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Nickname ColoradoHoudini
Email Concealed by request
ICQ None given.
Description Ex NetQuaker..ex 3Wave and Thunderwalker CTF'er (named: Houdini). Played Tribes for Western Alliance, Counterstrike with Frag University (the original FU). Played ET, BF1942 etc...
Old school gamer, ex military.. lived all over the US
Homepage http://
Signed On Jul 20, 2003, 00:24
Total Comments 1513 (Pro)
User ID 17782
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News Comments > Section 8: Prejudice Unveiled
7. Re: Section 8: Prejudice Unveiled Sep 9, 2010, 22:33 ColoradoHoudini
This game was about 1 large patch away from being good.
1. Terrible organic base defenses that were underpowered.
2. Bases were more like gas stations, useless, small, and you didn't even need to capture more than 1 to win a round.
3. Too many side missions would kick off at once. (defend/capture bases, escort VIP, convoy mission, intel mission).. and you're supposed to do that with 12 people on your team?
4. Auto lockon. Whichever dev thought it would be a great idea to have an auto aimbot feature in an FPS ought to be skinned alive. Sure, you could block it.. but then you made me waste a spot for gear because EVERYONE had the lockon.. so you needed the blocker to break it. Yes, hit button = locked on to target.. press fire.. win. Fucking comically bad.
5. Abysmal private server support.. the fucking worst i have ever seen
6. Devs and a forum group that didnt take kindly to being told that their game was going to fail because of "X".. when we told them, they didnt listen. Turns out.. we were right.
7. Inconsistent damage model/hitscan

It was close to being good.. but they failed. I had epic arguments with a moron on their forum, and it felt so good to be right in the end. I wish i wasn't right, I wish the game got better.. but we warned them.. and the game failed.
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News Comments > FireFall Revealed
17. Re: FireFall Revealed Sep 8, 2010, 21:21 ColoradoHoudini
Ozmodan wrote on Sep 8, 2010, 08:26:
Just another shooter, how boring. And they want to charge you to play this? Not likely.

It's free to download and free to play. did you even bother reading anything about the game?

If anyone wants to read some stuff I posted about this game.. mostly how concerned i am about the potential lack of real world,open PvP and instead the underwhelming idea of having this expansive game and it being limited to PvE and arena-style PvP.. go here:
Go here.

I am Houdini there.. I think I make some very valid points and bring up a good bit of areas of concern.
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News Comments > FireFall Revealed
11. Re: FireFall Revealed Sep 7, 2010, 23:38 ColoradoHoudini
I know that it's not Tribes.. but we also haven't seen any PvP yet either...nor more than a few weps, and the large AOE wep doesn't move that fast.. so you would have to lead.. as far as i can tell.

There doesn't have to be skiing, but i would like for this game's PvP mechanic to borrow as much from Tribes/XMP as possible.
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News Comments > FireFall Revealed
8. Re: FireFall Revealed Sep 7, 2010, 22:36 ColoradoHoudini
I'm very active in the forums and been reading quite a bit on the game, and so far i like what i'm seeing--this coming from a Tribes/PS/XMP veteran.
I would much rather not have cell-shaded graphics, but whatever.

What I am VERY leery of so far is just how much of the game, if any, is open world PvP. I'm getting the sinking feeling that it's going to be instance-based PvP ..which is to say.. nothing good at all in PvP terms.

Of course there are fucking idiotic kids on their forums talking up the PvE side of things. These are mostly likely console dummies without any decent FPS background.. as they totally overlook that fact that FPS = PvP.. it's just that way. Fighting NPC's with all that's potentially available in this game is a waste of time.

I am hoping that the PvE side of things pushes the PvP progression.. and that PvP victories in areas opens up lands to PvE in.. but that's probably asking too much.
Playing a lot of wait and see here, I really hope this turns out to be something closer to Tribes and nothing like an instanced PvE/PvP borefest.

Thanks blue
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
12. Re: Out of the Blue Sep 7, 2010, 19:03 ColoradoHoudini
Dammit Blue.. are you going to post a thread on Firefall or what??
*gives you the stern parental look*

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
2. Re: Out of the Blue Sep 5, 2010, 18:31 ColoradoHoudini
-waiting patiently for Blue to post the Firefall video and the ensuing "OMG" that will come along with it-

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News Comments > Champions Online Free Week
1. Re: Champions Online Free Week Sep 2, 2010, 00:20 ColoradoHoudini
"..a first anniversary event in honor.."
I'm reading that as "hey, please.. someone.. anyone.. come play our failure of a game!!"

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News Comments > Warhammer 40,000 Online Interview
1. Re: Warhammer 40,000 Online Interview Aug 27, 2010, 19:49 ColoradoHoudini
It's sci has guns, so it has to support the gun aiming model- or something like that.. okay.. good to hear!  
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News Comments > Valve Would Like to Make the Half-Life Movie
6. Re: Valve Would Like to Make the Half-Life Movie Aug 26, 2010, 21:43 ColoradoHoudini
Edward Norton as Gordon... book it. done.  
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News Comments > R.U.S.E. Demo
13. Re: R.U.S.E. Demo Aug 25, 2010, 21:51 ColoradoHoudini
I'm going to do something wildly strange here and ask..
How's the demo?

