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Jun 19, 2003, 04:11
Re: SWG Jun 19, 2003, 04:11
Jun 19, 2003, 04:11
excuse my grammar for im not a native speaker, anyway here it comes.

to those who keep saying `respect` the NDA, does SOE in any way respect their customer base when they release a beta game, full of bugs, which makes the game unplayable?
oh i dont think i have to mention they charge 50$ + 15$ monthly for it too.
nope, this is not my understanding of the word respect. this is simply fucking people. and charging for it.

`You and the other fucktards that are violating the NDA...shut the fuck up pussies. Don't have enough character to stick to your agreement?`

so we dont have enough character to stick to our agreement, allright. im cool with being a loser having no character, or a stupid fucktard etc whatever, but i dont like being fucked plus paying for it. why do we players, have to respect NDA, something which is completely meaningless and has no use, while they are trying to get people to buy and pay for a beta game because they dont want to spend more time and money developing it?
if you can explain this to me with any reason other than `respect the fucking NDA you stupid fuck! fuck fuck fuck!`, ill go jump into my filled bathtub while holding onto my monitor. yes i will.

`DL-able client? Free trial period to test it without purchase? What kind of stupid fuck are you? Obviously one without any formal education what-so-ever`

you seem to be misinformed about MMO`s, AO for instance, provides a DL-able client plus free trial period. you wouldn`t care though, what would they know, theyre uneducated stupid fucks right?
im not saying `AO is a great game and its developers rule!`, i actually think AO sucks but that doesnt change the fact that i wouldnt pay them 13$ if they didnt provide free DL + trial period.

im bored with repeating, limited, played-by-average-gamers MMOG`s. actually i find the 6 year old, father of MMOGs ultima online better than most because at least its 2D, doesnt require more than a 233MHZ, is lot more stabile than any other game and still has an entertaining dynamic economy going on, which makes the game very playable for a merchant. enjoyable PvP too if you have good conn. at least it takes more skill than pressing A and waiting for your character to shoot. so we see that what makes UO still playable is the player interaction.
i wonder when will developers realise this, and stop making stupid MMOs depending on camping mobs, and where only player interaction is pressing a button and waiting for your character to attack another automatically, the winning side depending on just how much time you spent working on your character rather than keyboard/mouse skill, hand-eye coordination and strategy. kill mobs, heal, kill mobs heal. when youre strong enough do some boring no-skill PvP. that`s what most MMO`s have to offer. its obvious that this makes the game repeating and boring after a while, but because of the average gamers out there paying for this crap they will keep this up. there are games like eve online but still its so limited and full of bugs, argh, whatever. im out.

1 Comments. 1 pages. Viewing page 1.
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