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News Comments > Out of the Blue
68. Re: Censorhip & Body Part Envy Jul 13, 2004, 01:19 JoeCool
Gary Savage

Michael Savage you mean. He is sooo effing funny, I wish I could get his show. I don't agree with ANYTHING he says but the stuff he says is just comedy gold.

It’s just so funny I love it. I think he's just faking it really. He was the most hippish person I’ve ever heard of, just 15 years ago he got married naked in the rain forest and did all kinds of stuff like that, so I don't know how you can go from that to well what he is now. But he truly is a hoot and I think he's just playing everyone.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
66. Re: Censorhip & Body Part Envy Jul 13, 2004, 01:05 JoeCool
And of course I am always grouping some story about some over liberal sissy hippie lets all hold hands and sing and consider every bodies possible feelings before we act and rearrange our entire society because 5 people find something offensive and let us get offend at everything because we are bored middle class losers, I naturally associate that type of stuff with news sources, as some sources report more on that than others, and I do (unfairly) group those with the news sources. Though I suspect I would do that less if the news sources could detach them selves from what they report, as CNN/PBS/NBC/ABC/CBS give the impression generally that they agree with the said by the overly liberal and sensitive hippies that want to rearrange society to please less than 1% of society while pissing off everybody else off.. And I guess that is my biggest problem and what I mean by liberal media.

Well that’s the way its works. If it's not a report about lawnmowers going crazy and eating small children or 50 terrorists taking over a office building and killing 1000 people (with pictures of course), its a sappy story about 12 year old quadriplegic girl teaching blind black orphans how to swim in the community center swimming poll that was just rebuilt from the hurricane that whipped out half the state.

Btw I forgot the add this in my other post.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
60. Re: Censorhip & Body Part Envy Jul 12, 2004, 22:56 JoeCool
Yes at the time, but now they are all “bush and this war is/was evil”.
People are allowed to change their minds.

I'm curious how are they stating that "bush and this war is/was evil"? Jon Stewart has said it best before "How can one not be biased against war and the president when the facts are biased against him"

Please show me these facts (ignoring Fox News, as I will not deny what they are)

Well I could go into a 5 page rant but that would just waste everyone’s time so I'll just touch base on a few things. For one lets go into the questions that are asked. When I see questions asked to the president I see very open ended broad questions that can and usually are answered with some form of talking point that is just as open and broad as the question asked. When an answer is given that dodges the question there is never a follow-up question asked. The duty of the press is to ask a tough question that people want to know an answer to. This question "Mr. Prez.. if you could do anything different about the Iraq war what would it be" is a very open question that can in fact be used to bolster the persons view who is being asked. Compare this type of Q & A to the European press which just GRILLS their leaders on everything. When compared to the worlds press it does seem like our press gives passes.

Moving on...

Like I’ve said before the media is very quick to just report what is told to them by the military and ect without any kind of follow-up or investigation. That in my eyes is what a state run media does, just reporting it without any other view or backup proof doesn't make me feel that the media has done its duty to get to the facts. An example of this is during the lead up to the war there was a total lack of follow ups and investigation to the Intel that was given to the admin from Chalabi ect. The NYTimes for example reported everything exactly from an official (who's name I just can't remember) who worked for the administration and gave them information about Iraq’s WMD, they just took the information that she had given to them ‘as is’, without any disclaimer or citation from where it came. I.e. "reported by ect" they just said “NYTimes has ‘learned’" which leads people to believe they did do a more precise investigation of the facts, when in fact we have learned a few weeks ago they just took everything from that official as fact without any background checking, which all turned out to be false.

Of course like I said before the coverage of the war was fairly watered down by world standards and left out many important facts such as civilian casualties and the unrest on the boarders with the neighboring countries. They spent lots of time talking about the transition of power without explaining it in detail about the fact that it wouldn't end the occupation and danger. It could lead the impression that we somehow had won and we were ready to come home.

