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News Comments > Minecraft: Story Mode Begins
8. Re: Minecraft: Story Mode Begins Oct 14, 2015, 14:43 Fion
I'm still waiting for Wolf Among Us S2! Where the hell is it TTG???  
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News Comments > Morning Consolidation
7. Re: Morning Consolidation Oct 9, 2015, 13:51 Fion
That's the biggest part of I agree leadhead, to add many of their best 'exclusive' titles since releasing have been remasters doesn't help the situation and the abysmal quality and selection of launch titles did nothing to help.

This candid response is nice to see but it hasn't stopped Mr. Spencer from hiking prices, making deals with studios to limit their games graphics and functionality so they don't look/run/play any better on other hardware. There was a time when a new console generation out-paced PC hardware, usually for a quarter or more. Those days are long gone.

As a predominantly PC gamer I had hoped the new console generation would have at least approached the PC in terms of hardware and capability but once again my preferred platform is held back by such deals and even the PS4's underwelming hardware.

On the upside, PC games are now outselling both platforms for everything but sports games and big yearly franchises like CoD. Companies are turning to the PC to push gaming to the next level, and that's fine with me.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Ship Explosion Trailer
39. Re: G4 Makeover Coming? Oct 9, 2015, 13:29 Fion
CythrawL wrote on Oct 9, 2015, 12:55:
Its all well and good, but what happens when you have that kind of stuff going on with like 10 ships battling it out?

Nice and pretty when its 1 ship, but when multiple are on screen blowing up... I can see it being a slideshow for sure..

Hence why they never showed that... or explosions of ships going at high speed..

And I thought the giant battles in Eve were a slideshow. This is just one ship and while it's a beautiful explosion with just the one ship and a mostly empty background (sans a few low-poly asteroids) on their demo hardware the fps drop to ~10 by the looks of it. You get two dozen big ships and smaller fighters all fighting and blowing up and you'll get lucky to get .01 FPS on anything less than stellar hardware.

This comment was edited on Oct 9, 2015, 13:37.
Avatar 17499
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News Comments > Morning Interviews
19. Re: Morning Interviews Oct 1, 2015, 14:02 Fion
Yea.. that's a problem. 'Top level movie cast' tend to make terrible voice actors. It's an entirely different style of acting that requires an entirely different set of skills.

Want an example? Patrick Stewart as the king in Oblivion's introduction sequence. Great actor, not so hot voice actor. Sure he got the whole puissant, holier-than-thou king vibe down great, but he read his lines like a stage actor giving a monologue. That's of course because he is a stage actor more than anything else but the two forms of acting tend to be mutually exclusive.
Avatar 17499
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News Comments > etc.
11. Re: etc. Sep 29, 2015, 14:11 Fion
Haha the funny thing is he has no idea that the e-sports gamers at the top of their field are virtual rock stars in Asia (and have ever-growing popularity in the west) worth millions of dollars and are surrounded by young, beautiful women.  
Avatar 17499
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News Comments > Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Trailer & Details
2. Re: Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns Trailer & Details Sep 26, 2015, 14:03 Fion
Squee! That trailer!

As someone who mains a sylvari I cant wait. During last beta weekend I learned that sylvari can hear Mordremoth give commands to his mordrem servants. The sylvari were intended to serve mordremoth but their mother tree was lucky enough to have a tablet of wisdom at her roots and so as she gained sentience she taught her seedlings - her sylvari - about wisdom, justice and freedom. Now that the dragon is awake however, some sylvari are 'hearing the call' and joining him.
Avatar 17499
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News Comments > Ships Ahoy - SOMA
8. Re: Ships Ahoy - SOMA Sep 22, 2015, 13:54 Fion
One of my favorite Let's Play youtubers got access to it a day or two before hand and I've been watching. It's more of a 'mind fuck' if you pardon the phrase than Amnesia: DD and absolutely terrifying practically from the get go. It absolutely does have a System Shock vibe to it but it's a horror/adventure, not an RPG.

