whomever found and posted the topic to your "news" section, "Thank you". To all those who posted their thoughts about it, skeptical or not, they are appreciated.

This comment was edited on Jul 28, 17:07.
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News Comments > etc.
20. Lita/Bosatsu Runegame topic Jul 28, 2003, 04:46 Laurie
As a long time member of the community, I must say this. Bosatsu was not given to these kinds of practical jokes. She was a very real, very huge supporter of the Human Head Studios game, RUNE, since before it came out. Bosatsu was also one of the community's best "skinners". She gladly helped so many others with their "skins" and sigs when asked. Her rolicking humor was greatly appreciated in the forums and was known to be a "tough" cookie with a good heart. Bosatsu was a hard fighter in the MP servers and great to "chat" with (even while lopping your head off) She did have her share of problems and had some close calls with cars accidents. But "acting out", as some of you are thinking, was not her "style".

Cookies get cleared when you log off but if you stay "logged in", no password is needed to be typed in again. It is "saved". This not a case of "spoofing" an account either. The person may have inherited Bo's computer as she said. Not that unusual, as pointed out. In this case, the poster used Bosatsu's Runegame account to post the info at first. The poster says she is a close of friend of Bo's. This person has since registered under her own name and posting with it.

Since when has given free reign to emotions while posting, a "no no"? Flames are common enough in forums, but any heartfelt outpourings? "Fake", you cry. I am older than most of you probably....I have seen enough "passing" away of friends and family to have my share of grieving. To have heard lame comments and even given a few unintentionably. There are no classes in this sort of thing. How else is a friend supposed to feel while conveying bad news like this on a phone or writing? Ok, guys are supposed to be of "sterner" stuff and no tears.

There are gaming communities, like Runegame's, that are small enough and close knit enough, where members know each other over the years. More like a big family, than a huge faceless crowd. When someone does die, then we do feel the loss. Death comes when it does...a fact of life. Senseless or not. A good name left behind and to be remembered by family and friends. To know you lived a good a life as possible, even if in small ways. To leave a woven life tapestry behind, full of bright colors and few drab threads. Sorry, I dont believe in the Greek version of the Fates spinning single web. In Greek mythology, only the great Kings and heroes got Golden threads...the rest might get Silver ones and the vast majority of people, course grey ones. The Old Norse/Vikings has a broader concept. The Norns wove your life's tapestry as you lived it. By the choices you make and their effects. The cynics, in this bunch, should think about their own reality.

We are all hoping this is NOT a hoax, as horrible a thought that sounds. I would rather hope that Bosatsu would come popping back after some months long absence, as she would. Find the Runegame topic and make some kind "Mark Twainlike" remark about "rumors of their own death".

Laurie "the DeepMinded"
Viking Myth//forums moderator

This comment was edited on Jul 28, 05:22.
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