With the Abu Grahib scandal, they tended to just focus on the fact that people were naked on top of each other, and never widely had reported the cases of rape and the several prisoners that were beaten to death as well as the prisoner who had is penis “removed”. They also never bothered to find out that the people who were being abused were just suspected of common criminals and that 70% of the people in the prison were there by mistake. This has just now been reported by the military 2 months after this news of the abuse. CBS with-held the information about Abu Grahib for almost a month at the request of the Military and Administration. I agree it was good for them to do that but the fact they knew of these things and sat on it for a month tends to be a problem when trying to remain fair and unbiased towards any side.

The last thing that I find that really shows me that there couldn't be a liberal media is the shows on these networks other than the news broadcasts. CNN has Lou Dobs (who is a self-described conservative more like a pat Buchanan conservative than a George bush neoconservative), cnn only has 2 other talk shows, 1 of which is balanced called 'crossfire' and the other which is Larry king, who only seems to focus on Michael Jackson and Scott Peterson. You know of course Fox news which we won't go into. MNBC is in my opinion almost just as bad as fox in a way even worse. MNBC has had 2 political talk shows 1 is Joe Scarborough (did you know his aid who he had to resign over about a sexual affair was found dead in his office? This happened during the Gary Condit event but was never widely reported) who is really just a even more conservative versions of Bill O'rielly, then they also had Michael Savage (also VERY conservative) who was fired for telling a man that he should "Get aids and die". Both of these men are VERY openly conservative. CNBC has of course Dennis Miller who is also very open and very conservative, CNBC also gave Alan Keys a show that didn’t last very long. PBS just gave tucker Carlson another open conservative a talk show. Bill Moyers also has a show on PBS so that is in a way balanced out. Now I ask do you know of ANY liberal talk show hosts who are very open about what their political leanings are, other than bill moyers in the TV media? I can't name any. Most of the cable news networks never have REAL liberals as guests like Chomsky or Alterman and ect.

So really the news coverage is really the same for all networks heck fox news uses CNN sometimes to make their reports. It’s what they report and how lazy they are that bothers me. I think lots of people who think there is a bias believe, that when the news reports a casualty that is in a way trying to spin the war negatively. You have to keep in mind "if it bleeds it leads" and in a way that is the way it should be, when people are getting killed that should be what leads. Keep in mind the media has to appear detached from any situation and that can also lead some people to believe they are “out to get bush”. But here is what I really think, (and no offense) that many people who say that the media is liberal generally don’t give many instances when there is a blatant bias and 99 out of 100 times it usually very conservative person who makes this accusation. I think that someone who is very biased themselves tend to lose site of what something moderate is, i.e. Halsy saying “they were cheerleading the war”, which wasn’t the case and then someone else conservative saying “They reported only things negatively” , which was also false. I have studied the media very much and have taken many classes on journalism. The only thing the media is doing is not their job, they are most defiantly getting lazy and that can be interrupted differently by different people.
There are links to a few media watching sites some of which are biased but none the less show what I’m talking about, Media Matter run by former right wing commentator David Brock, and A good book I would recommend which uses statistics and examples is “What liberal media” unlike some books who just use a “felling” to address the issue this one uses examples. There aren’t to many other books that are really balanced, I’ve read it and it doesn’t mislead … much.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
53. Re: Censorhip & Body Part Envy Jul 12, 2004, 21:25 JoeCool
Um, PBS?

PBS isn't Liberal.

The ones that are not Fox News...

I'm sorry but that doesn't answer his question. Like I've said before the facts show a slightly rightward bias.

CNN news (and others, not just TV), just like millions of Americans disagrees with the war.

CNN was very much behind the war. Like most news networks they didn't even hint at the civilian casulties.
This comment was edited on Jul 12, 21:27.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
49. Re: Censorhip & Body Part Envy Jul 12, 2004, 21:03 JoeCool
Slightly biased? Heh, more like cheerleaders for the war.

