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News Comments > Ghost Recon Breakpoint Free Weekend Begins

3. Re: Ghost Recon Breakpoint Free Weekend Begins Mar 26, 2020, 21:08 Sugarman
I don't think I gave it a fair enough try, but after 35 minutes I uninstalled it. The 3rd person play is just bad, and I like a lot of 3rd person games.

The sounds: footsteps, weapons, vehicle engines all lack any depth and are almost immediately annoying.

Drove the buggy with a mounted gun and it's hard to believe this game was recently made, feels like something from a first time game dev during an alpha phase from 15 years ago.

I wanted to like it, I was hopeful it would play similar to Far Cry 5 or Division 2, not even close.

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News Comments > Morning Tech Bits

2. Re: Morning Tech Bits Jan 26, 2017, 11:41 Sugarman
Apple, the same for more, because we tell you to....  
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News Comments > Out of the Blue

14. Re: Out of the Blue Jul 19, 2016, 14:33 Sugarman
My MX518 finally wore out, the left click started to misclick. I replaced it with a G402 and couldn't be happier. I like the way these types of mice can be gripped by my hand, makes gaming a better experience for me.  
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News Comments > Out of the Blue

12. Re: Is Lyme Disease Curable? Jul 1, 2016, 18:01 Sugarman
I made it to stage 3 before figuring out I had it. Went to 5 different doctors over a few years trying to figure out what was wrong with me, none of them mentioned Lyme's disease, even though my symptoms were a perfect match, other than I never had a bull's eye rash.

Before I knew what I had I thought I was dying, sometimes I could barely walk when I woke up in the morning, it would last for hours. All my muscles and joints started to hurt, I noticed I was out of breath very easily all of a sudden. I'd forget words at random, it happened all the time. I started to get this unending pain in my lower legs that felt as if it was coming from my bones "the doctors said that was probably vitamin D deficiency, nope, tests came out just fine".

Out of nowhere I suddenly had what the doctor said was "multiple pinched nerves in my neck". I could barely move my right arm, the pain was so intense "for 3 months" I felt like stabbing a knife through the nerve in my arm. I couldn't sleep for longer than 2 hours at a time, then when I woke I would cuss for 2 hours straight because the pain was so intense. It began to feel as if I was losing my mind. This was the worst experience I've ever had. I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy. I thought about suicide constantly as a way out because the doctors couldn't find anything wrong. I refused to give up and read as much as I could until finally coming across "Lyme's disease".

2 weeks into the antibiotic treatment I began to feel like myself again. 3 weeks and I literally cried because I felt so good, I never though I would feel normal again, I could barely tell the brain fog was there any longer. My legs no longer hurt, nor my muscles or joints. 4 weeks I noticed I wasn't so easily "out of breath".

Thank whatever god you choose that you found it early, because if there is a hell then I was in it.

Edit: More than one doctor said I was merely depressed, prescribed me an antidepressant and sent me packing.

This comment was edited on Jul 1, 2016, 18:08.
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News Comments > Evening Tech Bits

7. Re: Evening Tech Bits Jun 18, 2016, 06:23 Sugarman
The words, they draw on.......  
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News Comments > Out of the Blue

15. Re: etc., etc. Jun 9, 2016, 21:12 Sugarman
Here's a bit of info to read over if you are found to have Lyme Disease and then prescribed antibiotics for it. Take it as you will.

It's best to find out if you have it early, although many people have no symptoms until years after the initial infection.

Edit: My apologies for the link, the long url instructions did not seem to work.

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News Comments > New Grand Theft Auto Online Mode

1. Re: New Grand Theft Auto Online Mode Dec 9, 2015, 09:45 Sugarman
I lost interest halfway through the explanation. How can it be so difficult introducing "fun" to a multiplayer version of I AM LEGEND with no zombies and a working economy. Design fun things to do while not killing each other, I can play just about anything if I want to kill my fellow man, make something fun I can do with others if you want me to play your game.

The majority of us are not 13 and hell bent on shooting everything in sight for lols. We want to have actual fun, which often requires teamwork, no, not teamwork to kill others at every chance, just teamwork to accomplish something, anything, "insert your creativity here".

I feel as if I am the speaker and the audience.
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News Comments > Evening Tech Bits

2. Re: Evening Tech Bits Nov 12, 2015, 21:29 Sugarman
While I'd normally paint the previous poster as being overly negative just about 99% of the time this time I'm going to have to agree with him.

Edit: I've had a few drinks so my judgement could be called into question.

This comment was edited on Nov 12, 2015, 21:35.
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News Comments > Star Citizen Departures?

41. Re: Star Citizen Departures? Sep 25, 2015, 14:04 Sugarman
Ha, maybe fired for leaks, but the rest of this is as usual, pure bs. CIG downsizing, not likely, the sky isn't falling, check out the funding page, if anything the sky is raining money.

It was quoted quoted before so I'll say it again, if the funding completely stopped as of today, not one more dime came in, CIG would still be able to finish Star Citizen.

