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Re: Hmmm.....
Jun 23, 2003, 18:21
Re: Hmmm..... Jun 23, 2003, 18:21
Jun 23, 2003, 18:21
This board totally cracks me up. It seems like the bulk of the poeple who hate this game are the people who find the easiest or quickest way to do something, and because it doesnt suit them, the game sucks.

I have read postings from people who realize that this game isnt an ACTION game, but a ROLEPLAYING game, and they enjoy it greatly. Even at times when they did nothing more than wander about aimlessly or explore - or better yet, when they WERE hunting something, and never found it.

There IS no excuse for releasing an unfinished product, a game with gamestopping bugs, or missing features that are still advertised on the box/feature list/website. And MMO games, while having a laxer set of rules regarding this, shouldnt not be immune either.

This game will be attractive to many gamers - mostly those with the maturity and imagination to immerse themselves, and play out their characters development, rather than closely monitor how much xp they get, and time how long the have to recover.

To the folks that havent learned how to do more than queue the same manoeuver over and over again - those who only play a craftsman for the gratification of an uber-item (that will never come) - those who call the entertainers boring or useless - go play Jedi Knight. This game was not to be a MMO version fo that, and (if we are lucky) wont ever become such.

This game will advance because the number of people who want to bury themselves in this universe will far outwiegh those who are bithing on this forum.

Other than money, there is no one thing that will appeal to everyone. The vocal minority here is the same group (in heart, if not person) that attends the forums of every other game ever released. And the same response still applies - if it isnt worth your MONEY, then it shouldnt be worth your time. Your not trying to help anyone - your simply trying to make your OPINION into something thats casts a shadow on this game, where you SHOULD be trying to explain that this game doesnt appeal to you. There is not a single unbiased opinion here (except mine - i niether played the game in beta, nor followed many of the boards until THIS thread got me involved this week).

For those of you who would like an opinion from the other camp, here is an excellent slideshow from one fo the Beta 1 players.


1 Comments. 1 pages. Viewing page 1.
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