Well they just report what they are told. That’s the problem, the day where news investigates is over. This was one of the problems with the lead up to the war. Everyone took the admins word for it, had 1 news organization done their homework they would have found out more about chalabi and the bad Intel he was feeding everyone. Didn't the NYT bury a correction in their paper about 1 of their sources? Can anyone clarify? I remember hearing about it. Some lady whos name I forget.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
47. Re: Censorhip & Body Part Envy Jul 12, 2004, 20:25 JoeCool
I disagree, especially from seeing the war coverage. The media was just slightly biased towards the right but many far right people weren't satisfied. Thus Fox was born, its a network run by former Republican officials with openly biased people such as Tony Snow, Brit Hume, and many rightwing only news show such as O'Rielly and Hannity.
overtly liberal news networks
How so? I think its probably opposite.
Lets not forget CNN has Lou Dobbs as self described conservative and MSNBC has Joe Scarborough (Spelling?) a former Rep congressman and used to have that despicable Michael Savage until he got himself fired. I don't see any openly liberal people on CNN or MSNBC or any other news network for that matter.

This comment was edited on Jul 12, 20:31.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
36. Re: Simulator Jul 12, 2004, 15:30 JoeCool
I can see that, Didnd't the government jsut scrap the Comanche? Its a shame to me since they had been working on it for 20 years, but I can understand it. Do we really need a stealth helecopter in this age?

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
35. Re: Doom 3 Versions & Censorship Jul 12, 2004, 15:28 JoeCool
If we can show people eating roaches, cow penis and swiming in a pool of snakes. Why can't we show a titty or 2 on prime time TV? I just don't get people sometimes. Who the hell gets offended at a breast anymore. Anyone here ?

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
21. Re: RE: Scat Loggers Jul 12, 2004, 14:35 JoeCool
LoL is that ketchup for real?!

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
14. Re: Doom 3 Versions & Censorship Jul 12, 2004, 13:55 JoeCool
How the hell can they get away with banning games in Germany? They show hardcore sex on TV but can't have Doom 3. I don't understand the logic there.

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News Comments > French WBC3 Patch
3. Re: What did they add? Jul 12, 2004, 13:10 JoeCool
Stop talking out of your ass 4D

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News Comments > MMORPG Testing
5. Re: EQ Beta Jul 11, 2004, 23:05 JoeCool
you can WISH in one hand, and @#$% in the other and see which one fills up faster.

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News Comments > MMORPG Testing
1. EQ Beta Jul 11, 2004, 17:41 JoeCool
EQ2 Beta Phase I started.

Phase I is family and friends of Soe
Phase II is legends
Phase III Pcgamer ect
Phase IV public

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News Comments > Game Reviews
1. City of Zeros Jul 11, 2004, 17:17 JoeCool
I would have given COH a 2 star. The game is fun for about 1 week then justs repeats itself.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
21. Re: more pop up problems Jul 9, 2004, 14:42 JoeCool
It would probably be cheaper to buy one than the cost of all those monitors and computer equipment. Also, probably cheaper to maintain than the price of all that electricity!

Heck you could probably rent an airplane 30 times and it would still cost less than all that junk.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
17. Re: more pop up problems Jul 9, 2004, 14:27 JoeCool
Making spyware should be a felony punishable by 30 years in federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison. People who make spy ware are on the level of child molesters in my book. I get so mad when something like that installs. It should be illegal.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
33. Re: OT Jul 8, 2004, 23:28 JoeCool
Hey is there anyway I can e-mail blue? I need to let him know about an ad that is popping up installing spyware. Blue if you're reading this please go to the start of this thread and read what is going on with teh ads on this site. Thanks.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
23. Re: OT Jul 8, 2004, 21:22 JoeCool
Hey blue that ad for friendfinder came up again and started installing programs on my PC. Could you take care of it please? Thanks

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
16. Re: Bad Add!!!!!!! Jul 8, 2004, 19:44 JoeCool
I can't get rid of TV Media or some Xerox folder.

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News Comments > Out of the Blue
15. Re: Bad Add!!!!!!! Jul 8, 2004, 19:38 JoeCool
Blue you've got a ad on your site that is screwing up my computer as well as other peoples. Could you investigate it please?

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