As to sneaking vs. running, there seems a good mix of both. Perhaps I approached the game differently but I snuck around a LOT in Dark Descent, it was the best way to avoid the 'monsters' than just plowing through and hoping for the best.
Avatar 17499
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News Comments > Mirror's Edge Catalyst Trailer
2. Re: Mirror's Edge Catalyst Trailer Sep 19, 2015, 15:14 Fion
By all that is holy let there be a FOV slider!  
Avatar 17499
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News Comments > DARK SOULS III in April
2. Re: DARK SOULS III in April Sep 17, 2015, 13:49 Fion
Looks awesome. DS2 was my GotY last year. Looks like DS3 might be my GotY next year.  
Avatar 17499
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News Comments > Morning Metaverse
1. Re: Morning Metaverse Sep 16, 2015, 12:40 Fion
I don't get the hoopla around this 'offline viewing'. I mean how many mobile devices out there aren't connected to the internet? Is there that big a percentage of homes without a home network?  
Avatar 17499
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News Comments > Laborious Mobilization
1. Re: Laborious Mobilization Sep 7, 2015, 12:46 Fion
Hey Apple I have an idea on how to get people back to Itunes audio/video from Netflix & Spotify.

It's simple, make iTunes not suck.
Avatar 17499
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News Comments > Guild Wars 2 Core Game Free; Raids Coming
4. Re: Guild Wars 2 Core Game Free; Raids Coming Aug 30, 2015, 13:47 Fion
FYI Korovven, GW2 isn't very much like GW1. I mean it shares the smae history, landmass, lore. But basically everything else is different lol.

I personally probably won't be participating in raiding. I don't have the time to invest in it, I rarely do dungeons in the base game and haven't done past like level 20 fractals.
Avatar 17499
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News Comments > Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns in October
30. Re: Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns in October Aug 30, 2015, 13:45 Fion
Bub wrote on Aug 30, 2015, 10:24:
For a game that touted itself as a new take on MMO's I found the GW2 player community one of the most elitists I have seen in any MMO. If your not decked out in plenty of cash shop financed gear and playing one of three classes, you get insta-kicked from dungeons, and not welcome in fractals. Just trying walk around and mind your own business and get trash talked if your wearing drab gear you just find while leveling, while you have to listen to people brag about all their legendaries etc. I found the GW2 community very toxic. So all of that and the devs love of jumping puzzles, which I find idiotic, drove me away from this game for good.

WTF? I have never once encountered this. Yes 'some' dungeon groups get elitist but that rapidly changed once the dungeon finder too came out. Cash-shop financed gear? There IS no gear in the cash shop. Being trash talked for having mob-dropped gear by random passerby's? I've never before heard the complaint. GW2 community (like GW1) has always been about having such a vast variety of gear 'skins' that you can look however you like.

Perhaps you got unlucky and chose a server with a particularly nasty brunch of dungeon running elitists. Elitism happens in many games, not just MMOGs but can be pervasive. But the number of elitists in GW2 is far outweighed by the number of helpful, friendly and fun loving players, oft recognized as the most friendly community in the genre. I've been playing since beta and have never once heard these complaints (accept the dungeon elitism, which again is largely a thing of the past) and I by no means have the most amazing characters out there gear-wise.
Avatar 17499
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News Comments > Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns in October
28. Re: Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns in October Aug 30, 2015, 13:31 Fion
El Pit wrote on Aug 30, 2015, 03:32:
Well, then they will get 50%/66% of the price back they paid for the game to support it? What, they don't? Well, then GW2 and the people behind it get something from me: my middle finger. For free.

Your assuming wrongly that Arenanet sets the price for their expansion. Lets not forget it's NCSoft that controls such things, just as they take the majority of box sales and gem store purchase $. Arenanet probably had to bend over backwords to get them to do a free-to-play version.

To the guy who bought the 'base' game days ago for $50, I'm not sure I even believe you but if what you state is true, I feel for ya. The free version doesn't include everything, and it has several restrictions but it's still free. Question is where exactly did you buy it... walmart? Best Buy? GW2 hasn't been full priced on most websites for some time. As others have stated it's $15 on green man gaming, and $23 on Amazon. If you aren't just lying, you seemed to have just picked it up at random at some store because if you'd have done even 2 minutes of searching you would have found it way cheaper online.
Avatar 17499
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News Comments > Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns in October
11. Re: Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns in October Aug 29, 2015, 20:37 Fion
ColoradoHoudini they did add content to do post level-cap but just not in the traditional sense. There's fractals (random 5 man dungeons with increasing level of difficulty and rewards) which has slowly been expanded that we're expecting to get a big boost with the expansion. There's the 2 seasons of ongoing bi-weekly story updates that started a little rough but have been awesome for the past year+. They heavily revamped one of the dragon fights to make it quite hard-core and rewarding and have in the last several years added hundreds of new gear items go to after, ascended armor and weapons for example.

