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News Comments > On the WoW Business Model
7. Re: On the WoW Business Model Jul 6, 2009, 13:41 Ruffiana
I think you're confusing micro-transactions with in game advertising...for some bizarrely unknown reason.
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News Comments > Op Ed
4. Re: Op Ed Jul 2, 2009, 14:42 Ruffiana
Why the fuck do we give more merit to people's opinions if they're posted on a game site, blog, whatever? The whole concept of what makes someone a 'journalist' on the internet is a joke.

This is just some random douchebag no one's ever heard of posting an 'editorial' as if he's some kind of qualified expert rather than just another random MMO player who's somehow convinced someone to let him post his opinions no an official game site rather than tossing it out into the game forums to fester like the rest of the shit posted by every fanboy or hater of every game ever made.

This is a rant against Everquest and DAoC...nothing more substantive than that.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
20. Re: Out of the Blue Jun 17, 2009, 20:07 Ruffiana
After clicking the link Im thankful that I have no idea who that person is, since most of the movies listed in her resume suck quite badly....

Wedding Crashers and Mean Girls sucked?
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
19. Re: Rachel McAdams Jun 17, 2009, 20:07 Ruffiana
Everytime I watch her in wedding crashers, I'm reminded of an ex-girlfriend.

Wait...holy shit. She was also Regina George in "Mean Girls"? She looks completely different with blonde hair.
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News Comments > Out of the Blue
18. Re: First 'Stab-Proof' Knife... Jun 17, 2009, 20:03 Ruffiana
Knifes don't stab people...people stab people!  
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News Comments > etc.
1. Re: Eye of the storm- a look inside Ion Jun 17, 2009, 13:39 Ruffiana
I was working there for about 6 months before it was shut down.

Mo-Cap stage

"Above the Death Match area lies the Motion Capture Stage where human movement is sampled and then transferred to the game characters. Assembling the Motion Capture Stage was tricky - no metal could be used in its construction because of the interference from the wiring connected to the subject being sampled"

Until the fire department made them install sprinkler systems under the stage, resulting in huge metal water pipes which rendered the whole platform useless.

"Totally enclosed individual workstations feature roofs that block the extreme sunlight from above"

Also not shown, the black tarps tenting all of the cubicles because of the extreme amount of light.

Ah memories

This comment was edited on Jun 17, 2009, 13:39.
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News Comments > NWN2: Mysteries of Westgate DRM Limit Ends
17. Re: NWN2: Mysteries of Westgate DRM Limit Ends Jun 16, 2009, 17:55 Ruffiana
You know I miss the days when copy protection was a simple:

"What is the fourth word in the third paragraph sentence 3 on page 44

Hehe, yeah. Remember LucasArts and that whacky wheel they'd put with games?

As for removing the DRM, good move, but a bit too little too late. I've already skipped your game and have no intention of going back and buying it.

So hey, you may have saved a few people from pirating it! You've also lost several sales, AND gained more negative publicity.

All in all, I'd say you didn't really gain much. Good job Atari.

In fairness, that's just your opinion. You have no evidence of how many 'day one' sales they gained by having DRM in to limit the soft piracy that might happen between friends and family. To me, that's very clearly what this short-term, limited install DRM was meant to deter.

You might be right, you might not. The picture is probably quite a bit more muddled and gray than you think. Ultimately, it's the publishers who are taking the risk with investing huge sums of cash into developing and releasing a game, and it's their decision about how best to protect that investment.

You're doing what you should be, by opting to not purchase a game that uses piracy protection methods you don't agree with, but I don't get this need to wish death and ruin to any company who's not catering to your individual wants.

I generally agree with the ineffectiveness of DRM and how it more often impacts legitimate users rather than 'pirates', but I also see a huge looming problem as more and more people start flipping the proverbial man the bird and rationalizing stealing games. Budgets to develop games are not going down, expectations for games are not going down, but the trend for actual profit to be made certainly does seem to be, and I don't see how the industry can continue to make these huge, risky investments in creating games if they're just going to be throwing that money away.

Ultimately, the gamers and people who make actually make the games will suffer.

