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Signed On Jul 2, 2003, 18:34
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - H&D 2: Sabre Squadron
12. Re: $9.95 Oct 20, 2004, 17:32 Commando
Crazily the original is only £7.97 from, but the expansion is £19.99.

Even have the expansion for £17.99, where did the $9.99 come from?

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News Comments > Anarchy Online for Free
11. Re: yuk Oct 8, 2004, 15:54 Commando
Man, Neocron 2 is hilarious. Most of the game itself isn't bad but the whole approach of the developers is laughable.

It had big issues throughout beta and was pushed out into retail still in a beta form. It's missing off the two major features that the new version was meant to have (One of which is player owned NCP item sellers) and they didn't magae to fix their serious issues from beta such as serious memory usage, framerate loss, missions working properly, epic runs being completable, hacknet working properly etc etc. 120 new major items are getting added into the game that haven't even been tested in the beta so the PvP balance will end up even more laughable.

It's a shame because the game does some things nicely but is spoilt by graphics five years out of date and riddled with issues and some bad design decisions.

At least they have pretty good treatment of players by the support team. None of the crap Sony like to pull and little forum censorship.

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News Comments > Scrapland Demo
6. Re: American McGee's Oz...what happened? Sep 13, 2004, 06:55 Commando
This is one weird ass game.

In some ways you can compare it to Beyond Good And Evil but it's a whole lot odder than that. It's twisted like all McGee stuff is but it's subtle.

Also the scrapland link now says: "ERROR! Not this new not exist!"
This comment was edited on Sep 13, 07:02.
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News Comments > Psychotoxic German Patch
1. Eugh Sep 10, 2004, 17:29 Commando
Man, I had a chance to play this and eugh.

For some reason they have some fantastic mappers/modellers/artists on the team and the levels are stunningly detailed. However, everything else sucks.

The bad guys are hilariously bad, terrible animation/pathfinding and virtually no AI, Serious Sam has better AI! Weapons and physics all feel weak and floaty which is a shame cause they have excellent models and skins. The levels are extremely linear and consist of... wait for it... finding the red/green/blue key. I thought we left that behind with Doom?

I have no idea if the plot is decent or not because I can't speak German.

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News Comments > SWAT 4 Update
3. Re: does anyone care...? Sep 4, 2004, 14:51 Commando
Does anyone care?

This is an Irrational game we are talking about here!

Odd that they are doing it at the same time as T:V though, I didn't think they were big enough for developing two games at a time.

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News Comments > Chris Sawyer's Locomotion Demo
4. Re: No subject Sep 4, 2004, 13:21 Commando
Thats pretty harsh. I don't think a lot of people would call Chris Sawyer an amateur at all. He's someone who's always put gameplay first and suceeded. Now he's made his name and all he could be working with a bigger team and flashy graphics but that kind of thing takes control of the game away from you. Keeping things small makes it easy to shape your game and is much less of a headache. A lot of things are more enjoyable as an amateur than a pro.

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Alpha Black Zero
2. Re: What? Sep 3, 2004, 15:26 Commando
PC Gamer UK gave it 39% saying "If they can't be bothered to finish the game don't expect me to be bothered to give it a decent score."

Harsh but fair

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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - Dark Fall: Lights Out
2. Re: YAWN Aug 26, 2004, 17:08 Commando
Dear god no! Pre-rendered adventure games!

I was so glad Cryo went under...

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News Comments > Help Wanted
1. Deceptive Aug 10, 2004, 11:27 Commando
Damn that was deceptive. I thought that was Bioware working with the Doom 3 engine!

Are you trying to trick us with this changing developer on the same line stuff Blue?

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News Comments > DOOM 3 on Win98/ME
12. Re: DO NOT INSTALL Aug 5, 2004, 13:25 Commando

I tried the coop mod and couldn't get it to work, then someone linked me to this article:

Now, this interested me as it seemed pretty far fetched to imagine that a pk4 file would be capable of making the game read your CD key and somehow submit it to them, so I checked it out myself.

The contents of the pk4 file is a single file, maps.def. You can open this easily enough as a text file and examine the contents, it's just a plain maps list. No code.

The only way I could see people being able to steal your CD keys is by having a seperate .exe, I really doubt it's at all possible through pk4 files.

So unless there is another coop mod going around, the one on this site (Which is the same as the one on Gamershell) is perfectly safe (Although rather simple/buggy).


AnyOS is probably just making changes to the InstallShield OS check. I know several people have done it themselves.

This comment was edited on Aug 5, 14:44.
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - DOOM 3
63. Re: unexpected Aug 3, 2004, 13:12 Commando
4 hours?

It's at least 12 hours, on easy, if you rush it. Average play time is more like 18/20 hours.

Easy is too easy though, everyone should go for normal.

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News Comments > SÖLDNER Patch Plans
13. Re: No subject Jun 1, 2004, 17:20 Commando
Hehe, strangely political item from the changelog:

- single player: fixed error in political system, which spawned only US units as enemies

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News Comments > etc.
2. Re: Video game nudity May 22, 2004, 14:18 Commando
There was a great caption in the PC Gamer UK review of Singles that said:

"Oh my God we're both totally naked!"

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News Comments > Phantom Launch Details
11. Re: Welcome! May 10, 2004, 12:21 Commando
Well colour me suprised but the pictures there actually look fairly respectable and the keyboard/mouse setup looks *shock* like a practical and smart idea.

It now looks like there is actually a chance it might turn out reasonable... but even then I don't think there's really any market for their business model.

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News Comments > More on the H-L2 Date
82. Attention Blue! May 5, 2004, 17:48 Commando

You might want to change the quote. When it says "The demo was very impressive" I thought they were talking about Half Life 2 in someway (Like the recent playtests) but when I read the article I saw they were actually talking about the 'Ruby' tech demo for the new ATI card.

Confused me a bit

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News Comments > SÖLDNER Delay
17. Re: No subject May 5, 2004, 17:43 Commando
The problems experienced with the Multiplayer demo (Apart from connectivity) would be the same in singleplayer.

There is a hell of a lot of gameplay problems with this game. For a start they really need to make the vehicle handling have some resemblance to reality.

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News Comments > Eidos in Play?
7. Re: No subject Apr 25, 2004, 13:33 Commando
You have to declare it if you purchase a significant amount of shares, I believe it's anything over 20%. Stops people making quiet takeovers, you don't want just anyone buying a controlling interest in your company.

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News Comments > New SÖLDNER Demo
39. Re: Shooter Apr 24, 2004, 10:23 Commando
I see everyone is picking up on my muzzle flash comment, I still have trademark on that suggestion btw

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News Comments > Game Movies
11. Re: No subject Apr 8, 2004, 13:46 Commando
Well no-one asked for some jumped up little tosser to post before you posted so I figure it's open to all

This comment was edited on Apr 8, 13:50.
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News Comments > Game Movies
6. Re: No subject Apr 8, 2004, 12:52 Commando
And message board trolls aren't losers?

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