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News Comments > Neverwinter Announced
14. Re: Neverwinter Announced Aug 23, 2010, 14:32 ColoradoHoudini
I don't know if I HATE Cryptic, but I dislike them strongly for taking potentially great IP's and turning them into hot garbage. I'm looking for a new MMO, and they deliver poop sandwiches. They have the money, the people to make a decent MMO.. but nope. Cookie cutter, shallow, bland and boring.
It bugs me because I know they could make a way better game

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News Comments > Guild Wars 2 Trailer
6. Re: Guild Wars 2 Trailer Aug 23, 2010, 13:12 ColoradoHoudini
-pushes chips-
I'm all in
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News Comments > On Medal of Honor's Taliban Controversy
16. Re: On Medal of Honor's Taliban Controversy Aug 23, 2010, 13:03 ColoradoHoudini
PHJF wrote on Aug 23, 2010, 12:50:
One of these "modern warfare" games should include a stealth stage wherein the player, a suicide bomber, has to sneak around and ultimately explode at a target. That would make a stink to end all stinks.

Oh yes it would.. good idea though!
Oh, and more importantly, I don't know one person who appears to be excited about this title. There's nothing about it that appears interesting -shrug-
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News Comments > Neverwinter Announced
8. Re: Neverwinter Announced Aug 23, 2010, 12:58 ColoradoHoudini
We don't like Cryptic.. they produce shallow, boring games and ruin IP's. Here are some related comments I made on another site:

Okay sure, STO and CO made initial money.. however, I'd love to see a chart showing Cryptics game launches and the incline/decline of sales over the years and if possible, customer confidence shown as well.
I think that PC gamers are much more involved and informed then console gamers and word spreads quick in our realm. Cyptic's terrible reputation arrives before you want them to, and smells of incompetence and bottom shelf liquor.
I wonder how many Neverwinter fans might've experience the suck that was CO/STO and are reading forums like this one thinking "as i suspected, I got duped into a title earlier, and here are some informed gamers saying that this dev house cranks out garbage thanks, I'll pass".

Eventually their rep has to catch up to them, right?
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News Comments > Black Prophecy Trailer
1. Re: Black Prophecy Trailer Aug 19, 2010, 01:21 ColoradoHoudini
Mr. Blue:
"Continue here to read the full story. "
..and that link goes to the embedded video and nothing further, is that supposed to be that way? I was thinking there'd be more to read?
Anyhow, so far, I am very interested in this title. It seems to have the initial elements that add depth to a game, and I need that in my MMO's. It doesn't hurt that this game is beautiful. I wonder if the chaips weight/cargo plays into how it flies..anyone know?
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News Comments > Bad Company 2 VIP Pack #6 Released
7. Re: Bad Company 2 VIP Pack #6 Released Aug 19, 2010, 01:17 ColoradoHoudini

Whatever, BFBC2 lost my interest right after it came out when I realized you were forced to be either a sniper, or an assault C4 class that could singlehandedly take out every objective.

On a similar note, Medal of Honor looks like a huge joke as well. It looks the EXACT same as BFBC2....but on smaller maps. Isn't bigger maps one of their selling points? That game went from a release-buy to bargain-bin-buy in about a week.

I was hardcore into BC2.. I was way into it, and then I, like so many others said "well, i need more", and i got nothing, nobody did. That game got stale very quick. Also, i see NOTHING in MoH that makes me want to play it, if you told me it was a BC2 mod, I'd believe you. it looks/feels/looks like it plays exactly like BC2 and a bit of MW2. What's my incentive to buying a 3rd game so closely related to 2 titles i probably already own?

This is head shakingly dumb. I am waiting for some developer to pick up the Tribes/XMP franchise and create a kickass, modabble game and pull the whole FPS community away.
(a boy can dream)

Maybe Brink will be damn good, but outside of Brink, what else is on the immediate radar?
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News Comments > Bad Company 2 VIP Pack #6 Released
1. Re: Bad Company 2 VIP Pack #6 Released Aug 18, 2010, 22:21 ColoradoHoudini
-reads through the article-
No new maps eh?
This is one of the reasons why TF2 moves along fine (maps galore, real custom servers, tons of updates) and a game like BC2 just sits there, idle in the water. Why the fruit (harsh language!) haven't the devs allowed us to mod this game how we see fit?
They aren't charging for these terrible packs, so what's the reason they aren't allowing us to mod this game?

I could understand if they were coming out quarterly with 12 new maps/new game modes/new vehicles/etc.. and then charging 10 bucks a pop.. but they aren't doing that.. so what the hell is the deal here?

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News Comments > Warhammer Online Patched
6. Re: Warhammer Online Patched Aug 18, 2010, 19:24 ColoradoHoudini
Snabel... 1 post.
Forgive us if we are very cynical of your post/presence.

Want to tell us what we're missing out on these days? I left after about 4 months, the game just felt "off".

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News Comments > Bill Roper Leaves Cryptic
3. Re: Bill Roper Leaves Cryptic Aug 16, 2010, 22:25 ColoradoHoudini
So.. Champions Online.. failure or marginal victory or what?
Everything I have read/seen on it says it failed, and his name was attached to it.. so....
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News Comments > Op Ed
24. Re: Op Ed Aug 16, 2010, 22:15 ColoradoHoudini
kxmode: I said since day 1 on hearing the news of a new ip that Blizzard would go the MMOFPS route. Now the setting I am unsure of, but I can totally see it. There isn't one out there right now, it's a barren market, and they could easily grab it and hold it indefinitely.

If not that...then, a Cyberpunk'ish theme..which also doesnt exist.

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