And look at it this way, if it's anyone's fault that the current people got fired it's DS's fault, he just won't give up his crusade because his games are terrible, so he's trying his best to damage the one's that are successful. Hell, he'd probably have made some good progress on his current turd if he wasn't so busy creating drama.

Derek is the worst thing that has ever happened to the space game genre, hands down, not only does he produce some of the worst games out there but he's doing his best to ruin the good ones. And the gamers are the only ones who'll suffer because of it.
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News Comments > Op Ed

47. Re: Op Ed Sep 23, 2015, 03:07 Sugarman
I'm out, no more tonight. People can make up their own mind.  
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News Comments > Op Ed

45. Re: Op Ed Sep 23, 2015, 02:45 Sugarman
Of course it is Ryan, most people are supposed to do what their boss tells them to do, it's the job they were hired for.  
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News Comments > Op Ed

43. Re: Op Ed Sep 23, 2015, 02:41 Sugarman
I'm sorry Kx, but all you know is possibly the opinions of a few disgruntled employees, I think every company has those. So what. Maybe your stories are bs, maybe not. When you want to see something hard enough you'll see whatever you want to see. I think most people realize that, you're not saving anyone from CIG, or the false prophet Christ Roberts. You're just trolling and ultimately giving Star Citizen more publicity in the process, so thanks.  
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News Comments > Op Ed

42. Re: Op Ed Sep 23, 2015, 02:33 Sugarman
If people don't like it they can quit. Others are out there looking for a job. If CR wants to redo something because he promised "fidelity" then he has the right. Do none of these people have a backbone, speak up, tell him you think it's going to delay the game too much, maybe he'll listen, maybe he won't, jesus people, have you ever worked for anyone before. When you're the boss then you can have final say, so far all you're doing now is whining, wasting your time and our money, get to work or get out.  
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News Comments > Op Ed

40. Re: Op Ed Sep 23, 2015, 02:23 Sugarman
You're taking the car thing too far, I'm just giving examples here. Doesn't matter if it's physical goods or pixels, you're spending money on something you like/want, which others think is pointless, stupid, and a waste of money.

My buddy burned through $4500 in Vegas over 2 days, he doesn't have a thing to show for it, wait, but at least he had fun doing it, and so do people that pilot internet spaceships. But, you'll never see those spaceships, yes, we will, we can fly quite a few of the single seaters now, and in November we'll be able to fly some of the multicrew ships in a small version of the persistent universe, probably about the size of our current solar system, and that "baby" PU is going to get content and ships added as their ready, missions, random encounters, pvp with other player ships, mining, then other systems will be added, accessed by jump points, as they are ready.

When it's finally in a state that is acceptable for the general public, and Creston, it will go live. But, Chris Roberts is stealing your monies, not spending every cent of it on the game, so what, you've just described every other for profit company out there, this is the intention, to ultimately turn a profit and continuously add content, just like all the other game companies. How long has CR been out of the business of making pc games, a little while, he's getting his wings back and starting to pick up the pace, if he decides something isn't good enough and says to redo it, then redo it, or quit and whine about how you feel insulted that you boss told you to redo something. This project is his baby, so yea, he's gonna be picky about it, he wants to make something great, and if he makes a little money along the way, well, that's just terrible, who would do such a thing. Maybe you should get a game company started and try your hand at making something on a scale that hasn't been done before, I bet you'd never run into a single problem along the way, because you've read gaming news for years, and you know exactly what to do.

Where the hell are you guys getting 4 years from, the demo shown for the kickstarter was done by Crytek employees in their spare time as a way to get CR to choose their engine. Other than that, nothing, I repeat, no progress had been made whatsoever at the start of this campaign other than a demo made by Crytek employees, possibly using a model designed by Chris's friend/designer. There were a handful of employees during the kickstarter, there was by no means a full fledged design team with a complete working engine ready to dive in at the end of the kickstarter.

So lets do the math here and go over the facts, the kickstarter is wildly successful, far more than they imagined it would be, should they stop and keep the scale small, hell no, keep it going and lets go for the moon. Scrambling to keep the momentum going, stretch goals/features are added as the millions tick away, the realization sets in that there's a real possibility here to make something on a scale nobody has seen, shit, we gotta start hiring people. There are still positions open that need filled, today, almost 3 "not 4" years later. In that 3 years multiple offices were setup in different cities and countries, a team was assembled and put together on the fly, a team that hadn't worked together before, and they need to start churning out content and a solid netcode that is a step above anything out there. So in that 3 years of assebling a fresh team and designing a game they've got Arena Commander out "and it looks awesome, yet it's not done", the FPS coming in October, the multicrew ships and the baby PU in November, Squadron 42 sometime next year "we'll learn more Friday". I'd say that's a pretty damn good job considering what I just told you. But I won't convince you, not even a little bit, because you're so wound up with misinformation and bs that you're snowball is already halfway downhill, and now there's no stopping it or you might look stupid.