This comment was edited on Jun 16, 2009, 17:56.
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News Comments > DNF Banking Shenanigans?
7. Re: DNF Banking Shenanigans? Jun 15, 2009, 19:13 Ruffiana
There aren't In-n-Out's in Texas.  
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News Comments > Left 4 Dead 2 Interview
26. Re: Left 4 Dead 2 Interview Jun 11, 2009, 16:12 Ruffiana
That, and people are rather annoyed at having paid 50 bucks for L4D(1)

I played the hell out of L4D. I got many more hours of entertainment out of that game that I've gotten out of any $40, $50, or $60 game I've bought in years.

Would I have liked more content for it? Sure. That goes for any game that I enjoy playing. But I don't feel annoyed or ripped off at the entertainment value I got from that game.

That said, I'd really love to see "L4D2" turned into an expansion for L4D. Even if it's $39 expansion, it'd be well worth it for me to be able to play one of 8 characters, with melee weapons, through the original chapters and new chapters created for the sequel. Can't imagine they've done that much evolution of the game engine or resource use in 6 months that would prevent L4D from using any of the systems or content they've created for the sequel...but what do I know.
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News Comments > Crystal Dynamics Layoffs
6. Re: Crystal Dynamics Layoffs Jun 11, 2009, 16:04 Ruffiana

We've got at least 16 reqs open at our studio alone. Times are tough, yes. Competition is more fierce than it normally is. But if you really can't find a job you might need to take a harder look at what you personally have to offer a studio.

This comment was edited on Jun 11, 2009, 16:07.
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News Comments > GRIN Layoff Rumor
4. Re: GRIN Layoff Rumor May 27, 2009, 22:42 Ruffiana
I'm most disturbed by this "normal post-release staff reductions" phrase than anything else.  
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News Comments > Champions Online Delayed
17. Re: Champions Online Delayed May 18, 2009, 23:46 Ruffiana
If they use those 3-4 months to polish what's already in the game, then yes. If they jam 3-4 months more junk in the game and launch with it all being half finished, then no.  
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News Comments > 3D Realms "Not Closing"
26. Re: 3D Realms May 18, 2009, 23:44 Ruffiana
It's the 'we're still a company, so keep sending royalty checks' phase.  
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News Comments > Mass Effect 2 Movie
12. Re: Mass Effect 2 Movie May 16, 2009, 02:01 Ruffiana
Hey, this is Blues... any flaw in the game means it's HORRIBLE, not even worth $20, and deserves to be pirated.

I remember when it used to be Shacknews that had all the haters, asshats, and trolls. Blues used to be a nice, conservatively moderate community.'s just the internet in general.
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News Comments > Mass Effect 2 Movie
11. Re: Mass Effect 2 Movie May 16, 2009, 01:57 Ruffiana
The planets were totally barren, desolate and devoid of anything interesting. They looked like they were auto-generated from some college student's first terraforming simulation app for 3D landscapes. It was still a great game, don't get me wrong. I'm just saying they could've put some more effort into that aspect and the interior environments. No joke, they reused the same 3 interior environments the entire game long for any non-story missions, go back and have a look.

If they could improve on those two things and give a little bit more interactivity with NPCs(I hated all of those people just standing around who you couldn't even chat with) then it would be perfect

The optional planets were definitely a chunk of terrain with a perlin-noise heightmap slapped on them. Many of them were almost impossible to navigate in the Mako and only a handful were interesting. Fortunately, they were also very skippable.

But the planets in the main storyline were pretty well done I thought. Each was very unique, and clearly not procedurally generated.

As for the interiors, I'm used to playing I wasn't in those interiors enough for it to bother me. I felt that the story and quests were so well presented that even though I was going into the exact same layout, I knew exactly why I was going into that particular carbon copy. Best storytelling in a game I've seen to date.

I agree with your points though. More care in the optional, sidequest type stuff would have been appreciated.

This comment was edited on May 16, 2009, 02:07.
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News Comments > Mass Effect 2 Movie
5. Re: Mass Effect 2 Movie May 15, 2009, 23:08 Ruffiana
Loved me some Mass Effect...eagerly awaiting the sequel.

Yah yah...repetitive interiors. Pretty crappy planets asides from the ones on the main storyline. Terrible conrols on the vehicle. I still loved it.
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News Comments > Take-Two Suing 3D Realms
71. Re: Take-Two Suing 3D Realms May 15, 2009, 20:59 Ruffiana
Thats not what happened. 3DR did in fact fund DNF 100% by themselves. In addition to royalties and sales of their pre-existing properties, they also got money from the other titles they've released during that time, as well as from the sale of some IP to T2 by the now defunct (Mike Wilson's first of two such companies) God Games.