Note that unlike WoW, there is no ever-increasing stat cap, that is by design. Even ascended gear is only slightly better than the easily attainable Exotic gear. Every single MMO as Jacoby has said, has that issue of running out of unique content to do. GW2 by all means released with too little of it, but that has since changed, greatly. With Heart of Thorns we are getting even more, at an increased difficulty.

I've been playing since beta and there's a lot of stuff I haven't even done. I don't have the time frankly so mawdrey and the like, is well out of each lol. But I'm okay with that, I've been wearing my fervid censer on my Sylvari Elementalist since the day I got it back in early Season 1.

This comment was edited on Aug 29, 2015, 20:43.
Avatar 17499
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News Comments > Mad Max Commercial
5. Re: Mad Max Commercial Aug 24, 2015, 12:31 Fion
siapnar wrote on Aug 24, 2015, 09:55:
Fury Road is a dazzling movie to look at, but yeah, there's not much substance there, which is pretty disappointing...

...It seems that action movies these days just focus on visual flair more than anything else, and get lauded for it.

Modern action movies are about spectacle and it seems like newer generations don't really care about any story in their action movies (or most any other genre for that matter). Fury Road is so heavily lauded for that very reason.

One of the other reasons I didn't like it as much as I'd hoped was even with that R rating there was very little blood accept on the favorable characters because 'they want you to feel for them.' That and the death of the main villain. Still, it's so damn unrealistic to see bad guys get shot in the face only to go flying through the air without even any wounds. It breaks my immersion so significantly. When I saw that R rating I was hopeful that it would be more old school, bloody gunfights and gnarled bodies broken by spinning tires. But no, R rated cause a woman flashes her boob for 3 seconds for fuck sake!

I still got a fair bit of enjoyed Fury Road, even if I found parts immersion breaking, as I said above. I think it is so highly rated because it has a story to tell, even if its paper thin. Compare that to any other summer action flick (that isn't superhero related) and you'll find a story that can easily be contained in a sentence. Look at the expendable films. As exampled, look at John Wick, to name just a few.

This comment was edited on Aug 24, 2015, 12:37.
Avatar 17499
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News Comments > Destiny Still Destined for PCs?
31. Re: Destiny Still Destined for PCs? Aug 22, 2015, 14:24 Fion
I'd hope that the majority of PC gamer's have given up on any title where the majority of gameplay consists of grinding for gear that lets you grind for better gear.  
Avatar 17499
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News Comments > Guild Wars 2 Berserker Intro
5. Re: Guild Wars 2 Berserker Intro Aug 21, 2015, 13:38 Fion
I'm not a warrior player but the Berserker elite specialization looks like a lot of fun, looking forward to today's Points of Interest to see it live.

Haha bub, I haven't seen that complaint since launch. So I'm going to assume you haven't played since then (if ever).

As an Ele player I didn't mind that it wasn't sword, I think they heavily considered it and decided against it for good reason, Ele is the squishiest class in the game, it really doesn't need another close-quarters weapon. Warhorn gives Ele some really cool possibilities, though the Tempest elite skill is lackluster to say the LEAST.

Staff Thief might be interesting. I've been leveling a Sylvari Thief with the intention to make her corrupt. Longbow or rifle would be sweet too, give them some long-range capabilities they currently lack. If it is staff, I'd love it to be a melee staff like the Revenant.
Avatar 17499
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News Comments > Trine 3 Released
6. Re: Trine 3 Released Aug 21, 2015, 13:29 Fion
I'll put it on my wish-listed. I need to get Trine 2 off my backlog first. :p  
Avatar 17499
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News Comments > World of Warcraft Patch on PTR
2. Re: World of Warcraft Patch on PTR Aug 20, 2015, 13:59 Fion
I haven't played WOW since 2 expansions ago. Basically I finally realized I was paying $180 for 1 content patch a year and spending 90% of my time just sitting on my ass waiting for dungeons or a raid to start and most the other 10% doing the same 30 daily quests over and over. What a massive waste a time and money that game was for me.

Say what you will about GW2 but at least I get content updates multiple times a month (usually), new zones to explore, a cohesive story to play through all without having to pay a red cent unless I choose to do so.
Avatar 17499
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