So talk trash, spread lies and misinformation, and SC will keep rolling in the money, because people do their research and make up their own mind, and CIG will keep making their game, it may have more delays, most of us don't care, we get what we've always wanted in a spaceship game, the rest doesn't matter.
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News Comments > Op Ed

26. Re: Op Ed Sep 22, 2015, 23:01 Sugarman
Do we expect a letter written by someone who quits to be full of positives. Also, this is his opinion, he didn't like how things worked so he left, sounds about normal. He must have been pretty hurt to write a letter like this about his former employer. In essence he just wrote his way out of any future employment from anyone aware of this. One employee out of hundreds, it's not like people are quitting en mass.

You people will pick out what's favorable to your viewpoint, then beat it till something better comes along. Frankly, I appreciate the attention to detail and the fact that this won't just be another game like all the rest.
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News Comments > Op Ed

19. Re: Op Ed Sep 22, 2015, 21:22 Sugarman
Nothing is going to happen, he's riling you guys up because he has an audience here. Why these people keep up their rants is beyond me, if you don't like it or don't believe in it, then leave it alone, forget about it. Believe it or not, this isn't the first time he's claimed to sue, it's been going on for nearly 20 years now.

What really baffles me is why does he care about SC, let's go way out on a limb and say it doesn't get made, what does he have to gain from it, the fact that he can say "I told you so". People aren't going to miraculously start buying Derek's games because of it, nothing changes the fact that his games are not good. I'd like to say that he's mad or jealous because Star Citizen is the game he wants to make but isn't capable, but it's way past that, it's became an obsession bordering on insanity.

Who in their right mind is going to want to work with him or be affiliated in any way with him. His toxicity would have detrimental effects, it would turn into a PR nightmare for anyone, and like a rabid dog he would again bite the hand that feeds him. The sad thing is, he's probably an intelligent person behind all the hate mongering, but who's going to care, or notice.

People can claim that backers of SC are idiots for spending ridiculous sums of money, yet they fail to see it's a two way street, I know people that buy new cars every couple of years, soon as you drive it off the lot you've lost thousands of dollars, or they spend thousands on a bicycle, buy a pack of cigarettes every day or two, you name it, there's plenty out there people waste huge sums of money on, but it's their money, and if they get enjoyment from spending it that way then who are we to criticize their form of happiness. I've probably spent over 50k in the last 15 years modifying my vehicles, I like fast cars, it's a hobby of mine and it always will be, I'll barely see a return on any of that, it's gone, but it's something I enjoy, to me and many others it's not about the money.

SC will get finished, if you think of it that way, in reality it will continuously be updated and improved, there are many games out right now that do exactly that. The real kicker is that many of those who criticize it will end up playing it. And poor Derek, if he'd focus his energy on his games instead of bashing everyone else's he might finally get something out the door that people like, current trends would say that's a long shot, but crazier things have happened. For pc gaming sake I hope he does. Because we may all bicker, argue, and voice our opinions, but everyone of us has something in common, we play pc games.

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News Comments > Some Star Citizen Refunds

56. Re: Some Star Citizen Refunds Aug 21, 2015, 17:41 Sugarman
So many of you have no idea what you're talking about, you ride the "hate SC" train to it's fullest, only soaking up misinformation, bs speculation, negative articles, and the opinions of the sad old hermit's that lurk the blue's news comments. There is literally a mountain of information if you have the time to go through it all, then you can make your own decision.

If you don't approve, don't fund it, don't play it when it's out or even in it's alpha, just go away. When you agree with Derek Smart on anything you have to take a step back and wonder, am I also delusional, living in my own fantasy created reality, one where I'm important and have a positive effect on pc gaming. That man needs an extended vacation in one of the best mental health institutions we have to offer. His games are a joke at best, i'm sorry, I wish he made better games for the sake of pc gaming, but he doesn't.

99.9% of those posting here do not make pc games, they play them, well, most, I think some only live to spread negativity. Yet 100% of us know, the majority of games get delayed, this is a fact of life. SC crowdfunding is an overwhelming success, it holds the record for most crowd funded game, and most crowd funded project to date! It will be completed, late, definitely. It's scale is superior to anything out there, and I think that's why there is an abundance of people out there who question it's possibility.

I will tell you this one fact, there are a shitload of us old well off gamers who won't allow it to fail, we've always wanted this game, and if we have to throw more money at it, you bet we will, because we're bored and we have the money to spare. And if not, we all have some pretty damn good lawyers.
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News Comments > Evening Tech Bits

8. Re: Evening Tech Bits Aug 18, 2015, 03:38 Sugarman
Oh, and the Vodoo Banshee card!  
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News Comments > Evening Tech Bits

7. Re: Evening Tech Bits Aug 18, 2015, 03:37 Sugarman
Anyone remember the i740 card from Intel, now that was a real performer right there!  
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News Comments > Evening Tech Bits

6. Re: Evening Tech Bits Aug 18, 2015, 03:35 Sugarman
I also remember something about 3dfx mentioning 32bit color wasn't really necessary. Maybe because their cards couldn't render 32bit color correctly or efficiently, and the new kid on the block "Nvidia" had no trouble with this.  
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