Reading some of the finer points of the original article and the dates, I suddenly remembered something that kind of corroborates this while thing.

Back around 2001-2002 I was in Dallas and found myself out of work. After a couple of months of hunting I eventually found a gig out of state and verbally accepted the position. The next day someone from 3DR found my website/portfolio and contacted me about coming in for an interview. Since I hadn't actually signed any paperwork, and was still living in Dallas, I decided it wouldn't hurt to just go over and chat with them.

During the interview someone (I believe it was George) mentioned how they were self-funding the development of DNF but they had taken a small amount of money from someone (forgot who) as a publishing agreement. I could be wrong about the whys and wherefores there, but I was definitely told by someone at 3DR that someone else had given them a some money for publishing rights.

That was almost 8 years ago. When I interviewed, their goal was to have the game finished up by that summer or within 6 months at the latest.

I ended up passing on the job. They weren't offering a lot in terms of salary. It was supposed to be offset by the impending royalties (obviously that wouldn't have worked out so great). I did get to ride in George's purple Lambo though. And there were promises of a PS2 or nice chair for Christmas.

Interestingly, one of the fellows I worked with at the company I did take the job with apparently ended up at 3DR later on. I saw his picture in that group photo of the team the other day. Small World.
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News Comments > Take-Two v. 3D Realms Documents
41. Re: Take-Two v. 3D Realms Documents May 15, 2009, 20:00 Ruffiana
All the while people like you make side jokes and eventually excuses for the irresponsible. See in America, we reward fuck ups, the stupid, the ignorant, the unreliable, the irresponsible. Its because we collectively show compassion to all the wrong people that things (Not to divert, but the economy is a prime example) get completely out of whack.

George is an asshole, always has been a smug, prick, foolish man in the wrong industry with a big mouth and nothing to back it up. He deserves to go down for not producing anything for a triple AAA product that came out over a decade ago.

So no jokes are needed, 3D Realms screwed people and the public. Did they owe us something? Sure, when you create an interactive product you do owe us to follow through because we are the people that pay your bills.

And now look where we are.....

Biggest load of self-righteous, ego-driven, over-blown sense of entitlement I've ever read...and seeing it here on this site, that's really saying a lot.

Nobody owes you shit. Take your displaced rage at whatever ails you in real life and kindly redirect it to the actual source of your displeasure. Because unless you personally cut 3D realms a check for more than say...a couple hundred bucks, this attitude of yours toward them is inexcusable.

Don't try to lump a vaporware game into the same category as credit-default swaps, sub-prime mortgage debacles, and government bailouts you gibbering idiot.

This comment was edited on May 15, 2009, 20:15.
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News Comments > How to Develop a Gaming Career
1. Re: How to Develop a Gaming Career May 14, 2009, 16:33 Ruffiana
Speaking as someone with only 10+ years experience in the industry as an 'artist', I completely disagree with this statement from Brian Reynolds.

Go to a well-known art school and study 3D animation. That's where we get most of our artists.

Complete garbage.
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News Comments > Richard Garriott Interview
7. Re: Richard Garriott Interview May 11, 2009, 13:58 Ruffiana
Really? Who's left. Will Wright, Peter Molyneaux, Sid Meier...who else? Every shining star has grown more and more tarnished over the years. I think people are much more concerned about meta-critic scores than any association with a particular developer or even studio these days.

Even more pertinent, who are the new rock stars being cultivated for the next generation? Who's there to assume Will Wright's mantle after Spore's mediocre success as a well designed game? I can't think of any.

The trend for publishers has been to take as much credit for a game as possible. Beyond not just slapping an individual person's name on the box. They've gone so far give as little attention to the actual studio who develops the game as is legally required. Publishers want the consumer to be confused about who actually makes the game they're playing and hopefully enjoying. And it's working. Most people who play games don't understand the difference between a developer and a publisher. Activision wants you to think about how awesome Call of Duty IV was so you'll rush out and by Call of Duty V, thinking it's being made by the same people.

"A so-and-so game" just isn't a trend I see continuing for very long. It runs contrary to the goals of a publisher, and as they're the one's putting up the majority of money to get games made, they're the ones who dictate the terms in almost every instance.

This comment was edited on May 11, 2009, 14:03.
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